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2017年 新高考词汇复习 语法填空 book2 unit3 computer

2016 (Year of the Monkey) 2015 (Year of the Goat) Spring Festival Gala
the most impressive performance……

全息投影技术 (front-projected holographic display) vivid 3D space


B2 Unit3 computer
High-tech, the short name of High technology, is a kind

of technology that refers to the most advanced technology
available(可得到的) at present and its products usually include advanced computer electronics(计算机电子).

Actually, the computer began as a _________(calculate ) machine, calculating which could simplify difficult sums. _____ As time went by1, computers could be connected by a network _____ In the early1960s, which enables their users to share information with each others. Since the 1970s, more new ___________(apply) have been found for computers, applications and with the help of operators, computers can even control rockets to explore the space, take care of babies or the old or even mop floors(拖 地) … ________, by viruses, However computers are easily _________(attack) attacked especially _______ (especial) when download information from the Internet. As a result, computers are dangerous in ____ a way, so it will be a long time before 2 computers can be safely used in our modern life. In spite of ______ what are mentioned above, computers have brought us _____ more convenience than before and will constantly (不断地) provide humans with a life of high quality.

1.As time went by , computers could be connected by a network .
随着时间的推移,计算机能够联网了。 【句型透析】:as*引导时间状语从句,意为“_________”。 【仿写】:随着社会的老龄化,我们需要这些老年公民的贡献。

________________________, As our society grows old we need the contributions of our older citizens *随着越来越多的森林被砍伐,温室效应变得越来越明显. As more forests are being cut down, the green-house effect is becoming more and more evident\obvious.

With 复合结构的三种形式:
1.“with+名词/代词+done”。在此结构中,过去分词和宾语是被动关系,表示 动作已经完成。 With this problem solved, liquid crystal television is now in regular production . 随着这个问题的解决,液晶电视现在已经正式产生。

2 “with+名词/代词+-ing分词”。此结构强调名词是-ing分词的动作的发出者 或某动作、状态正在进行。 He felt more uneasy with the whole class staring at him. 全班同学看着他,他感到更不自然了。
3. “with+宾语+to do”。此结构中,不定式和宾语是被动关系,表示动作尚未 发生。 So in the afternoon, with nothing to do, I went on around of the bookshops. 由于下午无事可做,我就去书店转了转。

*随着越来越多的森林被砍伐,温室效应会越来越明显. With more forests being cut down, the green-house effect is becoming more and more evident\obvious.

随着那么多的人每天都用英语交流,精通一门外语显得越来越重要了 With so many people communicating in English every day, it will become more and more important to have a good knowledge of English.

2、 so it will be a long time before computers can be safely used in
our modern life.
【句型透视】:_____________________________ It + was\ will be +时间段+before



有充足的电力资源。 taken effective measures to overcome Our government has _______________________________the lack

of electricity, but_________________________ we have enough it will be several months before


Who can tell the differences among 3 sentence patterns

It + be +…...+before +clause…. It + be+…....+since+ clause….. It + be +….. +when+ clause….
It will be less than one year before we are admitted to the university which we are longing for.

It has been more than11 years since we had the dream that one day we would step into a university which we longed for.
It will be 5 o’clock on 8th,June in 2016 when our dream of being admitted to a university comes true.

made great progress ①__________, he has ___________________this term.


by the way by way of in no way * ____________ No way! give way to

顺便说 途径某地 一点也不;决不 挡道;碍事 [俚语]别想!没门! ______________
at no time* in no case on no account under no circumstance by no means

____ one’s way to


② In no way should you lose heart,no matter how poor your English is.

③ Please take them away. Because they are in the way . ④ We can allow such a thing to continue in ________ no way

⑤Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from

now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away.
someday you will ____________ give way to the younger

Ⅰ.Words for Writing
1.mobile (adj.) 3.________ goal (n.) 4.solve (vt.) 可移动的;机动的 移动电话:_______________
(2012· 大纲全国Ⅰ)That won’t

anyhow 2*. _______ (adv.)(也作anyway) 无论如何;即使如此
目标;目的;球门;(进球)得分 解决;解答

== settle

be easy,I know,but we have to start anyhow.

