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2014届高考英语(人教版)二轮复习高频考点教学课件:必修三 Unit4 Astronomy the science of the stars


1.I write this letter to apply for the position that you have advertised in China Daily of April 2nd. 我写这封信的目的是申请你刊登在4月2日《中国日报》上的 那个工作岗位。 2.I feel that I am fit for it very much for both my education and experience. 鉴于我的教育和经验,我感觉非常适合它(这份工作)。

3.I love sports and enjoy perfect health, which may be

important to the volunteer work.
我喜欢运动而且非常健康,这一点对志愿者工作来说非 常重要。 4.A lot of my friends are football fans and I'm familiar with the tourist attractions in Weihai.


二、连句成篇并背诵(选用“last but not least, and, what's

I write this letter to apply for the position that you have advertised in China Daily of April 2nd. And I feel that I am fit for it very much for both my education and experience. What's more , I love sports and enjoy perfect Last health, which may be important to the volunteer work. ____ but not least , a lot of my friends are football fans and I'm

familiar with the tourist attractions in Weihai.

Ⅰ.高频单词必记 1. system n. 2. theory n. 3. atmosphere n.

学说;理论 大气层;气氛 基本的;基础的 因此;于是

4.fundamental adj. 5. thus adv.

6. puzzle

vt.& vi.


7. gentle adj. 温和的;文雅的

8. crash vi.& vt. 碰撞;坠落 9. pull n.& vt. 拉(力);拖;牵引力 10. float vi.& vt. (使)浮动;(使)漂浮 n. 漂浮物 11. unlike prep.不同;不像→ like vt.喜欢prep.相像的 → likely adj.可能的 12. violent adj.猛烈的;激烈的;强暴的→ violence n.暴 力→ violently adv.暴力地;猛烈地 harmless 13. harmful adj.有害的→ harm n.& v.伤害→________ adj.无害的 14. exist vi.存在;生存→ existence n.存在;生存


(1)The robbers hit them violently .They couldn't bear it any violence more so they decided to answer violence with ________
and began their violent fightback.(violent) (2)This object gives off harmful gases.They may do harm _____

to our health.You must make the object harmless before you use it.(harmful) (3)Do you believe in the existence of ghosts?Perhaps they

only exist in the minds of some people.(exist)

请根据词性和汉语提示写出以ful为后缀的高频单词 (1) awful adj. (2) cheerful adj. (3) faithful adj. (4) grateful adj. (5) hopeful adj. 可怕的;使人不愉快的;极讨厌的 兴高采烈的;高兴的 忠实的;忠诚的;尽职的;可靠的 感激的;感谢的 怀有希望的;有希望的

*1. in time 2. lay eggs *3. give birth to 4. in one's turn 5. prevent ...from *6. cheer up *7. now that *8. break out 9. watch out 及时;终于 下蛋 产生;分娩 轮到某人;接着 阻止;制止 感到高兴;感到振奋 既然 突发;爆发 密切注视;当心;提防

*10. block out


选用以上标有*的短语填空(其中有一项是多余的) 1.We put a curtain across the window to block out the sunlight.

2.You ought to have a good rest now that you've finished the
work. 3.It was the study of history that gave birth to the social sciences. 4.Do you think we'll be in time to catch the train to go to Paris?

5.I do hope she can cheer up and accept the challenge of life

1.But when I tried to step forward, I found I was carried twice

as far as on the earth and fell over.
而当我试着向前迈步时,我发觉我被送出去很远,步子的跨 度竟是在地球上的两倍,因而我摔倒了。 [解读] “twice as+形容词原级+as”是倍数表达法之一。 [仿写] 新技术被引进后,这个工厂2012年生产的机器是去

After the new technique was introduced, the factory produced twice as many machines in 2012 as the year before.

2.This produced a chain reaction, which made it possible for
life to develop. 这就产生了一系列的反应,使得生命就有可能开始发展了。 [解读] 句中的it是形式宾语,真正的宾语是不定式短语to develop。 [仿写] 这两个女孩长得很像,陌生人很难把她们区分开。 The two girls are so alike that strangers ________________ find it difficult to

one from the other. tell

3.“Oh, dear, ” I cried, “walking does need a bit of practice

now that gravity has changed.”
“天哪,”我大声说,“重力改变了,看来走路也的确需 要练一练了。” [解读] now that “由于;既然”,引导原因状语从句, 有时that可以省略。

[仿写] 你既然得到了一个机会,不妨充分利用它。
Now that you've got a chance , you might as well make full use of it.

