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BOOK ONE Module 1 一.单词词组 1. be impressed with/on/by/upon 2. in this way /all the way /in the way/ by the way/ no way 3. in other words/ in a /one word/in words 用语言, 在口头上 /have a word with /have words with 4.nothing like 5.make progress 6. at the start of 7. be divided into 8. take part in 9. play a part in 二.句子 1.我认为上沈老师的课我是不会感到厌倦的。Be tired of 2.女生人数是男生的三倍。 3.一学年有两个学期。

Module2 一.单词词组 1. to one’s amusement 2. alive 后置定语 live 实况转播 3. be strict with 5. appreciate doing 6. with

4.make /leave/have an impression on sb

/without +n.+ to do/doing /done 7. show respect for /in this respect / respect sb. for doing 8. prefer doing …. to doing…. 二.句子 1.我对李老师最初的印象是她既紧张又害羞 2.我总是不愿意犯错误或者在说英语时念错词。

3.李老师只是笑笑,因此你就不会感到自己是个大笨蛋。 4.如果他不要求,我们连一句话也不敢说。

Module 3 一.区别 1. match / suit/fit 2.scene/ scenery/sight/ view 二.单词词组 refer date speed short supply allow get on/off/into/out of the

opening ceremony shoot frighten distance 三. 句子 1.We ate great meals cooked by experts. 2.During the day, I sat and looked out of the window, and sometimes talked to other passengers 3.One night, at about midnight, I watched the night sky for about one hour.

Module 4 1. 区别 sound, noise, voice remain 与 maintain a great many /many a / the number of /a number of 2.词组 put up /put forward/ put off/ a great many of 3.单词 sound 4 句子

go up a great many



1)自从我们上次见面到现在已经 6 年了。 2)这是我第一次拜访你的家乡。 3)这是我去过的最有魅力的地方之一。 (from the text) 4)对农民来说赚钱越来越难。 (cultural corner)

Module 5 1. 区别 expand /increase used to/ be used to do/ be used to doing 2. 词组 put..in order add…to/add up to keep…out of/keep away from/keep in touch with /keep off do Think highly / a great deal of sb/sth be proud of/ take pride in 3. 单词 react conclusion aim equipment 4. 句子 1)地球表面的三分之二是水。 (p41) 2)你靠的越近,看的越多(p47) 3)这些科研设备非常好,实验室配有最新的设备 4)我对物理越来越感兴趣,并决定在大学学习这门课程。 (p49) 5)everyday English in the area of… win the Nobel Prize be supposed to


Module 6 1. 区别 1)contain include / included including/ consist of be made up of 2)as well /also / too /either 3) be known for / be known as/ be known to 3) agree with / agree to / agree on 4) compare with / to 2. 词组 1) at the moment / for a moment / in a moment / from that moment on 2) go down 3) come up with 4) concentrate on 5) a series of 6) by doing 3. 单词 access average shorten 4.句子 1)大学也能够使用这种系统 2)lee 使每个人使用网络

BOOK TWO Module 1 一.区别 1.raise/ rise 2.make sb/sth do/doing / done /adj. / n. 3. with +n.+to do /doing /done without +n+ to do /doing /done 4.When in Rome, do as the Romans do . Boy as he is ,he gets so great success. 5.diet/ food 7. lie in/ on /to 6.not a bit / not a little a bit/ a little

8. deep/ deeply 9 almost/ nearly

二.词组 1.与… 有联系 2.进行两个小时的体育锻炼 使别人听到 7.为…担心 8. 朝…走 3.从事 4.轮流做 5. 起飞 6.

9.节食 10.拾起 11.分辨出 12. 有三 18.轮

天假 13.脱下 14. 疯狂的迷上 15.还清(借款) 16. 偿还 17.忍受 流做 19.发烧 20 使…远离 21.化妆 22.弥补 23.努力做 三.单词 1.rarely 2.once 3. as 4. injury injure injured 5.through 四.句子

1. 当周凯的妈妈看着他没穿夹克就往前门走去时,她就担心地盯着他。 2. 但是那是因为我很愚蠢在雨中踢足球。 3. 两年前,我踢足球时摔断了胳膊。 4. 因为这,我确保我的饮食很健康并且正如我所说的这并不是什么问题因 为我的妈妈把我养得很好。 (p2-3) 5. 英国是第一个由政府买单的具有免费医疗系统的国家。 6. 大部分医生护士为政府工作并且医院归政府所有。 7. 这种体系的问题在于穷人没有足够的钱去负担私人医疗保险。(p9) 8. 现在就上床睡觉否则你明天会很累。 (自主 p13)

