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人教版必修五unit2 词汇

Words of unit 2

Module 5 Unit 2
1. consist vi. & vt. 联合;团结 consist of (短语)由……组成,包括 (无进行式/被动式) =be made up of consist in (短语)在于;存在于;以……为主

consists of As we all

know,water___________ hydrogen and oxygen. consists in Happiness does not___________ how many possessions you own.

Module 5 Unit 2
2. divide v. 把一个整体分成若干个部分 divide sth into sth. (短语) 把(某物)分开 separate …from 把两者分开 ? divide sth. among sb. 在……中分配 ? divide sth. with sb. 与……分担 ? divide… by… 用……除以
(1) The apple was divided into two halves. __________ (2) The Taiwan Strait separates _________Taiwan Island from ______Fujian province.

3. clarify vt. 澄清;阐明 clarification n. 澄清;说明;净化 clarified adj, 澄清的;透明的 clarifying adj,可以洁净的的 clarifying cream 清洁面霜 clarifying agent 清洁剂
请你阐明第一个要点,好吗? Could you clarify the first point,please? ________________________________________.

4. credit n. 信任;学分;赞扬;信贷 to one’s credit (短语)值得赞扬; 为某人增光
(9) 值得表扬的是JACK在比赛中夺得第一。 to his credit got the first prize Jack,__________ ,_________________in the

既可数,又可数, 表“赊购(制度);称赞;学分” 也可以作动词,表示“相信;把。。。归功于”

5. convenience n. 方便(利)(cn);便利设施/备(可数) ? 短语:for one’s convenience 为……方便 ? at one’s convenience 在……方便的时候 ? convenient adj. 方便的; 便利的 ? 常用搭配: be convenient to sb. ? It is convenient for sb. to do sth.

(12).为了图方便,我把参考书放在书桌前。 I keep my reference books near my desk for convenience. _________________. (13). 在你方便的时候,请过来一趟。 at your convenience Please come ___________________. (14). 3:50分那趟火车对你来说方便吗? be convenient to you Will the 3:50 train ___________________?

6. attract v. 吸引, 引诱 attract sb. 吸引某人 ? attract sb. to sp. 把某人吸引到 ? Like attracts like. 物以类聚 ? attraction n. 吸引, 引力 ;)吸引人的东西; 精彩节目 ? attractive adj. 有吸引力, 诱人的

(15). 酷热的夏天他经不住海的诱惑。He can’t resist _______________________ on hot days. the attraction of the sea (16). 你认为是什么吸引人们到大城市来的?What do attracts to you think ________ people ____ big cities?

7. leave out (短语)遗漏/掉;删掉, 省去;不理会, 忽视 搭配介词拓展: leave…for… 离开……去…… leave alone 不管;撇下……一个人 leave aside 搁置 leave behind 留下,遗忘,遗留 leave+宾语+宾补(adj / v-ing/ v-ed ) 表示“使……处于……状态”。 8. alike
adj. 相似的;相同的 adv. 以同样的方式;类似于

[ 比较级more alike 最高级most alike ]

9. take the place of (短语)代替 = replace =take sb’s place 代替某人 take place (短语)发生, 举行 in place of = instead of 代替

take the place of 代替(=replace) (1) Mr. Smith is absent today. Who will take the place of/replace him __________________________(代替他)?. (2) Mr. Smith is absent today,so I’ll get someone totake his place/replace him ________________________ (代替他).

10. delight n. (抽象) 快乐, 喜悦un.; (具体) 高兴的原因cn. to one’s delight = to one’s joy take delight in sth/doing sth 以……为乐 delight vt. 使高兴, 使喜悦 delight in sth/doing sth (短语)以…为乐, 喜好 delighted (at/to do sth) adj. 高兴的, 愉快的 delightful adj. 令人愉快的
(1). 孩子们高兴地惊叫着冲向沙滩。The kids rushed to the beach, screaming ___________ with delight (2). 使我高兴的是,老师宣布我被授予模范生的称号。 To my delight _______________, the teacher announced that I had been awarded the model student.

11. break away (from)

挣脱; 脱离; 改掉, 破除

习惯搭配: break away 挣脱, 逃脱; 脱离, 背叛 break down 抛锚, 出故障, 身体跨了 break into 闯入, 突然发出 break out (战争、瘟疫、火灾) 爆发 break off 中断 break the rules 违反规则 break the records 打破记录 12. arrange vt. 筹备;安排;整理 arranged adj. 安排的 arrangement n. 布置;整理;准备 arrange for (短语)安排;为…做准备

convenience 1.便利,方便 n._____________; convenient 便利的,方便的 adj.____________; inconvenient 不便的 adj._____________; 2.使人高兴的 adj.___________; enjoyable enjoy 享受……乐趣 vt.__________; enjoyment 享乐, 快乐 n.__________; 3.描述, 描写 n.____________; description describe 描述, 描写 vt.___________ possibility 4.可能性 n.__________; possible 可能的 adj.__________; possibly 可能地 adv.__________; 不可能的 adj.____________; impossible

consistent 5.一致的adj.___________; inconsistent 不一致的adj.______________; accomplish 6.完成,达到v. ___________; 完成, 成就n._______________; accomplishment
quarrel 7.争吵v.____________; 爱争吵的adj.____________; quarrelsome delight 8.乐事n.__________; 使高兴v.________; delight 感到高兴的 adj.__________; delighted delightful 令人高兴的adj.___________;

