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TB3 Module 1 Europe
1.The hotel is beautifully situated (坐落于) in a quiet spot near the river.

2.As all the people know,the dove is the
symbol (象征) of peace. 3.Do you have a knowledge of the ancient (古代的) civilizations of Asia? 4.We live further down on the opposite (在??对面) side of the road.

5.Over a hundred people have signed (签署) on
the list to support the government. 6.The country was governed (统治) by small military officers. 7.The house has many interesting features (特 点),including a large Victorian fireplace. 8.The little mountain village is the birthplace (出生地) of my father.

9.As we all know, there are seven continents
(大陆) and four oceans in the world. 10.There is a magnificent range (山脉) of mountains in the borderland.

1. off the coast of...离??海岸不远→on the
coast of在??海岸 2.because of 因为→as a result of 由于;因为 →owing to 由于;因为→due to 因为 3.ever since 自从??一直→since then 从那时 起一直到现在 4.in terms of据??;依照??→according to 根据;按照

5.little by little一点一点地;逐渐地→step
by step一点一点地→one by one一个一个地

6.have control over/of 对??加以控制→ under control在??控制之下→take/gain control of取得对??的控制 7.of all time有史以来→all the time一直;始 终→at times 有时;偶尔→at one time 一 度;曾经 8.in common共同→in common with 和??相同 →common practice 惯例→common sense 常识 9.compare with/to ...与??相比较→compare notes 交换意见→by comparison相比之下→ in comparison with/to...与??相比 10.on (the) one hand...,on the other hand ... 一方面??,另一方面??

1.France is Europe’s third largest country

and faces the United
English Channel.

Kingdom across the

法国是欧洲第三大国,与英国隔英吉利海峡相望。 考点提炼 动词face表示“面对” 句子仿造 我居住的房子前面是城市公园。 The house I live in faces the city park.

2.Paris is the capital and largest city of France,situated on the River Seine.巴黎是

纳河畔。 考点提炼 后置定语 句子仿造 他们来到一个三面环山的村庄。 They came to a village surrounded by mountains on three sides. v.-ed短语在句中作

3.Twenty percent of the country is covered by islands. 这个国家20%的面积是岛屿。 考点提炼 百分数修饰名词作主语时的主谓一致 句子仿造 这个图书馆里的书百分之八十是新书。 Eighty percent of the books in this library

are new books.

4.Their work has influenced other writers

ever since.
他们的作品影响了后世的作家。 考点提炼 ever since作时间状语时,句子谓 语动词的时态用现在完成时态 句子仿造 我们于1974年来到美国,从那以后

We came to America in 1974 and have lived here ever since.

5.The expanded European Union has a

population of more than half a billion
people,twice as big as the population of the United States.

两倍。 考点提炼 倍数的表达法 句子仿造 今年小汽车的生产量是去年的两倍。 The production of cars this year is twice as much as that of last year.

重点单词 1.range n.山脉;范围;幅度;射程;vt.(在

Between France and Spain is another mountain range —the Pyrenees.在法国和西班 牙之间是另外一座山脉——比利牛斯山。 (回归课本P1)

There were 120 students whose ages ranged from 10 to 18. 有120名学生,年龄在10 到18岁之间。 His lectures ranged over a variety of

他的讲座广泛涉及了各种话题。 My elder brother has a wide range of



within/in range of 在??的范围之内
beyond/out of the range of 超越了??的范围 a wide range of 广泛的??;各种各样的?? range from...to...在??和??之间变化 range over范围涉及 range...in rows把??排成队

活学活用 —Can you shoot that bird at the top of the

—No, it’s out of A . A.range 解析 B.reach C.control D.distance 句意为:——你能射中在树尖的那只鸟吗?

