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2010高中英语 unit 5 music1课件 新人教版必修2

What would you like to do if you are free today?


sleeping and dreaming dream about being rich

go shopping

Do all girls enjoy going shopping?<

br />
Do all boys hate going shopping?

Who prefer playing PC games?

Be honest!

Who would like to play football?

How about dancing?

Maybe you

could sing
karaoke with

your friends!

Song Zuying Folk music

Zhou Jielun
Hip hop and rap




Pop music

Zero Point

Rock and roll

Task 1: Can you name any music style?

classical music 古典音乐
orchestra 管弦乐

jazz 爵士乐
country music乡村音乐

rock ’n’ roll 摇滚音乐

rap 说唱
folk music 民族音乐 pop music 流行音乐

Have you heard about any of the famous bands in the world? List some if you have.

Back Street Boy

The Beatles
甲壳虫乐队 又称:批头士

Do you know the Monkees?

A big hit!

DO you know anything more about The Monkees ? The Monkees is a band that was popular in the 1960s in America now it is still popular in the world today. The band first sang one of famous songs--Bubblegum

Task 2 Comprehending(Fast reading)
Read the passage and try to find out:
1.How many bands are mentioned in the passage? What are their names?
Two. “The Beatles” and ” The Monkees”.

2.Which band is “The Band That Wasn’t”?
“The Monkees”.

Read the passage and try to find the main idea of each
Para. 1. Para.2 Para.3 Para.4
How the Monkees got their start

Dreaming of being a famous musician or singer How Monkees become serious about the music business.

How musicians form bands

Task4 Listening :decide if they are true or false.
1.They produced a new record in 1970 to celebrate their time as a band. 2.Most musicians get together and form a band because they like to become famous.

3.They put an advertisement in the newspaper looking for five rock musicians but only one person was accepted.
4.The first TV show was a big hit. 5.However, the band broke up in about 1970, but reunited in the1990s.

Join the correct parts of the sentences together. 1.They produced a new record in (D) 1996 2. Most musicians get together and (E) 3. They put an advertisement in the newspaper looking for four rock musicians, (A)

4. The first TV show (B) 5. However, the band broke up about 1970, (C)

Task 5 : Consolidation

( Fill in the form )

Band’s name A band based on The Beatles

a TV show

1. It began as ______. 2. The musicians of the band played jokes on ________each other as well played music. musicians 3. The TV organizers had make good looked for four ____ who music were lively and who could rock ____,but they only found attractive one ___musician who was

The 1. At first“The Monkees”would Monkee play a song or two written by s ______. other musicians 2. After about one year,they instruments started to play their songs own_____and write their own ____.Then they produced records their own ___. broke up 3. In 1970, “The Monkees ”______ reunited Produced a new record 4. In the mid-1980s, “The Monkees ”______

Task 6: Summary
Today we’ve learnt the passage about the band “The Monkees” and learnt something about music. Besides, we know their success lies in their hard work and their unique style of performance.

Task 7:Discussion
Now in pairs discuss the following questions with your partner 1.What kind of music do you like? 2.Which singer do you like best and why? These phrases will help you.

I prefer… Why do you prefer… I like …best because… I hate…. My favorite singer is… I enjoy listening to… I am fond of… I don’t like… very much.

Sample dialogue:
A:What kind of music do you like, pop music or …? B:I like…, because… A:Who is your favorite singer? B:Well, I prefer /like… Her/his music makes me feel… Who do you prefer? A: I like …. B: …

Task8 :HomeworkAssignment

1. Read the text fluently and prepare to retell the text. 2. If you could start a band, what type of music would you play? why?

Language Points of Reading

1. dream of / about (doing) sth 梦见, 梦想… 我梦想成为百万富翁。
I dream of/about becoming a millionaire. 2. .… with everyone clapping and enjoying your singing?
a. “with + n. /pron. + doing”的结 构。用作状语,说明与谓语的动作同时 发生的情况。 eg. 李老师走出教室,许多学生跟在他 的后面。

Mr Li walked out of the classroom, _____ a lot of________ __________ with students following him. b. with + sb + to do sth e.g. 有了你领路,我就能找到那家医院了。 ____ _____ __ _____ the road, With you to lead I can find that hospital.

c. with + sth. + done

eg. 做完了这个计划,我们感到很 轻松。 _____ ___ project finished we With the ______ ________, felt relaxed.

3. be honest with sb be honest about sth 对…老实, 诚恳 be honest in ( doing ) sth

I shall be honest ____ you. with
He is honest __ doing business. in

The eyewitness is honest about his _____

4. play jokes/a joke on … 开玩笑, 戏

没人喜欢被别人戏弄。 No one like to be played jokes on by others. make fun of… laugh at… play tricks/ a trick on…

5. base on /upon 以….为基础, 基于…. 你应该在证据的基础上做出判决。 You should base your judgment on the evidence. 这故事是有事实依据的。 The story is based on the facts.

6. break up ① 破裂, 拆散, 打碎 他们的友谊已经破裂了。 Their friendship has been broken up. ② 驱散 The police breaks up the crowd by violence.

③ 停止, 结束 放学了。 The class has broken up. The thief broke in/into the palace last night. 闯进 The electricity was broken off by the flood. 中断, 停止, 断开

The car breaks down suddenly. 坏掉, 发生故障 The war broke up in 1943. 爆发

What kind of music is it?
country music

? popular music in the style of music from the southern and western US ? A type of slow sad jazz music developed
among blacks in the Southern US


orchestra ? A large group of people playing all kinds of musicial instruments together Rock’n’roll? A style of music that was popular in the 1950s, and has a strong loud beat classical music ? Music that people consider to be serious and has been popular for a long time

What kind of music is it?
chorus ? A large group of people who sing together ? a type of popular music with a steady rap beat in which the words of a song are not sung, but spoken in time to music



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