Module 2 一.句子 1.每小时有十三个人死于与吸烟有关的疾病。 (p11)

2.注射毒品的使用者如果和别人共用针头会更危险。 (p12) 3.吸食 cocaine 也造成反社会的行为。(p13) 4.在美国几乎每个城市和村镇,都有帮助人戒烟的当地组织。 (P19) 5.当你想吸烟的时候,无论你在做什么停下来做点其他的事。 (P19) 二.词组 1. 在二十世纪 90 年代 2.在某人二十几岁时 3.与…有关 4.严重受伤 5.瘾 君子 6.对…上瘾 7.极度痛苦 8.闯入,破门进入 9.7 汽车抛锚 break 10 说话中断 break 11.听从建议 12.我非常同意 13.定日子 14.培养新的兴 趣 15.偶然地 by 16.远远 by 17.熟记 by 18.张贴 容纳 19.扑灭 20. 推迟 21.把…放一边 暂不考虑 22.容忍 23.屈服 让步 三.区别 1. cause、reason、excuse 2. death dead dying 3.injure hurt wound 4. increase to 、increase by 5. likely 、possible、probable 6.so such 四.单词 1. share n. 2. mean adj. 3. against prep.4.call v.5. recognize v. 6.set n.v. 7.develop

Module 3 一.句子 1.在维也纳学习音乐之后,海顿去奥地利东部一个王子的宫廷里工作,在那 里。他成了音乐指挥家。

2.在那儿工作了 30 年后,海顿搬到了伦敦,在那儿他获得了巨大的成功。 3.然而,是海顿鼓励贝多芬搬到维也纳的。 4.随着年龄的增长,他的耳朵聋了。 5.他发现谱出好音乐更难。 二.单词 词组 区别 1.after 2. when while as 3.be impressed with / make a good impression on 5.go deaf 6. refer to 7. collect gather 8.know know of 9. receive accept 10. aloud loud loudly 11. since 12.it is +adj.+for sb to do sth. /it is no good / use doing sth.

Module 4 一.句子 1.这是西班牙画家毕加索的一幅油画,他被认为是 20 世纪西方最伟大的画 家。 2.徐悲鸿认为艺术家应该展示现实,而不应该仅仅模仿现实。 3.齐白石中国最伟大的画家之一,沿用了中国传统的绘画风格。 4.我没有你一半好。 5.此刻有一场展览 6.从 1902 到 1904 他画了一系列以蓝色为主调的画。 7.这是一个在 20 世纪 30 年代的西班牙战争中被摧毁的城镇的名字。 二.单词

1.prefer 2. name v. after / in the name of 3.mention

Module 5 一.句子 1.昨天上午 9 点,杨利伟在中国西北部的酒泉起飞,向全世界宣告中国成为 世界上第三个把人送入太空的国家。 2.400 万人每天读报纸并且它是卖的最多的日报。 二.单词词组区别 1.separate,divide 2 add 3. congratulate celebrate 4. land v.5.content 6.aboard 7. reply that /reply to sb ./sth. answer sb. that 8. delight 9.it’s time to do /it’s time for sb. to do sth./ it’s time that 10.event evental 11.believe in sb./ believe sb. 12. come on 13.carry 14. note 15.now that

Module 6 一.单词词组区别 1.director direction indirect 2.star 3. come out 4. think of 5.tell of /tell apart 6. character 7. seem look appear 二.句子 1.美丽的章子怡扮演玉娇龙,一个并不像外表看起来那样善良的年轻女子。 2.他和于秀莲之间的浪漫戏很感人,他们的眼神传递了所有的爱意,这种爱 是不可以通过语言表达的。

Book 3 Module One I. words: 2. range, range from…to…; 5. ancient; 6. opposite; 7. sign 12. region; 8. agreement; 13. feature; 17.表示位置

1. across, cross;

3. symbol; 4. project; 9. govern;

10. head(n. v.);

11. representative

14.produce(生产,创作,农产品) 15.landmark 16. gallery 的介词的用法:in,on,to II. Phrases:

1. be located/situated in/on; 2. have…in common with; 3. little by little; 4. in terms of; 5. on the other hand; 6. have control of/over; 7. on/off the coast; 8. sign an agreement; 9. ever since; 10. of all time; 11. be known as; III. Sentences: 1. Paris is the capital and largest city of France, situated on the River Seine. 2. In terms of size and population, how big is the European Union compared with China? 3. But each of them sends representatives to the European Parliament, which has come control over what happens in each of the member countries. 4. The expanded European Union has a population of more than half a billion people, twice as big as the population of the United States.