4.The earth became so violent that it was not clear whether the shape would last or not.

会继续存在下去。 [解读] whether ... or not“是否??”。 [仿写] 你是否参加她的生日晚会都没有太大关系。 whether you will take part in her It doesn't matter much _____________________________ birthday party or not .

1.harmful adj.有害的,其反义词为harmless [经典例句] Experts point out that fruit juices can be harmful to children's teeth.(牛津P803) 专家指出果汁可能损害儿童的牙齿。
(1)be harmful to sb./sth. ?2?do harm to sb.? ? ? ? do sb.harm ? 对某人/某物有害


(3)There is no harm in doing sth./It does no harm to do sth.做某事是个好主意(或没有坏处)

①Air pollution will get worse and this will be harmful to people; for example, it can cause cancer.

引发癌症。 ②As far as I'm concerned, there is no harm in making an apology to him first. 就我个人而言,先向他道歉没有什么坏处。

2.exist vi.存在;生存 [教材原句] They laid eggs too and existed on the earth

for more than 140 million years.
它们也生蛋,在地球上存在了一亿四千多年。 (1)exist in exist on 存在于??之中 靠??为生

There exists/existed ... 某地有??;存在?? (2)existence n. 存在;生存

come into existence


①There exists a good way to solve the existing problem in geography.

②They can't exist on the money he's earning. 他们靠他挣的那点钱无法维持生活。 ③As is known to us, China came into existence as an independent country in 1949.


3.puzzle vt.使迷惑;使为难;使窘困;感到迷惑n.(游戏的) 猜谜;难题;谜 [教材原句] How life began on earth is one of the biggest puzzles that scientists found hard to solve. 地球生命如何起源是科学家们觉得很难解决的最大的难

(1)puzzle over/about sth.苦苦思索/仔细琢 磨?? puzzle sth.out 琢磨出??的答案 a puzzle to sb. 某人不懂 (2)puzzled adj. 迷惑不解的(常用来修饰人) puzzling adj. 令人迷惑不解的(常用来修饰事物)

①It puzzles scientists how these creatures can survive in such severe conditions.

疑惑。 ②I've been trying to puzzle out why she's so upset. 我一直想试图搞清楚她为什么如此烦恼。 ③Her puzzled look on her face suggested she didn't

understand what I said.

4.pull n.& vt.拉(力);拖;牵引力 [教材原句] As the rocket rose into the air, we were

pushed back into our seats because we were trying to escape the pull of the earth's gravity.


pull away pull down pull in pull out pull through

(汽车等)开走 拆毁;摧毁 (车辆)进站停靠;靠边停靠 驶出;拉出,拔出 康复;痊愈

①They are pulling down those houses to make room for a

new hotel.
为了给新旅馆腾地,他们正在拆除那些房屋。 ②We waved as the train pulled out of the station 火车驶出车站时我们挥手告别。 ③The police car signalled to us to pull in.



Ⅰ.用所给词的适当形式填空 1. Unlike most people in the office who come to work by car, I usually come to work by bus.(like) 2.I consider that it is harmful for students to play computer

games, though some of them don't think so.(harm) puzzling 3.There was a puzzled look on her face because a ________
problem puzzled the little girl.(puzzle) 4.Nobody knows when the world came into existence .(exist)


1.(2013· 成都部分高中高三质检)His injuries are extremely
serious, but he's expected to _____________ . A.pull in C.pull up B.pull through D.pull over


望恢复。pull in“驶向路边停下;进站”;pull
through“恢复健康”;pull up“停下”;pull over“停靠在 路边”。根据句意选B项。 答案:B

2.(2013· 淄博模拟) _____________ a certain doubt among the workers as to the necessity of the work.

