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必修一 Unit 1 知识点
一. 重点词汇及短语 1. Warm up: boring, relaxing, stressful, peaceful, active, interesting, dangerous, exciting. 2. Lesson one:

7/22/2014 星期四

wake up, get up, turn on, go downstairs, at the moment, switch on/off/over, do some exercise, take sb./sth. for a walk, live this lifestyle, at one’s desk, normally, go off, as soon as, it takes sb. some time to do sth,, get changed, get on, take up, bring back, so that, complain about, make money, besides. 3. Lesson two: suffer from, pressure, reduce, organize, take place, can’t stand, prefer. 4. Lesson three: volunteer, graduate, challenge, decision, support, solve. 5. Lesson four: by 9 o’clock, so…that…, crowded, arrive at/in, spend, otherwise, forecast, far away from, go walking, make sure, look after, distance, be interested in, get the chance to do sth, unfortunately, as…as…, especially. 6. Communication workshop & culture corner & bulletin board: for a long time, anyway, over the years, think of, as a result, come up with, in order to, play an important part in, have an important role in, as well as, offer, in fact, ask for. 二. 单词聚焦 1. 与感觉有关的及物动词以–ing 结尾和-ed 结尾做形容词 -ing 令人有某种感觉,-ed 人被引起某种感觉 Move, excite, frighten, disappoint, pleas, satisfy, surprise, interest, encourage, bore 2. suppose vt. 猜想,料想;认为,相信 (1) suppose+that-clause 认为,猜想 eg: I ~(that) you are right. 我认为你说的对。 (2) 做假定,假设,相当于 if eg: ~your father saw you now, what would you say? 假设你父亲现在看到了你,你该怎么说? (3) Be supposed to do 被期望或要求,应该 eg: I thought we were ~ to be paid today. 我以为我们今天会发薪水呢。 (4) Be not supposed to do 不应当,不准 eg: We are not ~ to play football on Sundays. 我们不准在礼拜天踢足球。 (5) Supposing that-clause 假定 (supposing 做连词)eg: ~ (that) you are wrong, what will you do then? 假定你错了, 你将会做什么呢? 考点:否定前移 suppose, think, imagine, believe 3. control sb take ~of/over sb/sth 控制某人/事 lose ~ of/over sb/sth 失控 4. 名词前有序数词时用不定式做定语 eg: I am always the first person to get to the office. 5. take up (1)占据 eg: This table takes up too much room. 这张桌子太占地方了。 (2)开始做 eg: When can you take up your duties? 你什么时候可以开始工作? (3)向……提出 eg: He said he would take up my difficulties with the headmaster. 他说他要向校长先生提出我的困难。 6. be filled with= be full of 充满 eg: Her eyes are filled with tears. 1 be in ~ of/over sb/sth 控制某人/事 under ~ 受到控制 be out of ~ 失去控制 eg: I don’t suppose anyone will volunteer, will they?

必修一 Unit 1 知识点
7. complain vt./vi. 抱怨,埋怨;投诉,控诉 (1)~ (to sb) about/of sth. (向某人)抱怨,诉说,投诉某事

7/22/2014 星期四

eg: Some customers are complaining to the manager of /about the quality of the food. 一些顾客正在向经理投诉这些食品 的质量。 (2)~ (to sb) that… (向某人)抱怨…… eg: We complained to the hotel manager that the room was too noisy. 我们向酒店经理投诉,这个房子太吵了。 8. suffer 遭受痛苦,疾病,寒冷,饥饿,损失等。 Suffer from a bad cold 9. stand+v-ing eg: She couldn’t stand being kept waiting. 叫她等着,她会受不了。 10. prefer (1)~ sb to do sth 更愿意某人做某事. (2)~ to do A rather than do B 宁愿做 A 而不愿意做 B (3)~ (doing) A to (doing) B 宁愿做 A 二不愿意做 B eg: On a cold day he prefers going out to play football to staying at home. 11. support in ~ of sb/sth 支持/同意某人/某物 eg: He made a speech in support of a ban on arms supplies. 他发表演讲支持武器禁运。 12. otherwise 否则,不然,除此之外 eg: My parents lend me the money. Otherwise, I couldn’t have afforded the trip. 13. distance n. 距离;间距 at/from a ~ 离一段距离,从远处 in the ~ 在远处,在远方 a ~ of 200km 200 千米的距离 14. anyway 无论如何,反正,不管怎样 eg: Anyway, I’d better go now—see you tomorrow. 反正我还是现在走的好——明天见。 The water was cold but I took a shower anyway. 水很冷,不过我还是冲了个淋浴。 15. come up with 产生,发现,想出(办法,答案) eg: We shall try to come up with the solution to the problem. 我们将尽快想出解决问题的办法。 16. play/have an important role/part in 在……中发挥重要的作用 eg: He plays an important part in solving the dispute between the two countries. 他在解决两国争端中发挥重要作用。 三. 词语比较 1. switch switch on=turn on 把开关打开 switch off=turn off 2. 表示花费 (1) it takes sb some time to do sth 2 eg: It took her 3 hours to mend her bike. 把……关掉 switch over 转换频道,转变

