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高二牛津高中英语第五模块第一单元阶段测试 I 卷部分 第一部分: 单项选择(共 45 题,每题 1 分,共 45 分) 1. John plays football ____, if not better than, David. A. as well B. as well as C. so well D. so well as 2. Although I enjoy ___to music, I don’t know ___about it. A. listen; many B. listening; much C. listening; many D. to listen; much 3. If you don’t go to the party, ___I. A. so do B. so will C. nor do D. neither shall 4. ----The light in the office is still on. ----Oh, I forget ___. A. turning it off B. to turn it off C. turning off it D. to turn off it 5. You can hardly imagine what great difficulty we had ___the work. A. to do B. done C. doing D. do 6. ----What do you suppose made her so unhappy? ---- ___ her wallet. A. lose B. Lost C. Losing D. To lose 7. ____ this possible effect may put us in a dilemma. A. Having overlooked B. Overlooked C. To overlook D. Overlooked 8. ----My brother is not good at speaking English. ----I suggest ___English for two hours every day. A. he practice speaking B. him to speak C. he speaking D. his practicing to speak 9. __ it is to have a picnic in the hills on such a nice day! A. What a fun B. How fun C. What fun D. How a fun 10. Readers can ___quite well without knowing the exact meaning of each word. A. get over B. get in C. get along D. get through 11. It was surprising that ___worms could eat up ___grain. A. so little ; so much B. such little; so much C. so little; such much D. such small; so many 12. They looked forward with hope ___from you, but you never wrote a word to them. A. of hearing B. to hear C. to hearing D. hearing 13. The boy wanted to play football in the street, but his parents told him ___. A. not to B not to do C. not do it D. do not to 14. He __to Shanghai, for I saw him a moment ago. A. must have gone B. can’t have gone C. mustn’t have gone D. can’t have been 15. Let Harry play with your toys as well, Clare---you must learn to____. A. support B. care C. spare D. share 16. The injured were lying in hospital ____the shock from the traffic accident. A. to suffer B. suffered C. suffered from D. suffering from

17. Weather _ _the size of crops. A. determines B. is determined to C. is determined by D. make up its mind 18. There ___in the world ___China is a great country with a long history and rich culture. A. are no doubt ; that B. are not doubts ; if C. is no doubt; that D. is not doubt; if 19. I can’t ____it when people speak with their mouths full. A. live B. stand C. keep D. take 20. The poster was revised ____the suggestions of other group members. A. based on B. to base on C. basing on D. which based on 21. Bill was doing a lot of physical exercise to build up his___. A. ability B. force C. strength D. mind 22. John was late for the business meeting because his flight had been ____ by a heavy storm. A. kept B. stopped C. slowed D. delayed 23. There was nothing they could do___. A. but wait B. except waiting? C. only to wait D. unless they waited? 24. ----Go for a picnic this weekend, OK? ---- ____. I love getting close to nature. A. I couldn’t agree more B.I afraid not. C. I believe not D. I don’t think so. 25. My mother always gets a bit ___if we don’t arrive when we say we will. A. anxious B. ashamed C weak D. patient 26. I won’t stand your ___ to me like that. A. talk B. talks C. talking D. talked 27. She used her family’s history as a ____ for her novel. A. basis B. base C. basic D. basically 28. Don’t be so ____ to her! A. mean B. meany C. meanly D. meanness 29. Joe just wanted to play a joke on her . He did not mean ____ Sarah. A. hurting B. to hurt C. hurted D. hurts 30. She told us she was busy now and that she ____ us later. A. was helped B. help C. helped D. would help 31. Sarah felt like _____ when she found out that she had been chatting online with a boy student of her same class. A. cry B. to cry C. being crying D. crying 32. He was determined not to be the first ____it. A. say B. saying C. to say D. says 33. The brave soldiers were determined to save all the people ____ in the field. A. trapped B. being trapped C. were trapped D. trapping 34. We drove all the way to the beach , ____. A. have fun B. just for fun C. make fun of D. have a fun 35. Don’t hesitate ___me if you have any questions.

