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学考复习模块 4,5 课文完型填空 Module 4 unit 1
Advertisements are an important part of our lives. We are so used to them that we often do not even 1 how many we see and hear in a day. I did some rese

arch on advertisements, and have some very important information to 2 with you. An advertisement provides information and uses 3 language and exciting images to

encourage people to buy a product or service or believe in an idea. China has strong laws to protect people from advertisements that lie or try to make people believe untrue claims about products or service 4 , we still must be aware of the methods used in advertisements to try and sell us things. Even if an ad does not 5 it does not mean it tells you the complete truth. Not all ads 6 us though. PSAs use some of the same methods, like attractive and original images and creative language, but they are made to serve 7 . PSAs are meant to teach us and help us 8 better lives. Our government understands this, and has been using PSAs to 9 people many years. Think about why you should do the things the ad suggests, or buy the product or the service the ad 10 .We all want to be smart about what we believe , so be smart about advertisements! 1. A. recognize 2. A. talk 3. A. exact 4. A. However 5. A. true 6. A. play jokes on 7. A .the old 8. A. lead 9. A. create 10. A. promote B. realize B. deal B. beautiful B. Therefore B. lie C. remember C. share C. realistic C. But C. real D. know D. speak D. persuasive D. So D. help

B. make jokes about C. play tricks on D. play trick on B. the young B. have B. attract B. sell C. the teenagers C. convey C. educate C. sells D. the public D. serve D. effect D. promotes

Module 4 unit 2
Good evening! Today Mr Johnson , a member of the International Olympic Committee visited a high school in Beijing. In his speech, he talked about the history and 1 of the Olympic games.


He described the ancient Olympic games and gave examples of some of the sports that still 2 today. Athletes at the 3 games could only be men who spoke Greek, but today, men and women from around the world can 4 . The modern games , first 5 in 1896,were designed to make 6 possible for countries and people to live peacefully together. Mr Johnson also talked about some famous 7 who have made Olympic history. He stated that Olympians had brought joy to people across the world with attempts to push the limits of human achievements. One example is Michal Jordon who won his second Olympic gold medal 8 a long break. Mr Johnson also 9 Deng Yaping, who won many gold medals as an Olympia before retiring. Mr Johnson ended his speech 10 wishing the Olympic movement a successful future to match its glorious past. The audience really enjoyed his speech. 1. A. meaning 2. A. hold 3. A. ancient 4. A. take 5. A. holds 6. A. that 7. A. actors 8. A. before 9. A. referred 10. A. with B. significance B. use B. new B. join B. held B. this B. athletes B. after B. talked B. in C. means C. continue C. modern C. attend C. hold C. it C. officials C. with C. mentioned C. by D. origin D. have D. today D. complete D. holding D. them D. singers D. in D. said D. on

Unit3 in Module4
Dear Mr.Cai, Thank you __1___ your proposal about virtual reality cinema. I’m very interested in RealCine. __2__, before using it in the next film, there are some points I would like to mention. I think viewers will be impressed by a film that allows them to be a __3___ in the film. The example of climbing Mount Qomolangma left me ____4___ a deep impression. I think it is a wonderful ____5____ the low temperature may be felt by the viewers, but I am not sure how the sense of achievement will be experienced ___6_____ virtual reality. It seems to me that it all ___7____on the viewer who is watching the film.


I like the idea that virtual reality can provide teenagers with a way __8____the world, for example, by experiencing the role of a football player. I think my grandfather will be thrilled by the idea that even old people can be sent on adventures. It’s fantastic! But I don’t know how much money will be needed to develop such a film. I’m worried that RealCine may be too expensive for ___9___people to afford. We are not ready to take the ___10___ of investing RealCine yet. However, I have talked about your proposal to other people in my company, and the idea is being considered by them. I will let you know our final decision soon. Yours sincerely , Cheng Yige 1. A. about 2. A. But 3. A. character 4. A. on 5. A. how 6. A. via 7. A. relies 8. A. to experiencing 9. A. ordinary 10. A. advantage B. at B. However B. actor B. with B. when B. by B. works B. to experience B. usual B. use C. for C. So C. person C. for C. where C. with C. holds C. to travel C. common C. change D. of D. Therefore D. man D. about D. that D. in D. depends D. to travelling D. general D. risk

Unit3 in Module5
Science is developing so fast that it is beyond our imagination. A recent___1____by scientists that they have successfully cloned the first human embryo has ___2___much debate and has __3____many people around the world. On the one hand, some scientists __4___ that if you clone an embryo, you can produce valuable __5__and organs that could be used to save human lives. ___6__, many people, including some scientists disagree and ___7_ that if mankind __8___ nature in this way, they may be __9____to producing a real-life Frankenstein’s monster. __10___, in general, the scientists were praised for their wonderful scientific breakthrough. 1. A. comment 2. A. risen 3. A. limited B. reform B. launched B. shocked C. announcement C. delivered C. impressed D. performance D. caused D. moved


4. . point out 5. A. figures 6. A. In addition 7. A. regard 8. A. toy with 9. A. in no way 10. A. But B. end up B. nutrition B. On the other hand B. assess B. struggle for B. all the way B. Therefore C. focus on C. parts C. As a matter of fact C. fear C. agree with C. on their way C. Then D. push ahead with D. tissues D. In a word D. hope D. fight for D. in a way D. However

Module 5 unit 2




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