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Knowledge point one: Review unit13.
基 础 知 识 提 要 核心单词 根据提示写出英语单词或汉语意思。 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 20. 21. 22. 23. 25. 26. 27. 28. __________ vt. 应得,值得 __________ adj.不安的,不快的 __________ adj.感激的,感谢的 __________ vt. 预言,预测 __________ adv.如此,因此 __________ n.收获 __________ adj. 锐利的;锋利的 ________________ n.缺点,短处 __________ n.眼泪 __________ vt.评判 embassy__________ section__________ butcher __________ aboard__________ poet __________ tutor _____________ astronomy__________ shelter __________ 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. glance _________ allergic__________ alike__________ sigh__________ chew __________ block___________ uniform __________ button __________ 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. __________ v.证实 __________ n.档案,文件 __________ adv.永远 __________ vi.怒视,瞪 __________ adj.整洁 __________ n.账目;账户 __________ vt. 控告,谴责 __________ adv.部分时间地 _____________ n.同伴

24. damp __________


1. express (vt.) ___________

(n.) 表情;表达能力 类似:connect________ (n.) 联系,连接
类似:Emergent ____________(n.)紧急情况 类似:translate_________

2. accurate (adj.) ___________ (n.)精确,准确 3. Conduct (vt.) ____________ (n.) 指挥;售票员 4. possible (adj.) ____________(n.) 可能性 5. guilt (n.) _________ (adj.)有罪的

(n.) 翻译员

类似:disable___________ (n.) 残疾;无能力

类似:salt_______________ (adj.) 含盐的,咸的 类似:belief______________ (vt.)相信 类似:mistake______________ (adj.)错误的 类似:ill_______________ (n.) 疾病 类似:excite_______________

6. anxious (adj.) _________ (n.) 忧虑,担心 类似:various______________(n.)种类;变种 7. relief (n.)____________ (vi.)减轻;释放 8. Break (vt.) ____________ (adj.)破的,断的 9. kind (adj)_____________ (n.)和善,亲切 10. fail (vi.) ___________ (n.) 失败 11. require (vt) ________________(n.)要求

类似:press _______________ (n.) 压力

(n.) 兴奋

12. assist (vt)___________(n.)助手,助理 13. Independent (adj) _____________(n.)独立 14. Fault (n) ________(adj.)错误的,有缺点的 短语过关 1. ________________就?来说,从某个角度看 2. ________________单独地,独自地 3. _____________________愿意做某事 4. ___________________参与,与??有关联 5. ___________________与??比较 6. ___________________指控某人某事 7. ___________________怒视 8. ___________________禁不住做某事 9. ___________________诚实的说 10. ___________________由于 11. ___________________受某人欢迎的 12. ___________________致力于, 献身于 13. ___________________责备某人 14. ___________________落后,掉队 重要考点突破 1. suggest

类似:inhabit_______________ 类似:different______________ 类似:wind_______

(n.) 居民 (n.) 不同

(n.) 有风的

15.____________________ 越来 16.____________________迷路 17.__________ do some revision 18.__________except for 19._______________________ end up 20.__________ as well 21.____________________ lead a happy life 22.__________________ the last straw 23.__________________ talk sb into doing sth 24.__________ draw up 25.__________________ if anything 26.__________ figure out 27.__________ in a hurry 28.__________________ be allergic to

vt. 建议;提出,表明,暗示

※用法:后面接名词、代词或动名词作宾语,但不能接不定式,不能说 suggest sb to do sth。作 “建议”解时,后面所接 that 从句的谓语用“should+动词原形”,should 可以省略;但作“表明, 暗示”解时,后面的 that 从句的谓语用陈述语气。 ■运用:用所给词的适当形式填空或完成下列句子。 (1)They suggested__________ (wait) until the proper time. (2)His cool response(反应) suggested that he _______________ (not like) the idea. (3)We suggested that she_________________ (make) a working plan. (4)____________________________(有人建议) that the meeting be put off till next week. (5)I _____________________(向他建议) that we should deal with the problem another way. (6)Can you ______________ (提出一个办法) to do it? (7)I suggest ________________________________ (建议我们去)to the park on Sunday. 2. desire vt 渴望,期望,要求 ※用法:desire 后面可接名词、代词、动词不定式以及从句作宾语,也可接复合宾语(desire sb to

