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2013高考英语一轮总复习优化课件(江苏专用):Unit 1 School life(牛津译林版必修1)

Unit 1

School life


Unit 1 School life

佳作晨背· 文思泉涌
类型:书信 典例:李华正在一所英国学校学习暑

校辅导中心的帮助。根据学校规定, 需书面预约。

r /> 【佳作模板】
Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m Li Hua,a Chinese student
taking summer courses in your

university.I’m writing to ask for
help.I came here last month and

found my courses
interesting.?But I have some

difficulties with notetaking and I have no idea of how to use the library?I was told the Learning Center provides help for students and I’m anxious to get help from you.I have no class on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons.Please let me know


day is OK with you.You may email
or phone me.Here are my email

address and phone
number :lihua@126.com,12345678.

Look forward to your reply.


【佳句储备】 ?But I have some difficulties with notetaking and I have no idea of how to use the library.(besides) But I find it difficult to take notes. Besides,I don’t know how I can use the library.

?I was told the Learning Center
provides help for students and I’m

anxious to get help from you.(as soon

As soon as I got the information that I
could get help from the Learning

Center,I can’t wait to write to you for

核心单词 Ⅰ.语境填词 1.He searched in his drawer and selected at last____________(挑选)the best one for me.

2.A successful businessman experienced usually has ____________(经

历)many ups and downs in his life.
3.Please keep informed

me____________(通知) of the
latest news around the world. preparation 4.They have sold their house and car in ____________(准备)for leaving the country.

5.He ____________(捐赠)part of donated his liver to save the stranger, which was really a touching story. 6.The news that America is planning to improve the relation broadcast with China is being ____________(播出).

average 7.On ____________(平均来说), men are taller than women by several inches. approve 8.I ____________(赞成) of your trying to earn more money,but please don’t neglect your studies.

9.Mary studied in America for 3 years,so she speaks English fluently ____________(流利地). 10.Living in the hotel,breakfast is provided at extra no ______(额外 的)charge.

Independence 11.Cuba gained _____________(独立) from Spain in

1898. exchange 12.Would you like my old TV in ____________(交换) for this camera?

Ⅱ.词汇活用 1.It was a


very__________afternoon. enjoyed They held a party

themselves.(enjoy) encourages 2.My English teacher always ___________me to speak English

as often as possible.

Encouraged ____________by


her_______________,I took part in
an oral English contest last term and encouraged won the first prize.I was greatly_____________ (encourage).

3.Mary’s father is hard to_________.


But after knowing she did very satisfied well in the final exam,he was satisfaction very ____________and said to her satisfactory with____________,“Good job.You did a really____________job this time.”(satisfy)

respect 4.In_________of his family,Tom is very proud.He and his wife are respectable both____________professors in a respect university.They__________each other. respect

Their children also show respective _________to them.Although each of them has their __________taste,

respectful they try to be___________of each other’s preferences.(respect) 5.Shakespear was poet a______ and poems he wrote many great ____________in his life.(poet)

高频短语 be happy with 1.______________ 对……感到满 意 attend an assembly

2.___________________ 参加集 earn respect
会 devote...to...

3.______________ 赢得尊重
4.____________ 献身(致力或专心) 于……

achieve high grades 5.___________________ 得高分 6.______________ 免费 for free 7.______________ 喜爱,喜欢 be fond of 8.______________ 回忆,回顾 look back on 9.______________ 利用 make use of with satisfaction 10._______________ 满意地

in charge of 11.______________ 负责,掌管 12._______________ 通知某人某 inform sb.of sth. 事 be available for... 13._______________对……是可用 make sure 的 come up with

14.______________ 确保,核实 15.______________ 想出(主意,


典型句式 1.动名词短语doing...作主语 Going to a British high school for _____________________________ ___ year one ___________was a very enjoyable and exciting experience for me. 去一所英国高中上了一年学,对我来 说是一次非常愉快而又令人兴奋的经

2.让步状语从句 ________students want to Whether or exercise ________ just want some fun,they can use our gym. 无论

学生是想锻炼还是只想娱乐,他们都 可以用我们的体育馆。

3.On/Upon sth./doing...一……就 Upon finishing ________________ his studies,he started travelling in China. 学习一


单元语法 关系代词引导的定语从句

1.(2012· 安徽“江南十校”联考)—
What does the notice say?

—All the storytellers should meet
at the same hall________ won the first three prizes.

