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考前第 23 天
词汇句型天天记 resistant resolve bargain coarse coach code adult advertise advertisement agency focus 重点单词 adj.(to)抵抗的;抗??的,耐??的 vt.解决;决定,决心 n.便宜货;vi.讨价还价 adj.粗的;粗糙的;粗俗的 n.教练;长途公共汽车 n.准则,法规;密码 n.成年人 v.为??做广告 n.广告 n.代理商,经销商 v.(使)聚集;n.焦点,中心,聚焦

forbid debate debt decade enclose encounter globe global scan scandal significance

vt.不许,禁止 n. & v.辩论,争论 n.欠债 n.十年 vt.围住;把??装入信封 vt. & n.遭遇,遇到 n.地球;世界;地球仪 adj.全球的;总的 vt.细看;扫描;浏览 n.丑事,丑闻 n.意义;重要性

be jealous of sb. be keen on be located in be marked with be occupied in 嫉妒某人 喜爱;渴望?? 位于??,坐落在?? 被标上??记号 忙于??,正从事??

重点句型 1.It is never too late to do something.做某事从不晚。 It is never too late to repent. 悔过自新永不为迟。 It’s never too late to mend. 亡羊补牢,未为晚矣。 2.too eager/glad/ready/happy...to do sth. He is too eager to see you. 他太急于见到你了。 He is only too willing to serve friends. 他极愿为朋友效劳。 3.whether (...) or not Whether or not it rains/Whether it rains or not, we’re playing football on Saturday. 无论下不下雨,我们星期六一定踢足球。 Tell me whether or not you’re interested. 告诉我你是否有兴趣。 。

模板作文天天诵 假设你是李华,在上周进行的研究性学习活动中,你 班同学了解了珍稀动物金丝猴的相关信息。 请根据下列表 格所提供的内容,给你的笔友 Peter 写封信,向他介绍此 次活动。 注意:1.信的开头和结尾已为你写好,但不计入总词数; 2.词数不少于 120 个。 参考词汇:研究性学习 inquiring learning;金丝猴 golden monkeys

第一组 ●到动物园观察金丝 猴的特征 ●去图书馆查阅金丝 猴的习性 ●汇总信息,完成报告 有数量

第二组 ●上网了解金丝猴的现 ●听专家介绍对金丝猴 的保护措施


Dear Peter, How have you been recently? I’m writing to tell you something about our inquiring learning on the rare animal—golden monkeys. The students of our class were divided into two groups.

________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ What do you think of our inquiring learning? Looking forward to your reply. Best wishes, Li Hua

【参考范文】 Dear Peter, How have you been recently? I’m writing to tell you something about our inquiring learning on the rare animal—golden monkeys. The students of our class were divided into two groups.One group went to the local zoo to observe the features of golden monkeys.After that,the group went to the library to collect some information about the monkeys’behavior.In the meantime, the task for the other group was to surf the Internet for the exact number of the living golden monkeys.Besides, an expert was invited to introduce what we could do to protect this kind of monkey.At last, we gathered the information we

got and produced a report. I think we benefited a lot from the inquiring learning.Not only did we know how to cooperate with others but also we find a new way of learning. What do you think of our inquiring learning? Looking forward to your reply. Best wishes, Li Hua

一、 单项填空

A 1._______ from endless homework on weekends, the students now
find their own activities, such as taking a ride together to watch the sunrise. A.Freed C.To free B.Freeing D.having freed

解析 本题考查 free 的用法。在这里,free 的意思为“解 除负担,义务或限制”。在本题中,free 和句子的主语之 间是一种逻辑上的动宾关系,所以要用过去分词形式,表 示被动与完成。

2.—So you missed the meeting.

B —________. I got there five minutes before it finished.
A.Not at all C.Not especially B.Not exactly D.Not really

解析 本题是对情景交际用语的考查。“你错过了 开会”,而从答语中的“我在会议结束前五分钟到 达了会场”,可以看出答话者认为对方讲话不够确 切,毕竟答话者参加了会议,只不过迟到而已。

3.—Do you mind if I smoke?

