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高考英语 核心介词搭配大汇总

absence from 缺席,不在 absence of 缺乏 acquaintance with 相识,了解 access to 接近,进入 affection for 喜爱 answer to ...的答案 appetite for 对...的欲望 approach to 类似,办法,通道 attempt at 尝试,企图 at

titude to 态度 balance between ...之间的平衡 barrier to ...的障碍 belief in 对...的信仰,相信 concern about/over/at 担心,忧虑 decision on/about 对某事的决定 desire for 对某事的渴望 dislike of/for 反感 entrance to 入口 entry to/into 入口 faith in 信任、信赖 guide to 指南 hunger for 渴求、渴望 increase in/of 增加,增进 influence on/over 给……的影响 interest in (某方面的)兴趣 introduction to 介绍 key to 答案,关键 lack of 缺乏 limit to 限量 memorial to sb 纪念碑 obstacle to 障碍 opening for 空缺 pride in 得意,自豪 quality for 有资格做某事 reaction to 对...的反应 reason for 理由 reference to 提及 regard for 对……注意或关心 relief from 减轻,解除 reply to 回答 request for 要求,请求

respect for 尊敬 responsibility for 对某事负责 shock to sb 震惊 signal for 信号 skill in/at doing (某方面的)技能,技巧 start of 开端 stress on sth 强调 taste of (某事物的)初次经历 taste for 爱好 title of 名称,标题 voice in 对某事的意见

abandon oneself to 沉湎于 accuse sb of 指责 act on 按照…行事 adapt to 适应 add to 增添 adjust to 适应 aim at 瞄准,针对 allow for 考虑到,顾及 allow of 容许 amount to 合计,共计 answer for 对…负有责任 appeal to 诉诸 apply for sth 请求;申请 approve of 赞成,称许 approximate to 近似,接近 arise from (由…)引起,起源于 ask for 请求,要求 ask after 询问,问候 assist sb. in doing sth. 帮助某人[做某事] associate with 结交,交往 attend to 注意, 留心,专注, 照顾 attribute to 把…归因于 avail oneself of 利用 ban from 禁止 base on 以…为基础 busy oneself with 忙于 bargain for/on 企图廉价获取,(通常和否定词连用)预料,指望 believe in 信仰,信任 belong to 属于 blame on/onto 把…归咎于

budget for 编预算,作安排 charge sb with 指控 compare to 将…比作 compare with/to 比较,对照 compensate sb for 因为某事向某人赔偿 comply with 遵从,服从 concentrate on/upon 专心于 condemn sb for sth 谴责某人所做的事 conform to/with 遵守,适应,顺从 congratulate on/upon 祝贺 consent to 准许,赞成 consist of 由……组成 in 存在于 contribute to/towards 有助于 convince sb of/about 使某人确信、承认 cope with (成功地)应付,(妥善地)处理 correspond with/to sth 与某事物相符合 correspond with sb 和某人通信 count on/upon 信赖、依靠、指望 credit to 把…归于 deal in 经营 deal with 处理,涉及 decide on/upon 决定,选定 depart from 背离,违背 depend on/upon 依赖,依靠 deprive of 剥夺 derive from 起源,衍生 descend from 起源于 descend on 袭击 descend to 沦为 despair of 绝望 devote to 献身于 die for 渴望,切望 direct to/at 对准,针对 discourage sb from 劝某人不要做某事 dream of/about 梦想 dream of 考虑 emerge from 浮现,出现 engage in 参加,从事于 equip with 配备,装备 excel at/in 突出,擅长 experiment on/at 进行实验,作实验 expose to 曝光 feed with 向…提供

feed on 以…为食 feel for 摸索 fish for 搜索 focus on 对准 forget about 不把…放在心上,丢开 happen to sb/sth 某人和某物出了事 head for 朝…行进 hear of/about 听说 hear from 收到…的信 hope for 期望 hunger for/after 渴求、渴望 hunt for 探求 identify with 把…等同于 impress sth on/upon sb 某事给某人留下深刻印象 inform sb of sth 将某事告诉某人 interfere with/in 干涉,介入 insist on/upon 坚决主张 inspire sth on sb 激发 inspire sb with sth lead to 导致,通向 learn of/about 得知 lie in 在于 long for 渴望 major in 主修,专攻 mention sth to sb 对某人提及某事 minor in 兼修 mistake for 把…误认为 occur to 想到(某一主意) participate in 参加 persist in 坚持不懈 press sb into doing sth 迫使某人做某事 prevent sb/sth from doing 防止某人、某事物做某事 pride oneself on doing 自豪地做 profit from/by 从……中得益 react against 反对,反抗 react to 对…作出反应 react on/upon 影响,起作用 react with 起化学反应 read about/of 读到 reason with sb 说服某人 refer to 说及,说到 relate to 有关 rely on/upon 依靠 remark on/upon 评论

remind sb of 提醒某人,使某人想起 remind sb about 提醒某人某事 reply to 答复,回答 respond to 反应 rest on/upon 在于,依赖 rest with sb 归于,取决于 result in 结果,导致 result from 有某事物引起 scold sb for 斥责 sentence sb to 判决,宣判 spend money/time on 将钱、时间花在某事上 spy on 监视,窥探 stare at 注视,盯住看 starve for 渴望得到 submit to 服从,忍受 succeed in doing 完成,成功 suffer from 患某种疾病 survive on 依靠某物继续生存 suspect sb of sth 就某事怀疑某人 tell one thing from another 区别 trust in 相信,信赖 tune to 调准 urge sth on/upon sb 向某人极力推荐或力陈某事 warn sb of/about 警告某人 warn sb against doing 告戒某人不要做某事 waste in 浪费 worry about 担忧,担心



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