A.It existed
C.There had

B.There existed
D.It had

解析:句意:对于做这份工作的必要性,工人们存在一定 的疑惑。there exists/existed ...“有;存在”;相当于there be ...结构。 答案:B

————————[教师备课参考]———————— there be句型的非谓语形式包括there being 和there to be两种 基本形式。 (2013· 山东实验中学诊断)There _____________ nothing more to do, Mr.Goodman left for home. A.was B.being C.to be D.had been 解析:句意:没有另外的事可做,古德曼先生回家了。因 为there前没有引导词,Mr. Goodman前也无连接词,所以, 本句应该用独立主格结构,所以用现在分词being表主动含 义。
答案:B ——————————————————————————

3.The girl looked at me with a _____________

expression.Maybe that problem was quite ________ .
A.puzzled; puzzling C.puzzled; puzzled B.puzzling; puzzled D.puzzling; puzzling

解析:句意:这个女孩满脸迷惑地看着我。也许那个 问题很让人迷惑。a puzzled expression“迷惑的表情”;


4.Doctors always tell us that drinking too much
_____________ our health, but some people don't care. A.is harm to C.is harmful to B.does harmful to D.do harm to

解析:句意:医生总是告诉我们饮酒太多有害健康,但 有些人却不在意。be harmful to sb.= do harm to sb. “对 某人有害”。D项应用第三人称单数。 答案:C

1.in time及时;终于;总有一天 [经典例句] I should be back in time to watch the show.(朗文P2162) 我应该能及时赶回来观看那场表演。
(1)in no time at no time at a time at one time at the same time from time to time (2)take one's time kill time 立刻;马上 绝不 每次;一次 曾经;一度 同时 有时;偶尔 别着急;慢慢来 消磨时间

①If you keep on, you will succeed in time. 如果坚持下去,你迟早会成功的。 ②Luckily, I quickly adapted and everything was back in no time.

③At one time, half the land on the earth's surface was covered by forest. 曾经,地球表面有一半的土地被森林所覆盖。 ④At no time will smoking be permitted here. 这里绝不允许吸烟。

[链接高考] (2012· 江苏高考)—Thank God you're safe! —I stepped back, just _____________ to avoid the racing car. A.in time C.in need B.in case D.in vain

了!”“我向后退了一步,正好及时避过了赛车。”in time“及时”,符合句意。in case“万一;假使”;in need“需 要”;in vain“徒劳;无济于事”。


2.in one's turn轮到某人;接着


Thus they have, in their turn, become the

most important animals on the planet. 于是,他们接着成为了这个行星上最重要的动物。 in turn by turns 依次;轮流;反之;反过来 轮流;交替地

take turns to do sth. 轮流做某事
It is one's turn to do sth. It turns/turned out that ... 轮到某人做某事 结果??

①When it is in my turn, I am too excited to speak.
当轮到我时,我激动得都说不出话来了。 ②You can't all do it together; you'll have to take turns. 你们不能全体一齐上,你们得轮流做。 ③People try to avoid public transportation delays by using

their own cars, and this in turn creates more problems.
人们使用自己的小汽车避免公共交通延误,反过来,这将造 成更多的问题。

3.cheer up(使)高兴;(使)振奋;感到高兴;感到振奋 [教材原句] I cheered up immediately and floated weightlessly around in our spaceship cabin watching the

earth become smaller and the moon larger.
我立刻高兴起来,由于失重我在太空舱里飘来飘去,我望 着(身后的)地球越来越小,而(前方的)月亮越来越大。 (1)cheer v. cheer sb. on 油 欢呼;喝彩 (比赛中)以喝彩声鼓励;为某人加

(2)cheerful adj. 快乐的;高兴的
(3)Cheers! (用于祝酒)干杯!

①Give Mary a call; she needs cheering up. 给玛丽打个电话,她需要人安慰。

②They do this in order to encourage crowds to cheer their
sports team on .



(2011· 浙江高考)If they win the final tonight, the team are going
to tour around the city _____________ by their enthusiastic supporters. A.being cheered C.to be cheered B.be cheered D.were cheered

获胜的话,他们队将环游城市,接受他们热情的支持者的欢 呼。”可知,此处应用动词不定式表示将来。故选C项。 答案:C


prevent him 1.Once he has made up his mind, no one can ____________ from carrying out (阻止他执行) the plan. 2.—Mary looks a little unhappy today. —Yes.We must do something to cheer her up (使她振

3.Before the war broke out (战争爆发), many people put

away safe places possessions they could not take with them.