——不能。那超出了射程。be out of range超出 了范围/射程。

2.situated adj.坐落在??的;位于??的
Paris is the capital and largest city of
France,situated on the River Seine.巴黎是 法国的首都,也是法国最大的城市,坐落在塞 纳河畔。(回归课本P2) 观察思考

He was very badly situated.
他的处境很糟糕。 I am now in a difficult situation. 我现在处境困难。


situate vt.使位于,使处于
situation n.情形;境遇;(建筑物等的)位置 be badly/well situated境况困难/良好 be situated on/in/at...位于??的;坐落 在??的;处于??地位(境遇、状态)的

be located at/in/on...也表示“位于??的;


(1)be situated on/in/at...与be located on/in/at...意义相同,都可表示“位于……的, 坐落在……的”意思。 Where will the school be situated/located? 学校要建在哪儿? (2)situated作形容词用时,可用于描述人或事物, 意思是“处于……境况”。

—How are you situated?——你境况如何?
—Very badly.——坏极了。


We located the island on the map. 我们在地图上找出了那个岛的位置。

(1)Having six children and no income,the widow was badly C . A.situating B.located C.situated D.locating


be badly situated为固定搭配,指


(2)The leaders of the company are having a meeting to discuss where the new branch B . A.should situate

B.should be situated
C.should be lied D.was located 解析 situate使位于??,使坐落于??。句 意为:公司的领导们正在开会商量把新的分公


3.symbol n.象征;符号
The most popular place for tourists is the Eiffel Tower, the famous symbol of Paris.最受游客欢迎的旅游景点是埃菲尔铁 塔,它是巴黎著名的象征。(回归课本P2)

Generally, we use X as the symbol for an unknown quantity. 通常,我们用X表示一个未知量。 Mandela became a symbol of the anti?

apartheid struggle.

symbol/sign/signal (1)symbol指作为象征意义或表达某种深邃意义的 特殊事物。 (2)sign指人们公认的事物的记号,也可指某种情


活学活用——用symbol,sign或signal填空 (1)Chest pains can be a warning sign of heart problem. (2)Follow the signal for the city centre. (3)White has always been a symbol of

purity in Western countries.

4.opposite prep.在??的对面;n.反义词; 对立的事物;adv.在对过;adj.相反的;相 对的;对面的
The people sitting opposite us looked very familiar.坐在我们对面的人看上去很面熟。 The library is on the opposite side of the road from our school.


The old couple sat opposite, talking about

their good old days.
这对老夫妇相对而坐,谈论着他们往昔美好的日子。 They are on strike in opposition to the lay off. 他们罢工以反对临时解雇。


opposition n.反对;抵抗
be opposite to在??对面;与??相反 be opposite from与??相反;不相容 just the opposite恰恰相反 in opposition to sb./sth.反对??

be opposed to...反对??;反抗??


There is a fine little café B this house
across the street and you’ll be there. A.on the contrary of C.in front of 解析 B.opposite to D.opposite from

opposite to对面的;面对着。

5.head n.领导;领袖;头;v.带领;向??

In the United Kingdom,for example,the head of state is a king or queen. 例如在英国,领袖是国王或女王。(回归课本P9) 观察思考

When the engine caught fire,I just lost
my head. 发动机起火时,我一下子慌了手脚。 My uncle raises about 100 head of cattle on his farm.


The ship was heading for/towards one of the small islands in the ocean.

Use your head and you’ll have a good idea. 动动脑筋,你就会想到好主意的。


但作为量词,表示“多少头”时不可用复数。 keep one’s head保持冷静

lose one’s head头脑不清醒,慌张
a clear/cool head冷静/清醒的头脑 hold one’s head high昂首挺胸 from head to foot从头到脚;全身;完全 head for/toward...朝??;向?? 活学活用 当处于危险中时,你应保持冷静的头脑。 You should keep your head when (you are) in danger.


6.in terms of在??方面,从??方面来说;
In terms of size and population, how big is the European Union compared with China? 就面积和人口而言,和中国相比欧洲联盟有多



The job is great in terms of salary, but

it has its disadvantages.就薪水而言,这个
工作倒是挺不错的,但也有一些不利之处。 They are talking in terms of starting a

completely new career.

in the long term从长远的观点看 in the short term从眼前的观点看 in any terms无论如何,在任何情况下 be in terms在谈判(交涉)中

keep on good (friendly) terms with sb.与某
人保持良好(友好)关系,交朋友 keep terms with sb.与某人交往;与某人保持友

be on equal terms关系平等 on one’s terms依照某人的条件


The house is ideal in terms of size,but it’s too expensive. (2)他多年来一直与父亲关系不好。 He has been on bad terms with his father for years.

