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英语高考背诵范文 14 篇
★ 背诵范文(一) 主题:父母与孩子间良好关系的培养 文章类型:议论文 1. A good parent-children relationship A good parent-children relationship should be set up on the basis of mutual understanding and respect. On the one hand, parents cannot impose their ideas on their children. They should treat their children as independent individuals. It is advisable for the parents to learn to listen to children’s ideas and encourage them to think on their own rather than decide everything for the children. On the other hand, children should listen to their parents’ advice, for they’re more experienced. Try to be understanding when there is disagreement with parents. Always keep one thing in mind---whatever they do comes from their love for us. It is necessary for children to exchange ideas with parents from time to time so that the generation gap between parents and children will be narrowed.


1. 父母与孩子间良好的关系
父母与孩子良好的关系应该建立在相互理解与尊重的基础之上。 一方面,父母不能把自己的看法强加给孩子。他们应该把孩子当作独立的个人。父 母最好还是学会倾听孩子的看法并鼓励他们独立思考,而不是替孩子决定一切。 另一方面, 因为父母更有经验, 孩子应当倾听父母的建议。 当与父母有分歧的时候, 要尽力做到通情达理。总是记住这一点 --- 他们所做的一切都源于他们对我们的爱。为 了缩窄父母与孩子的代沟,孩子有必要不时地与父母交换意见。

★ 背诵范文(二) 主题:分析中学生请家教的利弊;


2. Does a Student Need Private Tutoring?
A recent investigation shows that about 70 percent of middle school students in cities have private tutors. Such a popular practice indicates that people are attaching greater importance to education. However, private tutoring has both advantages and disadvantages. Many parents have no enough ability or time to help their children in study. Private tutoring is a good solution to this problem. In addition, private tutoring is usually one-to-one. Therefore, the teacher can know the weak points as well as the strong points of the student, and thus teaching is, in most cases, directly to the point. On the other hand, private tutoring has its own disadvantages. For one thing, it takes up so much of the student’s time that he can hardly find enough time for rest and entertainment. For another , some tutors, busy “shuttling” from one family to another, tend to neglect their teaching duties as tutors. Considering the above mentioned, I think the disadvantages of private tutoring outweigh its advantages. In my opinion, greater emphasis should be laid on classroom teaching and practice,

on the improvement of teaching quality and on the fulfilment of the pupil’s potential. Only in this way can a new generation be healthily brought up. 译文:

2. 学生需要请家教吗?
最近的一个调查表明大约百分之七十的城市中学生有家庭教师。这样一种流行的做 法表明了人们认为教育是十分重要的。然而,家教既有优点也有缺点。 许多父母没有足够的能力或时间在学习中帮助孩子。家教正是一个解决该问题的好 办法。另外,家教往往是一对一的,所以老师能够知道学生的弱点与长处,那么在大多数 情况下,教学能直接切中要害。 另一方面,家教也有自己的缺点。其一,它占用了学生如此多的时间以致他几乎不能 有足够的时间来休息与娱乐。其二,有些家教老师忙于奔走于各家庭间,而往往忽略了 自己作为家教老师的教学责任。

考虑以上所述,我认为家教的缺点大于其优点。就我看来,更要注重课堂教学与 练习,教学质量的提高与学生潜力的开发。只有这样,新的一代才能健康地成长。

★ 背诵范文(三) 主题:如何成为一名好学生; 文章类型:议论文 3. Try to Be a Good Student
Perhaps it is the dream of everyone to be a good student at school, but quite a few students feel at a loss on how to make it. In my opinion, it is rather easy if you can act on the following points. First of all, make full use of your time and work hard. Don’t put off till tomorrow what should be done today, as you can never make up for the lost time. The fast developing society requires adequate knowledge, which presses us to spare no effort to study. Of course, your hard work will pay off one day. Secondly, use your own head and present your point of view. Credulous(轻信的)attitude will only make you take anything for granted. With your own judgment you will be able to tell right from wrong and set up your own theory. Thirdly, set aside enough time for relaxation, and entertainment. Don’t ignore the harm of all work and no play. Proper sports will build up your body and improve the efficiency of your studying. To be a good student is easier said than done, for it calls for a student’s consistent efforts. But nothing is difficult to a man if he puts his heart into it. 译文:

