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Unit 1 1. 一般而言,年轻人喜欢看现场直播的音乐会。 (live) Generally speaking, young people like to go to live concert. 2. 除了价格以外,这个产品的质量也不好。 (apart) Apart from the price, the quality of the product is poor. / is not good. 3. 外国游客被告知中国的火车一般准时发车。(schedule) Foreign visitors are told that trains in China usually leave on schedule. 4. 游泳运动员在奥运会上的表现取决于他们现在训练多努力。(depend) The performance of the swimmers at the Olympic Games depends on how hard they are being trained now . 游泳运动员现在训练多努力决定了他们在奥运会上的表现 (determine) How hard the swimmers are being trained determines their performance at the Olympic Games. 5. 我利用好天气来油漆车库。 I made use of the good weather to paint the garage. I took advantage of the good weather to paint the garage. 6. 如果你时间不紧迫, 让我们步行到植物园区吧。 If your schedule is not tight, let’s walk / take a walk to the Botanical Garden. 7. 上海的地铁总是很拥挤的,尤其是在国定假日。 The underground trains in Shanghai are always overcrowded, especially on National holidays. 8. 斯密斯先生住在离我们不到十英里的地方。 (within) Mr. Smith lives within 10 miles away from us. 9. 这些商品只提供给俱乐部会员使用。 (available) These products are only available to the club members. 10. 这很难说, 得看情况。 (depend) It depends. 11. 当我们完成任务时,所有人都精疲力竭了。 When we finished / fulfilled the task, all of us were tired out. / worn out. 12. 图书馆在暑假期间有没有开放? (available) Is the library available during summer vacation? 13. 我下午有空。 (available) I am available in the afternoon. 14. 我们周末是否出游视天气而定。 (depend) Whether we will go out at the weekend depends on the weather. 15. 那组大学生提前完成了那个项目。 The college students of that group finished the project in advance. / ahead of schedule. 16. 人类的健康依靠的是良好的食物,新鲜的空气,和充足的睡眠。(depend on) The health of human beings depends on good diet, fresh air and enough sleep. 17. 如果你下定决心要学好英语,就必须持之以恒。(determine) If you determine to study English well , you should stick to it. 18. 众所周知,信息技术在最近十年改善了很多。 (over the past decade) As we all know/ As is known to all, the information technology has been improved a lot. 19. 在预定机票前请先确认是否有经济舱位。(available, economy class) Please confirm that the tickets for economy class are available before you book the tickets.

20. 由于大雪,很多航班无法准时出发。 (fail, on schedule) Many flights failed to take off on schedule because of the heavy snow. 21. 在享受省时这一优点的时候,你不得不为坐飞机付更多的钱。(pay for) While enjoying this time-saving advantage, you have to pay more money for taking the plane. 22. 这件艺术品价值连城。 (value n.) This work of art is of great value. 23. 他跟我们说起过他曾经见到过你。 (mention) He mentioned to us that he had seen you before.

