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Unit 6 Language Points




Unit 6 Boys and Girls Reading

Language points

Let’s talk about this! For girls, do you still believe that boys have better math ability than girls? Why or why not?

Useful expressions:
1. Are there some individuals born with an innate ability to do well in math? 有些人天生就具有数学天赋吗?

bear (bore,born) vt. 承担; 忍 受; 支撑; 生育
1.我不忍看你这样 I can't bear to see you like this. 2.这块冰不够重,承受不了这个重量。 The ice is not thick enough to bear the weight.

born adj.出生的,出身于……的; 天

be born with 与生具有…… 他生来记性就好.

He was born with a good memory.

to talk 1.He can't bear _________(talk) about this, even with me. born 2. When I was__________(bear), it was snowing heavily outside. with 3. She is born ___________ a gift for art?

2. Findings from this study convinced the researchers that girls lag behind boys in math and science because of their female brain stucture..
研究中的发现让研究者们相信因为女孩大脑结构的不同,女孩 子在数学和科学方面落后于男孩。

convince 使确信, 使相信
convince sb. to do sth. 说服某人做某事 convince sb. of sth. 使某人相信某事 be convinced of /that... 相信;坚信;深信 convincing (adj.) 令人信服的 convinced (adj.) 坚定不移的
of (1) We finally convinced them ______ our innocence.
are convinced that they will get protected (2)People __________________ from the terrorism.

lag behind 落后;落后于; 逾期付款; 退步 be lag behind 落后了,退步了

lag behind in 在……落后
(1) 我想我退步了。 am _______ behind lag I guess that I _____ ________. (2) 在这方面,我们还比较落后。 lag _______ in We still ______ this respect. behind _____

3. They surveyed a sample of high school students
主语 谓语 宾语

and found out that the boys outperformed the girls
并列谓语 that 引导的宾语从句

because the boys, more than the girls, had been
because 引导的原因状语从句

encouraged to like math.
他们调查了一些高中生发现男孩子比女孩子数学好是因为 男孩子比女孩子更受到鼓励去喜欢数学

encourage vt. 促进;支持;鼓励,鼓舞;鼓动

I encourage my students to use various expressions in the essay. 我鼓励学生在写作中使用不同的表达方式。

encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事

4. Critics, on the other hand, insist that it is
主语 谓语 that..宾 语从句 从句中的形式主语

impossible to learn the true source of the differences

as long as males and females are not treated equally.
as long as 引导的条件状语从句

另一方面,批评家们坚持认为只要男女不平等还存在, 人 们就无法得知差异的真正原因。

insist vt.坚持;强调; 坚决要求;坚决认为 1.insist on/upon (sb./one's) (doing) sth. 如: 你应该坚持你的梦想 You should insist on your dream. 你应该坚持每天锻炼。 You should insist upon doing exercise every day.

你应该坚持要她向你道歉 You should insist on her apologizing to you.

2、insist + that引导的宾语从句 (1)如果insist翻译为“坚持说/坚持认为”,即that从句表示 已经发生的动作时,则宾语从句使用陈述语气,即从句该用 什么时态就用什么时态,当然还要和主句时态保持呼应。 如: was (be) right. She insisted that she ______ had been to Beijing the year She insisted (that) she __________ before. (2)如果insist翻译为“坚持要求/坚持主张”,即that从句 的动作当时尚未发生的话,则宾语从句必须使用虚拟语气, 即从句谓语动词由“should + 动词原形”构成,且should 可以省略。 如: (should) say sorry to him first. He insisted that she ____________

as long as (1) 长达 …… 之久 (2) 只要 ……" ( so long as) as far as (1)远至 (2)就… … 而知,就… … 言 as well as (1) 和……一样好 (2) 和, 也

Fill the blanks with suitable expressions.

as far as, as long as, as well as

1. He walked________the railway station yesterday as far as evening. 2. You may borrow this bookas ________ long as you promise to give it back. 3. _________I’m concerned, she is the most qualified As far as for the job.. well as a native. 4. He speaks English as _________ 5. It took us ________ as long as three years to carry out the plan. as well as doing sports. 6. She likes reading books _________

on the other hand 在另一方面 (通常提出相反的事物 和看法)

on the one hand... on the other hand... 一方面...... 另一方面……

我想去参加聚会,但从另一方面说,我应该 留下来学习。 On the one hand I want to go to the party, but on the other hand I ought to be studying.




Thank you!


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