3. 努力地成为一名好学生
可能每个人都想成为好学生,但是很多学生却很疑惑如何才能做到。我认为如果你能 做到以下几点就很简单。 首先,充分利用你的时间并努力学习。不要把今天的事情推迟到明天,因为失去的 时光永不可挽回。飞速发展的世界需要知识,这就逼着我们不遗余力地学习。当然, 你的努力总有一天会得到回报。 其次,善用自己的头脑并充分表达自己的观点。过于轻信别人只会让你把一切都视为

理所当然,有主见才能让自己明辨是非并形成自己的原则。 第三,留出时间放松、娱乐。不要忽视疯狂工作不知休息对我们的伤害。适度的运 动能增强你的体质并提高学习效率。 成为一个好学生,说起来容易做起来难,因为它需要学生的不懈努力。但是,只 要用心就没有办不成的事情。
★ 背诵范文(四) 主题:如何保持健康; 文章类型:议论文

4. How to keep fit?
Health is our most important possession, so we should do our best to maintain it. As we all know, good health is necessary to happiness and success. On the contrary, people who are in poor health are often pessimistic or depressed. As a rule, bad health means misery and failure. As far as I’m concerned , there are three principal suggestions for us to follow. First of all, we should adopt a scientific diet, which provides the necessities for your body. The second one is that we are supposed to persist in taking physical exercise , especially the people working indoors. Last but not least, we are supposed to stay in a cheerful mood. As for me, in order to keep fit, I force myself to keep away from the “junk food” although it usually tastes good. Moreover, I even form good habits of doing morning exercises, listening to beautiful music and reading good books, which always cheer me up. All in all, only by carefully obeying the laws of health can we keep ourselves healthy. 译文:

4. 如何保持健康
健康是我们最重要的财富,因此我们应该尽力保持。正如我们所知,好的身体是获得 快乐和成功的必要条件。正相反,身体不健康的人多悲观或者抑郁。人们也常认为不健 康意味着苦难和失败。 就我看来,我们应当听从三个重要的建议。首先,我们应采取科学的饮食,它能提 供身体所需;第二条建议就是要坚持锻炼,特别是那些不愿出门的人;最后,我们应该保 持愉悦的心情。 至于我,为了保持健康,我强迫自己远离“垃圾食品” ,尽管它们往往很美味可口。另 外,我甚至还养成了早锻炼,听美妙的音乐和阅读好书籍的好习惯,它们总能让我精神 振奋。 总而言之,我们只能靠小心地遵循健康的法则才能保持健康的体魄。

★ 背诵范文(五) 主题:向父母表达感恩之情; 文章类型:议论文

5. Showing Gratitude to Parents
According to a recent survey involving over 3000 high school students, 35% of us have never said “Thank you” to our parents. Our parents have done all they could to bring us up in the past eighteen years, but have never been rewarded with gratitude.

As far as I am concerned, reasons why students fail to express their gratitude are as follows. First, some students regard it as parents’ duty to support us spiritually and financially. Therefore it is not necessary to express appreciation to our parents. Second, although the majority of students are aware of our parents’ tender love, they are not accustomed to saying “Thank you”. Some even find a generation gap between us and our parents, thus feeling unnatural to express our affection for our parents. In my opinion, extending thankfulness to our parents is a way of respecting them and their love. We should express our feelings directly and bravely, but what’s more important , we should do all that we can to reward them.


