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2013高考英语一轮总复习优化课件(江苏专用):Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained(牛津译林版必修2)

Unit 1

Tales of the unexplained


Unit 1 Tales of the


句型公式· 妙笔生花
1.as,though,although引导让步 状语从句 Although/Though I’m

young,I already know what career I want to follow.→Young as/though I am,I already know what career I want to


Although he tried,he couldn’t
solve the problem.→Try as he

might,he couldn’t solve the


2....before“没来得及??就??” To my great disappointment,my favorite singer left the concert before I could have a word with her.让我非常失望的是,我还没来得 及和我最喜欢的歌手打招呼,她就已 经离开了。


The workers worked day and night

about three days before everything
returned to normal.


4.It was+时间段+before...“过了 多久才??”/It was not long before... “不久就??” It was not long before he sensed the danger of the position.不久他就 意识到他处境的危险。

5.It will(not)be+时间段+


It will be half a year before you
graduate from the school.再过半年你才


核心单词 Ⅰ.语境填词 1.She was shocked by the violent sceneswitnessed she had __________(目击).

2.He was ____________(奖赏)a awarded medal for bravery. 3.A terrible thought flashed ____________ (闪现) through my mind. survive 4.Many birds didn’t ____________ (生存) the severe winter.

5.I don’t think it would be the disagree right thing to do.So I

____________(不同意) with you.
6.Hearing the joke,they burst laughter into ____________(大笑). 7.The detective told us he

wouldn’t give up until he found
evidence convincing ______________(证 据).

8.I am ____________(确信)that convinced she is innocent. 9.You don’t sound very ____________(热心的)about the enthusiastic idea. 10.We do organized understand not fully how the brain is __________(构 成).

11.The book was written in a appropriate style ____________(适合的)to the age of the children. 12.The doctor ___________(检查) examined her but could find nothing wrong.


puzzled 1.They are ____________with the
puzzling ____________question.(puzzle)

2.No one knows how the
universe came into existence ____________and if exists life____________on other


possibility 3.There’s now no____________that she will make a full recovery,so it’s

impossible ____________to return to
work.(possible) 4.They lack the sense of humour ____________.As a result,they don’t think thehumourous play ____________.(humour)

5.The man who saved the boy disappeared ____________from his sight but he’ll never forget the kind man’s

appearance ____________.(appear)

高频短语 step up 1.________________ 加紧,加强, 促进

2.________________ 由于,因为 due to
show up 3.________________ 出现,露面 4.________________ 对??做研 do research on 究

5.________________ 调查;检查 look into make up 6.________________ 编造,捏造, 杜撰

give up 7.________________ 放弃
report doing 8.________________ 报告做?? 9.________________ 和??相似 be similar to

10.________________ 许多,很多 dozens of 11.________________ 追赶 run after

belong to 12.________________ 属于
make one’s way to... 13.__________________ 前 往??, 到??去

典型句式 1.完全倒装

Standing inside ________________ were lots of
strange creatures with white skin and large black eyes. 里面站着许多白皮肤,眼睛又黑又大 的奇怪生物。

2.让步状语从句 So,________we have not while dismissed the idea,we are looking into other possibilities as well. 所以,尽管我们不排除这种想


3.目的状语从句 The aliens took me aboard the UFO so that ________________ they could do research on me. 外星人把我带到UFO的船舱里,目的 是对我做研究。

4.主语+be said to do/to be doing/to have done... The Yeti is ________________________a large, said to be hairy animal.... 毛茸茸的?? 据说雪人身体庞大,

单元语法 现在完成时和现在完成进行时

—Oh,I am too tired and can’t walk any further.I________ for hours.