(B)灵活运用 1. The artist’s work shows the perfect ______ (unite) of craftsmanship and union imagination.
名词作宾语, union“联合; 结合”

2. They are renting a _________(furnish) furnished flat.

3. We must accept the _________ possibility (possible) that we might be wrong.

4. This girl gave a vivid ________ description (describe) of the accident.

5. We ________(arrange) to meet at arranged the cinema at 7:30, but he failed to turn up.
动词作谓语, 由后句可知这里是过去时

6. Please deliver the goods at your earliest __________(convenient). convenience

Unit 2

The United Kingdom
Learning about language

1 Choose the correct words below to complete the passage, making necessary changes.
enjoyable kingdom unwilling countryside clarify construct accomplish administration conveniences

“Why are you ________ to accept this unwilling wonderful opportunity?” asked the boss on the phone. “Have you ever read the description carefully? You will live in a town close to the countryside in England __________ in a furnished house with all modern ___________. conveniences Our office in Beijing will be able to

clarify _______ any problems using fax or internet. Your task will be to examine constructing the possibility of ___________ a new Kingdom factory in the United ________. We need you to become familiar with the administration _____________ and rules for such a project. We hope you will be able __________ accomplish this easily within six months enjoyable and that it will be an _________ experience for you.

2 Complete these questions or answers using vocabulary from the text. currency 1. Q: What is the ________ of Great Britain? A: Pounds and pence. 2. Q: What is the flag of Great Britain called? A: ______________. The Union Jack

3. Q: What countries does the United ______ Kingdom _________? consist of A: England, Scotland, Wales plus Northern Ireland. 4. Q: Which part of the British Isles ___________ from the United broke away Kingdom?

A: Southern Ireland.

5. Q: Which __________ are different institutions in each country of the United Kingdom? A: Education and law. 6. Q: Do these differences cause conflicts ________ or quarrels? A: No. The countries are alike in wanting their own systems to continue. provinces 7. Q: What are the _________ called in England? A: Counties.

3. All of the words below can take the place of said, but they are used under different conditions and in different situations. Choose the correct word from the list to fit each of the sentences.
whisper smile answer beg shout agree ask advise suggest decide scream complain

1.“Why don’t you want to accept this wonderful opportunity?” _______ the asked boss on the phone. 2. “Shall we leave now?” he _________ whispered to us and we left the room very quietly. 3. “Help! Help! I can’t swim.” _________ screamed the frightened boy.

4. “Please don’t hurt my cat, ” _______ begged Sarah as her brother picked it up by one leg. 5. “I’d like to live in a castle of my own too,” agreed the young prince. ______ 6. “Yes. I bought a car and a new flat answered this winter,” ________ my father. shouted 7. “Are you coming with us?” _______ Li Ming to her friend on the other side of the room.

8. “I didn’t like that meal at all,” __________ the customer. complained 9. “Perhaps you would like to go this suggested way?” _________ the man shyly.

Great Britain consists 1___ four countries: of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. They in were united 2______ peace instead of by war. However 3_________,the southern part of Ireland broke away 4_______, so only Northern Ireland joined with largest England. England is the5 ______ (large)of the four which countries , 6 ____was divided into three zones. London is the capital city with the great historical 7_________(history) treasures. It has the oldest port 8_______(build) by the Romans in the 1st century built the AD,the oldest building begun by 9____Anglo in Saxons 10______ the 1060s and the oldest castle constructed by later Norman rulers in 1066.

However, just 3 ___ they were going to as get Ireland connected 4 ________ (form) to form United Kingdom, the southern part of Ireland broke away, 5___only Northern so Ireland joined with England.

3. just as“正当……的时候”。 4. 不定式作目的状语。 5. 前面已说明原因, 此处用so(因此)引出结果。

England is the 6______ (large)of the largest four countries and for convenience 7 ____was divided into three zones: the it South of England , the Midlands and the North.
解析:6. 由表示范围的of the four countries 和空格前的the可知, 要用最高级。 解析:7. 指代前面的England

Most of the population8_________ (settle) are settled in the South, but most of the industrial cities are located in the Midlands and the North.
解析:8. 由settle sb. in a place (把某人迁 到某处定居)可知,要用被动语态。

London is the capital city with the great 9 _________(history) treasures. It has the historical oldest port built by the Romans in the 1st century AD,the oldest building begun by 10 ____Anglo Saxons in the 1060s and the the oldest castle constructed by later Norman rulers in 1066.
解析:9. 作定语用形容词, historical treasure 指“历史宝藏”。 解析:10. 明显的特指。



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