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2015 山西长治市高考英语语法填空及阅读类一轮自选练习(3)及答 案
语法填空。阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正 确形式。 【辽宁卷题型】 Mr.Smith:Miss Taylor, what sports do you go in__1__? Miss Taylor:I'm__2__(absolute) mad about tennis. But I enjoy basketball and volleyball from time to time,too . Mr.Smith:They say that sports are most liked in English schools and universities. Miss Taylor:Right, We think sports will__3__(able)the students to better face life in the highly__4__(compete) society we are living in. Mr.Smith:I quite agree. We__5__pay more attention to__6__(build)up strong bodies with healthy minds. Oh, Miss Taylor, what are __7__most popular sports in Britain? Miss Taylor:Well, it's__8__ question that football's at the top of the list. We call it soccer in England. Mr.Smith:It seems to be a common topic of conversation. Miss Taylor:Yes, in fact ,I think __9__ the weather, it's the thing most talked about in England. Mr.Smith:So__10__we want to start a conversation with a stranger, we'd better start talking about the weather or a recent football match, Is that the idea? 1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______ 6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 10.______ 答案: 1.for 考查介词。go in for 表示“报名参加”。

2.absolutely 考查副词。分析句子结构可知缺少状语,所以用副词。 3.enable 考查构词法。此处缺少谓语,所以用动词形式。

4.competitive 考查形容词。此处指竞争激烈的社会。 5.should 6.building 7.the 考查情态动词。此处表示应该。 考查非谓语动词。句中 to 是介词,后面跟 doing 搭配。

考查冠词。在形容词最高级前面应该加 the。 考查介词。out of question 表示“毫无疑问”。

8.out of

9.apart from/ besides 考查副词。此处表示“除??之外”。 10.if 考查连词。此处表示条件。


完型填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从以下题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中, 选出最佳选项。[记叙文型完形填空(一)] Yesterday I was returning from Boston by bus. My wife was planning to leave the work to __1__ me up from the bus station. I called her to say not to bother. I would just __2__ the local bus to see her.

While I was sitting on the bus, a young woman with a dog __3__. She was carrying several bags of heavy books. I noticed the dog was an emergency dog, one that was trained to __4__ the owner of a possible seizure. I __5__ the young woman mention to someone else that she __6__ had two miles

to walk with the __7__ books after she got off the bus. I thought maybe I should ask if she wanted a ride but I wasn't sure at which __8__ she was getting off so I __9__ and didn't ask. I got off the bus at the stop where my wife was __10__. As we were driving home, all of a sudden I saw the I asked my wife to __11__ young lady with her dog. an d I asked the young lady if she would like a __13__.


She said she would love a ride but she was __14__ about the dog who was quite big. I asked if the dog could get in the __15__. He tried to do it by himself but in the end I had to lift him in. __16__, the dog's name was Sam. The young lady got in a nd I __17__. There was Sam, sitting very proudly in the back seat with his __18__. It was quite a sight! We took them both home and the lady was very appreciative. When reflecting on this __19__, I was a little sad that I didn't act the first time on the bus. But I was very happy to have had the second __20__ to do what I should have done the first time. 1. A.cut B.pick C.turn D.bring

2. A.urge B.drive C.take D.expose B.put on

3. A.relied on

C.got on D.got in 4. A.impress B.guess C.cure D.warn B.saw

5. A.heard

C.touched D.listened 6. A.even B.then C.still D.already 7. A.interesting B.heavy C.useful D.important 8. A.door B.stand C.stop D.direction B.nodded

9. A.supported

C.moved D.hesitated 10. A.waiting B.building C.working D.repairing 11. A.same B.similar

C.different D.equal 12. A.think up C.think of B.pull over

D.shut up B.helper

13. A.solution C.ride


14. A.embarrassed B.relaxed C.puzzled D.concerned 15. A.horse B.train C.bus D.car 16. A.On the way B.In the way C.By the way D.In a way 17. A.looked back B.looked up[ C.looked down D.looked for 18. A.friend B.owner

