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苏州市 2014 高考英语阅读理解、完形填空及阅读类训练(3) (答案及解析)
Words:318 难度系数:★★★ 建议用时:9 分钟 The treadle pump is based on a design developed in the 1970s by Norwegian engineer Gunnar Barnes.It can be made locally. The treadle pump is easy to build from bamboo or other wood and has two metal cylinders (圆筒) with pistons (活塞).The pistons go up and down as a person stands on lever devices—treadles,and uses a natural walking motion. How many hours a day the pump needs to be operated depends on the season and how much water is needed for crops.It could be two hours a day.It could be seven hours a day. Small children sometimes stand with their parents on the treadles.Everyone in the family can take turns operating the pump. The Acume n Fund is a nonprofit group that invests in business projects to fight poverty.It studied the effects of treadle pumps in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.Uttar Pradesh has three treadle pump manufacturers and more than seventythree thousand pumps. Acumen reported that families using them ate more vegetables,because they were able to grow more to eat and to sell.Many of these families also drank more milk, because they bought a cow with their added earnings.Men with treadle pumps often no longer have to leave the farm to seek extra work in cities. The pump can also improve education.Farmers often use their extra earnings to buy books for their children or to pay for schooling. A farmer in Zambia said he hoped to have enough money in three years to buy a dieselpowered pump (柴油泵).Then he could grow more crops over a larger area. But the world economic crisis has had an effect on some farmers.IDE executive director Zenia Tata says some who were able to buy diesel pumps now do not have enough money to buy fuel.So they are using their treadle pumps again. 【解题导语】 脚踏泵因其简单、易行、实用之特点在世界的广大贫困地区得以推广。它在

帮助农民脱贫致富方面显示了独特的作用。 13.The treadle pump________.

A.is invented by an American engineer B.is mainly made of metal C.consists of two cylinders with pistons D.consists of two cylinders with an engine 解析:选 C。事实细节题。根据第二段第一句可知答案为 C。 14.It can be inferred from the passage that ________. A.it is easy to learn how to operate the treadle pump

B.it is difficult to build a treadle pump C.the treadle pump is used more in winter than in summer D.operating the treadle pump can keep fit 解析:选 A。推理判断题。易错选 D,但文中没有依据,无法推知。根据第四段,小孩也可帮 忙,家庭中每个人都可参与,可推知选 A。 15.Each treadle pump manufacturer in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has produced on average about ________. A.18,000 pumps C.37,000 pumps B.24,000 pumps D.73,000 pumps

解析:选 B。数据推算题。根据第五段第三句可知,该州共三家生产商,共有七万三千多架脚 踏泵,平均每家生产两万四千架左右,故选 B。 16.Why does the farmer in Zambia hope to buy a dieselpowered pump? A.Because he wants to grow crops on a larger scale. B.Because he hates to leave the farm to seek fortune in cities. C.Because a dieselpowered pump is cheaper than before. D.Because oil is much cheaper than before. 解析:选 A。事实细节题。根据倒数第二段第二句可知答案。


第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的 最佳选项。 Freda Bright says, "Only in opera do people die of love." It's true. You really can't love somebody to death. I've known people to die from no love, but I've never known anyone to be lo ved to death. We just can't love one another enough. A heart-warming story tells of a woman 36 decided to ask her boss for a 37 in salary.

All day she felt 38 and worried. Late in the afternoon she summoned the employer. To her 40 , the boss agreed to a raise.

39 to approach her

The woman arrived home that evening, finding a beautiful table 41 with their best dishes.

Candles were softly glowing. Her husband had come home

42 and prepared a festive meal. She

43 if someone from the office had tipped him off, or ... did he just somehow know that she would not get _44 ? She f ound him in the kitchen and told him the sat down to the wonderful 46 47_ 45 news. They embraced and kissed, then