do)。后接从句时,从句谓语用“(should +) 动词原形”。 ■运用:用所给词的适当形式填空或完成下列句子。 (1)We always desire __________ (live) in peace with our neighbours. (2)The Queen desires that you ________________ (come) at once. (3)He desired _________________________________ (我们离开) soon. (4)I_______________________ (渴望幸福). 3.accuse vt. 控告,谴责 ◆搭配:用介词填空。 (1)accuse sb _____sth 指控某人做某事 (2)He was accused _____the robbery.有人指控他抢劫。 ★拓展:the accused 被告 ■运用:用 accuse 翻译句子。 (1)她控告他偷她的表。 ________________________________________ (2)他指责老板不守信。 _______________________________________________ 4. deserve vt. 应受,值得,应该得到 ※用法:其后多接不定式做宾语,偶尔可接-ing 形式,此时用-ing 的主动形式表示被动意义。如: ◇He deserved to be punished.=He deserved _____________.他应受处罚。 ◇deserve a rest/break/holiday 应该休息 ◇deserve consideration/attention 值得考虑/关注 ★联想:need, require, want, be worth, deserve 后的动词-ing 形式必须用主动形式表被动意 义。 ■运用:翻译下列句子。 (1)你很有能力,你应该找到更好的工作才是! You're very able. You __________ a better job. (2)这本书值得一看。 This book _____________________________________________. 5. tear n. 眼泪 v. 撕破 ■运用:根据汉语意思完成英文句子。 (1)听到那个消息,他突然哭起来。 He burst ___________ when he heard the bad news. (2)他把那封信撕成了碎片。 She ________________________pieces.

(3)这种布料很容易撕破。 This kind of cloth_______________. (4)他把布告撕了下来。He_______________________. 6. account n. 帐目,帐单,帐户;报告,描绘,叙述 ◇The accounts show a profit of 9000. 账目显示盈利 9000 英镑。 ◇The policeman gave an account of the traffic accident.警察叙述了交通事故的经过。 ★拓展:写出下列短语的汉语意思。 (1)by all accounts _______(2)on account of _________ (3)on no account ____________ (4)take ?into account ____________ (5)keep the accounts ____________ (6)have an account at/with that bank_________________ (7)open an account ____________ (8)draw money out of an account ______________ (9)account for ____________ ■运用:选用上述短语完成句子。 (1)We delayed our departure _______________ ______________. (3)________________ must you disturb me while I am studying. (4)Too much rain ________________the poor crop. (5)He could not _____________ his absence from school. 7. judge vi. 评判,判定,断定 the bad weather. (2)When judging his performance, don't _______ his age

n. 审判员,裁判员,鉴赏家
◆理解:说出下列各句的汉语意思。 (1)I judge him to be about 40. (2)She's a good judge of wine. ◆搭配:judging by/from 根据??判断 Judging from previous experience, he will be late.根据以往的经验,他会迟到。 ※注意:judging from 用作独立结构,即不用考虑与逻辑主语的一致性(即不用 judged from) ,类 似的还有 generally speaking (一般说来), strictly speaking(严格说来)等。 ■运用:用 judge 的适当形式填空。 (1)The performance was good, when ___________(judge) by their usual standards. (2)______________(judge) from the truth, he is honest enough 8. devote vt. 献身于,致力于