5. 向父母表示感激
根据近期的一份对 3000 名中学生的调查显示, 35%的学生从不对我们的父母说“谢谢”。 我们的父母在过去的二十年的时间里尽他们所能把我们抚养成人,但从来没有收到我们 的感激之情。 在我看来,学生们不向父母表达感恩之情的原因如下:首先,部分学生认为在精神 上和物质上给我们支持是父母应尽的职责,因此没有必要表达感激之情。然而,大部分学 生感受到父母的慈爱但不习惯对他们说“谢谢”。其次,有些学生甚至觉得我们与父母之间 有代沟,因此对父母表达我们的爱感到别扭。 我认为,对父母表达感谢是孝敬他们爱他们的一种方式。我们应该大胆直接地表达我 们的感情。但更为重要的是,我们应该尽我们所能来回报他们。

★ 背诵范文(六) 主题:中学生追求名牌之我见; 文章类型:议论文

6. High School Students’ Pursuit of Famous Brands “Aren’t your shoes Nike’s latest?” “I like the Mickey bag you bought yesterday.” Don’t feel surprised if you hear them coming out of the mouth of high school students. In fact, discussions about brand names have become one of students’ favourite pastimes. They learn about the latest fashion from each other, and buy it at their earliest convenience. “Keeping up with the Joneses” is their conviction Many people may show their disapproval of this practice. However, I don’t agree with their opinions. For one thing, brand products are usually products of good quality and they are something beautiful, endurable, and reliable. As the proverb goes, “The love of beauty is common to al.” Therefore, students are not to blame for the pursuit of famous brands. For another, high school students are old enough to make their own decisions. They are able to judge their own financial conditions and make a budget. So this becomes no other than a good chance to learn financial management.


6. 中学生对名牌的追求

“你的鞋子是最新款的吧?” “我喜欢你昨天买的米奇包”如果你听到这些 话出自中学生之口,不必为之惊讶。事实上,讨论牌子货已经成为学生最喜欢的 娱乐消遣之一。他们相互了解最新款式,随心所欲第一时间购买。赶时髦是他们 的信条。 许多人不赞成中学生这种做法。然而,恕我不能赞同。一方面,名牌产品通 常是高质量产品,漂亮,耐用和可靠。正如谚语所说,“爱美之心人皆有之”。 因此,追求名牌没有什么好责备的。另一方面,中学生也已经到了能自己做决定 的年龄。 他们能够衡量自身的经济情况并作出预算。 这恰恰正是一个学习理财的 好机会. ★ 背诵范文(七) 主题:关于如何保持心理健康; 文章类型:议论文

7. How to Keep Psychologically Healthy?
One in four people will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year. When you fail to control these problems, they are likely to cause various mental illnesses and physical illnesses. In that case, you may not be able to live a normal life, let alone a fulfilling one. The causes of mental health problems often vary from one case to another. In today’s society, a good number of people are suffering from heavy pressure. Others are lacking in communication skills and feel that they are living in an isolated world. In addition, a lot of people are ignorant of psychological knowledge about how to keep mentally fit. There are a lot of ways to solve mental health problems and keep psychologically healthy. Firstly, find the real cause of your mental health problem and see whether you can do something to make a change. Secondly, learn to relax yourself and take physical exercise to release the pressure. After all, your health is what counts most. Lastly, you may find it helpful to talk to your partner, a relative or a friend about your problems, or seek support and advice from a psychological consultant. 译文: 7. 如何保持心理健康? 四分之一的人在一年的过程中,会经历某种心理健康问题。当你不能够控制这些问题 时,他们很可能会导致各种精神疾病和身体疾病。如果那样的话,您可能无法过一种正常的 生活,更不用说美满的生活了。 精神健康问题产生的原因往往各不相同。在当今的社会,相当多的人正在遭受沉重的 压力。另一些则因缺乏沟通的技巧而感到自己生活在一个孤立的世界中。此外,很多人并不 了解如何保持精神健康的有关心理知识。 有许多方法可以解决心理健康问题来保持心理健康。首先,找到你的心理健康问题的 真正起因, 并看看是否可以做出一些改变。 其次, 学会放松自己, 进行体育锻炼来释放压力。 毕竟,自己的健康是最重要的问题。最后,您可能会发现,与伙伴,亲戚,朋友就你的问题 进行谈话,或寻求心理咨询师的支持和建议都是十分有用的。