Next to her plate the woman found a beautifully lettered note. It

"Congratulations, darling ! I knew you'd get the raise! These things will tell you how much I

love you." Following the supper, her husband went into the 48 to clean up. She noticed that a second card had fallen from his pocket. Picking it off the 49 , she read: "Don' t worry about not

getting th e raise! You 50 it anyway! These things will tell you how much I love you. " Someone has said that the measure of love is when you love without feels for his 52 is total acceptance and love, 53 51 . What this man

she succeeds or fails. His love celebrates her

victories and soothes (抚慰,减轻) her 54 . He stands with her, no matter what life throws 55 their direction. Upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Mother Teresa said: "What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family. "And love your friends. Love them without measure. 36. A. she 37. A. development 38. A. nervous 39. A. strength 40. A. regret 41. A. decorated 42. A. early 43. A. asked 44. A. turned up 45. A. shocking 46. A. discussion 47. A. read 48. A. bedroom 49. A. bed B. who B. promise B. happy B. courage B. disappointment B. fulfilled B. hurriedly B. understood B. turned over B. unimportant B. meal B. wrote B. study B. floor C. whom C. raise C. excited C. power C. horror C. prepared C. happily C. wondered C. turned down C. Unlucky C. ceremony C. showed C. kitchen C. table D. which D. post D. sorry D. tongue D. delight D. set D. angrily D. guessed D. turned in D. good D. holiday D. told D. garden D. plate

50. A. deserve 51. A. worry 52. A. employee 53. A. whether 54. A. happiness 55. A. to

B. own B. way B. wife B. if B. tears B. from

C. request C. method C. friend C. when C. wounds C. for

D. remember D. measure D. colleague D. how" D. duties D. in

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36.B(解析:该处为定语从句,指人,且作主语。) 37.C (解析:从本段的最后一句以及第四段都可判断出她是要求加薪。) 38.A(解析:可以想象得到向老板要求加薪的心情,一定是“紧张不安”。与 worried 对应的应 该是 nervous。) 39.B(解析:尽管紧张不安,最后她还是去了,因此是“鼓足了勇气”。“鼓起勇气做某事”常表 达为 get the strength to do sth.或 summon the courage to do sth。) 40.D(解析:老板答应加薪,她自然非常高兴。) 41.D(解析:这里的意思是“回家后发现漂亮的餐桌上已经摆满了丰盛的菜肴”,set 这里是过 去分词,意为“放置”。) 42.A(解析:由后面的 prepared a festival meal 可知丈夫提早回家准备了一顿庆祝宴。) 43.C (解析:这里是她的猜想。tip off 是“向……透露消息” 的意思。) 44.C (解析:这里的意思是“他怎么知道她不会被拒绝?”) 45.D(解析:加薪自然是个好消息。) 46.B(解析:坐下来共享美餐。) 47.A(解析:read 除了用人作主语,表示“阅读”外,还可以用有文字的东西作主语,表示“上 面写着”。) 48.C (解析:clean up 本意为“打扫,整理”,这里是指晚餐后的洗碗,这样的活一般在厨房里 做。) 49.B(解析:口袋里掉出来的卡片应该是落在地上。) 50.A(解析:deserve 意为“应受,该得”。you deserve it anyway 的意思是“不管怎样,是该给你 加薪了”。) 51.D(解析:the measure of love is when you love without measure 的意思是“爱韵限度就是无限
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度地去爱”。文章的最后一句会给你启示。) 52.B(解析:意思是“这个男人给予他妻子完全包容和爱”。) 53.A(解析:whether 与 or 一起连用。) 54.C (解析:这里的意思是“庆祝她的胜利,也抚平她的创伤”。) 55.D(解析:介词 in 常与 direction 搭配,表示“朝……方向”。) **************************************************************结束 ●Health, Wellness and the Politics of Food 9:00—9:45 a.m.Blue Tent Panelists (成员):Jami Bernard, David Kamp, Marion Nestle and Peter Singer. Hosted by Denise Grady, science writer for The New York Times. How does what we eat not only affect our bodies, but also the world?The food and nutrition experts debate the role that the diet plays in both personal and global health, and present a look at food politics. ●Sports Writing:For the Love of the Game 9:50—10:35 a.m. Blue Tent Panelists:Christine Brennan, Ira Rosen, Joe Wallace and Joe Drape. Hosted by William C.Rhoden, sports writer for The New York Times. Whether catching that key moment of victory or defeat, or covering breaking news, sports writers are anything but audience.Listen as some professionals discuss the special experience in reporting of sports news. ●The Art of the Review 11:15—12:00 a.m.Green Tent Panelists:John Freeman, Barry Gewen, David Orr, Celia McGee and Jennifer Schuessler. Hosted by Sam Tanenhaus, editor for The New York Times Book Review. How much of an effect does the book review have on book sales?Join this group of critics(评 论家) as they discuss the reality of book rev iew and bestseller lists, and how they choose books for review. ●New York Writers, New York Stories 3:00—3:45 p.m.Green Tent Panelists: Cindy Adams, Richard Cohen, Ric Klass and Lauren Redniss. Hosted by Clyde Haberman, columnist (专栏作家) for the City Section of The New York Times. Join this inspiring group of New Yorkcentric writers as they talk about why New York is a gold mine of ideas for their work. 1.If you are free in the afternoon, you can attend ________. A.The Art of the Review B.New York Writers, New York Stories C.Health, Wellness and the Politics of Food D.Sports Writing: For the Love of the Game 2.If you like sports writing, you will most probably ________. A.go to Blue Tent at 11:15 a.m.