C.mother D.bags 19. A.mirror B.experience C.event D.trip 20. A.method B.approach C.luck (一) 【要点综述】本文是一篇记叙文,讲述了作者一次乘车的经历。通过自己的这次经历, 作者旨在告诉我们,要抓住机会做自己应该做的事情。 1.B 由第一段倒数第二句“我”打电话跟她说不要麻烦可推知, “我”的妻子正计划来 汽车站接“我” 。pick sb up 接某人;cut up 切碎;turn up 出现,到来,开大;bring up 提出,教育,养育。 2.C 由第二段的“While I was sitting on the bus?”可知, “我”将乘当地的公共 汽车到她那里。乘公共汽车用 take。 3.C 由第三段 she got off the bus 可知,一位带着狗的年轻女士上了车。上公共汽 车用 get on。rely on 依 赖,依靠;put on 穿上。 4.D 根据上文的 an emergency dog 可知,这个狗是用来警告、提醒主人的。 5.A 从下文的 mention 可知, “我”听见年轻女士跟其他人提到从公共汽车下来之后, 她还有两英里路要走。 6.C 下车后,仍然要走两英里,所以用 still。 7.B 根据上文的“She was carrying several bags of heavy books.”可知,是很重 的书。 8.C 此处指“我”不知道她要在哪个车站下车。stop“车站” ,第四段也有提及。 9.D 根据上文的 I wasn't sure 可知, “我”犹豫了并且没有问。 10.A 根据下文的“As we were driving home?”和第一段可知,妻子在等“我” 。 11.A 根据上下文可知,作者又看到了在公共汽车上看到的那位女士。故选 A。 12.B 因为“我们”正开车回家并且“我”看到了刚才那位车上带着狗的女士,所以想 让她搭车,故要把车停到路边。pull over 路边停车;think up 想出,设计出;think of 想 起;shut up 安静,闭嘴。 13. C 根据下文的“She said she would love a ride?”可知, “我”问她是否需要 搭车。


14.D 根据下文可知,这位女士担心她的狗。be concerned about 担心,挂念。 15.D 根据上文可知,妻子是开车来接“我” ,故选择 D 项。ge t in the car 上车。 16.C 根据上下文可知,by the way“顺便说一句”符合文章意思。on the way 在路上; in the way 挡道,碍事;in a way 在某种程度上。 17.A 根据下文的 sitting very proudly in the back seat 可知,作者向后看(look back)。 18.B 因为 Sam 是狗,所以应是与主人(owner)坐在一起。 19.B 总结上文可知,这是作者的一次经历(experience)。 20.D 从上文可知,作者在公共汽车上时没问那位年轻女士是否要搭便车,而当再次看 到那位女士时,有了第二次机会(chance)去做第一次他想做而没做的事。

阅读理解。 选材相似度:★★★★ 设题相似度:★★★ 难度系数:★★★★ Mankind evolved to possess the fight?or?flight stress response,allowing us to

survive in a dangerous world.Yet in today's man?made jungle,it has become one of our greatest killers. Even simple tasks,such as driving to work,are often compounded by emotional responses: expletives hurled,fists shaken in anger and aggressive threats made toward other drivers.We forget to turn off our nature and instead allow stress,anger and frustration to take physical control of our bodies. Why Stress,Anger and Frustration are Problematic The problem with stress and anger in the modern world is that most stressful or frustrating scenaries do not require an active physical response.There are no lions or tigers to escape,only imaginary ones.Our inactivity in the face of stress or frustration causes most of us not to recognize that our fight?or?flight response system has been started.Our bodies often exist in a state of constant panic,and the chemicals and hormones released into the blood become toxic,resulting in heart disease,arthritis,osteoporosis,diabetes and certain cancers.The_biological_response_that_has_helped_to_keep_us_from_becoming_prey_fo

r_thousands_of_years_is_now_preying_upon_us. How to Keep Stress,Anger and Frustration from Killing You The first thing to do in the battle against stress and anger is to recognize them.Recognizing triggers and physical responses to stressful situations can help you reduce them.Once you recognize that a stressful situation has triggered a physiological response,the best way to bring the body back into a homeostatic_state is through physical activity.Walking,running,biking,jumping or any energetic activity will help bring the body back into equilibrium.While it may seem strange to do 100 jumping jacks after a stressful meeting or go for a jog after getting into an argument with your wife,it can save your life.It only feels unnatural because our environment is unnatural.Don't let stress,anger or frustration eat at you.Fight back through exercise. Notes: ①frustration n.挫折 ②equilibrium n.平衡 长短句分析:Our bodies often exist in a state of constant panic,and the chemicals and hormones released into the blood become toxic,resulting in heart disease, arthritis,osteoporosis,diabetes and certain cancers. 句法点睛:and 前后为顺承关系,resulting 是动名词形式作结果状语。 句意:我们的身体常常处于一种持续的恐慌状态,这使得化学物质和释放入血液中的荷 尔蒙变得有毒,从而导致心脏病、关节炎、骨质疏松症、糖尿病和某些癌症。 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇说明文,主要讲述了面对压力、愤怒和挫折,人们最佳的应对 方法——进行体育活动。 1.Which of the following isn't mentioned in the passage as the expression of emotional response during driving to work? A.Expletives hurled. B.Sweat all over. C.Fists shaken in anger. D.Aggressive threats. 答案 B [细节理解题。 由第二段第一句“Even simple tasks, such as driving to work,