Unit 2 1. 聆听古典音乐的感觉无以伦比。 ( There is…) There is no feeling quite like listening to the classic music. 2. 为了准备小组讨论,几乎所有的学生都在忙于收集种种有用的素材。 (busy) To prepare for the group discussion, the students are busy collecting all kinds of useful materials. 3. 从山的顶峰,我们可以鸟瞰那座美丽的山村。 (bird’s eye view) From the top of the hill, we could get a bird’s eye view of that beautiful mountain village. 4. 电影结束时, 没有人想站起来离开影院,因为它太精彩了。( be ready to ) No one was ready to stand up and leave the cinema when the film was over because it was so wonderful / great / terrific / excellent. 5. 在参观大英博物馆时,你可以租借一台放音机,这样你就可以听到各种指示和介绍。 (rent, receive) You can rent a little radio to receive instructions and introductions while visiting the Britain Museum. 6.专家们很为那位研究者取得的成就感到骄傲。 (pride 或者 proud ) The experts took great pride in what the researcher had achieved / the researcher’s achievement. 7. 随着汽车的加速,大瀑布的美丽景色渐渐映入我们的眼帘。 (scenery , view) As the bus sped up, the beautiful scenery of the Great Waterfall gradually come into view. 8. 她的话听起来很合理,但是我们不知道她是否说了实话。 Her words sound reasonable, but we have no idea whether she has told the truth. 9. 他们强烈感觉到这步电影让他们大失所望。 (let…down) They had strong feelings that the movie had let them down. 10. Alice 主动提出送我去校医务室,这真是太好了。 (which) Alice offered to take me to the clinic, which was great / kind. 11. 这个老先生的财产值多少钱? (possessions) What is the value of the old man’s possessions? 12. 计算机被认为是二十世纪对人类产生深刻影响的重要发明。 (regard) The computer is regarded as the most important invention in the twentieth century that has a great effect on mankind. 13. 爱因斯坦因在物理上的相对论而举世闻名。 (have a reputation for ) Einstein had a reputation for the “Theory of Relativity” in physics. 14. 斯密斯先生意志坚强,无论他们说什么,她都做她想做的事。 (will n.) Mr. Smith has a strong will, and he does what he wants no matter what people say.

15. 我不后悔告诉他我所做的。 (regret ) I don’t regret telling him what I did. 16. 坐落在黄浦江畔,东方明珠是最高的建筑之一。 (locate) Located on the Huangpu River, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is one of the highest buildings. 17. 听到警察来了,小偷立刻冲出了房子。 ( in an instant) Hearing the police were coming, the thief rushed out of the house in an instant. 18. 接近那个城镇的时候,你首先看到的建筑是做塔。 (approach) As you approach the town, the first construction you see is the twoer.

Unit 3 1. 阅读占去了我大部分的空余时间。(occupy) Reading occupies most of my free time. 2. 随着越来越多的女性计入各类职场,双收入家庭的数量开始增多。(profession) The number of double-income families is rising as more and more women enter professions. 3. 我们必须小心,不要伤害读者的感情。(offend) We have to be careful not to offend our readers’ feelings. 4. 我们的英语课程非常重视会话技能。(emphasis) Our English course puts great emphasis on conversational skills. 5. 他很敬重那些努力工作的人。(respectful) He is very respectful to those who work hard. 6. 你不应该让士兵们冒不必要的危险。(expose) You shouldn’t expose the soldiers to unnecessary risks. 7.他们没有回我们的信,似乎暗示出他们缺乏兴趣。(imply) Their failure to reply to our letter seems to imply a lack of interest. 8. 敌人在逃往国外前,妄图把所有工厂都毁掉。(attempt) Before they fled to the country, the enemy vainly attempted to destroy all the factories. 9. 培养孩子良好的卫生习惯会为他们的成长奠定良好的基础。(cultivate) Cultivating children’s good habit will lay a solid foundation for their development. 10. 英语词汇量越大,你就会感到读原著的经典作品越轻松。(the more…, the more) The larger the English vocabulary you have, the easier you feel it to read the classic works in the original. 11. 纽约是联合国设立总部的首选位置。(prefer) New York was a preferred location where the UN established its headquarters 12. 记住,火车半夜离开。(bear) Please bear in mind that the train departs at midnight. 13. 你不要误了上课。(avoid) You should avoid being late for the class. 14. 虽然得了流感,她仍然坚持在实验室里做实验。(insist on) She insisted on doing the experiments in the laboratory, although she got the flu. 15. 尽管我们很少意识到这点, 语言随着时代而变化着。(change) Languages change with the times, although we’re seldom aware of it. 16. 男孩们想去野营,但被父母拦住了。(attempt) The boys attempted to go camping, but they were prevented by their parents.