B.enjoy Jami Bernard's talk C.listen to Christine Brennan D.attend The Art of the Review 3.Sam Tanenhaus is in charge of ________. A.The Art of the Review B.Health, Wellness and the Politics of Food C.New York Writers, New York Stories D.Sports Writing:For the Love of the Game 4.All the four activities above ________. A.are about writing B.will last 45 minutes each C.can be attended freely D.will attract many readers 5.We can learn from the text that________. A.sports writers are a type of audience B.The New York Times is popular C.Denise Grady will discuss politics D.book reviews may affect book sales *****************************************************************结束 (1)

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Napoleon agreed to plans for a tunnel(隧道) under the English Channel in 1802. The British began digging one in 1880. Neither tunnel was completed. Europe has had to wait until the end of the 20th century for the Channel Tunnel. After nearly two centuries of dreaming, the island of Great Britain is connected to Continental Europe for the first time since the Ice Age, when the two land masses moved apart. On May 6, 1994, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and France’s President Mitterrand carried out the official opening. The Queen was accompanied(陪同) on her train journey through the historic tunnel by one of her Rolls-Royce cars which was placed on the train. The following day saw celebrations taking place in Folkestone and Calais. Regular public services did not start until the latter part of 1994. 1. The island of Great Britain is _______. A. connected to France all the time B. separated from France with a tunnel C. separated from France all the time

D. joined to France with the tunnel 2. Queen Elizabeth _______ at the opening. A. took her car Rolls-Royce through the tunnel B. took her car which was placed on her train through the tunnel C. took her train through the tunnel D. took Mitterrand’s train through the tunnel 3. Before 1994, one could go to Britain from France _______. A. only by ship C. by car or train 4. Which of the following is right? A. Napoleon made plans for the tunnel. B. The public could pass through the tunnel by train after May 6, 1994. C. The tunnel was built for two centuries. D. The tunnel will do great good to Britain and France. 【答案与解析】本文主要讲述拿破仑早在 1802 年就同意在英吉利海底修建隧道的计划,英国 在 1880 年就开始挖掘,但都没有完成。大约两个世纪后,即到了 1994 年,大不列颠岛和欧 洲大陆才由海底隧道连接起来。 1. D。语义理解题。从第 1 段 the island of Great Britain is connected to Continental Europe for the first time since the Ice Age 可以看出 the island of Great Britain 和 France 是由 the tunnel 连接起 来的。 2. C。 语义理解题。 2 段第 2 句话 The Queen was accompanied(陪同) on her train journey through 第 the historic tunnel by one of her Rolls-Royce cars which was placed on the train 已明确告知 Queen Elizabeth 是怎么去参加开幕典礼的。 3. B。判断题。既然 1994 年以前没有隧道,那当然只有坐船或乘飞机从英国去法国。 4. D。判断题。拿破仑是同意修建隧道的计划,并不是制定计划,故排除 A 项;接近 1994 年 底,公众才能够坐火车穿过隧道,B 项不对;文章并没有说隧道建了多长时间,C 项也不 对; 而隧道修建成功时,英、法两国元首都出席,由此可见隧道对两国的重要性。 **********************************************************结束 B. by ship or plane D. by ship, car or train