C —________
A.Why not? B.Yes, help yourself. C.Go ahead. D.Yes, but you’d better not.



回答常用“Yes, please./Of course, you may./Go ahead, please./Not at all./Just help yourself.”等 表示。B 和 D 选项前后矛盾。

4.—We must thank you for taking the trouble to cook us a meal. —________. C A.With pleasure B.It doesn’t matter C.It was no trouble at all D.By all means



用的答语有:You’re welcome./It’s nothing./That’s all right./Don’t mention it./It’s a pleasure./It’s my pleasure./That’s nothing./It was no trouble at all.等。 A 项意思为“乐于效劳”; 项表示同意等; 项表示 D B “不要紧,没关系”。

C 5.________ the temperature might drop, coal was prepared
for warming. A.To consider C.Considering B.Considered D.To be considered




6.—Tom, you are caught late again.

B —Oh, ________.
A.not at all C.never mind B.just my luck D.that’s all right


just my luck 是习语,意思为 “真倒

霉!”;not at all 和 that’s all right 多用于对方 感谢时的应答语,“不客气”。Never mind 用 于对方道歉时的应答语,“没关系”。

7.—What do you think of the concert?

A —I really enjoy it. I didn’t expect it was ________
wonderful. A.as C.most B.more D.very

解析 这是一个省略句, 承接上文, 省略了 as I had thought

C 8.The engineers made two big plans for the dam, ________
was never put in force. A.one of them C.one of which B.which D.every one of which



根据逗号可知, 后面句子为非限制性定语从句, 先行词是 plan;再根据句子中的 was 及前面的 two 可知本题的正确答案为 C。

C 9.I have no one ________ me, for I am a new comer here.
A.help C.to help B.helping D.to have helped



句意可知句子空白处的非谓语动词作定语,用 have sb./sth. to do 的结构。

10.The little girl couldn’t work the problem out. She

A wasn’t ________ clever.
A.that C.enough B.much D.too


本题主要是对副词的考查。that 作副词

时,相当于 so,强调所指的某一程度;much 作副词时,一般只用来修饰形容词或副词的比 较级及动词;enough 作副词时,总是用在谓语 所修饰的形容词或副词之后; 作副词时, too 强 调事物的程度已超出某范围,让人难以应付。

C 11.Listen! His family must be quarrelling, ________?
A.mustn’t it C.aren’t they B.isn’t it D.needn’t they



根据 listen 可知,must be quarrelling 表示推测, 此时反意疑问句中的动词须依主语而定,由于 his family 是指他家里的人,故 be 用复数形式。

12.The police have ________ power to deal with such

D matters by ________ law.
A.the; the C./;the B./;/ D.the;/

解析 本题主要考查冠词的用法。句子第一空 后面的不定式作定语对 power 进行修饰,特指 某种权力,用定冠词 the;而第二空后面的 law 泛指“法律”这一概念,不用冠词。

C 13. Jack felt unhappy as they all went outing ________ him.
A.except B.but C.without D.besides 解析 本题主要考查介词的用法区别。根据句

子中的 felt unhappy 可知, 句子中表示一种心理 状态,于是正确答案为 C。

D 14.That she hadn’t kept her ________ on her work
resulted in the failure. A.head C.brain B.heart D.mind



面的 resulted in failure 可知,她没有专心于工 作, keep one’s mind on 意思为“专心于”, 而 于是正确答案为 D。

15.—Did your sister pass the exam? —She failed and is in low spirits. —I’m sorry for her. A —________. A.Thank you B.You’re welcome C.I would think so D.Never mind 解析 本题主要考查英语交际用语的应用。根

据对方的话“I’m sorry for her”表示对她的 关心,于是回答应该用“谢谢”,因此正确答 案为 A。

二、完形填空(一) Tong Shiqiang rushed into a kindergarten behind his primary school several times, carrying a 1 of kids each time he rushed out of their classroom on that fateful (灾难的) day. Only 14 years old and 1. tall, 5m Tong can now win a national bravery award for saving seven children.

