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? ? Task1: To think of phrases you may need in each sentences. You can look up them in your exercise book. (三维设计 ) For example: 这个花瓶,是一件中国的文化遗产,它存留了很长时间 。 useful phrases: cultural r

elic, survive, belong to. . Task2: to translate the sentences.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 这个花瓶,是一件中国的文化遗产,它存留了很长时间。 那些在唐山地震之后幸存下来的人们马上投身于城市的重建。 那位印度国王,他使得泰姬陵建成,他比他的妻子多活了7年。 幸存者们以这种独特的方式庆贺(celebrate)他们的生还。 那些听说过琥珀屋的人都对这不可思议的珍宝感到惊奇。 看到由鲜花装饰起来的房间,她感到很惊讶。 我很想知道他是故意这样做的还是无意的。 这种专门为游泳者设计的手表目前很流行。 这种款式是专门为青少年设计的。 这项调查设计出来是为了测试人们对文化遗产的态度。 春节期间,由彩灯装饰起来的街道看起来很不同。 用气球和彩带装饰起来后,教室看起来和平时很不同。

13.他们用正直来装饰他们的品格。 14. 教室的墙壁已经被同学们用各种有意思的东西装饰了起来。 15.直到他摘下太阳镜,我才认出他来。 16.最近学生们总需要将一些椅子搬到其他教室。 17. 由于他的糟糕的行为举动,他已经被公司开除了。 18. 如今,有比以前更多的人搬进这座城市寻找好的机遇 19.毫无疑问在学习方面花费大量时间是值得的。 20.这样的朋友是值得被真诚以待的。 21.他们搜寻了整个城市来找那个残忍的凶手(murder)。 22.那位主人提供给了那位旅客一间房间。因此他给了主人一笔钱做为回 报。 23.这个班的同学们正在轮流讲英语故事 。 24.这对于交战的两方(国)都不好。

25.训练的结果是显而易见的。 26.他们搜寻了整个城市来找那个残忍的凶手(murder)。 27.对作者来说,给出证据来支持你的观点,这一点是很重要的。 28.有证据显示睡前玩手机会影响睡眠。 29. 大楼里爆炸的那枚炸弹是由一个外国人放的。 30.由于门口有很多人,我们进入大厅有点困难。 31.在激烈争辩之后,他们最终向我们妥协了。 32.他们所提出来的这项工程的计划仍在讨论中。 33.偷偷拆开别人的信件是粗鲁的。 34.当他还是个小孩的时候,他经常将玩具拆了再组装回去。 35. 只有这对双胞胎的父母才能把他们区分开。 36.除了这个原因,这次的失败还有另外一些原因。 37.她宁可忍受痛苦也不愿意被别人轻视。 38.正是由于他的努力工作,使得人们对他评价很高。 39.他是那种被别人高度评价的人,但他却从不自我鼓吹。

? 1. 这个花瓶,是一件中国的文化遗产,它存留了很长时间。 The vase, which is a Chinese cultural relic, has survived for a long time. ? 2.那些在唐山地震之后幸存下来的人们马上投身于城市的 重建。 Those (people) who survived Tangshan Earthquake were immediately devoted to rebuilding the city. =….immediately devoted themselves to the rebuild of the city. ? 3.那位印度国王,他使得泰姬陵建成,他比他的妻子多活 了7年。 The Indian king, who had Taj Mahal built, survived his wife by 7 years.

? 4.幸存者们以这种独特的方式庆贺(celebrate)他们的生还。
The survivors celebrate their survival in this fancy way. ? 5.那些听说过琥珀屋的人都对这不可思议的珍宝感到惊奇。 Those who have heard of Amber Room was amazed at this amazing treasure. ? 6.看到由鲜花装饰起来的房间,她感到很惊讶。 She was quite amazed to see the room decorated with fresh flowers.