4.Will you be home in time to see the children 看看孩子) before they go to bed?


5.You've made me suffer in the past, so now you, ___ in your turn (轮到你了), suffer again!
6.Hans finally got the hang of his job 作) after three months of training. (熟悉他的工


1.—I'm thinking of the test tomorrow.I'm afraid I can't
pass this time. — _____________ !I'm sure you'll make it.

A.Go ahead
C.No problem

B.Good luck
D.Cheer up


据上下文只有cheer up “振作起来”符合句意。go ahead “继续”; good luck “好运气”; no problem

“没问题”。 答案:D

2.—I'm not good at dancing, you know.

— _____________ It's just for fun.
A.Don't say so. C.What a pity! B.Come on! D.Cheer up.

解析:后句句意:来吧!我们只是玩玩。come on “得 了吧;来吧”; what a pity “真是遗憾”; cheer up


3.Tom has agreed to let me use his computer to surf the

Internet, and _____________ I'm treating him to a good
dinner at the newlybuilt restaurant just around the corner. A.in charge C.in return B.in place D.in turn


一顿。in charge“负责;掌管”;in place“在适当的位 置”;in return“作为回报”;in turn“反过来”。 答案:C

4. _____________ , I lost heart in English learning, but

my teacher often said to me, “Keep on working hard,
and you'll succeed _____________ .” A.At a time; in time C.At one time; in time B.At a time; on time D.At one time; on time


常对我说,“继续努力学习,你最终会成功的。” at
one time “曾经;一度”; in time “早晚;迟早;及

时”。 答案:D

5.We usually take turns _____________ cleaning, and today it is my turn _____________ it. A.to do; doing C.done; doing B.do; do D.to do; to do

解析:考查搭配take turns to do sth.“轮流干某事”及it
is one's turn to do sth.“轮到某人干某事”。 答案:D

1.“Oh dear,” I cried, “walking does need a bit of practice now that gravity has changed.” “天哪,”我大声说,“重力改变了,看来走路也的确需 要练一练了。” now that“既然;由于”,引导原因状语从句。在语义上 相当于since,that在口语中可省略。 ①Now that most children nowadays are the only one of the family, they tend to be more selfcentered.


Now that they have computers ② , it becomes easier for them to solve the problem. 既然他们有计算机了,处理这个问题就更容易了。 ③Now you have grown up, you can make up your mind by yourself. 你已长大了,可以自己作决定了。 2.But when I tried to step forward, I found I was carried twice as far as on the earth and fell over. 而当我试着向前迈步时,我发觉我被送出去很远,步子的 跨度竟是在地球上的两倍,因而我摔倒了。 twice as far as ...是一种倍数的表示方法,意为“是??的 两倍远”。as far as ...“远到??”。


?A+be+倍数+as+adj./adv.原级+as B ? ?A+be+倍数+adj./adv.比较级+than B ? ?A+be+倍数+the+名词?size/weight/length ...?+of B ?A+倍数+what从句,表示“A是??的多少倍”。 ? ①The new stadium being built for the next Asian Games will be three times as big as the present one.(2011· 陕西高考单项填空) 正在建造的下届亚运会的新体育馆将是目前这个的三倍大。 ②There are five times more books in our library than in yours. 我们图书馆里的书比你们图书馆里的书多五倍。 ③The world's population has grown to more than six times what it was in 1800. 目前世界人口与1800年相比已经增长到当时的六倍多。


(2012· 新课标全国卷)This restaurant wasn't __________ that
other restaurant we went to. A.half as good as C.as good as half B.as half good as D.good as half as




[句型对点集训] Ⅰ.完成句子

1. Now that everyone agrees to the plan


个计划), let's start for Shanghai next weekend.(now) 2.The new bridge is three times the width of (三倍宽) that

one built last year.(width) 3. We feel it our duty (感觉是我们的职责) to make our

country a better place.(it)


