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Mutiple Choice


1. Out of s___________ for the homeless children he gave ympathy them shelter for night. 2. These valuable paintings were in an exc

ellent state of

preservation (保存). _____________
3. The Chinese people will __________ witness (目击) the most important scientific development of the century. 4. We made it a rule that our family _________ gathered (聚会) at

least once a month.


1. The monument _________(纪念碑) is in honor of a scientist.

2. My parents thought it was ________ abnormal(反常的) for a boy to be interested in ballet. 3. The young couple living next door often quarrel, which is really ________ (无法忍受的). unbearable 4. Scientists have made a major ___________ breakthrough (突破)

in the treatment of cancer.

5. Try to act naturally, even if you’re ____________ tense / nervous(紧张)

1. We were a__________ stonished to hear that he had passed the driving test. 2. I don’t quite believe you. What you say is p________ true. artly 3. Coal and oil are r________ materials for producing plastics. aw 4. We finally c________ onvinced them of what we heard. 5. Nothing can c_________ ompensate for losing my gold watch.
未加工的,原状 的

name after, come across, count on, figure out, end up, in particular 1. She came _________ across some old letters in the course of her search. was / is named after his father. 2. The little boy _________________

count on me. I’ll help you. 3. You can _________
in particular because they were such 4. I noticed his eyes ___________, an unusual colour. 5. We didn’t like it at first, but we _________ ended up cheering. 6. I can’t ________ figure out Jack — he is a mystery!

be eager to, come out, uncertain about , relate to, open up 1. When will their new CD _________? come out 2. What time does the Xinhua Bookstore ________? open up 3. We are ______________ uncertain about the place where he lives. 4. The cost ________ relates to the amount of time spent on the job. 5. To tell you the truth, I _________ am eager tomeet my friends tonight.

included (include). 1. Everyone has to go to the movie, you ________ 2. _________ Gradually (gradual), the children began to understand.

3. Our holiday plans are still _________ uncertain (certain). What
about yours?

4. ________ Walking (walk) along the street, she ran across her old

5. That white building _____ built (build) last year is a museum.

accompany, command, taste, range, follow tasteless 1. He thinks this kind of vegetable is a bit _________. 2. The cost is out of my price _________. range 3. It would do honor to me to _________ accompany you to dinner. 4. The late night movie _________ follows the 10 o’clock news. 5. It was he who ___________ commanded that the troops cross the water.

deliver, accessible, musical, tendency, version, refresh 1. My daughter asked me to buy her a ________ musical instrument. 2. Can we accept his account as the true ________? version 3. He is accessible ________ to pity. 4. I don’t think it is an extremely bad ________. tendency deliver the goods by tomorrow morning? 5. Can you ________ refresh you. 6. A cup of coffee will ________

Unit 16 Unit 17 Unit 18

1. Credit cards are ________ useful when travelling and there are often insurance benefits if you pay for your travel with them. A. specifically B. particularly C. deliberately D. gradually 2. Akitt was ________ about the timing of the recovery so he looked very depressed. A. uncertain B. unashamed C. unconcerned D. undecided 3. With luck, you might cover your costs, but don’t _______ it. A. come across B. put up with C. count on D. block out 4. I was very _______ at the time, but I still hoped we could find a solution. A.encouraging B. encouraged C. discouraging D. discouraged 5. The water _______ cool when I took a morning shower. A. was feeling B. felt C. was felt D. feels

6. Finishing their shopping at the mall, the couple discovered that their new car _______. A. had stolen B. had been stolen C. was stolen D. is stolen 7. The camp bed is too weak to ________ Paul. A. catch up with B. hold up C. put up with D. wake up 8. At the end of the program, the students ________ their papers on their research. A. presented B. upgraded C. witnessed D. preserved 9. Why did she do a thing like that? It doesn’t seem to _______. A. make an effort B. make a living C. make sense D. make believe 10. When I was training in the gym, I had my leg ______. A. to hurt B. hurt C. hurting D. being hurt

