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厦门市 2012 年 3 月高三英语质检
第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21.—Henry, what do you think of the movie Mission: Impossible 4? —___.I wish to watch it again. A.It couldn't be worse B.It couldn't be better C.I can't agree more D.I think it a waste of time 22.—Who do you support, Jerry or James? —I don't like ____ of them.They really turn me off. A.either B.neither C.both D.each 23.Your work would be much better ____ you are always in such a hurry. A.when B.because C.once D.unless 24.Premier Wen Jiabao said that China would ___ Europe help to deal with its debt problems. A.afford B.supply C.provide D.offer 25.—What's wrong with you? You look worried. —Oh.I was wondering how I could ____ my idea to the little children. A.get across B.show off C.hold back D.work out 26.—The Lantern Show held in the Garden Show Park in Xiamen attracted so many visitors. —Yes.The workers ____ much time preparing for it. A.have spent B.was spending C.had spent D.would spend 27.Many consider some American-born Chinese as "banana people", ____ are viewed as "yellow outside but white inside". A.which B who C they D.whom 28.We should help those in trouble.____, when we become desperate, they will lend us a hand. A.In common B.In particular C.In turn D.In reality 29.It made Kate's parents excited ____ Kate entered the final in the tennis match. A.what B.whether C.that D.when 30.Many more popular terms are reported ___ on the Internet last year. A.to be created B.to have been created C.having been created D.created 31.In front of our school ____ on whose tops we can have a clear view of the lake. A.standing two towers B.stands two towers C.do two towers stand D.stand two towers 32.Nobody knows ____ broke into the house last night and stole the important papers. A.who was it that B.it was who that C.who it was that D. that it was who 33.—Alice was born on January 26th and her husband, 29th of the same month. —Oh, their birthdays are only three days ____! A.away B.apart C.later D.further 34.—What a smart and hard-working boy he is! —Right.____ a possibility that he will win the first place in the competition. A.This is B.It remains C.There seems D.That appears 35.—If you keep on breaking the rules, you will be fired. —___? I don't care. A.How come B.Why not C.What if D.So what

第二节 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) In a hall crowded with audience, a famous professor started his lecture by holding up a£10 note.He asked, " 36 is this piece of paper and is it worth anything?" "It's a £10 note, which can be 37 in markets for its value." replied one of the many participants who 38 their hands. The speaker continued to crumple (弄皱) the £10 note using both his 39 until it became a piece of wrinkled (磨) paper.He then 40 it again and made an unsuccessful attempt to keep it 41 , asking, "Does any one of you want it?" "Yes!" replied the participants. "Well," he said, "it looks that I haven't done 42 ! What if I do this?" And he 43 it on the ground and started to grind (皱的) it into the floor with his shoe. He 44 the note, and it was now all crumpled, dirty and not easy to 45 from a distance."Now would someone still like to 46 it for its value?'' Many hands went in the 47 ."I think that piece of currency is still holding its value," 48 a participant."This bill can still get 49 worth £10." said another participant.Everyone agreed. "My friend, there is a very valuable lesson in what we were just 50 with.It might appear to some of you that I was able to change the £10 note during the process, 51 no matter what I did to this note, you still believe that my actions did not actually 52 its value It was still a currency note worth £10". Many times in our life, we are dropped and crumpled by the 53 we make or the circumstances that come our way. We feel as though we are 54 . But whatever has happened or what will happen, please remember you never lose your 55 , you are still precious to those who love you. 36.A.Which B.When C.What D.Where 37.A.sold B.cashed C.bought D.changed 38.A.raised B.shook C.washed D.held 39.A.fingers B.arms C.hands D.wrists 40.A.examined B.unpacked C.opened D.unfolded 41.A.straight B.clean C.soft D.loose 42.A.all B.enough C.little D.any 43.A.split B.felt C.stepped D.dropped 44.A.took away B.picked up C.turned in D.handed out 45.A.know' B.view C.recognize D.confirm 46.A.relate B.refuse C.share D.trade 47.A.hall B.sky C.air D.bank 48.A.replied B.questioned C.doubted D.approved 49.A.dictionaries B.goods C.food D.Clothes 50.A.through B.up C.down D.over 51.A.so B.and C.but D.or 52.A.increase B.double C.lose D.decrease 53.A.appointments B.decisions C.apology D.progress 54.A.worthless B.priceless C.practical D.wonderful 55.A.heart B.courage C.way D.Value 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题,每题 2 分,满分 40 分)