A.had walked


C.have been walking D.am walking 解析:选C。句意:——约翰,快 点!——噢,我太累了,走不动了。我 已经走了几个小时了。表示从过去几个 小时前到现在一直在走,且有可能继续 走下去,故应用现在完成进行时。

2.Miss Li________as a secretary for
five years in the company,and

now she is a general manager of it.
A.works B.worked

C.has worked


解析:选B。从后面and now看出, 李小姐做了五年的公司秘书这件事情 发生在过去,现在她已经不是了。根 据判断work是发生在过去的动作,应 用一般过去时,故选B。

3.—Are you going to further your studies after graduation? —Well,I________yet.I might make some other choices. A.didn’t decide B.haven’t decided C.don’t decide decided D.hadn’t

解析:选B。句意:——毕业后你打 算进修吗?——哦,我还没有决定。 我可能会做其他选择。由题意可知应 用现在完成时,故选B。

4.(2011· 高考山东卷)She was surprised to find the fridge empty; the children________everything! A.had been eating B.had eaten C.have eaten D.have been eating

吃惊,孩子们已经吃光了一切!本题考 查动词时态。孩子们吃光冰箱里的东西 发生在She was surprised to find...之 前,即过去的过去,所以用过去完成时, 故选B。

5.(2011· 高考陕西卷)His first novel________good reviews since it came out last month. A.receives B.is receiving C.will receive

D.has received

解析:选D。句意:他的第一本小说 自从上个月出版以来受到了良好的评 价。本题考查动词的时态。根据since it came out last month可知本句应用 现在完成时,故选择D项。

单词精研 1 assume vt.假设,设想,认为

(教材P3)...,she assumed that Kelly was having a bad dream, and sent her back to bed.

她认为凯莉做恶梦了,把她打发回床 上睡觉了。 归纳拓展

①(朗文P103)It is assumed that they will eventually join the EU.人们认为 他们最终会加入欧盟。 ②(牛津P104)I had assumed him to be a Belgian. 我本以为他是比利时人。

③Assuming (that) he’s still alive, how old would he be now?假定他还 活着,现在有多大年纪了?

2 occur 在


(教材P3)Mr.Foster was working that night on his road construction job, and was not home when these events occurred. 当那些事情发生时,福斯特先生那晚 正在修路没回家。



happen , occur , take


常用来表示“偶然,碰巧”, happen 而且多指整个情况,这时不能 用另外两个词代替。 多用来指具体事情的发生,虽 occur 然也可指偶然性,但与happen 相比程度较弱。 作“发生”解时较为正式,不 take 带有偶然之义,并经常用来指 place 经事先安排的事情。

①It didn’t occur to me that there’d be a big festival on at the same time as my holiday.我原先没想到我 度假的同时那里刚好要庆祝一个盛大 的节日。 ②(朗文P1412) I washed it in the water—it never occurred to me to check the label.

我用水把它洗了——根本没想到看一 下标签。 ③(牛津P1377)When exactly did the incident occur? 这一事件究竟是什么时候发生的?

3 strength


(教材P18)In one case,a group of engineers ran after the creature, which moved with amazing speed and strength. 有一次,一队工程师们追赶野人,野 人却以惊人的速度和体力奔跑起来。




strengt power 指(物的)强度、(人的)力气,尤指承受重物 的力量。还可指人的强项、长处。 含义是物理定义“能”。用于人时,指人 energy 的精力、工作能力,还可指能量、能源。 指物理学上的力,尤指人或物撞击或推动 force 物体时所用的力;也指为做成某事而使用 的力量,还可指武力、强制力、效力。 可指一切内存的、外来的、具体的或抽象 power 的力,可引申为势力、政权等;也指电力、 动力、功率。

①(朗文P2039)Sarah hugged her brother with all her strength.萨拉使 尽全力拥抱她弟弟。 ②(牛津P1997)It may take a few weeks for you to build up your strength again. 可能需要几个星期你才能恢复体力。

③The ability to keep calm is one of her many strengths. 能够保持冷静是她的多项长处之一。

4 convince


(教材P18)He became convinced they



①I was convinced he would be more famous than Chaplin. 我相信他将比卓别林更出名。 ②(朗文P443)He’ll try to convince you of Mitchell’s innocence.他会设 法使你相信米切尔是无辜的。

③(牛津P438)I’ve been trying to

convince him to see a doctor.我一

5 survive 存


(教材P18)In his opinion,this animal made its way to other parts of the world,and continues to survive even today. 在他看来,这种动物到了世界其他地 区,继续生存直到如今。


①To survive in the forest, animals must climb from tree to tree.要想在森林里生存下来,动物必 须有爬树的本领。 ②He’ll show everyone he can survive as a single parent.