★ 背诵范文(八)

主题:人们旅游度假方式的变化(社会热点话题) ;


8. How People Spend Their Holidays
As is clearly shown in the table, there was a dramatic change in the way people spent their holidays between 1990 and 2000. Especially, in 1990, 63% of the people spent their holidays at home, while the figure decreased considerably to 24% in 2000. There are three reasons for this phenomenon. To begin with, with the development of economy, people earn far more money than they used to, making it possible for them to afford travelling expenses. In addition, people realize the importance of getting well-informed about the outside world to develop their potential. Last but not least, by traveling outside, people are close to nature, which is beneficial to both their health and peace of mind. In short, more and more people take the occasion of holiday to travel outside and relax themselves. As far as I am concerned, I prefer to go travelling rather than stay at home during holidays. On the one hand, I love meeting different people and taking in some fresh ideas. On the other hand, it is universally acknowledged that the world is becoming a global village. No one can confine himself to the small circle of his family members or relatives. 译文: 8. 人们是如何度假的 正如表中所显示的,人们在 1990 年至 2000 年间度假的方式发生了戏剧性的变化。特 别是,在 1990 年,63%的人在家中度假,而这一数字在 2000 年大幅下降到 24%。有三个 导致这种现象的原因。 首先,随着经济的发展,人们赚取比以前多得多的钱,使他们有可能负担得起旅游费用。此 外,人们意识到为了发展自己的潜力,对外面的世界要有充分认识的重要性。最后,通过出 外旅游,人们能亲近大自然,这有利于他们的健康和心绪平和。总之,越来越多的人抓住假 期的机会来出外旅游,放松自己。 就我本人而言,在假日,我更喜欢去旅行,而不是留在家中,。一方面,我喜欢认识 不同的人,从而吸收一些新的想法。另一方面,人们一致公认,世界正在成为一个全球村。 没有人可以把自己局限于家人或亲戚的小圈子里。

★ 背诵范文(九)
主题:有选择地读书还是博览群书; 文章类型:对比选择型议论文

9. Reading selectively or extensively?
Whenever people read, they will come across the problem of whether they should read selectively or extensively, and it is natural for different opinions to arise. Some people think we should read selectively. They say that there are hundreds of millions of books in the world, so we can’t read all of them. Furthermore, there are also many bad or vulgar books, which will cause great harm to the psychological and spiritual health of readers. Therefore, we should be careful to choose healthy and instructive books. But other people think otherwise . They argue that in an age when science and technology

develop at a fantastic speed, we should not only read books in our field but also read extensively in both social science and natural science. Only when we read extensively can we keep up with the pace of social development. In my opinion, we should combine selective reading with extensive reading. First, we should make a careful selection of the books which are most helpful to us. Second, once the selection is completed, we should read as extensively as we can. Only in this way can we make good use of books. 译文: 9. 有选择地读书还是博览群书? 人们一读书就会遇到一个问题:到底是有选择的读书还是博览群书。很自然地,不同的 人对此有不同的观点。 一些人认为我们应该有选择的读书。首先,他们认为世界上有很多书,我们怎么读都读 不完。其次,有一些有害的或者是庸俗的书会对我们的心理和精神健康造成危害。因此,我 们应该谨慎选择健康的/有指导意义的书。 但是另一些人有不同的观点。他们认为,在一个科学技术高速发展的时期,我们不仅应 该读一些自己本领域的书, 还应该博览自然科学和社会科学的书。 只有当我们博览群书后我 们才能跟上社会发展的步伐。 在我看来,我们应该将有选择的读书和博览群书相结合。首先,我们应该谨慎地选择 那些对我们最有帮助的书。其次,一旦我们选择出了好书,我们就要广泛地阅读这些书。只 有这样,我们才能充分利用好书。