A. asking B. asks C. to ask D. asked 36. Thousands of people were at the airport, ____ the visiting president. A. cheered for B. cheered about C .to cheer about D. cheering for 37.A good student is honest and kind to others .In other words ,he never ____ his friends. A. yells B. teases C. betrays D. blames 38. He failed in the driving test again. He____. A. must have disappointed B. must have been disappointed C. might be disappointed D. couldn’t be disappointed 39 .He felt guilty about losing ,and bad about__________ football as you are. A. being as gifted at B. being so gifted for C. not being as gifted at D. not being so gifted for 40. It seems you need to apologize quickly ________ a good friend. A. avoiding to lose B. to avoid losing C. avoiding losing D. to avoid to lose 41. ____ I like most about her is ___ care-free attitude. A. What; her B. What; that her C .How ; for her D. How; a 42. We are going to discuss the reasons that might lead to ____. A. breaking friendship B. breaking friendships C .broken friendship D. a broken friendship 43. This reading passage ____ two letters ___an agony aunt of a teenage magazine. A. is made of; writing for B. is made up of; written to C. is consisted of; written for D. consists of; writing to 44. The teacher asked Tom to read the text ___. A. loudly B. loud C. aloud D. silent 45. I didn’t feel like I was overlooking my studies, ____ maybe I could work harder in Maths . A. and B. however C. therefore D. but 第二部分:完形填空 (20 分) It's 5-year-old Karmen's dream to be a ballerina(芭蕾舞女演员). But Karmen, living in Denver, was born with the AIDS virus and has spent much of her short life going in and out of the hospital. Karmen _46__better than anyone dared to hope. Doctors thought she would never walk or talk, but she _47__with a walker and speaks fairly 48 Karmen's hopes, dreams, and 49 are being documented with the help of a Denver organization called the Children's Legacy. 50 by the photographer Katy Tartakoff, the charity helps seriously sick children and their families write their own 51 by providing books that guide _52__ along -- My Stupid Illness, for 53 children, and Let Me Show You My World, for their siblings(兄弟姊妹) and parents. The books contain suggestions of 54 to draw or things to write. Tartakoff helps illustrate the books by taking black-and-white photographs of the children. For those children who _55_, the books help their families cope. For those _56_ survive, the books help them heal 57_. Karmen may not grow up to be a ballerina, _58 , despite her difficulty walking, she was 59_ when she put on a tutu (芭蕾舞的短裙) her mother had bought her. "She really took _60_ the persona of a ballerina," says Ms. Tartakoff.

This picture of Karmen is one of a collection of Ms. Tartakoff's _61_ that the charity has published in a book called An Alphabet About Families Living With HIV-AIDS, _62_ poetry. According to the book, "Sometimes Karmen _63 her head on her folded hands because she is _64_ , and sometimes she needs to talk with God." One of her prayers: "Dear God, Please make my_65 and body strong. Please let me grow up." 46. A. has gone B. has fared C. has spent D. has experienced 47. A. stands around B. gets up C. walks away D. gets around 48. A. well B. good C. nice D. right 49. A. smiles B. illnesses C. struggles D. sadnesses 50. A. Found B. Founded C. Built D. Created 51. A. stories B. novels C. problems D. sicknesses 52. A. him B. us C. them D. her 53. A. healthy B. sick C. normal D. ill 54. A. charts B. pictures C. photos D. designs 55. A. live B. fear C. die D. suffer 56. A. that B. which C. / D. who 57. A. emotionally B. happily C. carefully D. quietly 58. A. however B. and C. but D. though 59 A. changed B. turned C. shaped D. transformed 60. A. after B. in C. on D. to 61. A. collections B. photographs C. books D. copies 62. A. holding B. containing C. writing D. including 63. A. lays B. lies C. sets D. puts 64. A. ill B. dead C. tired D. bored 65. A. legs B. arms C. hands D. feet 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题,每小题 2 分,共 40 分) A THE BRONTE FAMILY Yorkshire, England was the setting for two great novels (小说) of the 19th century. These were Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre and Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. The youngest sister, Anne, was also a gifted novelist, and her books have the same extraordinary, quality as her sisters'. Their father was Patrick Bronte born in Ireland. He moved with his wife, Maria Bronte, and their six small children to Haworth in Yorkshire in 1820. Soon after, Mrs. Bronte and the two eldest children died, leaving the father to care for the remaining three girls and a boy. Charlotte was born in 1816. Emily was born in 1818 and Anne in 1820. Their brother Branwell was born in 1817. Left to themselves, the children wrote and told stories and walked over the hills. They grew up largely self-educated. Branwell showed a great interest in drawing. The girls were determined to earn money for his art education. They took positions as teachers or taught children in their homes. As children they had all written many stories. Charlotte, as a young girl, alone wrote 22 books, each with 60 to 100 pages of small handwriting. Therefore, they turned to writing for income. By 1847, Charlotte had written The Professor; Emily, Wuthering Heights; and Anne, Agnes Grey. After much difficulty Anne

