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2014届高考英语一轮稳学稳练全面提升: Unit2 English around the world

Unit 2

English around the world

1.________for a long time,but he tried his best to make up for what he missed. A.Being ill staying in hospital B.Having been

ill staying in hospital C.He was ill staying in hospital D.To be ill staying in hospital 2. film, The ________ the true story of this Red Army general, attracted people’s interest all over the country. A.is based on C.which is the base for B.is on the base of D.based upon

3.A competent speaker of a language must have a(n)____ ____ of these different styles. A.comment C.command B.observation D.response

4.Don’t respond to any e?mails________ personal information,no matter how official they look. A.searching C.requesting 5.—Oh,it’s you!I didn’t________ you. —We haven’t seen each other for several years.Glad to meet you again. A.realize C.know B.recognize D.see B.asking D.questioning

6.—Four dollars a pair?I think it’s a bit too much. —If you buy three pairs,the price for each will________ to three fifty. A.come down C.turn over 7.—Have you bought the dictionary? —No.I have________ two yuan on me. A.more than C.over B.no more than D.more over B.take down D.go over

8.We can’t give up________ we should fail 10 times. A.even if B.since

C.whether 9.—John!Is this bag yours?


—Yes.It is the same bag________ I lost yesterday.Where did you find it? A.which C.that B.as D.so

10.I couldn’t remember the exact date of the storm,but I knew it was________ Sunday because everybody was at________ church. A.a;the C./; a B.a;/ D./;/

11.—I didn’t know this was a one?way street,officer. —________ A.That’s all right. C.How dare you say that? B.I don’t believe you. D.Sorry,but that’s no excuse.

12.“Don’t worry about me,” she ________ her sister. A.said to C.thanked to B.referred to D.spoke

13.The number of people who________ English as a foreign language________ more than 750 million. A.learns;is C.learns;are B.learn;are D.learn;is

14.—You won’t go to Kay’s wedding party,will you? —Yes,________ invited. A.even if C.unless B.if D.as

15.The money collected should be made good use________ the people in South Asia who suffered a lot in the earthquake and the tsunami (海啸). A.of helping C.to helping Ⅱ.阅读理解 A[来源:学科网] A primary school has banned Valentine’s Day cards because of concerns that young pupils spend too much time talking about boyfriends and girlfriends. Ashcombe Primary School in Weston?super?Mare , B.to help D.of to help

Somerset,has told parents that cards declaring love can be “confusing” for children under the age of 11,who are still emotionally and socially developing. In his February newsletter(简讯),Peter Turner,head teacher,warned that any cards found in school would be confiscated. He wrote,“We do not wish to see any Valentine’s Day cards in school this year.Some children and parents encourage a lot of talks about boyfriends and girlfriends.” “We believe that such ideas should wait until children are mature enough emotionally and socially to understand the commitment involved in having or being a boyfriend or girlfriend.” Mr.Turner said any families wanting to support the Valentine’s Day concept should send cards in the post or deliver them to home addresses by hand. His views were supported by Ruth Rice,46,who has twins Harriet and Olivia,9, at the school. She said, “Children at that age shouldn’t really be thinking about Valentine’s Day,and they should be concentrating on their schoolwork.” “They are at an age when they are easily influenced and most parents including myself are with Mr.Turner.” She added,“The cards caused too much competition.If someone gets a card and another doesn’t then he or she will be disappointed.” However,Rajeev Takyar,40,who sells newspapers and has two children Jai,11, and Aryan,5,at the school,said he was “genuinely outraged”. He said,“There are schools that have banned conkers (康克戏) and snowballs, and now Valentine’s Day cards.” “I think banning the cards stops children from having social skills.How are they going to learn about relationships otherwise?It’s ridiculous.” Alec Suttenwood,founder of the Anti?Political Correctness Group,said of the ban,“It’s totally ridiculous.Young children just send the cards to each other as friends and to their parents.It’s just a bit of harmless fun.There is no difference between this and Mother’s or Father’s Day.” 16 . Valentine’s Day cards may cause confusion among young children because________. A.they are too young to understand what love is B.teachers haven’t taught them how to make friends

