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【2011· 宝鸡一检】 I still remember how nervously I was on my first day in the new school here years ago, when I found difficult to follow my teacher in the first English class. The teacher spoke English throughout the class, that was totally different from lessons I had taken before. In the morning class the next day, the English teacher came to me while I am reading the text aloud as other students. After listen to me for a while, she gave me a big smile and said he liked my voice very much. The smile shone on the whole day and the following days. A week later, I was volunteered to take charge of English study in my class. Thank to the comforting smile in my first morning class, I began to confident.

【2011· 抚顺六校联考】 Behind my apartment, there was used to be a dirty and messy corner. Bits of plastic bags hanged on the trees. Broken bottles were left laying here and there. There was a damaging car in the center. The whole corner gave away an unpleasant smell. One year ago, we decided to turn it in a beautiful park. Since then, great changes have been taken place in that corner. All the rubbish have been cleared away. Flowers and young trees have planted all over. Now birds come here to sing, children come here to play, and adults come here to enjoy our peaceful life. It has taken on a new look.

【2011· 海口六校三联】 Dear friends, It is real a good chance to have met all of you here. We have spent several precious weekend in learning in the English Club. Although we have been members for a short period of times, we have made a great progress. That is because we are all very much active and the activities are not only enjoyable and also helpful. Besides, the foreign teachers here work hard and try his best to make the activities lively and interested. I am very pleased to say that all of us greatly improved our spoken English so far. I am looking forward to see all of you again in the near future!



【2011· 杭州一检】 I have noticed that much of the fiction and nonfiction works publishing in Teen Magazine have a happy ending. While these are pleasantly to read, one has to ask how it is possible that there is so much optimism. I'm all for positive thinking, and readers should also be exposed by the darker side of life. Why publish a story about someone whose experiences a tragedy and gets nothing in return? After all, that’s life. Not every story have a happy ending. I think this would benefit from Teen Magazine’s readers to see both kinds: happy and real.

【2011· 焦作期末调研】 Dear Mary, I’ve received your e-mail. Don’t worried about me. I’m getting on well with my research work in the lab. But in my surprise, you say you will give up learn English. The reason is because you have not done well in it recently and you have lose interest. I’m afraid I can’t agree with you. I know it is not easy to learn English, and it is widely used in the world today and it will be important tool in the future. Beside, it is becoming more and more important in our daily life. I am sure that if you study hardly, you will succeed. I’m looking forward to hearing a good news from you ! Yours, Li Hua 【2011· 许昌期末】 One day Mark was walking in a valley with his pet dog, Zorro. All of sudden, Mark slipped and fall to the valley. He was so serious hurt that he lay in the stream, lost consciousness. Zorro hurried down and pulled him out the water. As Mark was wet and cold, the dog lay on top of him, trying to keep it warm. Unluckily, Mark was saved. This shows clearly that animals are our good friend and we should be friendly to them. Instead of killing or eat wild animals, we should do our best to protect them, especially these dying out.



【2011· 锦州期末】 Dear Sir, How are you? As a exchange student, I am writing to tell you I would prefer to move into a single room in next term, as I find it inconvenient to share a room with others. My roommate often held parties at night, made much noise. Besides, his friends are always visiting him, that disturbs me a lot. So I hope to draw your attentions to this problem. If you think in my position, I am sure he will agree that the only solution for me is get a room of my own, one not in the same building and as near to the school campus as possible. I would be gratefully if you could do me the favor. Best wishes. Yours sincerely, Li Ming 【2011· 宁波八校联考】 When Mr. and Mrs. Smith went to theatre, they left their German dog to guard his home. When two burglars broke into and the burglar alarm rang, the dog was waiting for them. Unfortunately, one of the burglars was dog-lover, and he quickly made friends with it. While the alarm was ringing, but the burglars were stealing cash and jewelry, worth over $10,000, from a safe, the dog laid down in his basket and went to sleep. When the police arrived at twenty minutes later, the burglars had gone. The dog was proud guarding the empty safe. When the first policeman entered into the room, it immediately attacked him, tearing his trousers and bit him in the leg.

【2011· 宁波期末】 I like riding my bike. Though it is not very new, but it is my best friend. I find very convenient to go anywhere with a bike. Riding gives me not only exercises but also pleasure. I use my bike almost in summer when the weather is warm and dry. It can be very pleasant in winter when it is cold and rain is pour down. It can also be very dangerous. Of course I will be very carefully on my bike. In fact, accidents are not the only problem. Once I went to bookstore on my mother’s bike to buy some books and come out to find the bike missing. Now I have two strong lock.



【2011· 山西考前训练】 Several weeks ago, my parents were away for business, and I had to be all by me for two days. My parents start early that morning, and I got up soon after they left. The first one night I was scared, so I turned on all the light and kept them on the whole night. For fear of get up late the next morning, I put three alarm clocks near bed and set the alarms at 6:00, 6:10, and 6:15. In order to prove I could take care myself, I washed my own clothes, though I can wait for my mother to do it. I really felt proud of myself but thought I was a big girl.

【2011· 太原调研】 After supper Liu Wei came and ask me to go and see a film with him. In our way to the cinema, we saw the little girl sitting by the roadside crying. We bought her a cake to stop her cry. When we asked she lived, she said she did not know. So we took him to the police station and asked the polices to take care of her. After that we went to the cinema. And when we got there, the movie was almost over. Although we missed the movie, but we felt very happy because we did a well deed.

【2011· 温州十校期末联考】 On Children's Day last year, our city held an interested activity, in which children and their parents play the rich and the poor. In the dinner, the rich could have more delicious food, but the poor could only have breads with porridge(粥). Parents both hoped to have the dinner for the poor with the children. They hoped that their children could be taught the lesson from the dinner. Now many people on the earth don't have enough food and clothes. Every day only one half the world could enjoy enough food. The activity was held make the families understand the differences from the poor and the rich and also to make the parents know that too much material life won't always do good to the children.



【2011· 豫南九校四联】 My family and I have suffered a great many recently for the noise made by my neighbor’s friends. Let me take what happened last Saturday night for an example. When leave the house, they laughed and shouted good-bye to each other. Then they got into the cars and closed the car door loudly. To make things bad, someone must have been drunk and it take him a long while to get the car on the move. All the time we heard his engine made big noises. By the time when all the guests disappeared and the road became quiet, my family had all been waken up and it’s hard to go to bed again. And this is repeated almost every Saturday night. It seems that the only way out is to get out of this area.

【2011· 金华十校期末】 Dear sir, Last year I buy a refrigerator in your store on Chang An Road. We all like shape of the refrigerator. And yesterday something went wrongly. It made a noise when turning on. At first it was low but gradually it become louder and louder. To make matter worse,it even stopped working. We all felt disappointing. I am writing to ask for help. Would you please find someone to repair it? I would be at home this weekend. Please call me before you come to here. My telephone number is 66065531. Thank you very much. Li Ming 【2011· 全国新课标卷】 My summer travel started terribly. I was at the Shanghai Railway Station buy a ticket to Hang Zhou. I was going to visit a friend here and after that I would go to Xiamen for long holiday. I bought my ticket but turned around to pick up my bag from the floor and then I realized that someone had stolen it. Luckily I had all my money on my pocket, but the only clothes I had was those I had on. It felt very strange to travel without any luggages. When I finally arrived at my friend he lent to me lots of clothes. I feel very happy that I could change my clothes at last.




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