他要让大家看看,他作为单亲家长能 挺过来。 ③She survived her husband by ten years. 丈夫死后她又活了十年。


1.Tickets are $9,with a $2____________for kids. discount

2.Employees may still be____________for using illegal dismissed drugs at work. 3.Reporters were not allowed to go____________the plane. aboard 4.The statement _________that boys are good at maths and girls are not is clearly wrong.

5.Police are on the _________of a track gang that robbed five women last month. 6.He fell over and suffered injury an____________to his head. 7.The ____________ of people ancestors here were from Africa.

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2012· 南京市高三模拟考试)—How are you getting along with your project?

—I was about to give up when an
idea occurred to me

____ I could work with my roommate Tim.

A.that C.why

B.how D.Whether

解析:选A。考查名词性从句。从句I could work with my roommate Tim 句意完整,不缺少成分,因此使用 that引导同位语从句,解释说明idea 的内容。

2.(2012· 盐城市高三年级调研考) Failure to face up to painful experience can be________form of stress itself,and can increase________ possibility of illness. A.the;/ C.a;the B.a;a D./;the

解析:选C。考查冠词的用法。句意: 不能面对痛苦经历本身就是一种形式 的压力,而且它能增加患病的可能性。 根据语意可知第一空表示泛指,用不 定冠词a,a form of意为“??的一 种形式”,第二空表示特指,因此用 定冠词the。

3.(2012· 南京市金陵中学高三模拟考 试)In the next five years,the government’s work will be evaluated ________ on peoplet’s happiness level instead of GDP alone. A.based based C.basing D.having B.to be

解析:选A。考查非谓语动词。根据 语意及句子结构可知,此处表示根据 人民的幸福指数来衡量政府的工作, based on...是过去分词作状语。

4.There is solid evidence________ watching 3D movies can have some side effects on the viewers. A.what C.which B.that D.how

解析:选B。考查名词性从句。分析 句子结构可知,引导词在从句中不作 成分,也没有意义,因此用that引导 同位语从句,作解释说明。

5.China’s solar?powered satellite Chang’e Ⅱ has successfully________the test of a lunar eclipse that occurred on December 21,2010. A.conducted B.experienced C.survived D.stood

解析:选D。考查动词辨析。句意: 中国以太阳能为动力的人造卫星“嫦 娥二号”成功地经受了发生在2010年 12月21日的月食的考验。动词stand

语意。conduct“执行,组织”; experience“经历,体会”; survive“生存,存活”。

6.________that her mother would come back soon,the girl calmed down. A.Having convinced B.Being convinced C.Convincing D.Convinced

妈妈很快就要回来时她安静了下来。 convince表示“使相信”,这里 convince和句子主语之间构成逻辑上 的动宾关系,故用convinced短语作 原因状语。

7.I looked for a job for weeks but had no luck.In the beginning,I felt ________,but then my mood improved. A.enthusiastic B.hopeless C.guilty D.astonished




6 due to 因为,由于

(教材P2)This incident has received
great interest due to reports of

strange lights in the sky and of
alien visits around the time the

boy disappeared.

该事件引起了公众的极大兴趣,原因 是各种有关男孩失踪前后天空中出现 奇怪光亮和外星人来访地球的新闻报 道。


①(牛津P621)Most of the problems were due to human error.多数问题 都是人为错误造成的。 ②(朗文P631)Our book’s not due to be published until December.我们 的书预计要到12月份才能出版。

③After he was fired,the company failed to pay him the commissions due to him. 他被解雇后,公司没有支付应该给他的 佣金。

7 show up


(教材P3)When Justin did not show up for lunch the next day,Mrs Foster became worried and told

her husband to call the police.

第二天中午吃午饭的时候,贾斯廷仍 然没有露面,福斯特夫人开始担心了, 就让丈夫打电话报警。


①(朗文P1896)Her tumor didn’t show up on the scan. 她的肿瘤在扫描仪上看不出来。 ②(牛津P1853)Has anyone shown you around yet? 有没有人带你四处走走?

③She wanted to show off her new husband at the party. 她想在聚会上炫耀自己的新婚丈夫。

8 make up


(教材P3)Sometimes people make up such amazing stories. 人们有时候编造这种耸人听闻的 故事。


【辨析】 consist of

make up,be made up of,

用部分作主语,表示“部分构成 整体”,用于主动语态。 be made 用整体作主语,表示“整体由部 up of 分构成”。 用整体作主语,表示“整体由部 consist 分构成”,引申为“包含有”, of 不能用于被动语态。 make up

①Non—Han people make up nearly 30% of Yunnan’s population. 非汉族人口几乎占云南人口的30%。

②They have quarreled seriously
three times but each time they have made up and become best friends again.

