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What natural disasters do you know?





Smog/haze (雾霾)


Which disaster may cause the worst damage?

The earthquake.
How much do you know about the earthquake?

What happened on 12 May, 2008 ?

03:42 July 28, 1976

dark, quake, in ruins...,...

A terrible earthquake struck Sichuan, China on May 12, 2008. More than 60,000 people lost their lives.

Do you know some other serious earthquakes that happened before?

A night the earth didn’t sleep.

When was the night?
Why? What happened to the earth that night?

Step 1 Skimming (快速浏览) (4m)
Skim the passage and underline(划线) the topic
sentences (主题句)of each paragraph(段落).

Find a Topic Sentence(主题句)
Paragraph Part 1 before the Para.1 earthquake
A topic sentence is usually at the beginning ,near the beginning Topic or at the end of a sentence paragraph.

Strange things were happening in the countryside of northeast Hebei . Everything began to shake .


Part 2 during the Everywhere they looked nearly earthquake Para.3 everything was destroyed.
Part 3 Para.4 after the earthquake All hope was not lost . ( Slowly the city began to breathe again.)

Step 2 Scanning (细读)
Scan the whole passage to get the detail
(细节)information of the reading.

Part 1 Signs before the earthquake(地震前兆)

List (列举)strange things before the earthquake.

Things water in the well well walls chickens and pigs mice fish sky sound water pipes

What happened rose and fell deep cracks, smelly gas too nervous to eat ran out of, looking for places to hide jumped out bright lights sound of planes heard even no planes cracked and burst

Part 2 Damage (破坏) during the Earthquake
A huge crack cut across the What happened to the houses, following roads duringand the canals. earthquake?

In fifteen seconds a large Thousands of families were killed city lay in ruins. 1 houses, roads and canals and many children were(Line left 14) Two dams and most of bridges without parents. (Line15) 2 the Tanshan city; fell and were not safe forwere travelling. The railway tracks (Line15) 3 families and children; now useless pieces of steel. (Line22)

4 dams and bridges;

5 the railway tracks;
Find the information in the reading. (在文章中找信息点)

one third of the nation felt it One third Thousands of Two thirds 400000 75% 90% Tens of thousands of 150000 Hundreds of thousands of 10000

Q: how did people feel during the earthquake?

They felt shocked.
They began to wonder how long the disaster would last. It seemed to them as if the world was at an end.

True or False

Part 3 Rescue After the Earthquake

1. The army sent 400,000 soldiers to help the rescue workers. F

2. The army organized the team to dig out the trapped people and to bury the dead. T 3. Workers built shelters for survivors. Fresh water was not taken to the city. F

4. People were hopeless. The city remains in ruins. F

what can we do to help the people suffering from the earthquake? Give them our clothing, bedclothes, food and so on. Donate some money to them. Go there to do volunteer work. Encourage them to be brave.

Union is strength You share rose get fun Love is the sunshine for life.

1. Review the key words and expressions in the passage. 2. Write a news report about earthquake. ●when and where ●the damage of the earthquake ●your feeling about it ●call on others to help them.



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