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章段写作常用词语 As far as.is concerned As far as we know As everybody knows As the proverb says As the saying goes 就……而论

据我们所知 众所周知 有句谚语说 俗话说 不出所料

As might have been expected At present At first 当前 首先 开始 在这一点上 首先 坦白地说 一般来说

At the start At this point First of all

Frankly speaking Generally speaking

1 want to begin by saying. In the beginning In the first place 首先 第一


It can be easily proved that.

很容易证明 可以肯定地说

It can be said with certainty that. It cannot be denied that. It goes without saying that. It has been found that. It has been proved that. It has been shown that. 无可否认 不用说

已经发现 业已证明 业已表明 必须注意

It has to be noticed that.. It is common saying that. It is one's belief that. It is one's opinion that. It is possible that. It is probable that. It is impossible that. It is likely that.

俗话说 某人相信 某人认为

有可能 可能 不可能


It is calculated that.

据估计 人们通常认为 人们普遍认为

It is generally agreed that.

It is generally recognized that. It is believed that. It is considered that. It is declared that. It is expected that. It is hoped that. It is proposed that. It is reported that. It is supposed that. It is thought that. It is understood that.

有人(人们、大家)相信 有人(人们、大家)以为 有人宣布 人们盼望 人们希望 有人建议 据报导(告) 据推测 人们以为/认为 不用说,大家都知道 毫不夸张地说

It is hardly too much to say that. It is well-known that. It must be admitted that. It must be emphasized that. It must be pointed out that. It stands to reason that. No one can deny that. 衔接转折常用词汇 A case in point is. 恰当的例子是 众所周知 必须承认

必须强调 必须指出 ……看情形可以推断


A more interesting thing is that. A more important fact is that. After a while All the same 过了一会儿 虽然

更为有趣的是 更重要的事实是

Another special consideration here is that. 对此事的另一种考虑是 For example 例如 事实上 正如已经讨论过的 如上所述 正如已经说过的 如上所述 正如常常发生的那样 由……可以看出

As a matter of fact As already discussed As has been noted As already stated As already noted As often happens As seen from.that.

As mentioned above/below

如上/下所述 如前段所述 从上表可知

As stated in the previous paragraph As we can see from the above table Aside from. At any rate 除了 无论如何

At this point we agree that. Because of. But for. 由于 要不是


But it is a pity that.


But the problem is not so simple. Therefore 一然而问题并非如此简单,所以…… But rather By comparison By contrast By now 至此 由于 到……的时候 另外 所谓……我们指的是 与……相比 出乎意料 而宁可说 比较起来 对比起来

By reason of By the time By the way By,we mean

Compared with.

Contrary to all expectations Despite the fact that. Due to. Even if Even more Even so 由于 即使 甚至 即使如此 即使 除……之外 非但 尽管 据我们所知 尽管

Even though Except that. Far from.

For all that. For all we know For example For instance

例如 例如 只是因为 一则……二则…一-

For no other reason that. For one thing.for For that matter

another( thing).


For the same reason For this purpose For this reason From now on 今后

同样道理 为此目的


Further,we hold opinion that. Furthermore,I agree that.


此外,我同意 然而,困难在于

However,the difficulty lies in However that may be 不论怎样

If for no other reason than. If so 倘若如此 从广义上说 同样 根据


In abroad sense In a similar way

In accordance with. After all All in all 毕竟 总的来说

All this means that. All things considered As a consequence As a result 结果

所有这一切都意味着 所有事情都考虑在内


As the matter stands At last At length 最后 最后


At all events


Consequently,most people believe that. 结果,大多数人相信 Finally,we hope that. For short 简言之 就此而论 因此,我们断言 我的结论是 我要说的最后一点是 最后,我们希望

From this point of view. Hence,we conclude that. 1 will conclude by saying

1 want to make one final point. In a word In brief 总之 简而言之 最后 总之 简言之

In conclusion In general In short

In summary In the end

总之 最后 归根结底 最后 可以肯定 可以有把握地说

In the last analysis In the last place

It maybe confirmed that.. It may be safely said that. Last but not least Last of all On the whole 最后 总的来看


That is all there is to it The long and the short of it

仅此而已 总而言之

Therefore,we have the reason to believe that...因此,我们有理由相信 Thus we are given to understand that. To make a long story short To sum up 概括地说 为此 简而言之 所以我们懂得

With this end in view



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