7.little by little一点一点地;慢慢地;逐
Little by little , the number increased during the second half of the twentieth century.

(回归课本P9) ?观察思考 Little by little,things returned to normal.


归纳拓展 bit by bit一点一点地

quite a little [美口]大量,丰富
little more than...和??无差别(一样) a little 一点儿 a bit of一点儿 a little bit少量的 a little more/less有点多/少 quite a bit颇多


not a little/not a bit
(1)not a little许多;很(相当于very) She was not a little tired after the long journey. 经过长途跋涉,她非常累。

(2)not a bit一点儿也不(相当于not at all)
I’m not a bit tired now.我现在一点儿也不累。 Really,David is not a bit like his brother

as far as generosity is concerned.
的确,就慷慨大方这一点来说,大卫一点也不像 他哥哥。

活学活用 I wish you’d do A talking and some more work.Thus things will become better. A.a bit less C.much more B.any less D.a little more



希望对方“少”说话,多工作,所以可排除C、D 两项;any修饰比较级时一般用于否定句或疑问句, 因此B项不正确。

8.Their work has influenced other writers

ever since.他们的作品影响了后世的作家。
句式分析 句中的ever since意为“自从,自此”,表示以 过去某一时间为起点持续到过去、现在或将来的 某一时间。与现在完成时或过去完成时连用。 We’ve been friends ever since we met at school. 我们自从在学校认识至今,一直是朋友。

I haven’t seen my MP3 ever since.


since(自从) recently(近来) lately(最后,近来) already(已经) yet(还) still(仍然) by now(到现在为止)

by the end of(到??为止)
so far/up till/up to now(到目前为止) in the last/past+时间段(在过去的??内)

易混辨异 (1)It is+时间段+since从句(过去时)。

It’s 3 months since I lived here.我不住在这
儿已3个月了。(从句中的live是延续性动词) It’s 2 weeks since he joined the army.他参 军2周了。(从句中的join是非延续性动词) (2)It was+时间段+before从句(过去时)。 It was 2 years before we met each other again.两年之后我们才见面。 (3)It will be+时间段+before从句(一般现在时)。

It will not be long before he knows the


(1)I have never seen him since 2008.
(2)A lot has happened to me since I last wrote to you. (3)Many years had passed before they met again.

(4)It will be some time before we know the
competition results.

【例1】 According to statistics,a man is more than twice as likely to die of skin cancer D a woman.(江西高考)

A.than B.such C.so D.as 解析 阅读题干可知此题考查倍数句式的同 级比较句型,其构成应为:倍数词+as+形容 词/副词原级+as+另一比较对象,所以此空 应该填as。 课文原文 The expanded European Union has a population of more than half a billion people,twice as big as the population of the United States.

【例2】 A achievement,last week’s ministerial meeting of the WTO here earned a low,though not failing,grade. (湖南高考)

A.In terms of B.In case of C.As a result of D.In face of 解析 本题考查介词短语的用法。in terms of按照,从??方面来说;in case of万一, 以防;as a result of由于??;in face of面临,不顾。根据句意,A项正确。 课文原文 In terms of size and population,how big is the European Union compared with China?

【例3】 The wet weather will continue

tomorrow,when a
arrive. A.is expected C.expects 解析

cold front

A to (全国Ⅰ高考)

B.is expecting D.will be expected


现在时代替一般将来时及 expect的用法。 cold front意为“冷锋”。 课文原文

Paris is visited by more than eight
million tourists every year.

【例4】 The trees

B in the storm have been moved off the road.(湖南高考) A.being blown down C.blowing down 解析 B.blown down D.to blow down


从道路上移走了。“树木”的后面缺少定语, 因为blow down与trees之间是动宾关系,且 是已经完成的动作,故用过去分词短语blown down。

Paris is the capital and largest city of France,situated on the River Seine .