The grade?6 student was


a Chinese language class in

Zhongwang Primary School in Qishan Village of Longnan City, one of the worst?hit areas in Gansu Province,when the deadly quake struck on May 12,2008.There were 49 his class at the time. “Windowpanes began rattling (嘎嘎响)and it seemed lots of bees were singing underground, 4 ” then I realized it was an earthquake.” The teacher cried:“Everybody out!” All the students ran out of the room immediately. Tong Shuangxi,Tong 5 ..and . Shiqiang’s teacher and uncle.“The sound grew 3 students in

6 him.

outside,Tong Shuangxi rushed toward the kindergarten

where the children were having a nap.Tong Shiqiang ran with Only three of the kids had they 8 7 to run out of their room when 9 to

the building.The rest were crying,too 10 .

move.It took less than three minutes for them to carry out all the five-and sixyear- to olds

Not sure whether all the kids had been saved,Tong and his nephew had 11 begun checking the rolls when the classroom’s walls fell down.“That’s the only time I was scared,” said Tong Shiqiang. The 14yearolds is 12 to be nominated (提名) for the child hero award,to be given by the Ministry of Education and the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League.

1.A.couple C.lot

B.dozen D.number


根据下文,不难发现他们总共救出 7 名儿童,应选

表“一些、 几个”意思的词组。 couple of 几个; dozen of a a 一打;a lot of 许多;a number of 许多,故答案为 A 项。
答案 A

2.A.listening C.attending

B.hearing D.giving


表“上课”,我们可以使用 have a lesson/class 或

attend a..lesson/class,attend 有“参加、出席”之意, . 其他几个单词均无此意;故答案为 C 项。
答案 C

3.A.other C.others

B.another D.the other



another+数词, 数词+other; others 表“其他的人(物), the other 两者中的另一个,故答案为 A 项。
答案 A

4.A.remembers C.reminds

B.remains D.remarks



起”; 项“留下”; 项“提醒”; 项“评论、 B C D 谈论”, 故答案为 A 项。
答案 A

5.A.aloud C.louder

B.weaker D.clearer



级,aloud adv.出声地,高声地,大声地;loud 响亮的,大
答案 C

声的;weak 虚弱的;clear 清楚的,明白的。故答案为 C 项。

6.A.After C.Since

B.Before D.Once



幼儿园跑去”,可知答案为 D 项。

7.A.tried C.wanted

B.managed D.wondered


考查 manage to do sth. ,因为只有三个孩子跑出去。

8.A.arrived C.reached

B.got D.escaped


此处应使用表“到达”的及物动词,只有 C 项符

合,其他三项均为不及物动词,答案为 C 项。

9.A.frightened C.surprised

B.moved D.excited



怕而不能移动”,故答案为 A 项。

10.A.hospital C.yard

B.classroom D.safety

解析 D 项。


11.A.eve C.never

B.ever D.just


表示“只好”之意,只有 just,故答案为 D 项。

12.A.lovely C.kindly

B.friendly D.likely


be likely to 可能的;be friendly to 对??友好的;

be kindly to 对??友好的, 对??亲切的; lovely 可爱的, 美好的。故答案为 D 项。
答案 D

三、完形填空(二) Poor student behavior seems to be an increasingly widespread problem and I think that modern lifestyles are probably responsible 1. for this. In many countries,the birth rate is decreasing so that families

fewer children. are smaller with 2. These children are often spoilt,
not in terms of love and attention because working parents do not have the time for this,3.but in more material ways.They are

whatever they want, allowed to have 4. regardless of price, to and
behave as they please.This means that the children grow up

without consideration for others and without any understanding 5.
of 6. where their standard of living comes from.

When they get to school age,they have not learnt any selfcontrol or selfdiscipline . Teachers continually complain 7. about this problem and measures should be taken to combat the situation.But I think the situation to the problem lies with the

who need to be more aware of the future consequences families,8.
of spoiling their children.



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