Grammar: The family are all football fans. The audience were enjoying the play so much.

1. The family lives in Cardiff. 2. The audience was large.

Module Two I.Words: 1. hunger; 2. income; 3. poverty; 4. development; 5. measure(v., n.) 6. position 7. educate 8. crowded 9. inhabitant; 10. unfortunate; 11.

tourism 12. industrial; 13. polluted; 14. exchange(n.,v.) 15. goal II. Phrases: 1. at the top/bottom of; 3. safe drinking water; 5. move out of poverty 7. be connected with 9. collect money for III. Sentences: 1. The index measures a country’s achievement in three ways: life expectancy, education and income. 2. The index has some surprises. 3. Norway is at the top of the list, while the US is at number 7. 4. The bottom the countries are all African countries, with Sierra Leone at the

2. at number 7/in the 7th position 4. make great efforts to do ; 6. give financial help 8. be/get close to (stand close to) 10. in exchange for

bottom of the list. 5. The report shows that we are making some progress but that we need to make greater efforts. IV.Grammar: but; however; while; although 1. They all went to see the film _____ I didn’t. 2. I’d like to go with you; ______, my hands are full. 3. We thought there were 35 students in the dining hall ______, in fact, there were 40. 4. ______ the Internet is of great help, I don’t think it’s good idea to spend too much time on it. (answers: 1.but 2.however 3.while 4.While/Although)

Module Three I.Words: 1.disaster 7.tropical 13.earthquake 18.violent 2.experience 8.strike 9.ruin 3.cause 10.erupt 4.furniture 5.occur 6.bury

11.possisbility 16.active

12.previous 17.damage


15.fortunately 20.warning 21.hit


His album was a hit. A

heavy storm hit this area, making a lot of damage. 21.An awful accident occurred early this morning, _____ six deaths.

A. caused

B. having caused

C. causing

D. to cause

22.The hurricane left, _____ a lot of damage to the farmers. A. caused II.phrases: 1.on the same latitude 5.put down 6.on average of sth. 10. pour down 2.at sea 3.a rotating column of air 8.have problems with 12.catch fire 4.pick up 9.warn sb. B. being caused C. having caused D. cause

7.end up 11.set fire to

13. put the fire out 17. manage to do

14.cove an area of /succeed in doing sth. do sth. 20. take off

15.in all

16. do some damage

18. by the late 1890s

19. mean doing sth.; mean to

III. Sentences: 1. A tornado is a rotating column of air from a thunderstorm to the ground. 2. They can destroy houses, but leave the furniture inside exactly where it was. 3. On average, there are 800 tornadoes in the US each year, causing about 80 deaths and 1,500 injuries. 4. By the time it ended, more than 700 people had been killed and 2,700 had been injured. 5. When the lava reached the sea, there was the possibility of a huge tidal wave which could flood half the island. 6. Fires caused by the California Earthquake did the most damage.


Module 4(book 3) I. Words: 1. sandstorm 7. atmosphere pollution urgent 2. mass 3. process 4. citizen 5. forecast 6. strength 11. 16.

8. chemical

9. environment 14.coastal

10. garbage 15. major

12. frightening 17. complain

13. recycle

18. scary

19. absolutely

20. protection

II. Phrases: 1. take in 4. cut down 2. give out 3. advise sb. to do sth.; advise doing 6. dig up 7. protect…from (doing) 8.

5. be caught in

large numbers of 11. sweep away 14. care about III. Sentences:

9. one after another 12. by the end of 15. look though

10. prevent…(from) doing sth.

13. have an effect/influence/impact on 16. encourage sb. to do

1. There was nothing to be done. 2. It was the most frightening and the most dangerous situation I’ve ever been in. 3. It was the most frightening and the most dangerous situation _______ I’ve ever been. 4. Citizens wake up to an orange sky and strong winds that cover the city in a thick, brown-yellow dust. 5. To prevent it coming nearer, the government is planting trees.

6. The “green” movement tries to get government to think seriously about the environment and how to look after it. 7. I can’t help but feel very concerned. I can’t help you (to) do the housework. I couldn’t help laughing when I heard the news. I can’t but wonder what will happen.

