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1. at hand(1) 在手边,在近处。如:He lives close at hand. 他就住在附近。I always keep a dictionary (ready) at hand. 我经常把字典放在手边。(2) 即将到来。如:The examinations are near at hand. 考试即将来临。
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y hand (1) 用手工(即不是用机器或其它手段)。如:The letter was written by hand. 这封信是用手写的(即不是打印的)。My shoes were made by hand. 我的鞋是手工做的(即不是机器做的)。(2) 用专人(即不是通常邮寄等)。如:Did the letter come by hand or through the pTOM: 0pt; TEXT-INDENT: 21pt; LINE-HEIGHT: ost? 这封信是专人送来的还是邮寄来的?
3. give [lend] sb a hand 帮某人一把。如:It’s really heavy--can you give [lend] me a hand? 这东西确实很重,能帮一下忙吗? ?
4. hand in hand (1) 手拉手。如:They walked down the street hand in hand. 他们手拉手沿街道走去。(2) 同时并存。如:War and suffering go in hand and hand. 战争与苦难是同时并存的。
5. in hand (1) 手头有。如:I still have some money in hand. 我手头还有些钱。(2) 控制,处理,进行。如: / 8)The work is in hand and will soon be completed. 工作正在进行中,不久就可完成。Give them a call and le-TOP: 0cm; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0pt; TEXT-INDEt them know we have the matter in hand. 给他们打个电话,告诉他们我们已控制了局势。
6. on hand 在手边(随时可用)。如:I still have some money on hand. 我手头还有些钱。She always has her dictionary on hand when she studies. 他学习时总是把词典放在手边。注:这样用的 on 有时与 at hand 或 in hand 同义。
7. on the one (other) hand 一方面(另一方面)。如:On the one hand this job doesn’t pay very much, but on the other (hand) I can’t get another one. 从一方面来说这份工作工资不高,但另一方面我又找不到另外的工作。
8. hands up 举手,举起手来。如:Hands up, those who know the answer. 知道答案的请举手。Hands up and drop your arm. 举起手来,把枪放下。注:有时也用其他表达。如:Put up your hand(s) if you have any questions. 有问题请举手。
9. with one’s hand(s) 用手(即不是用口,用脚,用眼睛等)。如:We work with our hands. 我们用手工作。He stroke the child with his hand. 他用手打这个小孩。
10. hand sb sth / hand sth to sb 把某物递给某人。如:Hand me the key, please. 请把钥匙递给我。He handed her a letter. 他交给她一封信。Please hand me the dictionary. / Please hand the dictionary to me.请把字典递给我。
11. hand in 交来,交上去(给老师或上级)。如:Hand in your examination papers now, please. 现在请把考卷交上来。Someone handed this parcel in this morning. 今天早上一个人把这个包交了上来。
12. hand on 传递给另一个人。如:Please read this notice and hand it on. 本通知看后请传阅。Please hand on the magazine to your friends. 请把这本杂志传给你的朋友看。
13. hand out 散发,分发。如:The teacher handed out the examination papers. 老师分发试卷。Will you help me to hand out the leaflets at the meeting? 请你在会上帮我把这些传单发给大家好吗?
14. hand over 移交,拿给(另一人)。如:He has handed over his business to his son. 他已把他的生意移交给他儿子。The thief was handed over to the police. 这个小偷已经送交派出所了。
15. shake hands (with sb) (同某人)握手。如:They shook hands and entered the hall. 他们握了手然后就进了大厅。He shook hands warmly with me. 他同我热情握手。注:有时也说 shake one’s hand。如:He shook my hand warmly. 他同我热情握手


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