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高二必修5 The United Kingdom-Language points 1课件

Unit 2 The United Kingdom Language Points

1. How many countries does UK consist of? P9

consist of


= be made up of

consist in


[语境助记] (1)This is a kind of mixture that consists of flour and water. 这是一种由面粉和水组成的混合物。 (2)He is on the commitment consisting of ten members. 他是十人组成的那个委员会的成员。 (3)The beauty of the city consists in its historical architecture. 这个城市的美丽在于它的历史建筑。

[题组训练] (1) Life consists of not only sunshine but also hard times.生活中不仅有阳光,还有艰难困苦的时候。 (2)句型转换 ①Happiness lies in good health. Happiness consists in good health.

2. England can be divided into three main areas. P9

e.g. We divide the cake into two parts.

e.g. We separate good peanuts from bad ones.

辨析:divide, separate

divide意为“把一个整体分成若干 个部分”常与 into, among, between 搭配。 divide into 把……分成 divide sth. among sb. 在……中分配 divide sth. with sb. 与……分担 divide … by … 用……除以

separate “使分开” “使分离” “分手” 指把原来结合在一起或混杂的东西 分开, 被分隔的东西没有任何统一性, 有时含有用暴力强行分开之意。

separate 还可以做形容词, 意为


试一试 divided into two. 1. The apple was _______ divided 2. We _______the money equally. separated 3. Oxygen can be _________from water. separates Taiwan 4. The Taiwan Strait _________ from Fujian.

3. You can easily clarify this question if you study British history . P9
如果你学习了英国历史,很容易就能弄 清楚任何问题。

Could you clarify the question?

His mind suddenly clarified.
他的头脑突然清醒了. 拓展:clarification n.

4. However, the southern part of Ireland was unwilling and broke away to form its own government. P10
然而,爱尔兰的南部不愿意组建联合王国, 它分离出去并建立了自己的政府。

e.g. Tom was unwilling or unable to pay the rent(租金).

break down 抛锚, 出故障, 身体垮了

break into 破门而入
break out break off break up (战争、瘟疫、火灾)

折断; 中断; 断绝 崩溃; 分离; 解散; 终止

[语境助记] (1)John broke away and ran outside , determined never to go to another dance. (2)On my way to the station my car broke down. (3)The police came running and broke up the crowd.

[题组训练] A (1)—I’m surprised to hear that Sue and Paul have . —So am I.They seemed very happy together when I last saw them. A.broken up B.finished up C.divided up D.closed up A (2)The computer system suddenly while he was searching for information on the Internet. A.broke down B.broke out C.broke up D.broke in (3)用 break 相关短语的适当形式填空 broken away from 18th century rules. ①Modern music has broken into last night. ②His house was ③He broke off speaking to answer the telephone.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

unite convenience unwilling rough enjoyable collection attract divide into to one’s credit leave out

? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ?

吸引 粗糙的 令人愉快的 把· · · · · · 分开
为· · · 带来荣誉;值得赞扬 便利;方便 联合;团结 收藏品 省去;遗漏;不考虑 不乐意的

5. England is the largest of the four

countries, and for convenience it is
divided roughly into three zones. P10

I keep my books near my desk for convenience.

at your convenience 在您方便的时候

for convenience’s sake


make a convenience of sb.(乘机)利用某人

<拓展> convenient adj. 适合需要的,方便的

a convenient place/ time It is an inconvenient time to come. I can’t see him now; it’s not convenient. Will it be convenient for you to start work tomorrow?

6. It is a pity that the industrial cities built in the nineteenth century do not attract visitors. P10
很遗憾,这些建于19世纪的工业城市对游 客并没有吸引力。

attract sb. 吸引某人 attract sb. to sth. 把某人吸引到

e.g. The female fish attracts the male fish to her fish bowl.

e.g. The book attracts the baby’s attention.

attraction n. 1) 吸引, 引力 2) 吸引人的事物
tourist attraction 观光胜地 attractive adj. 有吸引力, 诱人的 an attractive cake

7. The greatest historical treasure of all is London with its museums, art collections, theatres, park and buildings. P10
最具历史意义的宝地是伦敦, 那儿有博物馆,


e.g. He has a very good collection of foreign coins.

collect vt. ﹠vi. 收集,采集,聚集 collectable adj. 值得收藏(或收集、采 集)的 collective adj. 集体的,共有的 n. 集体

1. Samples were collected ________ from over 200 patients. 2. Do you think these stamps are collectable _________? 3. The painting comes from a private collection ______. collective decision. 4. This is a _________

8.Which country is left out ? P11 哪个国家被遗漏了?

[语境助记] (1)The word was wrongly spelt,for you left out a letter. (2)When deciding who to go outing with us,we can leave him out. (3)Leave me out of this quarrel;I don’t want to get involved(牵连).

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