and Emily found a publisher (出版商), but there was no interest shown in Charlotte's book. (It was not published until 1869. ) However, one publisher expressed an interest in seeing more of her work. Jane Eyre was already started, and she hurriedly finished it. It was accepted at once;Thus each of the sisters bad a book published in 1847. Jane Eyre was immediately successful; The other two, however, did not do. so well. People did not like Wuthering Heights. They said it was too wild, too animal-like. But gradually it came to be considered one of the finest novels in the English language. Emily lived only a short while after the publication of her book, and Anne died in 1847. Charlotte published Shirley in 1849 and Villette in 1863. In 1854 she married Arthur Bell Nicholls. But only a year later, she died of tuberculosis (肺结核) as her sisters had. 66. What did the Bronte sisters want to do for Branwell Bronte? A. Help him write stories. B. Help him get trained in art. C. Teach him how to draw well. D. Teach him how to educate himself. 67. We know from the text that A. Jane Eyre was published in 1847 B. Charlotte Bronte wrote 22 books in all C. the Bronte sisters received good education D. Patrick Bronte helped his daughters with their writing 68. Which of the following was published after the death of its writer? A. Shirley. B. Villette. C. Agnes Grey. D. The Professor. 69. The underlined words "the other two" in the 5th paragraph refer to A. Shirley and Villette B. The Professor and Agnes Grey C. Agnes Grey and Wuthering Heights D. The Professor and Wuthering Heights 70. What do we know about the Bronte sisters from the text? A. Their novels interested few publishers. B. None of them had more than two books published. C. None of them lived longer than 40 years old. D. Emily was the least successful of the three. B How could we possibly think that keeping animals in cages in unnatural environments-mostly for entertainment purposes-is fair and respectful? Zoo officials say they are concerned about animals. However, most zoos remain “collections” of interesting “things” rather than protective habitats(栖息地). Zoos teach people that it is acceptable to keep animals bored, lonely, and far from their natural homes. Zoos claim(声称) to educate people and save endangered species(物种), but visitors leave zoos without having learned anything meaningful about the animals’ natural behavior, intelligence, or beauty. Zoos keep animals in small spaces or cages, and most signs only mention the species’ name, diet, and

natural range(分布区). The animals’ normal behavior is seldom noticed because zoos don’t usually take care of the animals’ natural needs. The animals are kept together in small spaces, with no privacy and little opportunity for mental and physical exercise. This results in unusually and self-destructive behavior called zoochosis. A worldwide study of zoos found that zoochosis is common among animals kept in small spaces or cages. Another study showed that elephants spend 22 percent of their time making repeated head movements or biting cage bars, and bears spend 30 percent of their time walking back and forth, a sign of unhappiness and pain. Furthermore, most animals in zoos are not endangered. Captive breeding(圈养繁殖) of endangered big cats. Asian elephants, and other species has not resulted in their being sent back to the wild. Zoos talk a lot about their captive breeding programs because they do not want people to worry about a species dying out. In fact, baby animals also attract a lot of paying customers. Haven’t we seen enough competitions to name baby animals? Actually, we will save endangered species only if we save their habitats and put an end to the reasons people kill them. Instead of supporting zoos, we should support groups that work to protect animals’ natural habitats. 71.How would the author describe the animals’ life in zoos? A.Dangerous. B.Unhappy. C.Natural. D.Easy. 72.In the state of zoochosis, animals _________. A.remain in cages B.behave strangely C.attack other animals D.enjoy moving around 73.What does the author try to argue in the passage? A.Zoos are not worth the public support. B.Zoos fail in their attempt to save animals. C.Zoos should treat animals as human beings. D.Zoos use animals as a means of entertainment. 74.The author tries to persuade readers to accept his argument mainly by _________. A.pointing out the faults in what zoos do B.using evidence he has collected at zoos C.questioning the way animals are protected D.discussing the advantages of natural habitats 75.Although he argues against zoos, the author would still agree that __________. A.zoos have to keep animals in small cages B.most animals in zoos are endangered species C.some endangered animals are reproduced in zoos D.it’s acceptable to keep animals away from their habitats C A university graduate described as a “respectable and intelligent” woman is seeking professional help after being convicted of (证明有……罪)shoplifting for the second time in six months. Ana Luz, recently studying for her PhD, has been told she could end up behind bars unless she can control the desire to steal from shops. Luz ,who lives with her partner in Fitzwilliam Road ,Cambridge ,admitted stealing clothes worth

