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英语八年级下Unit2 Section B 3a-4第5 课时

英语八年级下 Unit2 Section B 3a-4 第 5 课时
Learning Goals: In this lesson, the students will understand the passage and grasp the use way of key words. Then they will be able to talk about the problems in life and give advice for others with “should/ could in a letter. Preview Translate the following into Chinese orally . (Give Ss 2 minute to discuss in groups . Then check the answers .) 1. find out 2. try to be funny _____________________________ _______________________

3. Everyone else in my class was invited except me. ______________________________________ 4. I’m very upset and don’t know what to do. ________________________________________ 5. You left your homework at home. _______________________________________ 6. I always thought I was popular at school. ________________________________________ (设计意图:检查本节课的生词,词组及句子,扫除本节课的难点, 培 养学生的自学能力。) 二、Teaching and learning steps : Step 1 Warming up and leading in 热身导入 1. Show some pictures to the students

T: Look at the children in a poor village . What are the problems with them?

Ask the students to discuss and answer. S1: He has no shoes in Picture One. S2: She has to look after her younger brother. S3: He has to cook for his family. T: What should he/she do? Ask Ss to write their advice in English. Then read.

T: Look at the picture and discuss: what should we do ? (设计意图:播放贫困山区孩子的生活照,让身处优越生活中学生感 受他们的生活的艰辛,以此激励好好学习,导入本课,吸引学生的 注意力,开放学生的思维。) Step 2: Reading 3a Read this letter to a newspaper advice column fast and silently to find the general idea 读取大意。 1. T: Let’s look at 3a . Read the letter fast and answer. The main idea of the article is ___________(the Lonely Kid’ problem) Read the letter carefully and silently to find the specific ideas 读取细 节 2. Task One: Read the letter carefully and choose True or False for the following questions. (1) The kid is popular at school. _______ (2) The kid’s friends were planning a birthday party for his best friend.__ (3) Everyone in the class was invited. _____ (4) The kid exactly know where the problem was.______ (5) The kid felt unhappy. ______


4. Task Three:Retell the letter ! Look at the picture and retell the letter. I have a problem. I always thought … But I just found out … Everyone else… I…

The students can look at the note and retell the letter with their own words. Post-reading activities 读后活动 5. Task Four : Listen and repeat ! Ask students to pay attention to the pronunciation and intonation. 6. Task Five: Complete 3a without looking at the text! Dear Mary: I have a p________, and I need you help. I always t_______ I was popular at school. But I just f_____ out that my friends were p_______ a birthday party for my best friend, and they didn’t i_______ me. Everyone else in my class was invited e_______ me, and I don’t know why. I can’t think what I d_____ wrong. I’m very u_____ and don’t know what to do. What do you think? Can you help me? Yours, Lonely Kid (设计意图:本步骤符合学生的认知规律,培养学生的阅读能力;通 过听、说、读、写的练习,相信大部分学生能背诵 3a, 以及掌握住 重点的单词、短语,达到当堂达标的目的。) Step 4 Writing 3b 3c Task One: 3b

1. T: Think of some advice for “Lonely kid” Fill in the blanks in Mary’s letter. Dear lonely Kid, There are a lot of things you could do. You could_________________ _______________________________________.Or maybe you should ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Good luck! Yours Mary 2. Ask 2 students to read their answers to the class .Ask class members to the answers and correct each other's letters. Task Two: 3c Write your own letter to an advice column. 1. T: Your problem can be real or imaginary. Then read your problem to the class and for advice. S1: I didn’t get good grades. S2: I have few friends here. S3: … … 2. Ask other students to give their advice. You could… … You should… … Step 5 Groupwork Choose one of the problems below and ask your classmates for advice. Decide which classmate has the best advice. Problems You left your homework at home. Your best friend is more popular than you. You lost your sports clothes. You don’t know where your ID card is. You don’t want to have P.E. classes. Your parents always argue. Ask other students to give some advice. You should … You could …

(设计意图:拓展并学以致用,让学生知道当别人有麻烦,要给一些 建议并给予适当的帮助,是对本节课重难点的练习,既培养了学生 的口语能力又提高了学生的阅读能力。) Step 6 Inquiry into knowledge by translation 一. Everyone else in my class was invited except me,and I don’t why 译英_____________________________________________________ 1. Everyone else in my class was invited 是一个____________语态 的句型, 其结构为 :主语+ __________ + _________.