If my life were a movie, I would fast-forward through junior high. Like every junior high kid, I was struggling with who I was and how I would make my mark in life.But I was sure I was alone with these strange feelings. I was trying and failing in a number of things.I wanted to do well in athletics but had not yet figured out that would never happen.I wasn't academic enough to spell academic.I was trying to gain a spot as a new kid in school. All the while, I remember suffering the rejection of most of my peer, being cut from the basketball team, failing to play football that I so wanted to play.To be loved and accepted seemed to me at the time something I could never, in all my life, achieve. During that time I would go through the cafeteria line and eat alone, feeling unloved and unnoticed.As spring came, one day I was starting out the door and complaining that I had no one to eat with.Mom said to me, "If you want, you can come home for lunch." That day, when lunch came, it was a beautiful spring day in the hills of central Ohio.The bell rang at noon and I bolted from the school and ran across the little village home to eat. That was in about 1972.thirty years ago.My mom sat across the table for about 15 minutes and looked at me and listened to me and three decades later I still remember those times with fondness.She just paid attention to me.It's a powerful thing to pay attention to people. I now know that I didn't need my stomach filled as much as I needed my emotional fuel tank refilled.I just needed a friendly place of warm acceptance for a few minutes a day. And refueling an emotional fuel tank is a good mother's specialty. Now you know a little more about how I see home.Home is a place where you don't have to sit alone and eat. Home is a place where people don't ignore you and avoid you. Moms are people who listen to you when no one else is interested.And moms don't ever think the small unexciting things you do don't matter.Moms don't laugh at your dreams.Good moms pay attention.Great moms fix you something warm to eat and pay attention. 56.Which word best describes the author's school life in junior high? A.Painful. B.Precious. C.Unique. D.Clumsy. 57.Which of the following statements about the author is TRUE? A.It took him 15 minutes to go across the village back home. B.He tried to get certain recognition in junior high but in vain. C.He felt sorry for his peer being cut from the basketball team. D.It was too good a spring day for him to stay in school for lunch. 58.The underlined word "bolted" in Paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to ____. A.jumped B.left C.rushed D.walked 59.In the author's opinion, ____. A.good moms help you repair daily things B.where there is warm acceptance, there is home C.where your fuel tank is filled, there is home D.great moms provide food and emotional support B The weather across much of Europe and sections of Asia has been very cold since last week. Hundreds of people have died from the cold.It has also been a source of fun for winter sports enthusiasts and has cast doubts about global warming. Europeans were digging themselves out of heavy snow after a week-long cold snap(寒流) in which the number of dead—most of them homeless—continued to rise by the day.The big freeze has caused traffic mess from Siberia to Rome, blocking roads, closing schools, shutting

airports, and trapping thousands in remote mountain villages in Europe.Temperatures have fallen as low as 36 degrees below zero in Ukraine, the hardest-hit country. Serbia on Sunday declared an emergency situation, saying the extremely big snowfall has put normal life at risk. But the deep freeze has also offered opportunities for snowy fun.In Sarajevo, young people snowboarded down white streets.Others competed with videos on YouTube to show the craziest jump into the snow from second floor apartments—most of them wearing only bathing suits.In the Netherlands, Europe's deep freeze means the country's almost imaginary "Eleven Cities Tour" ice skating marathon could be staged later this month for the first time in 15 years.The race is expected to draw thousands of participants and more than a million viewers. The cold snap has also caused people to doubt global warming claims—if the Earth is getting warmer, why have recent winters been colder? Zhang Peiqun, assistant chief engineer of the National Climate Center, explained in an interview with xinhuanet.com: "Global warming refers to broad changes over a long time period, mainly in the past 100 years. It doesn't contradict (与……矛盾) with the phenomenon that some time in some places the temperature is lower than usual." He also added that it has been a long time debate whether the Earth is getting warmer or colder."No matter which opinion is correct, a bigger question faces us: how do we deal with the resulting extreme weathers?" he said. 60.Which of the following is true according to the passage? A.Europeans doubted about global warming. B.The cold caused inconvenience to the snow-hit area. C.Cold snaps added much fun to Europeans. D.Low temperatures put Siberia in an emergency situation. 61.We can learn from the passage that "Eleven Cities Tour" ____ . A.was ever held 15 years ago B.will be held for the first time C.is well known in the Netherlands D.attracts over 1 million participants 62.What can be concluded from Zhang Peiqun's words? A.The Earth is surely experiencing broad changes. B.The warmer the Earth gets, the colder winters will be. C.Extreme weathers are a result of global warming. D.People know well how to deal with extreme weathers. 63.What would be the best title of the passage? A.Hardest Winter To Go B.Weather Getting Crazy C.Snow Causes Mess D.Freeze Raises Issues

The Word On The Street is a national celebration of literacy and the written word. On one extraordinary Sunday each September, in communities coast to coast, the public is

invited to participate in hundreds of author events, presentations and workshops and to walk around a marketplace that has the best selection of Canadian books and magazines you’ll find anywhere. There is always plenty to see and do at Canada’s largest book and magazine festival, and best of all, The Word On The Street and all of its events are FREE! What’s on at Queen’s Park For the past 22 years, The Word On The Street has been famous for the quality and diversity of its programming and our 23rd festival will aim to do the same. Here’s quick glimpse of what you can enjoy.

Thanks to all who attended and supported the 2011 festival. With an audience of about 218,000 people, the 2011 festival was a great success! Make sure to check back in July 2012 for more information. 64.According to the passage, The Word On The Street is ____. A.a yearly activity held in Canada since 1990 B.a stage to meet the biggest names in literature C.a festival known for its selection of magazines D.a marketplace to get free books and magazines 65.How many events are specially designed for children? A.2. B.3. C.4.