◆搭配:熟记下列固定结构。 (1)devote ?to?把??用在/献给?? (2)devote oneself to?献身于/专心于/沉溺于/致力于?? (3)be devoted to?专心于/沉迷于/深爱/忠诚?? ※注意:to 是介词,后接名词、代词,或者 doing。 ■运用:将下列句子译成汉语。 (1)He has devoted his whole life to benefiting mankind. (2)Please devote more time to your work (3)He devoted himself to helping the poor. (4)She is devoted to her studies. ★拓展:devoted adj.热爱的,忠实的,全心全意的 devotion n.奉献 重要词组 1. end up (经过一个过程)以??结束/告终,最后(到达) ※用法:可直接接 doing;接 sth.或 sb. doing”时,常用 with;后接表示职位的名词,表示“结 果成为”时,后可用介词 as。 ★辨析:end up with sth/doing sth(经过一个过程)最终达到某状态(尤指不尽人意的) end with (活动或情况)以??结束 ◎用 end with, end up, end up with 填空。 (1) You will __________ in debt if you keep on spending money like that. (2)The festival will __________ a fireworks show. (3) Anyone who swims in the river could _____________ a nasty stomach upset. 2. in terms of 就??来说,从??上看,用??词句 ◇In terms of natural resources, it is one of the poorest countries in Western Europe. 就自然资源来说,它是西欧最贫穷的国家之一。 ◇In terms of money, he's quite rich, but not in terms of happiness.就钱来说他很富有, 但就幸福来说就不然了。 ◇He often talks about his girlfriend in terms of love.他经常用充满爱意的语言谈论他的女 朋友。 ■运用:根据汉语意思完成下列英文句子。 (1)这本书获得了好评,但从实际销售情况来看,它并不太成功。 The book has been well received, but________________________ it hasn’t been very successful. (2)就经济力量说,它远远落后。 _______________________________________, she is far behind. ※说到钱财,她们很富有,但幸福就是另一回事了。 ★联想 come to terms with sth 就??达成一致意见

3. glare at 怒视(look at?in a angry way) ■运用:翻译下列句子。 (1)愤怒的父亲瞪着儿子。 (2)他们站在那,互相怒视着对方。 They stood there, _________________________ ★辨析:glance at 一瞥,匆匆一看(give a quick, short look) stare at 盯着,凝视(因惊奇、害怕、生气等而睁大眼全神贯注于某事) gaze at 注视(因欣赏或无意识地长时间注视) ◎用 glare at, glance at , stare at ,gaze at 填空 (1)The teacher ____________the boy when he found the boy was making noise. (2)She ______________him shyly from behind her fan. (3)She stood _____________ the beautiful scenery. (4)He _____________me, trying to remember who I was. 4. except for 除了 He is a good man except for his hot temper.他是个好人,只是脾气暴躁而已。 ◆辨析:except 是指从同类的人或物中除掉一个或一些,except for 指对一个事物的整体表达作 部分修正或指所谈及的名词和除外的名词不属于同类时。 They all went to sleep except the young Frenchman. 除了那位年轻的法国人以外,他们全都去 睡觉了。(the young Frenchman 与 They all 都是人) Your composition is very good except for the spelling. 这篇文章除了拼写以外,其他都不错。 (the spelling 与 your composition 不属同类) ■:运用:用 except, except for 填空。 (1)This is a good essay ____________the first paragraph. (2)All the essays are very good ___________ yours and John’s. (3)The roads are deserted ____________a few cars. (4)The movie was good _____________the ending. (5)Any time ____________Monday would be all right.

Knowledge points two: Learn the knowledge points of unit14. Lesson one.
预习识记 A.根据首字母提示和英文释义写出单词 1. 2. :money received over a certain period, especially as payment for work or :something that you get because you have done something good or helpful as interest on investment or have worked hard

3. 8. 9.

