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English For Grade Three Senior(11)
常用句型和 it 的用法专练 50 题

1. It was ___ I went to the hospital ___ I began to know about this kind of disease. A. until; when B. until; that C. not until; that D. not when; that 2. ____, the thief was caught by the students. A. There being nowhere to hide B. There was nowhere to hide C. There is nowhere to hide D. There nowhere to hide 3.None are ____ blind as those ___ won’t see. A. so; that B. so; as C. too; to D. as; as 4. I prefer a house in a small coast village to ____ in such a large city ____ Beijing. A. that; as B. one; as C. one ; like D. that; like 5. Not only ____ interested in foreign films, but also ____ beginning to show an interest in them. A. is the teacher himself; all his students are B. the teacher himself is; are all his students C. is the teacher himself; are all his students D. the teacher himself is; all his students are 6.___ that the Internet is far more convenient and efficient than other traditional means of conveying meaning. A. It is no doubt B. I am not doubt C. There is no doubt D. There was no doubt 7. ___ to create a fair atmosphere in which both males and females cooperate and compete on an equal footing. A. We pay B. It pays C. We spend D. It costs 8.So widely are advertisements spreading ____ no one can avoid being influenced by them. A. which B. what C. that D. why 9.The reason ___ we have to grow trees is that they can provide us with fresh air. A. in that B. which C. why D. what 10. Nowadays ____ to use formal language in business letters. A. it is not need B. there are no need C. it is no need D. there is no need 11.We ____emphasize the importance of protecting our environment_______. A. cannot; too much B. cannot; very much C. can; too much D. can; very much 12. It’s time we ____ the role that modern technology plays in our life. A. evaluate B. evaluated C. to evaluate D. evaluating 13. ___ a man knows, ____ he feels his ignorance. A. The more; the less B. The less; the less

C. The more; the more D. The fewer; the less 14. Hardly had I seen the light___ I heard a loud noise . A. that B. than C. when D. since 15.No one else can perform the operation, so we can do nothing but ____ for him. A. wait B. waiting C. to wait D. waited 16. A few hours earlier, ____ you would have seen the famous writer. A. so B. or C. and D. when 17. – Why do you keep silent for so long, Peter? --- I’m really sorry, sir. ____ is beyond my power to answer the question, I think. A. This B It C. Either D. That 18.It is important to invest in education____ increase personal wages. A. more than B. much than C. less than D. rather than 19. Does ___ matter what color ___ is ? A. that; it B. it; it C. that; that D. it; which 20.We live in a world in which only the strongest can make ___ to the top. A. it B. one C. him D. this 21.____ surprises me most is that we are allowed to stay in Paris for ten days. A. It B. What C. This D. That 22. I have no idea how long _____will be before we meet again. A. as B. this C. it D. that 23.____ is no use ____ without doing anything. A. This; saying B. It; say C. That; to say D. It ; saying 24.News services ____ for newspapers to give their readers news from around the world. A. make it is possible B. make possible C. make possible that D. make it possible 25. I like ___ here when I feel the warm sunshine and soft sands. A. it B. these C. that D. this 26. Our English teacher often says, “ ___ is my dream that everyone makes every effort to realize his goal.” A. It B. That C. This D. There 27.what an accident! If you had been careful, things would not be ______. A. as it is B. as they are C. as it was D. as they were 28. We all take ____ for granted that heavy objects fall faster than light ones. A. that B. one C. this D. it 29.--- Jiang Yuan is clever and works hard at his lessons. ---- ______. A. So is Zheng Tong B. So does Zheng Tong C. It was with Zheng Tong D. So it is with Zheng Tong

30. Will you see to ___ that the luggage is brought back ? A. which B. it C. this D. that 31. For one thing, ____ was a long journey to that part of the country; for another, the weather is not pleasant for traveling. A. that B. which C. it D. another 32. ___ that a policeman was passing by when the accident happened. A. It so happened B. Happened it so C. So it happened D. So happened it 33. They are all colleagues.___ is no wonder that they should help each other with the job. A. There B. It C. That D. This 34.She ate bread and butter for breakfast, and ____ her favorite food. A. they are B. which are C. which is D. it is 35. --- Are you going to the party with your parents? --- If my sister wants to go, _____. A. I also go B. so do I C. so I will D. so will I 36. Class One beat Class Two in the basketball game, ____ was mot within my imagination. A. as B. that C. which D. it 37. --- I’m terribly sorry. There’s nothing but one magazine left. Would you like to take a look? --- Of course. I’ll take _____. A. some B. any C. it D. one 38. --- Are you expecting to receive a gift from Santa Claus ? ___ Yeah! I can’t wait to get _____. A. it B. those C. that D. one 39. Susan was so angry at al ___ her brother was doing ___ she criticized him. A. what; that B. that; that C. that; what D. what; what 40. --- will the wounded professor recover? --- ____ of knowing right now. A. It is no way B. this has no way C. there is no way D. It is not a way 41. We were just ____ calling you up ____ you came in. A. about; when B. on the point of ; while C. on the point of when D. about; as 42.However, I think ____ very unwise going on as we haven’t come to an agreement. A. it B. its C. us D. that 43. As a language learner, you’ll find ___ necessary to learn some famous lines, such as “ to be, or not to be: ______is the question.” A. this; that B. this; it C. it; it D. it; that 44. Americans eat ____ as they actually need every day.