11. _______ we know each other a little better, we get along fine. A. Though B. Even if C. Now that D. Unless 12. Rising food prices caused great ________ for most of the population. A. hardship B. friendship C. relationship D. professorship 13. His handling of the situation was ________, which was spoken highly of later by everyone present. A. respectable B. admirable C. believable D. responsible 14. He told me with ________ that his mother was very ill and, even worse, he could not be with her. A. warmth B. joy C. sorrow D. sympathy 15. The website just offered a brief introduction _______ the whole book for us to read. A. rather than B. more than C. other than D. less than

1. Mr. Wang’s daughter doesn’t want to go to Thailand this summer because she went there ______ the last trip. A. in B. on C. around D. to 2. We came to a house, in front of which sat a small boy, who ______ a branch. A. has cut B. had cut C. has been cutting D. had been cutting 3. The law requires equal treatment for all, ______ race, religion or sex. A. regardless of B. apart from C. in spite of D. according to 4. The scientist ______ at the medical conference comes from Zhejiang University. A. spoke B. speaking C. spoken D. speaks 5. It was the driver’s carelessness that ______ the terrible car accident. A. resulted from B. led C. resulted in D. happened

6. Some comedians are good at ______ different people’s voices. A. putting on B. putting up C. putting down D. putting off 7. You can’t imagine what trouble I had _____ this English article into Chinese. A. to translate B. translated C. translating D. been translating 8. Some leaders’ long and boring speech really turn the listeners ______. A. on B. off C. down D. over 9. He opened the door only to find many teachers ______ at the back of the classroom. A. seating B. seated C. were seating D. seat 10. I know nothing about him ______ he has been abroad for several years. A. except when B. except that C. except D. besides

11. He ______ an attempt to climb the tower but failed. A. made B. took C. did D. tried 12. His stepmother is kind to him, ______ whom she has a deep love. A. with B. at C. of D. about 13. His intelligence more than ______ his lack of experience. A. passes through B. gets rid of C. does with D. compensates for 14. Let’s take ______ ten-minute break and have ______ drink of water. A. a; a B. the; 不填 C. 不填; a D. 不填; the 15. — What ______ you to come to the party? — An unexpected accident ______ me going. A. prevented; forbade B. protected; forbade C. forbade; prevented D. stopped; kept

1. She needs a lawyer so I shall _____ myself. A. recommend B. give C. advise D. suspect 2. My brother bought me a lot of books he _____ useful to me. A. regarded B. accepted C. considered D. looked 3. History is _____ simply memorizing dates, it’s about understanding the past. A. not more than B. no more than C. less than D. more than 4. I don’t suppose John will win the match, _____? A. do I B. don’t I C. will he D. won’t he 5. — Can’t you _______ the radio? — That’s too noisy. A. turn down B. turn up C. turn off D. turn to

6. — Excuse me, but is that Mr. Brown’s office? — I’m sorry, but Mr. Brown ______ works here. He left about three weeks ago. A. not now B. no more C. not still D. no longer 7. When he was there, he _____ go to that coffee shop at the corner after work every day. A. would B. should C. had better D. might 8. When we reached the office, the clock on the wall was _____ ten. A. beating B. hitting C. striking D. knocking 9. It was a pity that the great writer died _____ his works unfinished. A. for B. with C. from D. of 10. It is impossible for so _______ workers to do so _______ work in a single day. A. few; much B. few; many C. little; much D. little; many

11. I don’t mind picking up your things from the store. _____, A. Except B. Still C. Beside D. In addition 12. — Do you know Jim quarreled with his brother? — I don’t know, _____. A. nor don’t I care B. nor do I care C. I don’t care neither D. I don’t care also 13. — I believe we’ve met somewhere before. — ______. A. It isn’t the same B. It can’t be true C. I’d rather not D. I don’t think so 14. It was for this reason _____ her uncle moved out of New Y A. which B. why C. that D. how 15. The hero’s story _______ differently in the newspapers. A. was reported B. was reporting C. reports D. reported



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