【例5】—You speak very good French!
—Thanks.I A French in Sichuan University for four years.(四川高考) A.studied C.was studying B.study D.had studied



我在四川大学学了四年法语。此处表示过去某一 段时间所进行的动作,纯粹是过去的事实,与现

课文原文 Florence is an Italian city which became famous because of the Renaissance,...

有同学认为,并列句十分简单,就是将两个简单 句用并列连词连接起来。其实不然,在写作中,我们 必须认真分析两个被连接起来的简单句之间内在 的逻辑关系,然后选择恰当的并列连词,才能真正写 出质量好的并列句。请认真研读以下并列句,分析 其逻辑关系。试试看,如果用别的功能的并列连词 替换,逻辑关系是否仍然成立?

1.He works hard,and he plays hard too. 分析:在前一个分句的意思的基础上有递进。 其含义相当于: He not only works hard,but also plays

He plays hard as well as works hard. 2.I was tired,but I felt happy. 分析:后一个分句的意思不是前一个分句意思 的顺接,而是出现转折的结果。

3.We stayed at home,for it was raining.

4.It was cold,so we decided to stay at home. 分析:后一个分句是前一个分句的结果。 5.Hurry up,or you’ll be late for class. 分析:后一个分句是与前一个分句的结果相反的

由以上分析可见,并列连词的选择也是要遵循句 子间的逻辑关系的,如果不小心,同样会犯逻辑 错误。

请根据所给的句子的信息及所提供的并列连词完 成句子 1.You have to learn English,and... You have to learn English,and you must/ should learn it well. 2.You should read some English every day, or... You should read some English every day,or you can’t make much progress.

3.Many students do quite well in the recitation,
but... Many students do quite well in the recitation,

but they don’t know how to use them properly
in their writing. 4.Most of the students are afraid of speaking English in class,so... Most of the students are afraid of speaking English in class,so it is a good way to speak with your classmates after class.

5.Some students can’t tell the difference

between “thirteen” and “thirty”,for... Some students can’t tell the difference
between “thirteen” and “thirty”,for the two numbers sound alike.

1.There are many famous mountain ranges (山 脉) in China. 2.The terracotta warrior is a symbol (象征) of Xi’an nowadays.

3.The grocery store was on the opposite (对
面的) side of the street. 4.The Louvre,one of the world’s largest art galleries,is located (位于) in Paris. 5.Can you tell me one of the features (特点)

of this dictionary?

6.The players taking part in the Beijing
Olympic Games came from several continents (大洲). 7.How many representatives (代表) have been sent to the UN conference?

8.There are many ancient (古代的) buildings in Beijing.
9.During World War Ⅱ,Germany was governed

(统治) by Hitler.
10.The agreement (协议) was signed at the meeting held yesterday.

because of,be known as,ever since,in terms of,on the other hand,little by little,refer

to,beyond comparison,in agreement
with,under the control of 1.When you meet new words,you can refer to your dictionary. 2.All schools in our country are under the control of the Ministry of Education. 3.I’m sure what you did at the party is

beyond comparison . 4.The CCTV has been broadcasting English
programmes ever since 1997.

5.All the representatives present were all in agreement with the point. 6.The job is great in terms of salary,but it has its disadvantages. 7.I want to go to the party,but on the other

hand I ought to be studying. 8.He had to retire from his position because of ill health.
9.After the spreading of H1N1 Flu,things returned to normal little by little . 10.In history,Chicago is known as“the wind city”.

相望。(the third,across) France is the third largest country in Europe and faces the United Kingdom across the English Channel. 2.由于疾病,他日渐消瘦了。(little by little) Because of his illness,he became thin

little by little. 3.许多老师和学生正在观看足球比赛。(many a)
Many a teacher and student is watching the football match.

4.这是一个气温变化很大的国家。(range) This is a country with a wide range of temperature. 5.In terms of the size and population,how big is the European Union compared with China? 就面积和人口而言,与中国相比欧盟有多大?