安徽,任务型读写) “Classical music” can 5._________ signal (vi.& vt.)发信号;(n.)信号 (2014·

refer to various ________ (type)of music. 6*.type (n.)类型;(vt.& vi.)打字 ________ (personal),his application will be 7.character (n.)性格;特点 turned down by that company.
8*.personal ___________ (adj.)私人的;个人的;亲自的

personally (adv.)就个人而言;亲自

______(explore) 9.________ total (adj.)总的;整个的;(n.)总数; in total:________ totally (adv.) ;整个地
10*._________ explore (vt.& vi.)探索;探测;探究; explorer (n.)探险家;勘探者; Many difficulties have arisen as a result of the change exploration (n.)探索 over to a new type of fuel rise (vi.)(太阳、国旗等具体事物 11*.arise _______ (vi.)(分歧等抽象事物)的出现;发生; ______

安徽 ) I have long been interested in space personality (n.)个性;人格 (2015·

raise (vt.)升起;举起;筹款;饲养 等)的上升;升起; _________

II.Words for Reading
12.___________ universal (adj.)普遍的;通用的;宇宙的 句式 :人们普遍认为: It is ~~ly 13.revolution (n.)革命; recognized that…. 14.artificial (adj.)人造的;假的 15.tube (n.)电子管;管子; 试管婴儿 _________ rocket (n.)火箭 16.__________ download information (vt.)下载信息 happiness (n.)幸福;快乐 17.__________ 18.___________ coach (n.)教练 19.virus (n.)病毒 20.________ 21.mop (n.)拖把;(vt.)用拖把拖;擦 mop the floor:____________ cousin 堂表兄弟(姐妹)等 22.niece (n.)侄女;外甥女 nephew:侄子; _________: calculate (vt.)计算 23.___________ calculator (n.)计算器 simple (adj.)简单的 ___________ simply\just (adv.) 只;不过; 24.simplify (vt.)简化 __________ operate 25.operator (n.)(电脑)操作员;接线员 __________(on) (v.)操作;手术 logical (adj.)合逻辑的;合情理的 ~ly (adv.)逻辑上;合逻辑地;有条理地 26._________ 27.technology (n.)工艺;科技;技术 technological (adj.)科技的 intelligent (adj.)智能的;聪明的 28.intelligence (n.)智力;聪明;智能 ______________ 29.reality (n.)真实;事实;现实 in reality:_________ real (adj.)真实的 application(v.)运用;涉及;申请 30._________ apply (n.)应用;用途;申请; _________ applicant (n.)申请人;求职人 provide financial support 31.finance (n.)金融;财经 financial (adj.)财政的;资金的 提供资金支持:___ appearance (n.)外观;外貌;出现 appear (v.)出现 32._____________ ___________

Important phrases
1.from ____________ now on


His not studying hard ____________ his failure in 2*. ____________ 结果 ;= result in as a result exams. ____________,he _____________ 由…引起 = result from was removed from school. result in 3.___________ 如此??以至于?? Though he tried every means so...that? to save it,his attempts were 4._____________ 在某种程度上 in a way in vain. 5.______________ with the help of 在??的帮助下
6*. _____________ deal with 处理;安排;对付

7._____________ watch over
8._____________ by oneself 9._____________ after all

独自地 毕竟;终究

10. ______________ make up



1.Anyhow, my goal is to *provide humans with a life of high


get all the work done Anyhow I must ______________________before Monday. 无论如何,我必须周一前把所有的工作完成。

somehow adv. 以某种方式;用某种方法;不知怎么地

somewhat adv.有点;稍微
(2012.湖北高考 ) But _________, this is still a green, beautiful country. I just

wish more people would appreciate what they’ve got

(1)He said he didn’t know much about computers but he’d help us_________. anyhow somewhat higher than I expected. (2)The price is _________ (3)We must stop him from seeing her__________. somehow

[教材原句] 2.For example, I have learned to signal to my teammates in computer language to my teammates…...
【归纳拓展】 (1) v: signal sb_____ _____ sth. 示意某人去做某事

signal to sb
个性比较:signal sign

symbol mark(p42)