:to ask an amount of money for goods or services :to go to sb.for information or advice; to look in or at sth.to get information :map, diagram, graph or table giving clear information,especially about sth.that changes over a period of time


:an angry argument or disagreement of an for 30 years.(chemist) Jenny's

B.用所给词的适当形式填空 11 . All our activities will take place under the experienced 12.My father is a 13.In his character.(summary) 理解拓展 1.Reward [教材原句] The old lady is offering a reward of $50 to anyone who finds her cat for her! 老妇人拿 50 美元给为她找到猫的人! (1)n.奖赏, 报酬;回报 G offer a reward for (doing)sth. 为(做)某事而给某人报酬 in reward (for) 作为(对??的)报答/奖赏 ① A reward was offered for the return of the jewels.为找回珠宝而悬赏。 ②She got nothing (2)vt.报答;酬劳;奖赏 reward sb.for (doing) sth. 因为(做了)某事而回报某人 reward sb.with sth. 奖赏某人某物 her kindness.她的好心没有得到一点报偿。 , who will us through the forests.(guidance) who has studied , he just used three words to



saving the child.他们因他救了那个小孩而奖赏他。

④She started singing to the baby and was rewarded with a smile. 她开始唱歌, 孩子则报以微笑。

名词 指赏金、酬金或一些非金钱的报酬, 多指对某人的工作或服务等的报答 reward 动词 表示“报答, 酬谢”

指奖品、奖金, 其义与 prize 近似。指一种官方的奖励行为, 往往指对 名词 在工作中取得成就或完成所提出要求的人而进行的一种奖励, 强调荣誉而 award 不在乎奖品的大小或奖金的多少。还可指某种奖 动词 表示“(正式地或官方地)授予, 给予;(法庭)判给”

[自填助记] ②He won the 2.charge

用 reward 或 award 的适当形式填空 for his courage. for the best student of the year.

①He received a medal as a

[教材原句] Lawyers charge higher fees than doctors.律师比医生收费高。 (1)vt.收费, 要价;控告;指控

charge sb.money for (doing) sth. be charged with charge sb.with ...

因(做)某事而收某人钱 被指控犯??罪 指控某人犯??罪

①Does the bank charge a fee for opening an account? 在这家银行开设账户要收费吗? ②Man Wenjun 满文军被指控犯有吸毒罪。 (2)n.费用, 价钱;控告;负责 drug taking.

free of charge in charge of take charge of in the charge of

免费的 负责;掌管 负责;掌管,接管,控制 被??掌管

③Your order will be delivered 您的订单将免费派送。


④The patients are in the charge of the nurse. 这个护士负责照顾病人。 ⑤Tom will 老板不在期间由汤姆负责管理公司。 3.aid [教材原句] You are working for an institute that gives aid to the poor in a small village. 你在一家给小村子里的穷人提供帮助的机构工作。 (1)n.援助, 帮助 ①China was one of the first countries to react to calls for international aid. 中国是最早对国际社会援助需求作出回应的国家之一。 the company during the boss' absence.

with the aid of ...(= with the help of ...) 借助于?? in aid of ... 为了帮助?? 前来(去)援助某人 come/go to sb.’s aid

②The students are collecting money in aid of charity. 学生们正在为资助慈善事业募捐。 ③It breaks my heart to see you like this, but I cannot . 看到你这样, 我心都要碎了, 但是我没法帮忙。 4.consult vt.& vi.请教, 查阅;(与人)商量 [教材原句] He should consult Mr Jensen about the new account on the 24th. 24 日的新账目他应该请教延森先生。

①He consulted the manual before repairing the machine. 修理机器前,他查阅了使用说明书。 ②Have you consulted a doctor about your disease?

关于你的病, 你咨询过医生了吗? ③I'm going to consult with my best friend on/about the matter. 这件事我要与我最好的朋友商量。 ④ consult sb.about sth 请教/咨询某人某事 ⑤consult with sb.on/about sth. 就某事与某人商量


表示“请教”时, 后跟人作宾语;表示“查阅”时, 后跟字典等工具书 或参考书作宾语

look up

表示“(在字典中)查阅” 后跟 a word 等需要查找的内容作宾语 ,

[自填助记] 用 consult 或 look up 的适当形式填空 ①I have ②You should a number of law books in the British Museums. the right pronunciation of this word in the dictionary.