C.children shouldn’t learn about social relationships D.students talk too much about boyfriends and girlfriends 17.The underlined word “confiscated” in Paragraph 3 can probably be replaced by “________”. A.collected C.taken away B.destroyed D.burnt away

18.Ruth Rice was in favor of Mr.Turner’s view in that ________. A.children like to compare Valentine’s Day cards B.children should focus their mind on their lessons C.sending holiday cards wastes both time and money D.making friends has a negative influence on children 19.Which statement is TRUE according to the text? A.Most of English parents want children to have fun. B.Children should learn how to develop social skills. C.English schools don’t allow students to play games. D.Some parents think it unreasonable to ban the cards. 20.What is the best title of the text? A.School Bans Valentine’s Day Cards B.Shall We Send Valentine’s Day Cards? C.Different Opinions on Valentine’s Day Cards[来源:学+科+网 Z+X+X+K] D.Parents’ Concern About Valentine’s Day Cards B Children are often far more gifted than what their parents or teachers can realize.IQ tests do not measure creative talents.By depending on them to measure intelligence,therefore,we miss out on the talents of many of our most gifted youngsters.Most children start life with valuable creative potential.Unfortunately, many of them have it knocked out of them,so to speak,by the time they reach the 4th grade.It is not that parents and teachers deliberately squelch(限制) creativity; or rather,they fail to recognize it.By simply observing the child at work or at play,you may detect creativity,if you look for the following key signs: *Curiosity.The child’s questioning is persistent and purposeful.He is not content with given explanations,and he would rather dig under the surface.

*Flexibility.If one approach doesn’t work,the child quickly thinks of another. *Sensitivity to Problem.He is quick to see gaps in information.He is sensitive to contradictions between prior rules and what he hears or reads. *Self?feeling.He has a feeling of being somebody in particular.He is self?motivated,self?directed,and can work alone for long periods provided it’s on his own project. *Originality.He has surprising,uncommon,interesting ideas.His drawings and stories have a style that marks them as his own. *Insight.He has easy access to realms(领域) of the mind that non?creative people visit only in their dreams.He toys with ideas that easily come to him. Qualities like these count very little in IQ tests,which measure memory, vocabulary , mathematical ability and general reasoning.These abilities are valuable,and the creative child does usually have them.However,the child with a so?called genius IQ of 180 is in reality no more likely to be a genius than the child with a slightly above?average IQ of 120.In fact, evidence suggests that some children with high IQs may develop memory and logical reasoning powers at the expense of insight,imagination,and adventurous qualities that are essential to geniuses. 21.The main purpose of the passage is to tell us________. A.why IQ tests are not accurate B.to encourage creativity in children C.no to squelch creativity in children D.the difference between intelligence and talents 22.The author believes that IQ tests mainly measure ________. A.creative potential C.intelligence B.talents D.general reasoning

23.The passage doesn’t clearly state but implies that________. A.the education nowadays does not provide much space for creativity B.intelligence makes no contributions to creativity C.signs of creativity in children are hard to detect D.IQ tests are often used to measure children’s talents 24.Which of the following best illustrates a child’s originality? A.He can tell whether a given explanation is convincing or not. B.He can find different ways to solve a problem. C.He can work on an interesting project with concentration.

D.He can draw a picture or tell a story in his own style. 25.According to the passage,children with high IQs ________. A.may lack the qualities essential to geniuses B.will probably turn into geniuses C.are more likely to be geniuses than those with low IQs D.also have qualities essential to geniuses 1. C 2.D 3.C 4.C 5.B 6.A 7.B 8.A 9.C 10.B 11.D 12.A 13.D 20.A 21.B 22.C 23.A 24.D 25.A

14.B 15.D 16.A 17.C 18.B 19.D


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