Module 5(book 3) I.Words: 1. equal(a. v.) Human beings are born equal. 3. thinker 2. importance 5. principle be of 5.

importance= be important position(两个意思) 10. honesty argument 16. freedom II. Phrases; 17. fuel

4. kindness

6. stress(n. v.)

7. resign


9. influential 15.

11. justice


13. invent

14. leather

18. condition

1. in a/one/some way 在某种程度上 3. believe in 6. bring up as a result 4. be similar to 7. at the end of 10. up to

2. be at war with 5. in conclusion 8. be proud of/take pride in 9.

11. for the first time, the first time

______________ I saw him, I

recognized him.

Hearing his words, I had the feeling ________________. 12. a sense of responsibility

It’s _____________ I have come to Yantai. 13. be equal to 14. make sense, make sense of III. Sentences: 1. Treat others in the way you want to be treated.

2. For many years he traveled from state, teaching the principles of Confucious. 3. Born in 476BC, he came from a family which was very poor. 4. Up to five people can travel in a car, so often it is cheaper to go by car than to take a train. 5. But it was also a time when there were many great philosophers. 6. Mencius was a thinker whose teachings were very similar to that of Confucius.

Module Six(book 3) I. Words: 1. civil 2. cliff 3. dam 4. engineering 10.harness 5. gorge 6.structure 12.

7. construction narrow

8. relic

9. generate 14. global

11. historical

13. submerge 18. crash

15. remove

16. ridiculous

17. enormous II. Phrases:


1. provide sth. for sb. 3. work out a … life up with history

2. date from/date back to 5. hold back 6. come true 7. live 10. end 14. in

4. dream of

8. cross out(删掉;去掉) 11. go up 12. take away

9. bring/put an end to 13. be on a visit

15. a large amount of/large amounts of

III. Sentences: 1. Mao Zedong wrote a poem in which he dreamed of “walls of stone to hold back clouds and rain till a smooth lake rise in the narrow gorges” 2. Now his dream has come true. 3. Three quarters of China’s energy is produced by burning coal. 4. The dam will generate electricity equal to about 40 million tons of coal without causing so much air pollution. 5. Is it possible to see the relics now that they have been submerged?

Book 4 Module one Life in the Future I.Words Arrest attach bowling charge clinic crime criminal disability fire limit load material mud optimistic outdoors power rely shape alternative brick catalogue command concrete eventually predict reaction solar switch urban II.Phrases

1. be made of/ from 2. for sure 3. in the future 4. care for/ take care rid of 5. run out (of) 6.rely on 7.carry out 8.get

9. place an order 11.free of charge 12. be attached to 13. carry out 14.

10. at birth come true 15. use up

16.look out

17.switch on 21. get married 22. for

18.get dressed 19.make changes 20. in that way a start 23.on the way out

24. throw away 25. in progress

III.Key sentences 1. No one knows for sure, and making predictions is a risky business. 2. In the future, care for the environment will become very important as earth’s natural resources run out. 3. Every one will be given a telephone number at birth that will never change no matter where they live. 4. Not all predictions come true.

Module 2 I.Words: Blow, convenient, fare , limit, provide, react, receipt, return, single, trolleybus , wire, cab, destination , explore, permit, suburban, display, impressive, provide,

congestion, registration II.Phrases: 1, means of transport 3.be connected to 5. share.. with… 7.on display 2.match…with… 4. be stuck in 6.in no time 8. ask for a receipt 10.offer sb. Sth.

9. provide sb. with sth 11.be limited to

12. have a good view of

13 under construction 14. be worth doing 15. have… in common 18.with … in mind 19. be happy with III.Sentences 1. Simply raise your hand, and a taxi appears in no time. 2. Buses numbered 1 to 100 are limited to travel within the city center. 3. Minibuses with seats for 12 passengers offer an alternative to expensive taxis and crowed public transport in some areas. 20. what’s more 16.the solution to… 17.in a good mood

Module 3 I.Words communication, communicate, traditionally, gesture deal, slightly, forehead, spread, ankle, lip, wrist, bend,

hug, stare, host, toast, blank, rude, invitation, favor, live, classical, judgment, social, unconscious, aggressive, bow, conscious, wipe II.phrases 1. match …with… 3.in the distance 5. on guard 7.make a deal 9.rely on 11. take off 13. up and down 15.be rude to 17. on earth 19 add… to… III.Sentences 1. Although these are very important, we communicate with more than just spoken and written words. 2. If our hand is busy greeting someone, it cannot be holding a weapon. 3. look at your friends and family and see if you are a mind reader. 2. shake hands with… 4. communicate with… 6.be busy doing 8. give away 10. for the first time 12.lift up 14.by accident 16. switch off 18.in competition with