1.After the new equipment was introduced, they produced C the year before. A.as twice many machines this year as B.as many twice

C.twice as many

D.twice many as

解析 考查倍数的表达法。其结构是:倍数

2.I don’t like Tom’s way of behaviour,but B I admire his great knowledge. A.in other words C.for one thing 解析 B.on the other hand D.as a matter of fact

on the other hand另一方面,表示转折。

3.He C the heavy burden of supporting a big family with a wife and three children. A.faced with C.was faced with 解析 面对。 B.face D.was faced to


样一个大家庭的沉重负担。be faced with面临,

4.The prices of houses B from 200,000 to

300,000 pounds in the suburb of London
during this winter. A.changed C.separated 解析 B.ranged D.differed

range from...to...在??范围内变化。


5.My view on the project is the very B to yours.That’s to say,I don’t agree with you at all. A.similarity B.opposite



由后一句话I don’t agree with you

at all知是“我的观点和你的相反”,故用 opposite。

6.Every year,CCTV holds a special gala on Lunar New Year’s Eve, C and short comedies. A.featured C.featuring B.to feature D.being featured dances,songs




7.Many students make great progress in
listening A the large amount of time devoted to it. A.because of C.in case of 解析 B.instead of D.in spite of

because of因为,由于,后接名词短语

在句中作原因状语,此处表示“在听力方面取 得巨大进步的原因是??”。instead of而不

是;in case of以防,万一;in spite of不

8.Mahmoud Abbas,known C opposing continuing violenceIsrael,declared victory in the election for a new president of the Palestinian on the night of Jan. 9th,2005. A.for;over B.as;for



be known for因??而出名;against反

对;对着。be known as作为??而出名;for有 “支持”的意思。

9. D practicality,the ability to predict earthquakes is urgent. A.In favor of C.In view of 解析 B.In case of D.In terms of

in terms of按照;从??方面来说。in

favor of支持;in case of以防;in view of


10.Britain, C many other industrialized countries,major changes over the last

100 years.
A.together with;have experienced B.as well as;have experienced

C.in common with;has experienced
D.instead of;has experienced

解析 句意为:英国和其他许多工业化国家一
样,在过去的100年里经历了许多重大变化。句 子的主语是Britain,故谓语动词用单数;in

common with和??一样。

11.The beautiful city Qingdao, A on the

east coast of China,attracts a lot of
tourists every year. A.situated B.spotting



be situated on位于,座落于,相当于

be located on...。本句中的situated on... 相当于定语从句which is situated on...。

12.Mr. Smith has been living a colorful
life D he moved to the countryside after his retirement. A.as if C.in case B.now that D.ever since



先生一直过着丰富多彩的生活。ever since自 从,表示从过去开始到现在的一种状况,常和 完成时连用。as if好像;now that由于,既 然;in case以防。

13. D ,the wind died down and people

began to appear on the street.
A.A little bit C.Not a little B.A bit less D.Little by little


little by little慢慢地;渐渐地。

14.In the agreement I saw his name C in larger letters.

C.signed 解析


考查sign one’s name的用法意为“签名”。

15.An agreement


by the residentsthe

manager of that company.

A.has been made;to
B.has been signed;with C.has asked;after D.was signed;at 解析 make an agreement达成协议,sign an agreement签订协议;由第二空后the manager 知,该空应用with。


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Dyned Module4__Planning_Ahead

Dyned Module4__Planning_Ahead_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。Module4 Departure Next week Max is going on a business trip. Planning Ahead He's going to ...

SAP的Update Module函数

SAP的Update Module函数_计算机软件及应用_IT/计算机_专业资料。SAP的Update Module函数功能简介 Update Module 函数功能简介 1. 功能简介 SAP 函数存在三种类型:普通...


新编剑桥商务英语(初级)学生用书_答案_Module_1.1-5.3_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区。Module 1.1 World of work P6 Training and workshops What does your job...

外研版必修5Module1教学设计 -1_图文

外研版必修5Module1教学设计 -1_英语_高中教育_教育专区。外研版必修五第一模块British and American English(Reading)教学设计 延川中学教学设计 NO: 1 年级: ...


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