必修一 Unit 1 知识点
(2) Spend on sth/ (in) doing sth (3) cost (4) pay 3. pressure Under ~ of 在……的压力下 Cause ~ 造成压力 4. reduce (1)~ sth to 减少到了(多少) eg: the number of employees was reduced from 40 to 20. 雇员从 40 个减少到了 20 个。 (2)~ sth by 减少了(多少) eg: costs have been reduced by 20% over the past year. 过去一年,各项费用已经减少了 20% 5. so…that… 如此……以至于…… eg: he was so fat that he couldn’t get through the door. 他胖得无法穿过这道门。 (1)So + adj + a(n)+单数可数名词 eg: so wonderful a day 如此精彩的一天 (2)Such + adj + 不可数名词 eg: such great progress 如此巨大的进步 It was such fine weather that everyone wanted to go outing. 6. moment (1) at the moment 此刻,目前 eg: I am busy at the moment, but I will do it later. 我现在很忙,但是我稍后会处理这件事的。 (2)for the moment 暂时,目前 eg: they are living in an ugly house for the moment. 他们暂时住在一间简陋的房子里。 (3) in a moment 一会儿,立刻,马上 eg: he will come back in a moment, 他马上就会回来。 7. result (1) as a result 结果,因此(独立做状语) Put/bring ~ on 给……压力 Suffer ~ 承受压力

7/22/2014 星期四

eg: as a result, people often got hungry during the long wait between these two meals. 结果,人们常常在等待下一顿正 餐时会感到饥肠辘辘。 (2)as a result of 由于……(接名词或代词,做状语) eg: as a result of the long wait between these two meals, people often got hungry. (3)result from 因……引起,起因与…… eg: the traffic accident result from his careless driving. 这次交通事故是由于他的粗心驾驶造成的。 (4)result in 导致 eg: his careless driving result in the traffic accident. 8. especially, specially (1)especially adv. 特殊地;尤其是 侧重于多种事物或人中比较突出的。I like all the subjects at school, especially English. (尤其是英语) especially 后可接介词短语或从句。I like the Yuelu Mountains, especially in spring. ( 尤其是在春天) Noise is unpleasant, especially when you are trying to sleep. (2)specially 侧重特意地、专门地做某事 (后面常接 for sb. 或 to do sth.) I made a chocolate cake specially for you. 3

必修一 Unit 1 知识点
9. except for, except, but, besides 表示“除了”的词或短语有:except; but; except for; besides; except that (when...) 等。

7/22/2014 星期四

(1) except 和 but 都表示“除了……之外。没有”,二者大多数情况下可以互换;但在 no, all, nobody, nothing, no one 等词后 多用 but。No one knows our teacher's address except / but him. (排除 him) (2) besides 除……之外,还……,有附加性。What other foreign languages do you know besides English? (English 与 other languages 都属于 know 的范围) (3) except for 只不过……, 整体肯定, 部分修正, 用于排除非同类事物, for 表示细节上的修正。 Your article is well written except for a few spelling mistakes. 8.as well as 与 as well (1)as well 常用作状语,作“又;也”解,相当于 too 或 also,常位于句末,无须用逗号与句子分开。如: I am going to London and my sister is going as well (=going,too). 我要到伦敦去,我妹妹也要去。 I not only play the guitar,I sing as well(=I also sing ). 我不但弹吉他,而且还演唱。 (2)1、as well as 常用来连接两个并列的成分,如名词、形容词、动词、介词,通常不位于句首。作“也,还”解。它强调的是前一项, 后一项只是顺便提及。因此连接并列主语时,谓语动词与前一项一致;翻译时要先译后面,再译前面。而用 not only ...but also...连 接时,谓语动词与后一项一致。如: Your wife as well as you is friendly to me. 不仅你而且你的妻子也对我很友好。 (=Not only you but also your wife is friendly to me、 ) 2、as well as 用来表示同级比较,指“一样好”。如: He plays the guitar as well as you. 他的吉他弹得和你一样好。 3、用作介词,此时,as well as 相当于 besides,in addition to,意思为“除……之外”,后面通常接名词或动词,尤其是位于句首时。 As well as / Besides / In addition to eating five course meals, they drank seven bottles of wine. 除了五道菜外,他们还 喝了七瓶酒。 9. 一般将来时 (1)shall/will + 动词原形,表示单纯地将来或必然的将来;表心愿,决心 We shall know more and more as time goes on. What are you going to be in the future? I’m about to go to the cinema. All these are to be answered for! They are leaving for Shanghai next week. School begins on September. No one knows what will happen in the future. (2)be going to + 动词原形,表示计划,打算;表示客观迹象 Look! The clouds are gathering. It is going to rain. The train is about to leave. You are not to smoke in the meeting-room. When are you going abroad? The plane takes off at 15:00. (3)be about to + 动词原形,表示即将或正要去做……,不与时间状语连用,但可和 when 从句连用 (4)be to + 动词原形,表示预计要做……,表命令,禁止(应该……) (5)be doing,表示按计划或安排即将发生的动作,常限于 go, come, start, leave, reach, arrive, return, move 等位移动词。 (6)do,表示按规定预计要发生的未来的动作,常限于 go, come, leave, start, stay, return, begin 等动词。




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