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Book 2 Words & Expressions


Unit 1 Cultural relics

1. The watch is very ___________ (value). valuable 2. It is ___________(amaze) to see so many flowers at amazing this time in winter. 3. Every _________ (art) here is worth a large sum. artist culture 4. Universities should be centers of _________(cultural) 5. The price of the _________ wooden (wood) furniture is reasonable. 6. I have _________ (rare) seen such a beautiful sunset. rarely reception (receive) for 7. The king prepared a grand ___________ the visiting scientists. 8. A _________ sailor (sail) is a person who works on a ship as member of its crew.

1. 作为对……的报答 in return (for) 2. 处理 deal with serve as 3. 充当,担任 4. 与……处于战争状态 be at war 5. 寻找 in search of/search for 6. 属于 belong to 7. 调查,朝……里面看 look into 8. 而不是,而非 rather than 9. 迷路,丢失 get lost 10. 同意(某人的看法) agree with 11. 高度评价 think highly of 12. 拆开 take apart 13. 毫无疑问 there is no doubt that 14. 问题的答案 the answer to the question


Unit 2 The Olympic Games

1. Competition __________ among middle school students to enter the best colleges is fierce (compete). hopeless 2. Failed several times, he seems ____________(hope) magical 3. The result of the experiment was _________(magic) responsibility (responsible) 4. As students, it’s our______________ to work hard. Greek 5. I know Jenny, a ____________girl, comes from __________ (Greek) Greece replaced 6. Mr. Smith has ____________ (replace) Mr. Green as captain. 7. It’s f_________ (fool) of him to cheat in the exam, so foolish he will be punished by the school.

1.参加…活动 take part in 2.求助于某人 turn to 3.也;又 as well 4.陆续地;一个又一个地 one after another 5.为了;目的是 in order to 6.作为…接受 be admitted as 7.被录取 be admitted to 8.和某人结婚 marry sb. 9. 为…而竞争 compete for 10. 这样;利用这种方法 in this way 11. 许诺干某事 promise to do sth. 12. 捡起… pick up 13. 实际上 in fact 14. 起着重要作用 play an important role (in)… 15. 每三年 every three years/every third year 16. 过去常常干某事 used to do sth.

Unit 3 Computers
rose 1. Unexpected difficulties ____________ (rise) in the course of their experiment. 2. He didn’t pass the driving test, so he had no _________(choose) but to wait another choice chance. totally 3. Life ___________(total) changed when I graduated from university. intelligence 4. His ____________(intelligent) outweighs his lack of experience.

Personally 5.____________ (person), I am for the plan. 6.The 21st century is a century of information technology ____________(technological) 7.The doctor tries to __________ (simple) the simplify procedure of the operation. create 8.Younger teacher tend to _________ new teaching ways. They are considered to be creative ____________ (create).

…in common 1.共有;共用 have _____________________ with the help of 2.在…的帮助下 ___________________ by 3.走过;过去 go ______________________ in a way 4.在某种程度上 __________________ watch over 5.看守;监视 ______________________ in one’s opinion 6.依…看;据…认为_________________ deal with information 7.处理信息 ________________________ make up 8.祢补;编造______________________ once a year 9.每年一次 ________________________ allow sb. to do sth. 10.允许某人做某事 _________________

Unit 4 Wildlife protection
affects The noise outside __________ (affect) our study. The cow has two ______________ (stomach) stomachs I have not heard from my brother _______(recent) . recently You will __________(danger) your health if you work endanger so hard. being (be) 5. Do you know when railways came into _______? succeed 6. The two companies _____________(success) in working out a co-operation plan. 7. The _______of his wife was a great blow to him.(lose) lost 1. 2. 3. 4.

as a result (of) 1. 结果___________________ 2. 很久以前_____________________ long before be concerned about 3. 关心___________________ 4. 喜欢干什么___________________ be fond of doing sth./devote to sth 5.处于危险中___________________ be in danger be /get used to doing sth. 6. 习惯于_______________________ 7.在地球上___________________ on the earth pay attention to 8. 关注________________________ 9. 对…有影响_______ have an effect ____ on 10. 灭绝 _______________________ die out come into being 11.形成__________________ 12. 保护…免受__________________ protect… from… 13. 保护区________________ reserve 14. 平静地 _____________________ in peace

Unit 5 Music
musician 1. A __________ (music) is a person who performs or writes music, especially as his job. attractive 2. Bright colors are _____________ (attract) to children. performances 3. This band will give another two __________ (perform) before leaving China. 4. She got a job __________(sort) letters in the sorting post office.

5.Police asked some passers-by __________ (passer-by) to get some evidence about the accident happened just now. 6.If you want to sell your old furniture, why not put some ___________(advertise) in the local advertisement newspaper. 7.He took part in the competition confidently _______________(confidence) 8.Heavy tax makes the farmers’ lives even more painful ___________(pain)

1.梦见,梦想 dream of to be honest 2. 对……老实说___________ 3.戏弄某人______________ play jokes on or so 4.大约 5. 打碎,分裂,解体 break up __ 6. 突然爆发 break out 7. 出故障;失败、破裂 break down _____ 8. 突然闯入 break into 9. 分类 sort out ____ 10. 表演 perform 11. 坚持,坚守 stick to 12. 最重要 above all 13. 以便, 以致 so that 14. 谋生 earn one’s living 15. 对……自信______________ be confident of 16. 变糟______________ go worse



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