例如:他原以为电脑将不会被大多数人所使用. He thought that computers would never _________________most people 2. except 的用法: 区别 except 和 besides except 的意思是:________________________________________ besides 的意思是:_______________________________________ Eg : All the students went home ___Tom ,so he feels lonely in the school. A .except B. besides C. beside D. but 二、I’m very upset and don’t know what to do. 译英 _________________________________________ 1. what to do 是_______ +_________结构,作 know 的宾语 Eg:Will you please tell me ___________? A. how to do B. how to do it C . what to do it D what do 三,You left your homework at home. 译英_________________________________________________ left 是_______的过去式形式。在此句中译为___________. 不可以用 forget 来代替。

The end-of class test 当堂检测 I.根据句意和首字母提示补全单词。 1. All of us will climb the hill e_____ my mother tomorrow. She must stay at home to help my grandma. 2. That boy failed the match yesterday. Now he is still u______. 3. You won’t watch TV u_____ you finish your homework. 4. Li Ping has the same skirt as I do. I want to be o_________. 5. Everyone is here e_____Travy. II.用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. How are you _____ (get) on with your new friends? 2. How about _____ (send) this letter by e-mail. 3. The clothes are the same as my _____ (friend). 4. I don’t have much money, I can buy the _____ (expensive) one. 5. The child told his mother _____ (not be) angry whit him. III.单项选择 1. –Oh, my God. I really don’t know _____next. --What’s wrong? Can I help you? A. what to do it B. how to do C. what to do D. how doing it 2. –The windows are broken and need to be repaired. --I think so. They can hardly _____ the cold now. A. keep out B. give out C. take out D. put out 3. My math teacher _____ me, because he _____ I failed my test. A. is angry for, find out B. was angry with, found out C. is angry with, find out D. was angry with, find in 4. My friend always wears the same dress _____I do, which makes me angry. A. as B. like C. that D. though 5. Everyone in our class likes sports _____ Tim because he can’t run fast. A. like B. as C. with D. except (设计意图:紧扣本课重难点出题,即是检测过程,又是拓展拔高过 程。本过程采取小组合作交流,难点老师点播,竞赛的形式完成当 堂检测。) Homework : You must : 1. Master the words and the target languages of this class. 2. Finish Self check P 15. If you can : Finish P15 2


The answers to the questions: Preview 1. 找出,查明 2. 尽量幽默 3.在我们班里的每个学生都被邀请了,除我之外。 4.我很失望,不知道该怎么做。 5.你把你的家庭作业忘在家里了。 6.我总是认为我在学校很受欢迎。 Step 2 1.The lonely kid’s problem 2. (1)F (2) T (3) F (4) F (5)T 6. problem thought found planning invite except did upset Step 6 一在我们班里的每个学生都被邀请了,除我之外。我不知道为什么 1.被动 be+过去分词 be used by 2. 除… 之外 (不包括在内) 除…还有… (包括在内) 二、我很失望,不知道该怎么做。 1 特殊疑问词+动词不定式 B 三 你把你的家庭作业忘在家里了。 leave 落在 The end-of class test I 1. except 2.upset 3. until 4. original 5. except II 1. getting 2. sending 3.friend’s 4.inexpensive 5.not to be III 1.C 2.A 3.B 4.A 5.D 亮点 1.本课的阅读训练。让学生带着问题略读文章,找出文章大意; 然后让学生带着问题细读文章,找出文章细节。这些策略有利于学 生逐渐提高寻找大意和细节的能力。然后的听,跟读,学生复述, 背诵等活动有利于学生内化所读的内容。 2. 目标层层递进,并贴近生活,具有可实践性。让学生能与他人和 谐地交流与真诚地合作,这是他们能立足于未来社会的一种良好的


个性品质。 3. 在教学过程中,我采用了小组合作的方式,要求学生会用英语谈 论在学校和家庭中遇到的各种各样的麻烦和问题,并且相互找到合 理的解决办法及建议,在课堂教学中学会使用句型 What should I do ?立足根本,从学生的实际出发,注重学生长远的发展。 使用建议: 围绕教学目标,先引导学生结合学习和生活中的实际情况提出 问题,然后老师先给出建议并引出新词,并且对新词进行机械操练和简 单记忆并能够造句. 在学生能熟练掌握该部分并有较充足的语言储备 时,在此基础上及时引出讨论性的话题,让学生说出他们在成长期间遇 到的各种各样的烦恼以及困惑,并且让大家相互帮助想办法来解决 这些问题,在解决学生日常出现的问题时,学生的表演是花样百出, 令人捧腹。但在轻松的谈吐中,他们却都能自觉地使用我们学到的 语言目标,对重点句型能熟练运用,并能使用准确。同时也使同学们 能够面对困难和挫折,以便今后更好地成长。 不足:应设立一些开放性话题,让每个学生都参与其中,无论好差,都 能够有所得。但由于班额大,课堂显得匆忙。



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