17. 对于英语学习者来说,置身于英语环境是大有帮助的。(expose) It’s of great help for English learners to be exposed to the English-speaking environment. 18. 他们被迫卖房还债。(oblige) They were obliged to sell their house in order to pay their debts. 19. 很多女性涉足了原先被男性占有的工作。(occupy) Many women enter the professions that were occupied by men. 20. 父母过分关注学生的成绩而不注重对他们人格的培养,这对学生的心里健康非常不利。 (emphasis) Parents pay much emphasis on children’s marks and don’t pay enough attention to the development of their personality, which does harm to their mental health.

Unit 4 1. 青年人有时候抱怨不能和父母交流。(complain) Some teenagers complain about not being able to communicate with their parents. 2. 孩子们的好奇心被魔术师的表演完全引发出来. (arouse) The children’s curiosity was fully aroused by the magician’s performance. 3. 他提到上周他家人是怎样被警察盘问的。(mention) He mentioned how his family were questioned by the police last week. 4. 我很荣幸被邀请去参加这个会议。(attend) I feel greatly honored to have been invited to attend the meeting. 5. 无论你信不信,他在国外学习和成功。(believe) Believe it or not, he is quite successful in his study abroad. 6. 她总是轻声说话,但她有一幅好嗓子。( in a low voice) She always speaks in a low voice, but she has a sweet voice. 7. 蝙蝠不仅能够感觉障碍物,还能辨别它们的位置。(obstacle ) Bat s can not only sense obstacles but also locate them. 8. 每位学生应该把老师的指令熟记在心。( know by heart ) Every student should know by heart the teachers’ instructions. 9. 老师建议玛丽去听英语讲座,而他的父亲却要她去练琴。 (while) The teacher suggested Mary going to a lecture while her father wanted her to play the piano. 10. 当你在面试的时候, 适当的眼神交流是需要的。 (call for ) When you are interviewed, proper eye contact is called for. 11. 我们觉得惊讶的是英语语言正发生如此迅速的变化。 (find it ) We find it surprising that the English language is changing so rapidly.

12. 这项任务如此棘手,以至于你必须付出努力才能完成。( effort ) The task is so tough that you have to make an effort to complete it. 13. 在这个男孩的带领下,我们不费力地找到了她的房子。( lead ) With the boy leading the way, we had no difficulty in finding her house. 14. 我伸出手去摸鹿头。 (reach) I reached out my hand to touch the deer on the head. 15. 演讲失败的人是从来不会受人尊敬的。 (honour) No speaker is honored for going down with the ship. 16. 在继续演讲时,你知道什么地方该省略,什么地方该作调整,什么地方该增加内容,这 些全取决于听众神眼的观察和理解。 (base ) When you continue your talk, you know what to drop, what to revise and what to add, all based on your reading of the eyes of the audience. 17. 有人打呵欠,有人看提纲,有人低声谈话,最糟糕的是,有人甚至打瞌睡,这些是听众 发出的警告。 (worst ) Yawning, programme studying, chatting in very low voices or dozing, to mention the worst, are warnings. 18. 当我第一次来上海时, 我频繁得向路上或者公交车上无意中遇到的陌生人道歉。 (bump) The first time I came to shanghai I was constantly apologizing to strangers who I bumped into on the streets or even on the bus. 19. 我意识到时间的重要性。 (aware ) I was aware of the importance of the time. 20. 科学家们在实验中反复的失败,但他们不能准确得指出哪里出了错。(put ) The scientists failed repeatedly in his experiment but he couldn’t put his finger on what had gone wrong..

