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短文改错考点4 介词误用、多用与少用



1.(2015新课标卷I) Unfortunately, on the with development of industrialization, the
environment has been polluted. 表示“随着”用with。另外,with the development of (随着……的发展)可 作为固定词组来记。

2.(2014新课标卷I) Nearly five years ago, and with the help by our father, my sister of and I planted some cherry tomatoes in

our back garden.
固定词组:with the help of sb. 在某人的 帮助下。

3.(2013新课标卷I) He was tall, with
broad shoulders and a beard that turned from black towards gray over the years. to/into

固定词组:turn…into (把……变成……), from…to (从……到……)。

4.(2012新课标卷) When I tore apart my fifth birthday toy train, my father said,

“That’s it. No more toys to you.” for
引出接受某物的人, 用for。又如:a letter for you 给你的信。

5.(2011新课标卷) Luckily, I had all my money on my pocket, but the only


clothes I had were those I had on.

钱“在口袋里”,故my pocket 前的 on改为in。

6.(2011新课标卷) When I finally
arrived at my friend’s he lent to me lots of clothes.
由lend sb. sth.(借给某人某物)可知,不用 to。但如果将sth.放到前面,则用to,如: He lent me a pen. =He lent a pen to me.

7.(2015新课标卷II) Tony saw a toy on a shop window. He liked it very in much. 据常识,玩具应在橱窗里面,故用in。

8.(2014新课标卷II) Therefore, we have more time with after-school for activities.

表示有时间做某事,或有做某事的时间, time后接for或to do。又如:I don’t have more time for reading /to read.我没有 更多的时间来阅读。

9. (2014新课标卷II) We can lie on the grass for a rest, or sit by the lake listening music. to 表示“听”什么,要说listen to,这 是固定词组。

10.(2013新课标卷II) The book I’m reading of talks about afternoon tea in Britain. 因“看书”是read the book,不用of。

11.(2013新课标卷II) Interestingly, it had a connection by the British with /to porcelain (瓷器) industry.
固定词组:have a connection with/ to与……有关系。

因介词是短文改错的必考点,且可 能不止考1题,所以凡遇到介词,要高度 警惕。 1. 意义通不通?一遇到介词,就从介词 的基本意义出发,看句意通不通或是否 符合常识。如[真题再练]5,“幸运的 是,我所有的钱都在我口袋的表面上”, 显然不合常识。

2. 搭配对不对?一遇到介词,就要瞻 前顾后,看它是否符合搭配习惯。如 [真题再练]3,遇到toward,是否 正确?看看前面,有turn,可想到 turn…into,或由from想到from…to。

3. 念念顺不顺?如果平时有大声朗读 的习惯,并留意了固定搭配,考场中 只需默默念一念,就可感觉出有没有 错误。如你听熟或读顺了listen to me, read a book,当你念到listen music, read of a book时就觉得不顺了,肯 定是错的。这种方法特别适合辨识不 及物动词后漏掉介词或及物动词后又 增加介词的错误。

考点归纳 介词是改错题中必考考点,且5 年8套题中考了11道,是重点考查内 容,我们必须高度重视。从高考真 题来看,考查内容有以下特征: 1. 常见的介词。如in, of, for, with, to, into等。

2. 基本的用法。如in表示“在……
里”, on表示“在……的表面上”, for引导接受某物的对象,等等。但 也有个别题相对较难,如time for after-school activities(做课外活动的


3. 固定的词组。在这11道题中,有 6道考查固定词组,超过一半。因 此,含介词的固定词组我们就不得 不重视了。要收集,要熟读,读得 朗朗上口。

考点练透 1. (2010新课标卷)As the old man looked over the things on the yard in that were to be sold, he stopped …

表示“在庭院里”,是in the yard。

2. (2009新课标卷)I plan to make
friends with them so that we can help each other on the course work. with 由help sb. with sth.可知。

3. (2008新课标卷) We’d like to invite for you to the exhibition.
由invite sb. to some place可知。

4. (2007新课标卷) Then I invited Li Ming in my place. to 表示“邀请某人到某个地方”是 invite sb. to some place。

5. (2014大纲卷)The more friends we have, the more we can learn for one another. from

固定词组:learn from sb. 向某人学习。

6. (2012大纲卷I) To begin with, all of us can start reducing to the use of oil by driving only when we have a real need.


7. (2012大纲卷II) Third, we should find ways to reuse the water used in washing, especially bath water, for which is quite a lot, and that will save much water.
因which在定语从句中作主语, “for+ 关系代词”是不能作主语的。

8. (2011大纲卷I) My best friend, Aigulie, used to share her Nang to me. with

因share sth. with sb.(同某人分享某 物)是固定搭配,故me前的to改为 with。

9. (2011大纲卷I) I think over her a of lot and I miss the food and the good
time we had together.

表示“想起”用think of。而think sth. over意为“慎重思考”。

10. (2011大纲卷II) Thank you very much for showing us around your city

and providing us for the wonderful meals. with

由provide sb. with sth.(=provide sth. for sb.给某人提供某物)可知,us后的 for改为with。

11. (2010大纲卷I) It was a chance of a lifetime to win the first prize on the in Story Writing Show.

12. (2010大纲卷II) From then on, we’ve kept touch with each other in through e-mails. 固定词组:keep in touch with sb. 与某人保持联系。

13. (2009大纲卷I) After five years away in my hometown, I find that from the neighborhood which I used to

live in has changed a lot. 离某处多久或多远,用away from, 故away后的in改为from。

14. (2009大纲卷II) I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to return to your bike on time yesterday.

因return作“归还(某物)”解时是及物动词, 后面直接接宾语,所以删除to。如果说 “把某物还给某人”则说return sth. to sb.。

15. (2008大纲卷I) I have just got

some good news to tell to you.
删除tell后的to表示告诉某人,是 tell sb.。

16. (2008大纲卷I) I imagine you’ll be at vacation yourself by that time. on 因on vacation是固定词组。

17. (2008大纲卷II) If I have the honor to be chosen to work for the 29th Olympic Games, I will at first improve my English…Second, I will…
比较:at first起初,在开始时;first首先。 由下面的Second(其次)可知,这里用first。

18. (2008大纲卷II) I will first improve my English so that I can talk easily about foreign visitors. with/ to 表示“同,和”某人交谈。

19. (2007大纲卷I) I asked him, “Grandpa, how come you have so many lines on your hand?”… he answered slowly, “Each these lines of stands for a trouble in my life.”
因each of… (……中的每一个)才与 谓语动词stands一致。

20. (2007大纲卷II) I’m the happiest in all!

21. (2007大纲卷II) It will be lots of fun for practising out in the playground in the afternoon… It is fun doing sth.(做某事是开心的)是固 定句式。




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