她们之间发生过三次大的争吵,但每 次都重归于好。 ③They made him up as an old man for the last act of the play. 他们把他打扮成一个老头,出演这出 戏的最后一幕。

④( 朗 文 P1246)Oh , she wouldn’t make up a story like that. 呀,她不会编造那样一个故事。 ⑤(牛津P1222)They made up a bed for me on the sofa. 他们给我在沙发上铺了个床位。

step up;do research on;dozens of;run after;make one’s way

made our way 1.We_______________home after work. 2.I have been there________________times. dozens of

doing research on 3.They are________________the population problem. 4.The policeman jumped out of the car and ______________ the ran after thief. stepping up 5.Local groups are____________their antidrug campaign.

Ⅱ.完成句子 1.由于粗心他失败了。 He failed due to carelessness ______________________. 2.我的教学风格和多数教师相似。 My teaching style _______________ is similar to

that of most other teachers.

3.我们等了他整整一上午,但他始终 没有露面。 We waited for him all morning but didn’t show up he_________________________. 4.那个公交车司机正加速行驶以补回 失去的时间。

The bus driver was speeding to make up for ________________ lost time. 5.别忘记带上你的东西。 Don’t forget the things belonging to _____________________ you.

Ⅲ.单项填空 1.(2012· 苏锡常镇四市高三教学情况调 查二)The two military exercises were similar________ they were both intended to give a threat to a certain country. A.to what C.in that B.for which D.except that




2.He stared at the empty bottle for a while,feeling happy that he had sent the butterfly back________it belonged-nature. A.to which C.which B.that D.to where

解析:选D。考查短语及宾语从句。 send sth.back to表示“送回”;此处 where引导to后的宾语从句,where在 从句中作地点状语。

3.As neither of us would ________,the bargain came to nothing. A.give in C.give away B.give out D.give off

解析:选A。考查动词短语辨析。句 意:由于双方都不让步,协商最终没 有结果。give in投降,屈服,让步; give out分发,公布,用尽;give away捐赠,丧失,泄露;give off发 出( 气味、热、光等)。

4.The world today needs those who have a high sense of duty; just due to ________,they are playing an important role in promoting social progress and world peace. A.one C.them B.it D.which


high sense of duty。今天,世界需


5.The USA plans arms sale to Taiwan,which forces China to________its modernization process in national defence. A.set up C.take up B.build up D.step up

解析:选D。考查动词短语辨析。set up建立;build up增强;take up 着手;step up加速。step up its modernization process in national defence加快国防现代化进程。

句型精析 9 (教材P2)Standing inside were
lots of strange creatures with

white skin and large black eyes.




语是lots of strange creatures,谓 语动词是were standing,with white skin and large black eyes是定语,

使用完全倒装避免了头重脚轻,这种 句式常用结构有:分词/副词/形容词/ 介词短语+be+主语。

①Lying on the floor was a wounded peasant boy. 躺在地板上的是一个受伤的农家男孩。 ②Seated on the grass are a group of young students. 坐在草地上的是一群青年学生。

③Higher up are the temples built in ancient China. 再往高处去就是古代中国修建的 庙宇。

10 (教材P18)The Yeti is said to be a large,hairy animal... 据说野人身材魁梧,全身毛发??

【点津】 “主语+be said to be doing/to do/to have done...”意为“据 说主语正在做??/要做??/曾经做 过??”,主语可以是人,也可以是物, 相当于It is said that+主语+谓语+其 他成分。注意两个句型互相转换时谓语 动词要做相应的变化。 可以用于此结构的动词还有:think, report,believe,suppose,expect, suggest,find等。

①She is said to want to become a teacher in the future. =It is said that she wants to be a teacher in the future. 据说她将来想当老师。 ②She is said to be writing a book. =It is said that she is writing a book.