are often compounded by emotional responses:expletives hurled,fists shaken in anger and aggressive threats made toward other drivers.”可知,A 项、C 项和 D 项都在文中 有信息支持,只有 B 项未提及。] 2.What can we infer from the underlined sentence? A.Our biological response is not as useful as before.

B.There is something wrong with our biological response. C.Our biological response now affects us in a bad way. D.Our biological response now makes us the prey of other livings. 答案 C [推理判断题。这句话直译是“数千年来使得我们成为捕猎者的生物反应现在

反过来使得我们成为被捕猎者”。意味着以前帮助我们生存的生物反应现在使得我们在生存 中变得十分被动,因而 C 项正确。其他选项均不合语境。] 3.Find out a word which has the similar meaning with the underlined phrase in this passage. A.Equilibrium. B.Stressful.

C.Unnatural. D.Frustrating. 答案 A [词义猜测题。由语境可知,使身体回到“homeostatic state”的最好方式是

进行体育活动。后面一句对上文进行了进一步解说。equilibrium 和 homeostatic state 是同 义词。] 4.Which of the following is NOT the right way to keep you from stress,anger and frustration? A.Do jumping jacks. B.Go for a jog. C.Have a walk. 答案 D D.Stay at home doing nothing.

[推理判断题。 由最后一段最后两句“Don't let stress, anger or frustration

eat at you.Fight back through exercise.”可知,击败压力、愤怒和挫折的最好办法是进 行体育活动。选项中只有 D 项不是体育活动。]

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A.B.C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。 Heading off to college this year? Here are some fashion tips from our experts you should keep in mind: Dress to impress: Stylist and business consultant Daniela Smith says, “Girls should keep in mind that your college professors will often be the bridge that connects you to your future career and your classmates will become your professional network. You don’t need to dress like you’re going to the office, but you should display an ability to properly present yourself with appropriate maturity and confidence, and look put together.”


Logo mania (品牌狂热症): Wearing the logos of brands aimed at younger customers physically identifies you as part of that age group, so consider the targeted age group of the stores you shop at. It’s tempting to load up on logos, especially well-known logos that signify high-end brands. But consider this: college is a time of self-discovery, a chance to develop your own personal style. Instead of wearing logos head to toe, “walking advertisement”-style, why not express who you really are? Wear real pants! The combination of leggings and baggy shirts is all too common on college campuses. Smith points out that leggings, yoga pants, and sweatpants are entirely unacceptable in public unless you’re exercising. Although leggings worn as pants are a common trend among high school and college girls, they are not an appropriate choice for daywear. As a young woman, your style choice should begin to reflect your maturity level. So, get rid of leggings and wear real pants! Keep the cute factor to a minimum: Stay away from sweaters and T-shirts with smiling animals, cartoon characters, or Hello Kitty on them. Sure, kittens might be cute, but they’re not doing you any favors in the style department. Dressing too cutesy can take years off your look, and not necessarily in a good way! 1. The second paragraph indicates the importance of ________. A. impressing professors C. creating a professional image B. getting on well with classmates D. dressing appropriately

2. The author believes that college girls should ________. A. choose a logo that suits their age B. try to load up on well-known logos C. use logos to show who they are D. find their identity by trying different logos 3. The author recommends wearing real pants because ________. A. leggings and baggy shirts are too common B. yoga pants and sweatpants are not as comfortable C. real pants can present you with appropriate maturity D. people like real pants better than the other pants

4. What’s the writer’s attitude towards sweaters with animals on them? A. They make people look lovely. B. They are very fashionable these days. C. They will show you’re an animal lover. D. They are not suitable for college-aged students. 5. In which magazine would you most likely find this passage? A. Business Week. 【参考答案】1—5、D B. Parents. A C D C. In style. C D. Travel & Leisure.




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