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第一章 名词

第二部分 语法知识

第一章 名 词

1、名词的单、复数; 2、可数名词的复数形式;



名词是表示人,事物或 抽象概念的名称的词。


个体名词 house doctor pen
集体名词 family class police


物质名词water coal rice
抽象名词health happiness

专有名词 China the Great Wall

名词按其所表示的事物的性 质分为 1 可数名词

1 可数名词

一般情况加 -s


map-maps student-students

2.浊辅音和元音后读 /z/


pen-pens car-cars

以s, sh, ch, x 等结尾的词加 -es 读 /iz/ class-classes


但如果以 –ch 结尾的名词发音为 [k]时,只加 –s。 stomach — stomachs 读 /s/ es 读 /iz/ exercise-exercises

以ce, se, ze, (d)ge 等结尾的词加 -s bridge- bridges

名词复数的规则变化③ 以o结尾的名词多数+s piano, photo, kilo, tobacco, radio-radios

少数例外需加es的:tomato-tomatoes potato-potatoes hero-heroes Negro-Negroes

以辅音字母+y结尾的词变y 为i 再加es ies 读 /iz/ party-parties family-families baby---babies country-countries

以y 结尾的专有名词,或元音字母+y 结尾的名词变复数时,直
接加-s变复数:读 /z/ two Marys boy-boys the Henrys



以f 或 fe 结尾的名词变复数时:

a. 少数直接加-s 读 /s/
b. 大多数去f, fe 加-ves 读 /vz/





leaf---leaves life---lives

wolf---wolves thief---thieves

c. 均可

handkerchief -- handkerchiefs / handkerchieves

foot -- feet
tooth -- teeth


① 需牢记

child - children

mouse -- mice

man -- men men doctors

woman -- women

women teachers

Some ______ visited our school last Wednesday. A.German B.Germen C.Germans D.Germens 名词复数的不规则变化②表示某国人的名词单复数形式


1、单复数同形:Chinese; Japanese; Swiss

2、需要变形:English – Englishman French--Frenchman
3、加 –s 或 -es:German – Germans Roman--Romans Americans Australians Indians Canadians Russians等

one sheep two sheep

deer-deer 鹿
a Chinese

two Chinese

means-means 工具
several Japanese a Japanese

(3)复合名词单数变复数 1.通常只将中心词变为复数形式:

sons-in-law ; girl-students passers-by lookers-on
shoe-makers 2.无中心词的,词末+-s forget-me-nots go-betweens中间人 grown-ups boy-friends

3.由man或woman修饰的名词,两个部分皆变为复数: women doctors; men cooks*; 这种形式的第一个名词必须是man或woman

(4) 单数形式,复数意义的名词

只用作复数,表示总称。 police 警察们, cattle牛群 , people 人 们
(5) 复数形式,单数意义的名词

以s结尾但不表示复数。 mathematics= maths , physics, politics, news,the United States

(6) 只有复数形式的名词


clothes, trousers, jeans, shorts, glasses, scissors剪刀 goods货物, thanks感谢, surroundings 环境

2 不可数名词
(1)不可数名词常用of短语表示数量,数的变化表 现在单位名词上。 a piece of advice 一条建议 two pieces of advice

three glasses of water

(2)物质名词在表示不同类别时可用复数 tea-teas fruit-fruits

fish 可数

单复同形 a fish — three fish

各种鱼 fishes




glass玻璃 玻璃杯 – glasses眼镜 cloth布 – clothes衣服 (常用复数) work工作 – works 作品 water水 – waters 水域 wood 木头 – woods 树林 good 好处 – goods 货物 time 时间 – times (时代), paper 纸 – papers(论文) green 绿色 – greens(青菜,绿色食品)

(5)有些物质名词要根据上下文来决定是可数还 是不可数

A glass is made of glass.
I like eating chicken. There are five chickens in the yard.