? 7.我很想知道他是故意这样做的还是无意的。 I wonder whether/if he did this by design or by accident. ? 8.这种专门为游泳者设计的手表目前很流行。 The watches designed (= which were designed) for swimmers are popular recently. ? 9.这种款式是专门为青少年设计的。 This style was designed for teenagers. ? 10. 这项调查设计出来是为了测试人们对文化遗产的态度。

This survey was designed to test people’s attitudes towards/to cultural relics.

? 11.春节期间,由彩灯装饰起来的街道看起来很不同。 During the Spring Festival, the streets decorated(=which were decorated) with colorful lights looks fancy.

? 12. 用气球和彩带装饰起来后,教室看起来和平时很不同。 (As/After it was )Decorated with balloons and colorful belts, the classroom looks different. ? 13.他们用正直来装饰他们的品格。 They decorated their qualities with honest. ? 14. 教室的墙壁已经被同学们用各种有意思的东西装饰了 起来。 The walls of the classroom has been decorated with all kinds of interesting things by students.

? 15.直到他摘下太阳镜,我才认出他来。 I didn’t recognize him until he removed his sun glasses. ? 16.最近学生们总需要将一些椅子搬到其他教室。 At present, students always need to remove some chairs to other classrooms. ? 17. 由于他的糟糕的行为举动,他已经被公司开除了。 As a result of his bad behavior, he has been removed from the company. ? 18. 如今,有比以前更多的人搬进这座城市寻找好的机遇。 Today, more people removed into this city in search of good chance than ever before.

? 19.毫无疑问在学习方面花费大量时间是值得的。 There is no doubt that it is worth spending much time on studying. ? 20.这样的朋友是值得被真诚以待的。 Such friends are well worth treating sincerely. ? 21.他们搜寻了整个城市来找那个残忍的凶手(murder)。 They searched the whole city for the cruel murder. ? 22.那位主人提供给了那位旅客一间房间。因此他给了主 人一笔钱做为回报。 The owner offered a room to the owner. So he gave the owner some money in return. ? 23.这个班的同学们正在轮流讲英语故事 。

Students in this class are telling English stories in turn.

? 24.这对于交战的两方(国)都不好。 It’s bad for both sides/countries which are at war. ? 25.训练的结果是显而易见的 The result of practice is in evidence / obvious.

? 26.他们搜寻了整个城市来找那个残忍的凶手(murder)。 They searched the whole city for the cruel murder. ? 27.对作者来说,给出证据来支持你的观点,这一点是很 重要的。 It’s important for the writer to give evidence in support of your opinions/to support your opinions. ? 28.有证据显示睡前玩手机会影响睡眠。
There is some evidence that playing the cell phone before sleeping will effect your sleeping.

? 29. 大楼里爆炸的那枚炸弹是由一个外国人放的。 The bomb which/ that exploded in the building was set by a foreigner. ? 30.由于门口有很多人,我们进入大厅有点困难。 As there are many people in front of the gate, it’s hard for us to make an entrance to the hall. ? 31.在激烈争辩之后,他们最终向我们妥协了。 After a heated debate, they finally give in to us. ? 32.他们所提出来的这项工程的计划仍在讨论中。 The plan of the project which/that/不填 they put forward/(which/that was put forward by them) is still under debate.

? 33.偷偷拆开别人的信件是粗鲁的。 It’s rude/not polite to take apart others’ letters secretly. ? 34.当他还是个小孩的时候,他经常将玩具拆了再组装回 去。 When he was only a little boy, he often took apart his toys and then put them together again.

? 35. 只有这对双胞胎的父母才能把他们区分开。
Only the parents of the twins can tell/know them apart. ? 36.除了这个原因,这次的失败还有另外一些原因。 Apart from this reason, there are also some other reasons for the failure.

? 37.她宁可忍受痛苦也不愿意被别人轻视。 She would rather suffers a lot than be thought little of by others. ? 38.正是由于他的努力工作,使得人们对他评价很高。 It was because of his hard work that made people think highly of him. ? 39.他是那种被别人高度评价的人,但他却从不自我鼓吹。 He is that kind of person who was thought highly of by others but he never speaks highly of himself./ He is a person whom others think highly of but he never speaks highly of himself.



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