A.what C.who

B.as D.which

解析:选C。根据句法,这是个分隔 式定语从句,从句“________won the first three prizes”缺少主语,先 行词all the storytellers指人,所以用 关系代词who或that,且不能省略。

2.(2012· 江苏泰州一模)—We shall
take the conditions into careful

account________you have attached
to this contract. —Thanks.Hope for further cooperation. A.as C.where B.which D.what

解析:选B。句意:——我们将认真 考虑你附在这份合同上的条件。—— 谢谢。希望能进一步合作。本题考查 定语从句。先行词是conditions,定 语从句中have attached缺少宾语, 因此用关系代词which。

3.(2012· 湖南六校仿真模拟)I can’t help but remember the precious child________smile has brought me countless hours of joy throughout the years. A.whose C.whom B.who D.of which

解析:选A。句意:我总是情不自禁 地想起那个宝贝孩子,在这几年他的微


代入定语从句后为:The child’s
smile has brought me countless hours of joy throughout the years. 由此可知先行词在定语从句中作定语, 故答案为A项。

4.(2012· 江苏高考名校联考优化卷 四)“God,please don’t let anything happen today________I can’t handle.”This was my daily prayer during my first year of teaching. A.what C.which B.that D.when

解析:选B。考查定语从句。 句意:
“上帝,今天请不要发生任何我无法处 理的事情”,这是我第一年教学时每天 要祈祷的。分析句子结构可知,此处为 定语从句,关系词在从句中作宾语,且 先行词为不定代词anything,故选择B。

5.The day will come________man

will set foot on another planet like
the Mars.




单词精研 1 experience n.经历;经验 vt.经历;体验

(教材P2)Going to a British high
school for one year was a very

enjoyable and exciting experience
for me.

去英国上一年高中对我来说是一次非 常快乐且又令人兴奋的经历。 归纳拓展

①(牛津P700)Living in Africa was very different from home and quite an


②The experienced construction
workers are in urgent shortage across the country. 在全国各地,急缺有经验的建筑工人。

③(牛津P701)He’s very experienced in looking after animals. =He has experience in looking after animals. 他养动物很有经验。

2 devote


(教材P2)He also told us that the best way to earn respect was to devote ourselves to study and achieve high grades. 他还告诉我们赢得尊重的最好办法就 是集中精力学习得高分。


①Many scientists will devote their whole life to china’s aerospace development.很多科学家都一生致力 于发展中国航空航天事业。 ②The fans are devoted to their stars. 歌迷们对他们的偶像十分忠诚。

③(牛津P548)His devotion to his wife and family is touching.他对妻子和 家人的关爱感人至深。

3 exchange

n.& vt.交换,交流

(教材P5)Next year, I plan on attending a high school in China on a student exchange programme... 明年我打算通过一个

中学生交流项目到中国的一所高中上 学。


助 记

①(牛津P691)I shook hands and exchanged a few words with the manager. 我与经理握手,相互交谈了几句。 ②I’d like to exchange some pounds for dollars. 我想把一些英镑兑换成美金。

③What would you give him in exchange for his MP3? 你用什么换取他的MP3呢?

4 inform


(教材P16)We regret to inform you that our library will be closed next Wednesday,Thursday and Friday for the sports meeting. 我们很抱歉地通知你因为运动会我们的 图书馆下周三、周四、周五不开门。


①(牛津P1046)Please inform us of any changes of address. 地址若有变动请随时通知我们。 ②(朗文P1061)Then the doctors informed the family that there was no hope for his recovery. 然后医生通知家属他康复无望。

③The boss asked his secretary to inform him of the programme’s progress. 老板要求秘书随时向他报告计划的进 展情况。

5 approve 同,赞许

vt.& vi.批准;认可;赞

(教材P18)He approved the idea,
and two years later I am in charge

of the radio club as the oldest
student member. 他认可了这个想法,两年后我成了元 老,负责广播俱乐部。


①(牛津P84)She doesn’t approve of me leaving school this year.她不同意我今


②Approved by the State General Administration for Radio Film and Television, no more commercials will be interrupted in the TV show from January 1, 2012. 经国家广电总局批准,2012年1月1日 起,撤销电视剧插广告时段。

6 charge 电



(教材P18)He approved the idea,and

two years later I am in charge of the
radio club as the oldest student member. 他认可了这个想法,两年后我成了元 老,负责广播俱乐部。