(2)* n : a danger traffic signal ______________

signal: 指为某一目的而意识地发出信号 sign:表示“记号、符号”时,同symbol;表示“告示、标志”时,侧重指用图形、文

symbol:指“符号、象征、标志”等,长表示有某种深邃寓义的事物。 mark:含义广泛,即可指便于辨认而有意识地做标记,又可指自然而然形成的标志或

(2012.浙江高考) These signals came from various areas of life

(2014.重庆高考) Which of the following was a clear ________ signal of alarm? 【多维训练】

mark (1) One ________ of a writer’s greatness is that different minds can get a

different inspiration from his works.
signal of danger,which is even known to a five-(2) A red light is a _______ yearold child. symbol of life and the snake is the symbol of (3) In the picture the tree is the ________ evil. (4) Sir,you are not allowed to walk your dog on the lawn. Don’t you see the

______ sign “Keep off the grass”?

[教材原句]4. Then she prepares reliable moves to use if a new situation arises.

① Seeing his mother return home,the boy arose from his chair immediately. _________

② New problems will arise one after another in the future.________
③ They arose at sunrise to get an early start to the park. ______ ④ Accidents often arise from carelessness. _______

arise, arouse, rise, raise
原形 arise vi.出现;发生;起因于 过去式 arose 过去分词 arisen

arouse vt.唤醒;激起
rise vi.升起;起身;增长;上升 raise vt.举起;唤起;提高;饲养

rose raised

risen raised

Red can cause a person’s blood pressure to __________ and increase people’s appetites(胃口).
(2012 安徽高考)

2.[教材原句]This means that it should clean the house, mop the floors, cook
the dinner and deal with telephone calls. 这就意味着它应该打扫房子、拖地、做饭以及接电话。 ① They might have had similar problems, such as dealing with a test, or the death of a beloved pet.(20112全国新课标卷)

②(2014. 上海高考) We gossip about others’ behavior and private lives, such as who’s doing what with whom, who’s in and who’s out and why; how to _______(处理) difficult social situations involving children, lovers and colleagues. 【关键一点】 deal with表示“处理”时,常与连接副词how连用。do with表示“处理”
时,常与连接代词what连用。 ④ I don't know what to do with the situation.

As a result* he was 1.He stayed up playing computer games last night._____________, late for work this morning. 2.They use specially trained dogs to ________________________ (看守他们的 watch over their sheep
羊群) at night.

if not carefully dealt with 3.We all know that, ________________________________ (如果不小心处理), the situation will get worse. 4.__________________________( Knowing basic first-aid skills 了解基本的急救技能) will help you respond quickly to emergencies. (2013· 福建) is only one more day to go before your favorite music group play 5. There ___________________________________ live.(2015· 四川) make up 6.When I am back to school from sick leave, I will ____________ (弥补) for

the missing lessons.

As a result; in a way; with the help of; deal with; after all ; so…that
1._______________ With the help of the local media,he has managed to find 32 time twins from 13 countries. (2014· 广东) dealing with 2.Some ways of ___________stress —like screaming or hitting someone— don’t solve much. (2012· 新课标全国) so alike _____strangers that 3.The two girls are ____ find it difficult to tell one from the other.(2011· 山东) 4 . Pets are amusing and entertaining , but we are ____________doing in a way animals harm by making them live in a human environment.(2013· 陕西) 5 . ____________ As a result , reading clubs and neighborhood groups sprang up around the city.(2011· 天津)

After all ,I was a teenage girl,and I couldn’t bear people to look at 6.___________
me and think I was not like them.(2012· 广东)


1、随着科学技术的快速发展,计算机应用于如此多的领 域,以至于我们不能没有它。(with the rapid development of….. ; apply, so…that….) 2、结果,人们能依靠计算机来解决各种问题. 比如替Jack 照顾年迈的父母或帮他处理私事。(as a result, settle, personal affairs)
3、即使如此,人们普遍认为在将来计算机不能替代人类。 但在它的帮助下,生活会变的更有质量(anyhow、It is universally acknowledged that….)



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