£9.95 from John Lewis in Oxford Street ,London ,on March 9. Phillip Lemoyne ,prosecuting(起诉),said Luz selected some clothes from a display and took them to the ladies’ toilet in the store .When she came out again she was wearing one of the skirts she had selected ,having taken off the anti-theft security alarms(防盗警报装置). She was stopped and caught after leaving the store without paying, Mr. Lemoyne said. He added that she was upset on her arrest and apologized for her actions. Luz, 28, was said to have been convicted of shoplifting by Cambridge judges last October, but Morag Duff, defending, said she had never been in trouble with the police before that. “She is ashamed and embarrassed but doesn’t really have any explanation why she did this,” Miss Duff said. “She didn’t intend to steal when she went into the store .She is at a loss to explain it. She is otherwise a very respectable and intelligent young lady .She went to her doctor and asked for advice because she wants to know if there is anything in particular that caused her to do this.” Judge David Azan fined Luz £ 50, and warned : “You’ve got a criminal record .If you carry on like this, you will end up in prison, which will ruin your bright future you may have.” Luz achieved a degree in design at university in her native Spain ,went on to a famous university in Berlin , Germany for her master’s degree and is now studying for a PhD at Cambridge University ,UK. 76.What is Ana Luz’s nationality? A.American. B.British. C.Spanish. D.German. 77.What does the underlined sentence “She is at a loss to explain it” mean? A.In her opinion it was a loss to the clothes shops where she stole things . B.She doesn’t have any idea why she has the desire to steal from shops . C.She thinks it is a loss for her to explain why she stole things from shops. D.Personally she feels ashamed and embarrassed for her shoplifting actions. 78.Which of the following best explains the meaning of the word “shoplifting” used in the passage? A.Carrying goods in a lift for a shop. B.Taking goods to the ladies’ toilet. C.Selecting some goods from a display. D.Taking goods from a shop without paying. 89.From the passage we can learn that . A.Ana Luz is already got her PhD at Cambridge University, UK B.Ana Luz is ashamed and embarrassed and knows why she often did so C.the university graduate will be put in prison if she steals in shops once more D.Phillip Lemoyne is the “respectable and intelligent” woman’s defense lawyer 80.What would be the best title for the passage? A.Shoplifting Shame of a PhD Student B.Apologizing for the Actions in Shops C.Seeking Professional Help from Experts D.Controlling the Desire to Steal from Shops D The other day, my friend Jane was invited to a 40th birthday party. The time printed on the invitation was 7.30pm. Jane went off with her husband, expecting a merry evening of wine, food, and song. By 9.45, everybody was having great fun, but no food had appeared. Jane and David were restless. Other guests began whispering that they, too, were starving. But no one wanted to leave, just in case some food was about to appear. By 11.00, there was still no food, and everyone was completely off their heads. Jane and David left hungry and angry.

Their experience suggests that the words on the printed invitations need to be made clearer. Everyone reads and understands the invitations differently. Most of us would agree that 6.30 -8.30pm means drinks only, go out to dinner afterwards; 8.00pm or 8.30pm means possible dinner, but 9.30pm and any time thereafter means no food, oat beforehand, roll up late. But this is not always the case. If asked to a students' party at 6.30pm, it is normal for guests not to appear before midnight, if at all, and no one cares. Being the first to arrive - looking eager - is social death. When my mother is asked to a party for 6.30, she likes to be them, if not on lime, then no later than seven. My age group (late thirties) falls somewhere between the two, but because we still think we're young, we're probably closer to student-time than grown-up time. The accepted custom at present is confusing (混乱的), sometimes annoying, and it often means you may go home hungry, but it does lend every party that precious element (成分) of surprise. 81. The underlined words "off their heads" probably mean______. A. tired B. crazy C. curious D. hopeless 82. Jane and David' s story is used to show that______ . A. petty-goer8 usually get hungry at parties B. party invitations can be confusing C. people should ask for food at parties D. birthday parties for middle-aged people are dull 83. For some young people, arriving on time for a students' party will probably be considered_______. A. very difficult B. particularly thoughtful C. friendly and polite D. socially unacceptable 84. According to the writer, people in their late thirties_______. A. are likely to arrive late for a party B. care little about the party time C. haven' t really grown up yet D. like surprises at parties 85. What is the general idea of the text? A. It' s safe to arrive late just when food is served. B. It' s wise to eat something before going to a party. C. It' s important to follow social rules of party-going. D. It' s necessary to read invitations carefully. II 卷部分 第四部分:单词拼写(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 86.She felt g________ about leaving her sick child and going to work. 87.I must a________ for not being able to meet you at the airport on time. 88.Whenever I get into trouble, he comes to my help without h_________. 89. In order to avoid the p________ for the wrong that he had done, he went to a European country in 1981. 90.He was too s__________ to admit that he was wrong and refused to say sorry to his girl friend. 91.If you want to pass your exams, you’d better change your a__________ toward study. 92.She was a________ to graduate from college and get a well-paid job. 93.You’ve put me in a very a_______ position and now I don’t know how to deal with the matter.