【辨析】cost,price,charge, expense cost

“原价,成本”,包括对某 物所付出的一切费用及时间、 劳力等的代价。
“价格”,指商品出售时所 定的价钱,尤指卖主所要求 的价钱。



“费用,花费”,尤指给予 服务后索要的费用。

“费用”,多用复数,尤指 expens 大量的花费、支出,如求学、 e 旅行、建设、战争等的费用。 ①(朗文P319)They charged me $2 for this candy bar. 这块棒棒糖他们收了我两美元。

②(朗文P319)Her husband was charged with her murder. 她丈夫被指控谋杀了她。 ③(牛津P319)I’m leaving the school in your charge(=in the charge of you).我这就把学校交给你掌管。

④The school side should be charged with the overload of the school bus. 学校方应该对校车超载问题负责。


1.My family have lived in this house generations for____________. 2.Planning a wedding reception for over challenging 1,000 guests will be very_____________.

3.“The Sun Also Rises” is a literature classic of American____________. splendid 4.The troops are doing a __________ job of keeping the peace. dynasty

5.The____________he founded ruled for 700 years.

6.I like the ____________ former painting better than the latter. 7.He recited a poem of his composition own____________. 8.The students return in September for the start of the new academic ____________ year.

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2012· 江苏高考命题专家原创卷九) ________herself to listening to music,the girl cared little about any other things. A.Devoting C.Having devoted B.Devoted D.To


解析:选A。考查非谓语动词。句意: 沉浸在音乐中,这个女孩很少关心其 他事情。devote oneself to致力于, 献 身 于 , 专 心 于 ; 本 句 也 可 以 用 be devoted to表达。故选A项。

2.(2012· 南通市高三第一次调研测 试)—When will the expert come and give the lecture on intellectual property? —Not until our program________by the authorities. A.approves approved B.has been

解析:选B。考查时态和语态。根据 by the authorities的提示可知,应用 被动语态, 可排除A、C项;同时根 据后半句句意“直到我们的计划被官 方批准” 可知,应用完成时,故选 B项。

3.(2012· 江苏高考命题专家原创卷十 五)It is reported that the drivers won’t go back to work until their demand for better pay________. A.is to satisfy B.is satisfied

C.will be satisfied D.has satisfied

解析:选B。考查时态和语态。 satisfy one’s demand 满足某人的要 求,故从句的主语demand与谓语动 词satisfy之间为被动关系,所以用被 动语态;又因为until引导的是时间状 语从句,所以用一般现在时代替一般 将来时。

4.(2012· 江苏高考名校联考信息优化 卷九)—Are you quite________of your parents now? —Yes,as soon as I left school,I stopped asking my parents for money. A.individual B.independent

解析:选B。考查形容词辨析。根据 后面的回答可知,前句问对方是否不 再依靠父母,因此用independent。 individual单独的,个别的 lonely孤 独的;separate分开的,后多加介词 from。

5.(2012· 江苏高考名校联考信息优化 卷十四)He logs in the Internet every day to keep himself ________about what’s going on in the world. A.informed C.inform informed B.informing D.being

解析:选A。考查非谓语动词。 informed作himself的宾语补足语。 himself是inform的逻辑宾语,故用过 去分词。

6.(2010· 高考江西卷)Last year the number of students who graduated with a driving licence reached 200,000,a(n) ________ of 40,000 per year. A.average C.amount B.number D.quantity

的学生数量已达到20万,平均每年4 万。average平均,平均数;a number of许多,大量,修饰可数名 词;an amount of许多,大量,修饰 不可数名词;a quantity of许多,大 量,修饰可数和不可数名词。根据句 意可知选A。

7.(2010· 高考湖北卷)It is illegal for a public official to ask people for gifts or money________favors to them. A.in preference to B.in place of C.in agreement with D.in exchange for

解析:选D。句意:作为政府官员, 因为给人民做了好事就向他们索要礼 物或者金钱,这是非法的。语境提到 “给他们做好事”和“索取礼物钱 财 ” , 这 二 者 之 间 的 关 系 用 in exchange for来描述,表示“交流, 交换”。in preference to偏好,喜爱, 更喜欢;in place of代替(某人/某事 物 ) ; in agreement with 协 调 , 与??一致。

8.Some of the survivors told the reporters about their________ in the terrible earthquake in Wenchuan. A.trips C.details B.experience D.experiences

解析:选D。句意:几个幸存者给记 者讲述了他们在汶川大地震中的 经历。此处experience意为“经历”, 是可数名词,故选D。

9.(2010· 高考江苏卷)Thousands of foreigners were ________ to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened. A.attended C.attracted B.attained D.attached