Unit 5 Unit 5

1. 这个流行歌星的表演受到歌迷们热烈的欢呼。 (greet) The pop star’s performance was greeted with enthusiastic cheers by his fans. 2. 正是他对演出的严格态度以及他对作曲家本意的忠实使他成为杰出的指挥家。(It…that) It was his strict attitude towards performance and his loyalty to the composer’s intention that made him an outstanding conductor. 3. 成功的漫画家利用简单的画来表达深刻的思想。(make) Successful cartoonists make use of simple drawings to express deep thoughts. 4. 她以优良的成绩毕业于上海医科大学。(with) She graduated from Shanghai Medical University with the highest honours. 5. Black 教授一生对自己的要求如同对他的学生一样严格。(drive) Professor Black drove himself as hard as he did his students all through his life. 6. 既然你们已经达成协议,就没有必要求助于律师了。(no point) Since you have reached an agreement, there is no point in turning to the lawyer for help. 7. 家长和孩子之间缺乏有效的交流已经成为一个社会问题。(lack) The lack of effective communication between parents and children has become a social problem. 8. 我们接到通知后马上去美国。(notice) We left for America at very short notice. 9. 正是对物理的兴趣使他终身从事科学研究。(It…that) It was his interest in Physics that made him devote all his life to scientific research. It was his interest in Physics that made him devoted to scientific research all through his life. 10. 据说布朗博士已来我们城市做巡回演讲。(on…tour) It was said that Dr. Brown had come to our city on a lecture tour. 11. 医生尽力使他不受痛苦。(spare…from) The doctor tried his best to spare him from pain. 12. 要鼓励学生向老师提问。(encourage) Students are encouraged to raise questions to teachers. 13. 依我之见,经常出尔反尔的人不值得信任。(worth) In my opinion, those who often break their promises are not worth trusting. 14. 我们不能放过每一次练习英语口语的机会。(slip) We can’t let every opportunity to practice / of practising spoken English slip through our fingers. 15. 18 岁以下的孩子禁止入内。(ban) Children under eighteen are banned from entering. 16. 外边有一大群人集会反对战争。(protest) There was a large crowd outside protesting against the war. 17. 面对危险 Tom 不知所措,不知该说什么做什么。(loss) In face of the danger, Tom was at a loss what to say and what to do. 18. 她能回忆起好多年前奶奶告诉她的每一个故事。(recall) She can recall every story that her grandma told her many years ago. 19. 李先生被请来代英语老师的课。(call, fill) Mr. Li was called in to fill in as English teacher. 20. 众所周知,狗对主人很忠诚。(loyal) As we all know / As is known to all, dogs are loyal to their owners. It is known to all that dogs are loyal to their owners.

Unit 6 1.主席生病了,我代理他处理事务。(act for) As the chairman is ill, I am acting for him in his affairs 2..你得按照他的建议行动。(act on) You must act on his suggestion 3.即使冒生命,他也决心同那个杀人犯决斗。( at the risk of) He was determined to fight against the murderer even at the risk of his life. 4.你抽烟是拿健康去冒险。( risk) You are risking your health by smoking. 5.她吹嘘自己在电影界有不少熟人。( brag) She bragged about her connections in the film world. 6.市长不在,所以宣布展览会开幕的责任就落在了我的头上。( absence) . It fell on me to open the exhibition in the mayor’s absence. 7.她为自己的孩子取得的成功而自豪。( take great pride) She takes great pride in her children’s success. 8.她夸口说她比我跑得快。( brag ) She bragged that she could run faster than me.

9.骄兵必败。(pride ) Pride will have a fall( Pride goes before a fall)
10.这个小男孩靠卖报纸谋生。(make a living) The little boy made a living by selling newspapers. 11.他冒险过这座旧桥。( take a risk) They took a risk when crossing the old bridge. 12.警方要求我保持沉默。 (require) The police required me to keep silent. 13.他们坚持要邀请她。( insist) They insisted that she ( should) be invited. 14.那位男演员将冒生命危险做电影中的特技工作。 (risk one’s life) The actor will risk his life doing his stunt in the movie. 15. 班长代表全班同学在会上讲话(on behalf of) Our monitor spoke at the meeting on behalf of our class. 16.如果你坚持每天读半个小时英语,我肯定你的英语会有很大进步(insist on) If you insist on reading English for half an hour every day, I’m sure you will make much progress in English 17.最后,那男孩承认他打破了教室的窗户(admit) In the end,, the boy admitted having broken the window of the classroom. 18.这是你认识他的好机会(chance) It’s a good chance for you to get to know him, 19.他常常吹牛说他歌唱得如何如何好(brag) He often brags about how well he sings. 20.他的父母让他自己选择朋友。 Her parents left her to choose her own friends.