据说她正在写书。 ③Scientists are said to have found the treatment for the disease. =It’s said that scientists have found the treatment for the disease. 据说科学家们已经找到了这种疾病的 治疗方法。


1.The book is expected to be the
bestseller this year. It’s expected that the book is the →____________________________ bestseller this year. _____________________________


2.A girl was seated on the ground playing the guitar.(变为倒 装句) Seated on the ground was a girl playing the guitar. →____________________________ _____________________________ _______

3.She is a lovely girl,but she can be extremely difficult to work

While/Although/Though with.→______________________s
he is a lovely girl,she can be extremely difficult to work with.

4.They wanted to see what the elephant looked like,so they asked the driver to stop. →They asked the driver to stop __________________ they so that could ________ see what the elephant looked like.

5.It’s possible for him to attend the meeting. →There’s a possibility that ________________________ he will attend the meeting.

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2012· 南通市高三调研测试)Is there any possibility________ the little girl can be the champion in the London Olympics? A.that C.if B.which D.whether

解析:选A。考查同位语从句。that引 导的从句是对possibility的内容的具 体解释,两者之间构成同位语关系, 据此选A项。

2.When ________why he walked

in without permission,he just
stared at us and said nothing.


D.to be


解析:选B。考查非谓语动词。句意: 当问他为什么未经允许就进来的时候, 他只是盯着我们什么话也不说。ask的 逻辑主语为he,两者为动宾关系,故 用asked。

3.In this contest a medal with ten thousand dollars________gains success in ten seconds putting the sticks in place. A.is given to whoever B.are given to anyone who C.gives to whomever D.give to everyone

解析:选A。考查主谓一致和被动语 态。句子主语为a medal故谓语动词 应用单数,又因为give与medal是逻 辑上的动宾关系,故用被动形式。

4.(2010· 高考课标全国卷)Mary made coffee________ her guests were finishing their meal. A.so that C.while B.although D.as if

的时候,玛丽煮了咖啡。so that以便, 为了,用来引导目的状语从句或结果状 语从句。although虽然,尽管,用来引 导让步状语从句。while①在??期间, 当??的时候,用来引导时间状语从

句;②然而,而(=but),表示对比。 as if(=as though)仿佛,好像,用来 引导方式状语从句。从句意可知C项 正确。

5.(2011· 高考山东卷)He had his camera ready________he saw something that would make a good picture. A.even if only C.in case that D.so B.if

解析:选C。句意:他准备好了照相 机,以防看到他能够拍下来的好画 面。本题考查状语从句。A项意为“ 尽管,即使”;B项意为“要是?? 就好了”;C项意为“以防, 万一”;D项意为“为了”。



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2015高考英语(译林版)一轮复习练习:模块2 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained(含答案解析)

2015高考英语(译林版)一轮复习练习:模块2 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained(含答案解析)_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。模块二 Unit 1 Tales of the unexpl...

【江苏专用】2014届高三英语一轮复习方案课时作业:模块2 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained

江苏专用】2014届高三英语一轮复习方案课时作业:模块2 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。m2u3限时训练...

2013年高考英语一轮复习 模块2第1单元

2013高考英语一轮复习 模块 2 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained 第一部分:单词过关 tale n.___ 无法解释的 adj.___ 困惑的,茫然的 adj.___ 加紧,加...

【创新设计】2015高考英语(译林版)一轮对点题组练:模块2 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained(含答案解析)]

【创新设计】2015高考英语(译林版)一轮对点题组练:模块2 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained(含答案解析)]_高中教育_教育专区。【创新设计】2015高考英语(译林版...

2014届高考英语一轮复习作业手册(4)模块2 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained(附详细解析)

2014届高考英语一轮复习作业手册(4)模块2 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained(附详细解析)_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。课时作业(四) [模块 2 Unit 1 Ta...

江苏省2014届高考英语一轮复习单元演练(四) Unit1 Tales of the unexplained(译林牛津版必修2, )

2013高考英语一轮复习... 41页 免费 2013届高考...(​译​林​牛​津​版​必​修​2...单元演练(四) Unit1 Tales of the unexplained Ⅰ...

【牛津译林版】(江苏专用)2012届高三英语一轮复习精品学案:Module2 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained

2013高考英语一轮总复习优... 127页 20财富值 【牛津译林版】(江苏专用).....Unit 1 重点单词 Tales of the unexplained1】 search n.&v. 搜寻,搜查...


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