94.I tried to p__________ him to change his mind but he refused to follow my advice. 95.I am sorry that I was a______________ just now and didn’t quite catch what you said. 第五部分:书面表达(满分 20 分) 国内某家英文报纸设有一个求助信箱(Dr. Helper ’s Mailbox) 。请根据一份学生现状中列出的部分信 息,以高三学生王勇的名义,用英语给 Dr. Helper 写一封短信。 学生现状: 1. 每日在校时间 9 个小时; 2. 每日作业时间 3 到 4 个小时; 3. 几乎没有课外活动时间; 4. 每日睡眠时间不足。 负担过重原因: 考试压力大,作业多,家长期望高。 注意:1. 词数:120 左右;2. 信的开头和结尾已经给出,不计入总词数。 3. 参考词汇:负担过重(overload); 压力 (pressure); 期望(expectations) Dear Dr Helper, I am a Senior 3 student. I am now in great need of your help because I can hardly stand the great pressure. ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________ I write this letter only to wish that I could have someone to talk to. I am looking forward to your advice. Yours sincerely, Wang Yong


1-5 BBDBC 26-30 CAABD 第二部分 46. B 这里 fare 意为“过活;生活;进展” ,与 get on 含义相近 。 C 和 D 及 物动词,后应接名词;A 不符题义。 47. D get around 与文中 walker(助行架,学步车)连用,含义为“借助助行架四动” 。walk away 是 “脱身,走开,一走了之”之意,不符上下文意思。A、B 更不符题义。 48. A speak(说话)后接副词,B 、C 不符。与(fairly)well 连用,表示“话 流畅” 。 right 虽可作副词,但一方面含义不符,另一方面搭配欠妥,通常有 talk right (谈 吐得体) ;guess right (猜对了)remember right(没记错) 。 49.C Karmen 是个艾滋病毒携带儿童,生命时刻受到威胁,但她怀希望,有梦想,她得不断与病 魔抗争才有希望实现梦想。因此,希望,梦想和抗争成了她生活的主旋律,也正因为如此才 引起了有关部门的关注,要将其拍成记录片。 50. B 创办组织或机构用 found,此处是过去分词短语作状语。 51.A story 指真实情况的叙述;事情的经过或来龙去脉。根据上下文此处不 要他们写小说,也不是要他们单纯写生病期间出现的问题或疾病,故 B、 C、D 不符。 52. C 上文 helps seriously sick children and their families write their…确定此处为 第三人称代词复数的宾格。 53. B 文中的 My Stupid Illness 一书应是提供给生病的小孩的,所以 A、C 符。 ill 用作前置定语时意为“有害的,不良的,不吉利的” ,因此 B 为最佳答 案。 54. B 据下文的 things to write,确定此处应是 pictures to draw。chart 一般指图表或海图,design 是 指设计图,两者均不符合题义。photo 应与 take 连用。 55.C 此小节前后两句是相对应的。后一句表达的是“对于存活下来孩子?” 前一句应是针对夭折的小孩而言。所以 C 为最佳选项。 56.D 先行词是 those 指人时,关系代词用 who。 57.A heal 是“愈合;恢复健康”之意,书本只能作精神或情感治疗,不可能正 治愈疾病,所以选 A。 58.C 此题应用并立连词 but。第一分句‘?may not grow up to be?’意思似还 没完全结束,but 连接结构紧凑,此其一;其二,but 后虽有逗号,但是 为插入 despite her difficulty walking 之需所用。 59.D transform(使改变外观)有 change the appearance of sth. so that it is better 之意,其它三个选项均无此意。 60.C persona(表面形象)只有与 take on(呈现)连用才符合上下文意思。 take after:指外貌或行为像(父或母) 。take in: 吸入;注意到;看到。take to: 开始喜欢;开始沉湎于。 61.B Karmen 的这张照片是 Ms. Tartakoff 收集的一批照片里的一张。 (这批照片