解析:选C。考查动词辨析。attend意 为“参加,出席”;attain意为“达到;


上万的外宾。A项错误,因为主语 foreigners和attend是主谓关系, 不能使用被动语态。

10.(2010· 高考湖南卷)Dina, _______ for months to find a job as a waitress,finally took a position at a local advertising agency. A.struggling B.struggled C.having struggled D.to

解析:选C。句意:几个月以来, Dina一直努力想找一份女服务员的工 作,最终她在当地一个广告代理处谋 到了一个职位。设空处与句子主语为 逻辑上的主动关系,故排除B项;不 定式作状语一般表示目的,故排除 D项;C项相当于:

Dina had struggled for months to find a job as a waitress.而A项相当 于:Dina was struggling for months to find a job as a waitress. 根据句意可知,C项更符合要求,故 为答案。

7 Look back on 回忆,回顾

(教材P3)I look back on my time in
the UK with satisfaction,and I really hope to go back and study in Manchester again. 回忆起我在 英国度过的那段时光,我十分满意,



Many people are still looking back on the sale miracle created by TaoBao on November , 11th , 2011. 很多人还在回顾2011年11月11日淘宝 网创造的销售奇迹的事件。 ②(牛津P1195)We’re really looking forward to seeing you again.

我们非常盼望能再见到你。 ③The government has set up a working party to look into the problem of drug abuse. 政府已成立工作组调查滥用毒品问题。 ④No one likes being looked down upon. 没有人喜欢被人瞧不起。

⑤Kids need role models to look up to. 孩子们需要有模范人物做榜样。

8 make use of


(教材P11)With so much free time, students who do not make good use of their time may not pass their exams. 有这么多的自由时间,



①(牛津P2225)We could make better use of our resources.

②Much profit can be made from

making use of the wastes to get
the illegal cooking oil or dirty oil.


earn the respect of;achieve high grades;make good use of;make sure;be happy with

1.Although he hasn’t been promoted is happy with at the present,the boss ____________ his performance.

2.It’s a pity that the students make good use of can’t ________________ our new computer lab. 3.The teacher devoted all her life to teaching,soearned the respect of she___________________ her students.

4.She looked around make sure to____________ that she was alone. 5.If you want achieve high grades to__________________,you must put more effort to study.

Ⅱ.句型转换 1.His daughter likes music very much. is fond of

His daughter___very _________music. 2.You can’t expect people to work for you without payment. for free You can’t expect people to work for


3.It’s Bob’s duty to manage the public relations department. ① is in charge of

Bob_________________________t he public relations department. ②Thethe charge of is in public relations department ___________________Bob.

4.After retirement,he spent

most of his time on entertainment.
After retirement,he________most devoted to of his time________ entertainment. 5.Anyone who gets a permit can go into our library. Our library________________ is available for anyone who gets a permit.

Ⅲ.单项填空 1.(2011· 高考浙江卷)The school isn’t the one I really wanted to go to,but I suppose I’ll just have to ________it. A.make the best of B.get away from C.keep an eye on D.catch up with

解析:选A。句意:该校并不是我真 正想去的学校,但我还是想充分利用 它。本题考查动词短语辨析。make the best of充分利用;get away from离开,逃脱;keep an eye on密 切注意;catch up with赶上。根据句 意,答案为A项。

2.(2011· 高考安徽卷)If you_________ faults but you still want the bicycle, ask the shop assistant to reduce the price. A.come across B.care about C.look for D.focus upon

解析:选A。句意:如果你发现你想要 买的这辆自行车有瑕疵,但是你仍想买 这辆车,就让服务员降价。本题考查动 词短语辨析。come across发 现,碰到;care about在意,关心; look for寻找;focus upon集中注意 力于。根据句意可知正确答案为A项。

3.(2011· 高考天津卷)He was a good student and scored ________ average in most subjects. A.below B.of C.on D.above

解析:选D。句意:他是个好学生, 而且大部分课程的成绩高于平均分。 本题考查介词辨析。above average 高于平均水平;below average低于 平均水平;on average按平均计算。 根据a good student可知D项正确。

4.(2010· 高考安徽卷)No matter how low you consider yourself,

there is always
someone________you wishing

they were that high.
A.getting rid of B.getting along with C.looking up to D.looking down upon

解析:选C。句意:无论你把自己看 得多么低微,总是有人仰慕你并希望 达到你那种高度。本题考查动词词组 辨析。look up to仰视,尊敬;get rid of除掉;get along with相处,进 展;look down upon轻视,看不起。

5.(2012· 江苏苏、锡、常、镇第一次 调研)________,I can see that

those terrible events shaped me
into the person I am today.