Unit 7 1. 我们应该加强英语阅读.(emphasis) We should put emphasis on English reading. 2. 毫无疑问,在新鲜的空气里锻炼对我们有益处.(helpful) Without doubt, it is helpful for us to do exercise in fresh air. 3. 请尽早做出决定,不然你会错失良机的.(or) Please make a decision as early as possible, or you will miss the golden chance. 4. 这所新医院将建在你们学校的附近.(locate) The new hospital is to be located near your school. 5. 你的帮助很有价值.(value) Your help is of great value. 6. 他将他的少年时代描绘成一个充满幻想和发现的时期.(describe) He described his childhood as a time of wonder and discovery. 7. 他受懒惰的驱使去偷盗,被关进监狱。 (tempt) He was tempted to steal by laziness and was put into prison. 8. 圣诞来临,许多人涌入商店购买礼物。(pour into) Christmas is coming, and many people pour into shops for presents. 9. 这个地区很危险,所以你身上不要带太多现金。(carry) This is a dangerous area, so don’t carry too much cash on/with you. 10.他很有责任感,总是能信守承诺。(sense) He has a great sense of responsibility and always keeps his promises. 11.我们学校很注重学生全面发展,而不仅仅是学习。(lay emphasis on) Our school lays great emphasis on students’overall abilities instead of study alone. 12. 听到 2010 年世博会将在上海举行的消息时,人们欣喜若狂。(wild) Hearing the news that the 2010 Expo would be held in Shanghai, people were wild with joy. 13.那位运动员获得冠军的消息让观众感到震惊。 (shock) The news that the athlete won the champion shocked the audience. 14. 猎人瞄准了那只鸟,但是没有打中。(aim) The hunter aimed at that bird but missed.

15.如果汤姆还是撒谎的话,妈妈就要生气了。(tend) Mother tended to get angry if Tom kept on lying to her. 16. 这个足球俱乐部试着用高薪来吸引那位球员为外援。(tempt) The football club tried to tempt that player to be a foreign aid with a high salary. 17.我们觉得经常读英文报纸对于提高英语水平是很重要的。(it) We find it important to read English newspapers often to improve our English ability. 18. 她挥手以引起餐厅服务员的注意。(attract) She waves to attract the waiter’s attention. 19. 经理通常在公司里占据主要地位。(prime) The manager usually takes the prime position of a company. 20.听到班级获得第一名的消息,学生们用他们最高的嗓音欢呼起来。(at the top of) On hearing the good news that their class had got the first prize, the students cheered at the top of their voice. 21. 毫无疑问,内容通常涉及当天最重要的事件的头版,会首先引起你的注意。(catch) Without doubt, the front page, whose contents are usually about the most important happenings of the day, will catch your eye first.