A. twice protein a much B. protein as twice much C. twice as much protein D. as twice much protein 45. --- The coffee you make looks nice. --- Would you like _____? A. it B. any C. some D. one 46.It ___us four days to make the social investigation. A. spent B, took C. cost D. paid 47. --- We’ve decided to invite him to dinner. ---____he doesn’t come? A. How about B. What about C. Why not D. What if 48. It was____ he broke the law that he was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment. A. That B. why C. because D. for 49.---Can I come and get my glasses this evening ? --- It takes only twenty minutes to fix _____. --- Then I’ll wait here. A. those B. it C. them D. that 50. I try to find ____ that prevents so many people from taking part in the program. A. what it is B. why it is C. what it does C. why it does 完形: Mr. Jones had always wanted to make a trip into the middle of Africa to shoot wild animals. 1 first he had not had enough money, and then he had married. His wife had not wanted him to 2 her. At last his wife 3 to the trip if he allowed her to go, too. “ but it will be very uncomfortable,” Mr. Jones 4 her. “ It will be very hot and we shall live in a tent, and it 5 be dangerous.” “ I don’t care,” said his wife. “ I want to go with you.” So they bought a big tent, some beds ,a refrigerator which did not need 6 and many other things which would make the trip comfortable, and went off to the 7 of Africa. The first morning, 8 Mr. Jones took his gun and left the tent, he 9 his wife a bell and explained to her, “ If you feel in 10 and you need me, 11 this bell and I’ll come at once.” After a few minutes, he heard the bell and returned 12 to the tent. “ What’s the matter?” he asked. “ 13 ” , said his wife, “ I was only 14 the bell.” Mr.Jones went off, but a quarter of an hour, the bell rang 15. Mr. Jones hurried back to the tent, but his wife said, I’m 16 . I was cleaning our tent, and I knocked the bell over by mistake.” Mr. Jones returned to his 17 , but soon he heard the 18 once more. This time, when he got back to his 19 , the tent was burning and Mrs. Jones was lying on the ground, with 20 running from a big cut on her shoulder, “ That’s better!” said Mr.Jones.

“ This time the bell had been used correctly!” 1. A. And B. But C. For D. So 2. A. leave B. miss C. marry D. care 3. A. allowed B. permitted C. satisfied D. agreed 4. A. told B. advised C. persuaded D. warned 5. A. may B. ought C. can’t D. shall 6.A. money B. electricity C. force D. power 7.A.south B. middle C. east D. west 8.A.while B. until C. before D. after 9.A.gave B. sent C. lent D. bought 10.A. hurry B. surprise C. safety D. danger 11.A.hit B. knock C. beat D. ring 12.A.again B. back C. quickly D. home 13.A.Something B. Nothing C. No D. None 14.A. ringing B. trying C. using D. testing 15.A. again B. once C. across D. away 16.A.happy B. sorry C. tired D. all right 17.A.wife B. tent C. trip D. hunting 18.A.cry B. shot C. bell D. shout 19. A. garden B. house C. camp D. office 20.A.water B. tears C. blood D. sweat 试试 08 年的单词拼写: 1. He was ______(好奇)to know what was happening in the office. 2. There is much work to do, so we’ll have to ______(分) it between us. 3. His nose ran, he coughed, and his _____(体温) was a little up. 4. The ____(第十二) man in a football team will play if one of the other players is ill. 5.It’s no use _____(后悔) what you have done. 6. The acceptance of new members is _____(严格) controlled. 7.When building ___(材料 ) cost more, the price of houses increases. 8. Leave your key with a _____(邻居) in case you lock yourself out one day. 9.The idea started in Standlake and has ____(传开) through out the country. 10. It’s cold today. Please put another _____(毯子) on the bed.




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