A.Having looked back
B.Looking back

C.Being looking back
D.To be looking back

解析:选B。句意:回顾过去时,我 能明白那些可怕的事件使我成为我现 在的样子。本题是现在分词短语充当 时间状语,句子主语I与look back之 间存在主动关系,应用现在分词。另 外look back与句子的谓语动词几乎是 同时发生的,因此不需要使用完成式。

6.________ what is happening in his own country,he watches TV and reads newspapers every day. A.To inform B.Informing of C.To be informed of D.Having informed of

解析:选C。句意:为了知道自己国 家正在发生的事情,他每天看电视、 读报。空格处是句子的目的状语,应 使用动词不定式。be informed of 听说,知道。

句型精析 9 ( 教 材 P9)Upon finishing his
studies , he started travelling in




upon/on+ n./v.ing意 为



(1)On/Upon (doing) sth. (2)as soon as引导从句 (3)the moment/minute/second/instant引


(5)No sooner... than...和 Hardly/Scarcely...when...

①(2011· 高考江西卷)On receiving a phone call from his wife saying she had a fall,Mr.Gordon immediately rushed home from his office.一接到妻子的电话,说她摔了 一跤,戈登先生立即从办公室跑回家 了。

②I’ll tell her the news as soon as I see her. 我一见到她就把这个消息告诉她。 ③(朗文P1310)The minute I say something is cute,she will hate it. 我一说什么东西可爱,她就恨它。

④(牛津P1019)Immediately/Instantly/ Directly she’d gone,I remembered her name.她刚走开我 就想起了她的名字。 ⑤(牛津P1919)No sooner had she said it than she burst into tears.她 刚一说完,泪水便夺眶而出。




All people, whether they are old ______________________ or young

_____________,rich or poor,
have been trying their best to help

those in need since the disaster.

good to breathe I like getting up early.The morning air is________________.

3.我一到家就发现他们离开了。 On/Upon arriving home _____________________________, I discovered they had gone. 4.你越仔细,出的错就越少。 The more careful ________________ you are, ____________________ you’ll the fewer mistakes make.

5.他过去跟父母住在一起,但现在有 自己的家了。 He ________________ with his used to live parents,but he has his own home now.

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2012· 上海徐汇一模)________a child begins school,he enters a world of vicious competition

where success and failure are
clearly defined and measured. A.Before C.Whenever B.Until D.The moment

解析:选D。本题考查连词。根据句 意:孩子一上学,他就进入一个充满 激烈竞争的世界,在这里成功和失败 泾渭分明。

2.She usually pays attention to ________ exercise,for she thinks it is the best way to ________healthy. A.take;stay B.taking;stay C.taking;staying D.take;staying

解析:选B。句意:她经常注意锻炼, 因为她认为这是保持健康的最好的办 法。pay attention to中to为介词,后 接动名词作宾语;the best way to do sth.表示“做某事的最佳的方法”。故 本题选B项。

3.It took________ building supplies to construct these

energysaving houses.It took

A.other than
C.rather than

B.more than
D.less than

不仅仅消耗建筑材料也消耗脑力。 more than不仅仅,符合句意。

4.(2012· 长沙模拟)She is very shy and she is not used to ________ in front of others. A.praise B.praising C.being praised D.be praised

解析:选C。be used to习惯于,to 是介词,后跟名词或动名词;she与 praise之间是动宾关系,应用被动 形式,故答案选C。

5.(2012· 江苏南通第一次调研) ________Chinese culture with overseas cultures is a challenging job,but you will learn a lot from it. A.Comparing B.Compared C.Having compared D.Compare

解析:选A。句意:比较中国文化与 外国文化是一项具有挑战性的工作, 但是你能从中学到很多东西。分析句 子结构可发现is之前的内容是句子的 主语,应该采用动名词结构,故选 择A。

6.Shanghai seems________ the Expo theme “Better City,Better Life” to heart,spending tens of billions of yuan upgrading (提 升)itself. A.to take C.to have taken taking B.taking D.that it is

解析:选C。考查非谓语动词。本句使 用了“主语+seem+动词不定式”结 构;根据后面的“spending tens of...” 可知,take...to heart (认真关注)这一 动作已完成,故用动词不定式的完成式, 故选C项。本句可变化为:It seems that Shanghai has taken the Expo theme...。



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