Unit 8 1. 早睡早起身体好。(good) Early to bed and early to rise will do good to your health. 2. 他对国内外各大旅游景点了如指掌。(fingertip) He has every chief tourist attraction at his fingertips. 3. 要是你认为茶浓,加些水进去。(add) Add some water to the tea if you think it is too strong. 4. 正是他的坚强毅力及对工作的严格态度才使他成为杰出的人。(It) It was his will power and strict attitude towards his job that made him outstanding. 5. 他附了一封感谢信在他送给我的新出的书里。(enclose) He enclosed a letter of thanks in the newly-published book he sent to me. 6. 她为能成为这个世界上最大公司的一员而感到自豪。(proud) She is proud to be a member of one of the biggest companies in the world. 7. 我不信地摇摇头,因为事实和我想的太不一样了。(disbelief) I shook my head in disbelief, for the truth was quite different from what I thought. 8 他干司机这行 30 年了,所以他对上海所有的马路了如指掌。 his fingertips) (at He has been a driver for 30 years, so he has all the roads in Shanghai at his fingertips 9.因为要近年底了,父亲会到邮政局去订阅新民晚报。 (subscribe to ) As it is coming to the end of a year, Father will go to the post office to subscribe to Xinmin Evening News. 10. 他一定能够赢得这次比赛,因为他已经准备很长时间了。 (be sure to ) He is sure to win the game since he has prepared it for a long time. 11. 他是个沙发土豆,他在平时的闲暇时光里就是坐在沙发里,手上拿着遥控器具,设法找 到他感兴趣的节目。a program of interest He is a sofa potato. What he does in his spare time is just sitting in a sofa with a remote control

in his hand, trying to find a program of interest 12.这里好吵。一些顾客们在和招待争论饭菜的价格。 Argue over . It’s so noisy. Some customers are arguing over the price of the meal with the waiter. 13 他怀疑地听着这个不同寻常的故事。 (in disbelief He listened in disbelief to this extraordinary story. 14.听说这双鞋讨价还价后只卖 30 元,我立刻就买了一双。 bargain price)15 (a Hearing they were at a bargain price of $30, I bought this pair of shoes at once. 15. 他送了我一本新出的书,里面附了一封感谢信。 (enclose) He enclosed a letter of thanks I the newly-published book he sent me. 16. 我讨厌听到有些人反复争辩金钱的重要性。 (argue over) I hate to hear some people arguing over the importance of money again and again. 17. 我发现很难满足有不同兴趣爱好的人们的需要。 (… it… to meet…) I find it very hard o meet the needs of people with a variety of interests. 18. 她为能成为这个世界上最大公司的一员而感到自豪。 (proud) She is proud to be a member of one of the biggest companies in world. 19. “每晚临睡前一定要关好煤气。” 爸爸经常提醒我。(be sure) “Be sure to turn off the gas every night before you go to bed”, my father often reminds me.



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新世纪英语课本翻译_初二英语_英语_初中教育_教育专区。八年级下学期 Text、Reading 对位翻译 U1L1Text:P3:李芳是这次她们学校英语演讲比赛的第一名。她演讲的是...

高一上英语新世纪unit 2翻译句子

高一英语新世纪unit 2翻译句子 隐藏>> Unit 2 补充材料 Unit 2 属于 一个问题接一个问题 到……时候为止 回绝 仰卧 从那以后 与……密切有关 独自工作 一...




新世纪英语课文翻译_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。课文翻译 UNIT1 TEXT A 人在...另一些研究表明, 一年级学生普遍对大多数职业持肯定的态度, 但是, 随着年级的...

上海市高一上英语(新世纪版)U2 Additional Reading翻译

上海市高一英语(新世纪版)U2 Additional Reading翻译 - 就是课文的翻译,帮助更好的理解课文。可能有不少有问题的地方,请见谅。


新世纪第一册第01单元TextAB课文翻译_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区。新世纪大学...来自同学间的压力和自己给自己的压力也是如 此,而且几乎是从大学一年级刚开学就...

英语知识点归纳简表 - 高中(新世纪)

知识点简表英语(新世纪)年级 高一 年级 第一 学期 内容 Module 1 People ...新词汇 1 The inversion in translation 倒装句用于句子翻译 Unit 4 Space ...

高二新世纪翻译 周一到周五

高二新世纪翻译 周一到周五_高二英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。周一: 1. 请你大声地读出这则口头通知,行吗?(aloud) 2. 在高考期间,每位高三家长都为孩子的...


新世纪英语第二版1.TextA课文翻译_法语学习_外语学习_教育专区。课文翻译...我的一年级 老师这么说。我不禁喜形于色。 3 可是在我十几岁的时候...


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