1.My uncle's house in the downtown area is much smaller than ours, but it is twice _____________ A.as C.too B.so D.very expensive.


it is twice as expensive as ours。 答案:A

2.(2012· 东北三校第二次联考)It is shown that men have
_____________ as women do on average while driving according to recent statistics. A.twice as many serious accidents B.serious accidents as twice many C.twice serious accidents as many D.serious accidents as many twice 解析:考查倍数表达法。句意:最近的数据表明,男士

是倍数表达方式“倍数词+as many+名词...as ...”。 答案:A

3.(2013· 云南高中毕业生检测)Roger had a GPS device fitted in his car _____________ he lost his way in the city.

A.so that
C.in case

B.now that
D.as if

解析:句意:罗杰让人在车上安装了GPS设备,以防在城 里迷路。in case引导条件状语从句,表示“以防;万一”, 符合句意。 答案:C

4. _____________ we lost the game, it's no use
complaining that we are not having much luck. A.In order that C.As if B.Now that D.Such that

解析:考查状语从句。句意:既然我们输掉了比赛,抱 怨我们运气不好是没有用的。根据句意可知这里要用 now that引导原因状语从句,意思是“既然;由于”。 答案:B

主语从句 1.(2013· 石家庄质检) _____________ is obviously right is to

give all children equal opportunities to develop their
special gift. A.It C.That B.As D.What




2.(2013· 唐山模拟)It makes his life quite different

_____________ he has received higher education
abroad. A.that C.what B.which D.how


主语是“that he has received higher education abroad”。

3.(2013· 温州模拟)Please remember _____________

wins your respect is not your background but your
knowledge and virtues. A.that C.which B.what D.where


remember之后为宾语从句,其中, what wins your respect又为主语从句。 答案:B

4.(2012· 福建六校联考) _____________ is known to us all is

that the Chinese government has spared no efforts to
protect people from fake food. A.As C.That B.It D.What


成分;如果用as构成定语从句,则应表达为As is known to us all the Chinese ...;如果用形式主语it,则表达为It is known to us all that the Chinese ...。


5.(2013· 西安高三质检)He left home without saying a
word, and _____________ A.where he has gone C.which place has he gone worries many people. B.where did he go D.where has he gone

解析:考查从句的语序。这是一个主语从句,需使用 陈述句语序。 答案:A
4演练见“课 时跟踪检测 (十四)”

有些单词的形式相似,其词性和意义却相差甚远,如:like (作为动 词时,意为“喜欢”;作为介词时意为“相像的;类似的”); dislike (动词,意为“不喜欢”);unlike (介词,意为“不像”); alike (形容词,意为“相同;一样;相似”)。 Has some bad thing happened to her? It's _____________ her to drink so much. A.like B.dislike C.unlike D.alike 解析:句意:她发生不好的事情了吗?喝那么多的酒不像她的风格。 It's unlike sb. to do sth.“做??不像某人平常的样子”。 答案:C


(1)引导结果状语从句的从属连词有:so that, so ...that ..., such ...that ...。在非正式语体中,由so ...that ..., such ...that ...引导的 句子中that可以省略,注意其结构形式:

?so+形容词/副词+that从句 ? ?so+形容词+a/an+可数名词单数形式+that从句 ?so+many/much/few/little ?少?+可数名词复数形式/不可数名词+that从句 ? ?such+a/an+形容词+可数名词单数形式+that从句 ? ?such+形容词+可数名词复数形式/不可数名词+that从句 ?such+a lot of/lots of+可数名词复数形式/不可数名词+that从句 ?
He earned so little money that he couldn't support his family. 他挣的钱这么少,以至于养不起家。


[注意] 当so或such置于句首时,主句要用倒装语序。 So clever a student was he that he was able to work out all the difficult problems. 他是一个如此聪明的学生,以至于成功地解出了所有难题。 (2)除结果状语从句外,too ...to ...(太??而不能??),enough to ...(达到某种程度可以??),so ...as to ...(那么??以至 于??)等不定式结构同样可以表示结果。 He didn't get up early enough to catch the bus. = He got up too late to catch the bus. = He got up so late as to miss the bus. 他起床太晚了,没有赶上那班公共汽车。



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