★ 背诵范文(十)
主题:拥有私家车的利弊 文章类型:对比类型议论文

10. On the problem of owning a private car in China
Nowadays, any Chinese can enjoy the luxury of owning a private car - if he or she can afford it. Having a car of your own means no more traveling to work on crowded buses or subway trains. Moreover, it also means that you can enjoy the weekends and holidays better, because with a car you can go to places where the regular buses and trains do not go, and so you can find a quiet scenic spot with no crowds. However, there are drawbacks to owning a car. For one thing, with the increase in car ownership in recent years, the roads are becoming more and more crowded, often making the journey to work more of a nightmare than a dream. For another, it is not cheap to run a car, as the prices of gasoline and repairs are constantly rising, not to mention the prices you have to pay for a licence and insurance coverage. Having considered both sides of the argument, I have come to the conclusion that the advantages of owning a car outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, it seems to me that China should increase its output of automobiles and enlarge the private car market. 译文: 10. 有关在中国拥有私家车的问题 现在任何一个中国人都能享受拥有一部私家车的奢侈――如果他能买得起的话。拥有 自己的车意味着上班再也不用挤拥挤的公共汽车或地铁。 再且, 这也意味这你能更好地享受 周末和假期, 因为有了车你可以去一些日常汽车和火车不去的地方, 找到一个没有拥挤人群

的景点。 然而,拥有私家车也有其缺点。一方面,随着近年来拥有汽车的人越来越多,道路变 得越来越拥挤,经常使得上班的路与其说享受不如说是个噩梦。另一方面,养车并不便宜, 因为汽油的价格和车的修理费用不断上涨,更不用提你在驾照和保险上不得不花的钱了。 权衡这个争议的两面,我得出结论,就是拥有车的利大于弊。因此,在我看来中国应 该提高汽车的产量,扩大私家车的市场。

★ 背诵范文(十一)
主题:合格的中学毕业生 文章类型:议论文

11. A qualified senior graduate As time flies, we’re going to graduate from high school. It’s time that everyone built an image of a qualified senior graduate in his mind. From my perspective , a qualified graduate should bear the following items . To begin with, academic performance tops the list. As now the education cause is still examination-orientated, a senior 3 student should try his best to live up to his requirement. Secondly, a qualified graduate ought to have a sense of responsibility in that a man without a sense of responsibility can’t do things well, nor can he play a role in society. What’s more, global awareness is vital to a qualified graduate, which enables him to have constructive ideas and the ability to connect things as a whole. To conclude, a qualified senior graduate is not only qualified academically but also mentally. 译文: 11. 合格的高中毕业生 时光飞逝, 我们即将高中毕业。 是时候我们构思一下合格的高中毕业生应该 是什么样子了。我认为合格的高中生应具有以下特点: 首先,学业表现是重中之重。由于目前的教育仍然是以考试为中心,因此一 名高三学生应该尽最大的努力去学习以符合学校提出的要求。其次,高中生应该 有责任感因为没有责任感的人是不能把事情做好的,也不可能在社会中起作用。 另外, 全球意识对于合格的毕业生来说也是非常重要的。 有了这种意识毕业生们 才会有富建设性的想法,才会有全面联系、考虑事物的能力。 总而言之,只有学业和思想都成熟的学生才能称之为合格的高中毕业生。

★ 背诵范文(十二)
主题:科技与生活 文章类型:议论文


12. Technology and our lives Technology is changing our lives every minute. It has a positive effect on lives while negative effects still exist. As the technology time arrives, people all over the world are enjoying the benefits from technology. We use telephones to keep in touch with our relatives and send E-mails within a few seconds. Robots can also be programmed to do things in place of us. Such facilities make our lives both convenient and enjoyable. There is no doubt that the colorful life is owed to technology. However, technology is sometimes taken advantage of to cause damage to the world. Technology leads to the production of all kinds of deadly weapons, even nuclear weapons. Terrorists use the weapons to threaten society and the lives of people. Such negative effects are also brought by technology. In a word , human beings should control technology properly and make full use of it to lead much more harmonious lives, while trying to minimize the negative effects that technology has on our lives.