II. 篇章练习

If you are a junior or a senior at college , you may be frequently asked, "What would you like to do in the future?" Whenever people ask me this question, my answer is always the same, "To be a teacher." Why I think this , the following maybe help you understand my idea . When I entered the school at the age of 7, teaching has been my favorite profession all the time. My dream of being a teacher was rooted in my childhood. The good natured, patient and strict teachers in primary school made a strong impression on me. As I grow up, I know more about my desired profession. Teachers are the engineers of human soul. That is to say, they play roles in the forming and shaping of students’ intellectual and psychological make-up. Teachers are lifelong learners while instructing students. Nowadays governments at all levels put more stress on the roles of education in information society, versatile teachers are urgently needed. To be a qualified teacher in the new century, I must prepare right now. Rosy dream and firm will can not be automatically translated into teaching methods and job skills. In short, I will make efforts to do well my favorite job teaching.

1. 直接推断题。 直接推断题目是目前阅读考试坚持深层理解的主要题型。要求学生理解文章的表层意义, 紧扣文章的具体事实,综合利用文章提供的信息,做出合乎逻辑的推理。题中常含有:imply, suggest, conclude 等。 2. 依据文章的论述推断作者的观点、意图和态度以及写作手法的题目。 虽不含 infer, imply 等推断词,但也需要考生推断和识别,因此可以称为含蓄推断题。作者的 观点、意图和态度有主观和客观两种。主观态度一般只能从字里行间推断出来。要特别注意 作者在文章中的措辞,尤其是表达感情色彩的形容词,在客观描述中,作者的态度往往
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II. 1. C。推理判断题。A. teaching has been the author’s favorite profession all the time 和 D. versatile teachers are urgently needed 正确, 但却是文章中明确说的, 不是从文章中推断出来的; 答案 B 从文中最后一段 Nowadays governments at all levels put more stress on the roles of education in information society 可知是正确的。答案 C 是从文中最后一段最后一句“In short, I will make efforts to do well my favorite job teaching.”可知 C 是正确选项。 2. C。推理判断题。通过第二段第一和第二两句话可知 A 是正确的;通过最后一段第一句话 可知 B 和 D 是正确的; 通过最后一段“Rosy dream and firm will can not be automatically translated into teaching methods and job skills. In short, I will make efforts to do well my favorite job teaching.”可知是不容易的。故选 C。

peel v. 剥落 Too much heat will make the bark wrinkle and peel.过热会使树皮起皱并剥落。 register vi. & vt. 记录; 登记; 注册 In former times, only property owners could be registered as voters.从前,只有有财产的人 才能登记作选民。 swing vt. & vi. (使)摇摆; (使)旋转 The monkey was swinging in the tree.猴子在树上荡来荡去。 recall vt. 召回 The makers have recalled a lot of cars that were unsafe.制造商们已收回了大批不符合安全 规格的汽车。 exposure n. 暴露,显露 I threatened them with public exposure.我扬言要公开揭发他们。 hazard 危险; 公害 Are you aware of the hazards of mountaineering?你知道登山运动的危险吗? crumble vt. & vi. 1.把…)弄碎,(使)碎成细屑 He crumbled the bread in his fingers.他用手指把面包捻碎。 seasonal adj. 季节的, 季节性的, 周期性的 People found casual or seasonal work on farms。人们在农场上找到临时的或季节性的工作

punctual adj. 守时的,准时的 I have to go now because I must be punctual for class.我现在不得不走了,因为我得准时去 上课。 mismanage vt. 处置失当, 办错 I admitted that I had mismanaged that matter . 我承认我对于那件事情的处理失当了。 asset n. 有价值的人〔物〕,优点,长处 Her only asset was a gentle nature.她唯一的可贵之处是温文尔雅的性情。 promptly adv. 敏捷地, 迅速地 He promptly forgot all about it. 他马上把这事儿忘得一干二净。 psychological adj. 心理学的;关于心理学的 At the university he made psychological research.他在大学里进行过心理学研究。 versatile adj. 有多种学问、技能或职业的;多才多艺的 A versatile person is one who is good at a number of different things.多才多艺的人通常擅 长许多种不同的事情。 automatically adv. 自动地, 机械地 Some doors have locks which automatically lock the doors when we close them. 有些门上的锁在关门时会自动把门锁好。 ********************************************************结束



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