There is no room for the piano in these rooms.


progress 进步 advice 建议 fun 乐趣 information 信息 furniture 家具 work 工作 news 新闻 baggage luggage 行李 jewelry 珠宝 weather 天气 paper 纸张 equipment 设备 knowledge 知识 homework housework 家务活

3 集体名词的数 只用作复数表示总称的三个是: police 警察们, cattle牛群 , people 人们 其他大部分视具体情况而定单复数。


family, class, group组, team队, company公司, government政府, committee委员会, audience观众,
is not large. (be) His family _____
His family ______ are all music lovers. (be)

几个名词的特殊用法 hair _______________. His hair is white (他的头发是白的。) ______________________. He has a few grey hairs (他有几根白的 头发。) fruit The fruit is sweet. He likes pears, peaches, grapes and other fruits.

police were searching for the The police _______ murderer. dozen, score two (many, several) dozen pencils dozen of them / these pencils three _________ dozens of students two score of students scores of people word(消息,通知), man(人类),前面 不加冠词,也不用复数形式,谓语用单数。

1 –’s格通常表示有生命的名词的所有格。 1)单数名词和不以s结尾的复数名词在词尾 加 ’s ,如: My father’s car Women’s Day 2)以 –s 结尾的复数名词所有格在词尾加’, 如: Teachers’ Day the students’ reading-room 3)复合名词和短语的所有格通常在最后一个 词的词尾加 ’s ,如: her mother-in-law’s house

4)两人共有某物时的所有格,如: Mary and Lily’s room 5)两人分别拥有某物时的所有格,如: Mary’s and Lily’s rooms

6)用在表示时间,距离,长度名词,国家,天体, 价格的名词后。 two hours’ walk /drive 两小时的路程 / 车程 China’s history 中国的历史

the earth’s surface 地球的表面
five dollars’ worth 五美元的价值

7)名词所有格后面有表示地点等的名词,如某人 的家或店铺、教堂等,可省略地点名词 the doctor’s (office) my uncle’s (house) We can meet at Mary’s. He went to his sister’s for dinner yesterday. I had the dress made at the tailor’s at the corner of the street. Last week we visited St. Paul’s.

2 of 格通常表示 无生命的名词的所有格。 1)无生命的名词 the windows of the house

the door of the classroom the legs of the desks 2)表示有生命的名词较长或有较长的定语时。
the name of the old man sitting under the tree

3 名词的双重所有格。 1)表示全体中的一部分概念,of短语修饰的 名词前通常有限定词( 如a, two,some, any, a few, no, this,that,these,those等) 2) 构成:限定词+ 名词+of+名词所有格 a friend of my brother's

several classmates of his 代词
some pictures of Mary’s

名词在句子中可作主语、宾语、表语、定语、 补语等。 名词作定语时,需注意: an enemy soldier enemy soldiers several _______________ boy students a boy student three ____________ men teachers a man teacher three _____________ women doctors a woman doctor three ______________ a shoe store (一家鞋店) ___________

1.Miss Smith is a friend of________. A
A. Mary's mother's C. Mother's of Mary A. Mr. Green’s D. the Mr. Green 3.—I wonder whose bicycle it is. B. Mary's mother D. Mary mother's

2. -Where’s your brother? -At _____. A B. Mr. Green C. the Mr. Green’s

A —It might be my________
A. neighbour's

B. dear neighbour


D. neighbours

4 --- How many --- Four. A.stomaches C.Stomachs

does a cow have? B.stomach D.Stomachies


5 The ______ of the building are covered with lots of ______. A . roofs; leaves B . rooves; leafs ? C.roof; leaf D.roofs; leafs

6 When the farmer returned home he found three ______ missing. A.sheeps B.sheepes ? C.sheep D.Sheepies
7 Some ______ visited our school last Wednesday. A.German B.Germen C.Germans D.Germens ?

11 The village is far away from here indeed. It’s _____ walk. A. a four hour B. a four hour's C. a four-hours D. a four hours’ ? 12 There are only twelve _____ in the hospital. A.woman doctors B.women doctors ? C.women doctor D.woman doctor

13 --- Who did you spend last weekend with? --- _____. A Palmer’s B The Palmers’ C The Palmers D The Palmer’s


14 The ______ is just around the corner and you won’t miss it. A. bicycle’s shop ? B. bicycle shop C. bicycles shop D. bicycles’ shop

15. Here’s my card. Let’s keep in __________.

? 16. You can take as many as you like because they are free of

A. touch

B. relation

C. connection D. friendship

? 17. The manager has got a good business _______ so the
company is doing well.

A. fare

B. charge

C. money

D. pay

? 18. I keep medicines on the top shelf, out of the children’s



C.thought D.Thinking


A reach

B hand

C hold

D place

19 Father went to his doctor for ____about his heart

A. an advice B. advice

C. advices

D. the advices


20 Tables are made of ____. A. wood C. wooden


B. woods D. some woods


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