12. 科技与生活
科技每时每刻都在改变我们的生活。给我们的生活带来好处的同时科技也带来了危害。 随着科技时代的到来, 全球各地的人们享受着科技带来的种种好处: 电话使我们与亲戚 时刻保持联系; 电子邮件瞬间就可发出; 电脑控制的机器人甚至可以代替人类进行某些工作。 正是这些设备给我们的生活带来便利和享受。无疑这多姿多彩的生活应归功于科技。 但是, 科技有时也会被利用来做一些对世界不好的事情。 正是科技的发展导致了各种致 命性武器的产生,其中包括核武器。恐怖分子利用这些武器威胁社会和人的生命安全。这些 弊端同样缘于科技。 综上所述, 人类应该正确使用科技这把双刃剑, 充分利用科技使人们过上更加和谐的生 活,同时也要尽量最小化科技可能带来的危害。

★ 背诵范文(十三)
主题:出国留学的利弊 文章类型:对比类型作文

13. Is it a good thing to study abroad? In recent years, studying abroad has been popular. More and more students leave their own country to go abroad for their further education. They say that they can develop better with advanced facilities and teaching methods in those modern schools. By communicating with foreign students or staying a long time with them, a profitable experience is available to them. By the time they come back home, they are supposed to have a great advantage over the students at home in many ways. I quite agree with what they say. But one fact I’d like to remind them of is that quite a number of overseas students staying abroad are disappointed as they can’t obtain what they hope for, let alone success. When they are abroad, they are helpless and have to be independent, which is quite contrary to what it is at home. They lack independence; they can’t even tell right and wrong apart, and as a result some of

them even commit crimes. Therefore, whether it is good or not to study abroad depends on the individual. So take more factors into careful consideration
译文: 13. 出国读书是好事吗? 近些年来,出国留学流行起来了。越来越多的学生离开他们自己的国家出国深造。他 们说,在这些有着先进的设施和教学方法的现代化学校里面,他们发展得更好。 通过和外 国学生交流或长期跟他们呆在一起,他们能获得对他们有利的经历。到他们回家的时候,他 们被认为比在国内学习的学生在很多方面有很大的优势。 我很同意他们所说。但我想提醒他们一个实事,在外国学习的相当多学生因为得不到 他们所希望的而感到失望,更别提成功了。当他们在国外的时候,他们无助并不得不独立, 这是与国内的情况截然相反的。他们缺乏独立性,不能明辨是非,因此当中的一些人甚至犯 罪。因此,出国留学是否是件好事视乎个人情况而定。所以要把更多的因素认真考虑进去。

★ 背诵范文(十四) 主题:中学生染发好不好? 文章类型:议论文

14. Is it good to dye hair? Nowadays, many high school students begin to dye their hair in pursuit of fashion. From my point of view , I don’t think they have made a sensible choice. It is obvious that what matters to students is study. Dying hair will distract students’ attention from study. Besides, strict school rules in China will also lead them to punishment, which could have been avoided. What’s more, dying hair can harm students’ beautiful hair. Scientific reports have proved that certain materials in a hair colorant will harm one’s hair if (it is) used frequently. Adults turn to dying hair just because they need to appear young to prolong their working life. To conclude, dying hair, for a student, isn’t worth what it costs. 译文: 14. 染发好不好 目前,许多中学生为了追求时尚纷纷开始染发。我认为,他们这种选择是不 明智的。 很明显,对于学生来说学习才是最重要的。染发会使学生分心,分散了他们 在学习上的注意力。除此以外,染发不容于中国严格的学校制度,会给染发的学 生带来本可避免的处罚。 而且,染发会伤害学生的美发。科学报告证明染发剂里的某些物质有毒,若 经常使用便会伤害头发。成人(求助于)染发通常是为了不显老以延长自己的工 作寿命。 总而言之,对于学生来说,染发代价太大,实在不值得。

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