高二牛津高中英语第五模块第一单元阶段测试 答案及详解 6-10 CBACC 11-15 BCABD 16-20 DACBA 21-25 CDAAA 31-35 DCABC 36-40 DCBCB 41-45 ADBCD

已随慈善机构出版的一本书出版发行了) 。 62.D 出版的书中含有诗歌, 故用 including。including 有 having sb/sth as part of a group or set 之意。 63.A lay 是及物动词,指小心安放,搁置即 put sb./sth. in a particular position gently or carefully。B 是不及物动词,因此不对。set 和 put 都无 gently or carefully 的内涵,根据情境 lay 最佳。 64.C 很显然 Karmen 生来就带有 AIDS 病毒,就是一个 sick child,不是某一时生 病的,当然还活着,所以 A、B 选项不当。虽然她是个 sick child 但对活 充满了 hopes, dreams(第二节第一句话), 而且还与上帝交谈, 所以推断她把头安放在她 folded hands 上,不是因为厌倦烦闷而是因为累了。故选 C。 65. A Karmen 一直梦想着成为一名芭蕾舞演员,健壮的双腿是芭蕾舞演员必具 的条件,而她现在还需借助助行架行走,所以她祈求上帝能使她的双腿身 体强壮有力。 第三部分 66. B 67. A 68. D 69. C 70. C 71. B 72. B 73. A 74. A 75. C 76. C 77. B 78. D 79. C 80. A 81. B 82. B 83. D 84. A 85. C 第四部分 86. guilty 87. apologize 88. hesitation 89. punishment 90. stubborn 91. attitude 92. anxious 93. awkward 94. persuade 95. absent-minded 第五部分 Dear Dr Helper, I am a Senior 3 student. I am now in great need of your help because I can hardly stand the great pressure. Every day, I have to stay at school for nine hours to have lessons and spend at least three to four hours doing my homework at home. We teenagers are eager to play and enjoy ourselves, but we hardly have any time to do what we like. Besides, we don’t have enough sleep. There seems to be three causes for the overload: the pressure of examinations, too much homework and the high expectations from the parents. We are often warned that if we didn’t try our best, we would not have the chance to go to university. I write this letter only to wish that I could have someone to talk to. I am looking forward to your advice. Yours sincerely, Wang Yong



牛津高中英语模块五-unit1重要词组_高二英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。牛津高中英语模块五 unit1 重要词组 1. get along (with) 相处,进展 2. take care 3. ...


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【个人手工制作】新牛津高中英语模块五第一单元知识点整理及单元练习 新牛津高中英语模块五第一单元知识点整理及单元练习 M5 Unit 1 一、词汇大集合 1、单词 1....

牛津高中英语模块五unit1 reading合作小组题

牛津高中英语模块五unit1 reading合作小组题_教学案例/设计_教学研究_教育专区。Careful reading1 Secrets and lies Read the first letter carefully and answer the...


牛津英语模块五Unit1知识点总结.doc_英语_高中教育_教育专区 暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载|举报文档 牛津英语模块五Unit1知识点总结.doc_英语_高中教育_教育专区。...


牛津高中英语模块五单词表_英语_高中教育_教育专区 暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载|举报文档 牛津高中英语模块五单词表_英语_高中教育_教育专区。M5 Unit1 betray vt....

牛津高中英语模块5 Unit1

牛津高中英语模块5 Unit1_英语_高中教育_教育专区 暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载|举报文档 牛津高中英语模块5 Unit1_英语_高中教育_教育专区。2012 年下期宁远一中...


牛津高中英语模块五第一单元单元测试_高二英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高二牛津高中英语第五模块第一单元阶段测试第一部分: 单项选择(共 45 题,每题 1 分,共...

牛津高中英语模块五 Unit1 词汇讲解

牛津高中英语模块五 Unit1 词汇讲解_高中教育_教育专区。admit 【语境展示】 1. Each ticket admits two people to the party. 每张票可供两人入场参加聚会。 2...


牛津英语-模块五-Unit-1-知识点总结_英语_高中教育_教育专区。模块五 Unit one 知识点总结单词: 1. betray 1) 出卖;背叛 He would rather die than betray ...


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