5.quarrel vi.& n.争吵, 吵架 [教材原句] don't quarrel with anyone 不要和任何人争吵 ①We're not going to quarrel about a few dollars. 我们不想为了几个美元而吵架。 ②They 她们两个因为钱争吵起来了。 [点津] quarrel 的过 去 式、 过 去分 词 、现 在 分词 可 以双 写 “l” 也 可不 双 写 “l” , 即 quarrel—quarrel(l)ed—quarrel(l)ed—quarrel(l)ing。 ③They had a quarrel with each other about/over trifles. 他们两个因鸡毛蒜皮的小事而争吵。 重点短语考核 1.be rude 2.have 3.make 4. an example 对??(很)无礼 (in) doing sth. 确信 树立榜样 做某事有困难 each other money.

5.take charge 6.keep 7.send ... 8.run 9.so 10.rather 11. 12.

对??负责;接管,控制 保持镇静 将??寄出;发出 跑着穿过;偶然遇到或看到 迄今为止 与其??倒不如,不是??而是

time (in) doing sth.花(多少)时间做某事 the guidance of 在??指导下

Lesson 2
A.根据词性和汉语意思写出单词 1. 3. 5. 7. 9. 11. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. sth.important 21. :to be slow to speak or act because you feel uncertain or nervous university and the C.用所给词的适当形式填空 22.Mr Smith has been 23. pleasant areas.(surrounding) 24. had We of the year.(constant) rain for 3 days; it rains here at this time as principal of the key will be announced at the next meeting.(appointment) by green hills and blue waters, the little village has . So you can see many rare birds in the

n. 托儿所, 保育室 2. n. 打字机 n. 战斗, 战役 n. 智慧 vt. 仔细检查 vi. 弯腰, 倾身 vt. & vi. 旋转, 转动
4. 6. 8. 10. 12.

n. 童年, 儿童时代 n. 片刻, 瞬息 adj. 民间的,国民的, 国内的 n. 习语, 成语 adv. 在底下 n. 舞台;阶段,时期

B.根据首字母提示和英文释义写出单词 :having a low rank in an organization or a profession :the whole of space and everything in it :all human beings thought about as one large group; the human race :to succeed in dealing with or controlling a problem that has been :to understand sth.completely :to be completely loyal to one person, organization, etc.or give all :fame, praise or honour that is given to sb. because they have achieved

preventing you from achieving sth.

your time and effort to your work, an activity, etc.

25.Does life 26 . It's drivers.(illegal) 理解拓展 Appointment

on Mars, and how did they come into


to drive after drinking, and we all should drive as

[教材原句] I turned up for the appointment five minutes late ... 我约会迟到了 5 分钟?? (1)n.约见, 约会

①Phone his secretary and make an appointment. 打电话给他的秘书约定时间。 ②It looks as if I won't be able to keep the appointment we made. 看来我不能如期赴约了。 ③The Director sees students 系主任只按约定的时间见学生。 (2)n.任命, 委任;职位 ④His appointment as head of department has caused a lot of friction. 任命他为部门经理引起了很大的矛盾。 2.surrounding adj.附近的, 周围的 [教材原句] The town has many surrounding farms.这个镇周围有许多农场。 ① I visited Beijing and the surrounding countryside in a few months. 我用了几个月的时间考察了北京及其周边郊区。 ③The patients will 这个病人需要再次做手术。 surroundings n. surround vt. again. only.

环境;周围的事物 环绕, 围绕;(使)包围 环绕/包围?? 被??包围/环绕

surround ...with ... be surrounded by/with

②It took me a few weeks to get used to my new surroundings.

我花了几个周的时间才适应了新环境。 ③Taiwan 台湾四面环海。 surroundings 专指自然环境, 从周围的事物这一客体着眼 the sea.