Module 4 I.Words Biology, educate, publish, support, production, export, replace, quantity, quality, brilliant, brief, physical, graduate, personal, rocket, explode, explosion, escape, arrow, straight, clear, biochemistry, botany, figure, agriculture, breakthrough II.Phrases 1. bring up 4.cash crop 7. base on 9.in space 11. come to power 13. send … into space 2. as a result of 5. be exported to 3.the laws of gravity 6.refer to

8. carry out experiments 10.Nobel Prize for Physics 12.earn one’s living 14. instead of

15. be at war with 16.be attached to 17. in …direction 19.the key to III.Sentences 1. In the rice-growing world, the Chinese Yuanlongping , is a leading figure. 2. Yuan longping was born and brought up in China. 18. for military purpose

3. He thought that the key to feeding people was to have more rice and produce it more quickly. 4. First Yuan longping experimented with different types of rice.

5. This was a breakthrough. Module 5 I.Words cave, plain, shore, wood, flat, trade, hilly, narrow, distance, remote, steep, varied, view, naturally, valley, surround, colleague, goods, temple, forbid, lounge,

mountainous, pin, downstream, fertile, torch II.phrases 1. imagine sb. to be 3. have four weeks off 5. be heavy with 7. get off the boat 9. take advantage of 11. be impressed by 13. in the distance 15.take photos of 17.stick on 19.rip off III.Sentences 1. the sun was shining brightly as we sailed downstream through a hilly region. 2. Men rode bamboo rafts along the river’s edge and coal boats went past. 3. As the sun set we docked at Fengdu. 4. The gorge narrows to 350 feet as the river rushes through the two-mile-high

2. at the edge of 4. be surrounded by 6.point at 8. be allowed to do 10. in the wind 12.make a prediction 14. be required to do 16. go well with 18.get a kick out of 20.go through

mountain. 5. On a distance mountain was a sign in 20-foot characters.

Module 6 I.Words Attack, footprint, hairy, frightening, creature, grey, claw, exist, sharp, nail, surface, dive, calm, cover, disappear, fierce, generous, indicate, identity, journal, sighting, mysterious,claim II.Phrases 1. stick out 4.dive into 7.tell the truth 10.due to 13.die out 2. on the surface of 5.be unlikely to do 8.be related to 11.adapt to 14.go for 3.go close to 6.cover an area of 9. share…with… 12.throw light on 15. come straight to the point 17. a good sign for 19.get a clear look at

16.be closely related to 18. good fortunate III.Sentences

1. The “Monster of Lake Tianchi” in the Changbai Moutains in Jilin province, northeast China, is back in the news after several recent sightings. 2. Although no one got a clear look at the mysterious creature…

3. He claims to have seen a round black creature moving quickly through the water. 4. They also think that there might be similar creatures in other lakes around the world. 5. It is 2,189 meters high and covers an area of about ten square kilometers.

BOOK 5 Module 1 一.单词 1.accent 2. underground 3.flashlight 4. confusing 5.compare 6. rapidly

7.announcement 8.add 9. present 10.attempt 11. simplify 12. distinctive 13. standard 14. obvious 15.queue 16. variety 17.settler 18.standard 19.obvious 20.queue 21.variety 22.remark 23.switch 24.combine 25. reference 二.词组 1.have in common 2. make a difference 3. prefer to do 4. get around 5.be similar to 6.after all 7.have difficult in doing sth. 8.lead to 9. get on well with 10. make a fuss of 11. in favour of 12. vote for 13. refer to…as 14.graduate from 15. reference books 三.句子 1.British and American English are different in many ways.

2.As a tourist, you will need to use the underground in London or the subway in New York. 3. The accent, which is most similar to British , can be heard on the East Coast of US.