66.If you are interested in the bestsellers of the year, you probably go to ____. A.Great Books Marquee B.Toronto Book Awards Tent C.Dummies 20th Anniversary Tent D . Scotiabank Giller Prize Bestsellers Stage 67.The passage is mainly aimed to _____. A.attract more attention to Toronto B.persuade visitors to buy magazines C.encourage visitors to the festival D.introduce what to see and do on the fair D Over the past two weeks, public feedback(反馈) was sought on new safety standards for school buses.In the wake of the accidents coming one after another, experts from MIIT drew up a new safety technique document of school buses in December, based on US and EU standards. School bus makers and industry watchers doubt the possibility of these new standards, saying that hiking costs would make school buses unaffordable in rural China . The US-modeled standards also mean that most smaller bus makers will be kept out from the market. These views, however, have aroused anger among netizens who are questioning "why can't we enjoy US standards when it comes to human lives?" Similar debates keep taking place.China falls behind the US on various standards—air quality measurement, mine safety, milk safety and so on.The idea is highly attractive that China presses on with adapting advanced US standards and improves all unsatisfying aspects of social life.However, this is far more complex than drawing up documents on paper. Some standards today were unimaginable just a few years ago.But public demand for using better standards from developed countries is on the rise.The government has to learn from them and keep pushing for higher standards.Adopting PM 2.5 in air quality monitoring follows this trend. On the other hand, it is not always good to copy Western standards.Take the US-style big school buses . Their size makes it tough for them to go on the narrow roads of rural China. Similarly in cities, if school buses carry a "stop" sign like their US counterparts(同行) and enjoy right of way, how many would then complain about the disturbing traffic? China should try its best to develop its own standards.It should have its own schedule to steadily reach higher standards.Over the past decades, the nation has developed many a standard We need to have more confidence, rather than simply copying foreign standards. 68.The new document of school buses was drawn up as a result of_____. A.public response on new safety standards B.a string of accidents related to school buses C.the public demand for developing US standards D.rising anger about school buses among netizens 69.What does "this trend" underlined in Paragraph 5 probably refer to? A.Learning from other countries. B.Perfecting unsatisfactory social life. C.Copying Western patterns. D.Pushing for higher standards. 70.The author of the passage insists that _____. A.China should not copy US standards B.school buses in China should carry a stop sign C.school buses in China enjoy right of way D.no standards in China live up to public demand 71.The author develops the passage by ____.

A.analyzing possible reasons C.presenting different opinions

B.giving typical examples D.listing practical solutions

E Today, when a fire breaks out, you can be sure a citizen with a cell-phone camera has posted it to Facebook or Twitter, or sent it to the media.But up to now, that citizen has not been able to easily send images and details of what is happening to the people who need it most: police, firefighters and building-security people who must respond, and whose ability to help is often measured in minutes, if not seconds。 That's about to change.A one-year old company called Elerts has developed a system that's designed to mobile and social technologies to speed the flow of information between citizens and emergency workers in time of danger.The system involves free mobile applications—iPhone and iPad app(应用软件) is available now—that eyewitnesses can use to report incidents and get public-safety warnings. And Elerts is offering a management console (控制台) for security firms and universities to receive the reports and distribute warnings and instructions, like a map with the best evacuation route (疏散路线) . The service is the brainchild of Chris Russo, deputy fire chief in the coastal town of Hull, Mass.As mobile communications sped up, he grew increasingly frustrated by his inability to communicate effectively with colleagues and the public, particularly with people who are at the scene and might be able to provide help. "Remembering situations when communications failed puts a pit in my stomach," Mr.Russo says. Last summer, he was in a search at a beach for a missing boy, who went into a bathhouse but didn't come out. First responders feared an abduction (绑架) on the beach or shark attack. The child's mother, who didn't speak English well, was so sad that she couldn't remember what color shorts he had on.Mr.Russo had no photo of the child, and no ability to turn to beachgoers. Two long hours later, the boy was spotted by a low-flying helicopter lost and alone on the beach crying—a lucky break."If 5 percent of beachgoers had an app to receive a message and send in sightings of a lost boy, the happy ending might have come much sooner," Mr.Russo said. 72.What is the passage mainly about? A.An app for reporting emergency. B.A moving story of Chris Russo. C.A cell-phone instant service. D.An app for firm management. 73.What does the underlined part in Paragraph 4 most probably mean? A.Arouses my interest. B.Causes a stomachache. C.Makes me feel frustrated. D.Leaves a hole in my stomach. 74.We can infer from the passage that emergency workers ____. A.have to carry out rescue work in minutes B.need images and detailed information badly C.must send images and details immediately D.have to turn to Facebook and Twitter for details 75.The author takes Chris Russo's experience as an example to ____. A.advertise his creativity in communication B.inform readers how Russo got the idea of the service C.make the passage more interesting to read D.show readers the working principle of the new system



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