可指自然环境, 也可指精神环境, 均从环境给人的感受、道德及观念的 影响着眼。所以我们说, 美丽的 surroundings,幸福的 environment

[自填助记] 用 surroundings 或 environment 填空 The child grew up in a beautiful home 3.overcome vt.战胜, 克服 [教材原句] Although there were lots of difficulties to overcome, she never let her problems defeat her. 尽管生活中有许多困难要克服, 但她从未被困难击倒。 . but not in a happy

这个孩子是在美丽的自然环境中长大的, 但却缺少一个幸福的家庭环境。

①In the final game Sweden easily overcame France. 在决赛中,瑞典队轻松战胜了法国队。 ②He struggled to overcome his shyness. 他努力克服羞怯。

4.grasp [教材原句] She said she chose to be a journalist because it is important that people grasp what is going on around them. 她说选择做记者是因为人们了解周围发生的事是很重要的。

(1)vt.理解, 领会;抓牢, 抓紧 ①He grasped her firmly by the arm.他紧紧地抓住她的胳膊。

grasp that/wh 从句 grasp at sth. ②I

理解?? 抓住机会 尽力抓住某物 to work abroad.

grasp a chance/an opportunity

我毫不犹豫地抓住了去国外工作的机会。 (2)n.抓,紧握;理解(力), 领会 ③He held my hand in a friendly grasp. 他友好地握着我的手。

have a grasp of sth.理解某事 beyond one's grasp 超出某人的理解能力

④How come you have such a good grasp of English? 你的英语是怎么掌握得这么好的? 5.commit (1)vt.投入;花(时间或金钱等) commit ...to ... committed adj. 投入 效忠的, 忠于??的

be committed to (doing) sth. 献身于/致力于某事 ①They called on western countries to commit more money to the poorest countries. 他们呼吁西方国家给最贫穷的国家投入更多的资金。 ② 他献身于谋求世界和平的事业。 (2)vt.犯(错误、罪行等) the cause of world peace.

commit a mistake/crime commit suicide ③Whoever


自杀 will be punished by law.

任何人犯了罪都要受到法律的制裁。 (3)vt.保证;答应, 承诺 ④We can't commit ourselves to any concrete proposals.我们不能允诺提供什么具体的建议。

短语汇锦 1.make up 编造;组成, 构成;把??补上;化妆;和解 [教材原句] Make up information about yourself. 组织一下你自己的信息。 ①Jack made up a story to amuse his little brother. 编造 ②We rehearsed all day on Saturday,to make up for lost time. 把??补上 ③Women make up 56% of the student numbers. 组成, 构成 ④Most women make up on formal occasions. 化妆 ⑤They quarrelled the other day but they made up soon. 和解

make up one’s mind make up for make use of be made up of

下决心 弥补, 补偿

利用, 使用 由??组成

⑥She has made up her mind to work hard.她已下定决心努力学习。 ⑦Human tissue is made up of cells.人体的组织是由细胞组成的。 2.make out [教材原句] Make out you understand something when you don't! 假装明白你根本不明白的事情! (1)假装, 声称 ①Let's make out that we know nothing about it.我们就假装对那事一无所知。 ②They aren't as rich as they (2)看清;听清;分清 ③I could hardly make out anything in the thick fog.在浓雾中我几乎什么也看不见。 (3)理解;明白 ④It's difficult for us to 3.go into detail(s)讨论, 细谈 [教材原句] Go into a lot of detail about your personal life. 详细讲述你的个人私事。 ①The mayor didn't have time so far to go into detail, but he gave us an idea about his plan. 市长还没来得及详尽地说明, 但他向我们透露了该计划的总体构想。 his ideas.我们很难理解他的想法。 .他们并不像所声称的那么富有。