Module 2 一.单词 1.satisfying 2. miner 3. offer 4. signal 5.respect 6. bend 7. freezer 8. earn 9.salary 10.apply 11. organizational 12. post 13. chef 14. require 15. freezer 16.earn 17. salary 18. apply 19.traditional 20.double 二.词组 1.offer to do 2. in bad condition 3. in particular 4. on average 5.in theory 6. in practice 7. respect the rules 8. be qualified to do sth. 9. direct the traffic 10. give sb. up 11. take …for granted 12. pass by 13. apply for 14. be related to 15. be likely to do 16. combine…with 17. in demand 18. in response to 19. take notice of 20. from dawn 三.句子 1.很多路地状况都不好,事故频繁发生。 2.尽管交通量不大,但平均每两周就有一辆车驶出公路。 3.但经常他们只是从他身边驶过,把人体交通标志看做是理所当然的事。 4.那次经历给他留下了极其深刻的印象。

Module 3 I. Words: 1. biography companion 10. curious disturb 2. detective 7. shelter 11. fright 3. solve 4. murderer 5. account 6.

8. lie(过去时及过去分词) 12. crawl 13. terrified

9. panic(panicked) 14. outline 15.

16. comedy 18. resemble 23. determined 19. create 24. vivid 20. exception 25. establish 21. warn 22.

17. review shallow II. Phrases:

26. reputation

1. have connection with

2. play a trick on

3. make up

4. be/feel in the mood for/to do sth. 6. run away from 9. by the light of

5. set (a play/novel) in 8. pour down

7. sail up/down/along

10. keep as quiet as a mouse 12. tie sth. sb. up 13. have enough of sb./sth.

11. to our astonishment 14. sound as if

15. persuade sb. to do sth. 17. make one’s way 20. to start with

16. be in a safe distance away 18. hang on a minute 21. make one’s fortune III. Sentences:

19. get a move on

22. lead an adventurous life

1. For weeks on end people walked round the streets wearing masks, doing what they wanted without being recognized.

2. Ordinary people could pretend to be rich and important, while famous people could have romantic adventures in secret. 3. Their use was limited by laws, the first of which dates back to the fourteenth century. 4. If they broke the law, they were put into prison for up to two years. 5. Millions of people were taken by force from their homes in Africa and transported to the new world to work as slaves. 6. they painted their faces white, imitating their masters and making fun of them. 7. With the passing of time, the white inhabitants of the island began to take part in the carnival, too.

Module 4 一.单词 1.hide 2.memory 3. wander 4.magic 5. garlic 6. consist 7.freedom 8.flour 9. master 10.mark 11. onion 12. pea 13. bean 14 import 15. abolish 16. unite 17. elegant 二.词组 1.come to an end 2. dress up 3. consist of 4. go wild 5.high spot 6. be in the one’s blood 7. wash sth. down 8. think much of 9. in secret 10. take part in 11. make fun of 12.take over

三 句子 1.连续几个星期人么戴着面具走在街上,为所欲为而不会被认出来。 2.普通人可以装成阔佬和要人,而名人也可以偷偷的体验浪漫奇遇。 3.很多罪行逃脱了惩处。

Module 5 I.Words: Athletics, stadium, track, retire, perform, sportswear, advantage, guarantee, purchase, designer, specific, champion, quality, victory, dramatically, protest, declare, competitor, tough II.Phrases 1. have … in common 3. prefer to do 5. queue up 7.make remarks 9. have difficulty in doing sth. 11. get on well with 13.in favor of 15. refer to … as 17. graduate from III.Sentences

2. make a difference 4.get around 6. be similar to 8.after all 10. lead to 12.make a fuss of 14.vote for 16.thanks to 18.reference book

they included six out of seven gold medals at the 1982 World Championship, and three at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. But even if he had won everything it was possible to win in his sport, Lining retired with the feeling that he had failed. But it was this sense of failure that made him determined to succeed in his new life. He made the unusual choice, for a Chinese person, of choosing his own names as the brand mark. A pair of Nike trainers, for example, could cost up to five as much as a similar Lining product.

Module 6 I.Words: endanger, reserve, habitat, extinct, struggle, wildlife, protect, battle, plateau, ideal, shawl, worth, confiscate, condition, involve, live, lay, wonder, extinction, waste II.Phrases: 1. give one’s life to 3.on the spot 5.get tough with 2. at a time 4. come into fashion 6.stand for

7. have an effect on 9. be concerned about 11.keep an eye on

8. lay eggs 10. feed on 12.go for sb.

13. put down the arms 14.take an active part in 15. on the brink of extinction 17.protect… from/ against 19.be involved in III.Sentences He had given his life to save the Tibetan antelope. By the 1990s the number had fallen to about 50,000. A shawl made from the wool can sell for five thousand dollars. But in the 1990s the shawls came into fashion among rich people. The initials, WWF, stand for World Wide Fund for nature. 16.in danger 18. set up

20. feed on




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