②Please tell me what happened in a few words; don't .请扼要告诉我发生了什么事情,不必讲得太细。 in detail 详细地 ③The teacher explained the text in detail.老师详细地解释了课文。 4.believe in 信任, 信仰;相信 [教材原句] I asked her how she had achieved success and she told me that being curious, working hard, and believing in what was true made her the success she is today. 当我问她是如何取得成功时, 她告诉我保持好奇心, 努力工作和相信真实的事情使她获得今天 的成功。 ①The manager believes in him very much 经理很信任他。 ②If I do not see the aliens with my own eyes, I will not their existence.如果不亲眼看见外星人, 我不会相信他们的存在。 [语境串记] I believe him, but I don't believe in him because he always tells lies to me. 我相信他说的话, 但我并不信任他, 因为他总对我撒谎。 5.turn over [教材原句] ...and we would even turn over stones to ??我们甚至会翻过石头来看那儿的小生物。 (1)反转;翻身 ①I turned the record over to see what was on the other side. 我把唱片翻过来, 看看另一面录制的是什么内容。 ②She (2)移交,送交 turn sb./sth.over to sb.将某人/某物移交给某人 ③He turned the business over to his daughter. 他把生意交给女儿。 (2)认真思考,仔细考虑 ④She the problem in her mind.她仔细考虑了这个问题。 6.pay off 得到好结果;取得成功;偿清债务 [教材原句] This paid off because she won an award for the report. 她的坚持获得了成功, 因为她的报道获奖了。 ①His hard work paid off and he was admitted into ②After all these years we've at last 经过这么多年, 我们总算把所有的债务都还清了。 Qing Hua University after a year. our debts. 他的努力得到了回报, 一年之后, 他被清华大学录取了。 and went back to sleep. 她翻了个身, 又睡过去了。 look at the little creatures there.

pay back 偿还, 还钱给(某人);回报 pay for 付款;为??付出代价

③He promised that he would pay back the money within two weeks. 他答应两周内还钱。 ④It’s very convenient to 用信用卡付款非常方便。 句型展示 1.[句型展示] [典例背诵] The instant I heard China's first aircraft carrier the Varyag started its first sea trial, I jumped with joy. 一听到中国首艘航母平台“瓦良格号”开始第一次海试,我就高兴地跳了起来。 2. [句型展示] I discovered then that I am committed and never give up I will be able to produce high quality reports. 那时我发现只要坚持不懈, 永不放弃我就能写出高质量的报道来。 [典例背诵] As long as it can protect the environment, I am 只要能保护环境, 我就愿意过低碳生活。 1. 语引导时间状 语从句, 相当于 as soon as。 ①We recognized Zhang Ziyi the instant she entered the room. 章子怡一进房间, 我们就把她认出来了。 ②I started the moment/the minute/the instant your letter arrived. 我一收到你的信就动身了。 ③I'll tell you instantly/immediately/directly I know. 我一知道就马上告诉你。 ④No sooner had he arrived than he was asked to leave again. 他一到就又被支走了。 ⑤Scarcely/Hardly had I got to the station when the train left. 我刚到火车站, 火车就开走了。 ⑥名词性短语 语从句, 表示“一??就??”。 ⑦副词 , ,directly 等也可引导时间状语从句, 表示 , the instant 等可引导时间状 she stopped asking questions,I got up and went out of the room. 她一停止问问题, 我就站起来, 走到房间外。 the instant ...“一??就??”是名词性短 willing to live a lowcarbon life. she stopped asking questions, I got up and went out of the room.她一停止问问题, 我就站起来, 走到房间外。 things by credit cards.

“一??就??”。 ⑧ 连 词 等也可引导时间状语从句, 表示“一??就??”。 2.I discovered then that able to produce high quality reports. I am committed and never give up I will be ,

那时我发现只要坚持不懈, 永不放弃我就能写出高质量的报道来。 (1)as long as 表示“只要”,相当于 so long as, 引导条件状语从句。 ①As/So long as we can buy Jay Chou's new album, I'll go with you. 只要我们能买到周杰伦的新专辑, 我就和你去。 ②We will get a good result 只要我们努力工作, 就能得到好的结果。 [点津] as long as 还有“与??一样长”之意。 we work hard.

This road is as long as that one. 这条路与那条路一样长。 (2)引导条件状语从句的连词还有:on condition that, provided/providing (that), only if, if 等。 ③I'll come 在我的双亲也受邀请的条件下, 我才会来。 ④We'll buy everything you produce, provided of course the price is right. 当然了, 倘若价格合适, 我们将采购你们产品的全部。 my parents are invited, too.



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