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1 1. . as is often the case with sb. 正如某人经常的情况 2 2. . in a confused state of mind 在思想昏迷状态 3 。 。归功于 3. . owe …to… 把。 4 4. . He owed his safe return to the government’s efforts. 5 5. . Believe it or not.信不信由你。 6 。 。误认为 6. . take…for 把。 7 7. . You must have had the case where you were taken for your sister. 8 8. . It’s none of your business.不关你的事。 9 9. . Do not let any failures discourage you, for you can never tell how close you may be to victory. 1 因为你绝不知道你已离成功有多 10 0. . 不要让任何的失败使你泄气, 近了。 1 11 1. . give away 分发,泄露, 1 12 2. . due to 由于 1 13 3. . on the express way 在高速路上 1 。 。时 14 4. . when it comes to 当谈到。 1 15 5. . switch v.转化 n.开关 1 16 6. . Maggie price 价。 1 。 。投稿 17 7. . contribute to 有助于,导致,给。 has got promoted. It comes at a ,though. Maggie 已经升职了,但对此却付出了代

1 18 8. . Forest conservation( 保 护 ) can contribute to social development, benefiting both human and nature. 1 19 9. . pat me on the shoulder 拍打我的肩膀 2 20 0. . come to oneself 苏醒 2 21 1. . Everyone hates to wait in lines, feeling that our precious life is slipping away.每个人都不喜欢排队等候, 因为感觉我们宝贵的生命在此流失。

第五套 1. take office 就职,上任 2. find fault with sb.找人缺点 3. work experience 工作经验 4. a little tight across the shoulders 肩膀间有点 紧 5. plenty of 许多 修饰可数和不可数 6. sooner or later 迟早 7. be out of work 失业 8. step by step 一步一步 9. inch by inch 一寸一寸 10.line by line 一行一行 11.all of the sudden=suddenly 突然 12.sb. be faced with 面对

Faced with things far from their own interests, people can often make judgments easily and quickly, but once involved in it, most of people“can not see it clearly”those who are really confident, like the master in the tightrope walk, can stay focused at any time. 13.stare straight at the goal ahead 直盯着前面的 目标 14.smooth-smoothly 平稳的—平稳地 15.without hesitation 毫不犹豫 16.That’s what happens when you read the book. You might not understand or remember everything, but when you read it, you’ll be changed, inside and out. 17.deal with stress 处理压力 18.He is expert at dealing with such a matter. 擅长于做某事 19.come up with a few solutions 想出一些解决方 式 20.ahead of time=in advance 提前 21.a loser=a failure 一个失败者 22.In particular, China knows incomparably more about Europe and America the other

way round.倒过来,相反地 23.luck-lucky-luckily-unluckily 24.know-knew-known 25.airbag 气囊 26.safety belts 安全带 27.frank-frankly, frankly speaking 坦白说 28.Since she is absent today, let’s get someone else to take up the work where it was left off yesterday.继续去做未完成的 29.Turkeys were served at the Thanksgiving dinner.充当 30.The Voice of China has set up a big stage for young people with a talent for music, where some of them have stood out among others. 31.stand out v. 突出,显眼 32.outstanding adj.突出的,显眼的 六套试卷: 1. After you. 您先请。 2. spot a spelling mistake.发现一个拼写错误 3. an open space away from buildings or trees.远离建筑与树木的一块空地 4. Sunlight is no less necessary than fresh air to a healthy body.和…一样必要

5. According to the arrangement, the athletes of our school work out at the gym for two hours every day. ① Working out for an hour every day is good for your health.每天锻炼一小时对你的健康有好 处。锻炼,训练 ② Students worked out a better method of learning English. 学生们找到了学英语的更好方 法。制定出,做出 ③ The situation worked out quite well. 情况到最后相当不错。出现,逐渐显现 ④ That old mine was worked out long ago.那 座老矿早就挖完了。采掘完,消耗尽, ⑤ I really think that this interesting plan will work out. 我确实认为这个有趣的计划可能成功。 产生预期的效果 ⑥ It’s not easy to work out how much it costs to feed the average family.算出一个一般家庭花 费并非易事。算出,计算 ⑦ Don’t worry. I’ll work things out. 别担心,我会解决这些事的。解决,解答 ⑧ He was working out some coded messages. 他在破解密码。理解,弄懂

⑨ No one in the office can work the old man out. 办公室没人能摸透那老头的脾气。理解某人的 性格 ⑩ That old wifeless man works out his time every day.那个老人天天干活打发时间。在工作中 度过时间。 6. Recently when I found myself living in the future again, I felt a voice that gently told me I needed to “live one day at a time” when I heard those words, I smiled, turned the book of my life back to the right page, and thanked God for today. 7. Each of us has to write the book of life line by line, moment by moment and trust that our story will be brought to its perfect end. 是 个完美结局 8. the true meanings of wealth and happiness 财富与幸福的真正意义 9. Europe is home to a variety of cultural treasures. 是…的家园 10. look up to 向上看,钦佩 11. Compared with London, Paris has more outdoor attractions.与…相比

12. in many aspects 在许多方面 13. Some experts believe that it may have had something to do with the sinking of the Titanic. 和…有关 14. in one’s twenties 在某人二十几岁时 15. get involved 涉及, However, finding something new in common is a big choice for them, especially when kids get involved in sports and other after-school activities.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. on the hour (每小时的)整点 by the hour 按小时 get to know sb. 认识某人 a couple of times 几次 take notes 做笔记 wear a smile on one’s face 面带微笑 I want to have the secretary type the article. 我想让秘书打印文章。 8. agree with one’s opinion 同意某人的观点 9. agree with sb. 适应某人 10.Children must have access to good books.

孩子们有机会接触到好书。 11.Reading is to the mind what food is for the body.阅读对于思想正如食物对于身体一样。 A is to B what C is to D A 之于 B 犹如 C 之于 D. 12.hold on to 抓紧不放 13.As a drama teacher, I have witnessed a child at his first class holding on to his parent’s arm—unwilling to let go. 14.Besides learning the history of the theater, drama covers dance, music, and directing. 包含,涵盖 15.positive—negative 积极的—消极的 16.vary from country to country 国与国不同 17.Note that US airports typically have fewer currency exchange counters (柜台) than travelers are accustomed to seeing in other parts of the world. 习惯做某事 18.fill in a/one form 填写一张表格 19.It is beyond your power to do that on the sunny side of thirty.即便你正值 30 岁中魄力最 旺盛的时期,也无法完成这件事。 (这里指不用担 心因为劳累过度而死去。 ) 20.So find out what you want to be and do, and

take off your coat and make a dust in the world. 所以了解清楚你自已想要成为什么样的 人,喜欢做什么,然后行动起来,扬名于世。

1. keep on doing 持续做某事 2. have a brighter future 有更加明亮的未来 3. all over the world 全世界 4. figure out 理解,算出,弄明白 5. something like 大约,有点像 6. be content with 对…满意 7. not a bit==mot at all 一点也不 8. not a little== very much 非常 9. the law of market 市场法则 10. be connected with 和…有关联 11. consult a doctor from time to time 时不时咨 询医生 12. be addicted to computer games 沉迷于电脑 游戏 13. be determined to 下定决心 14. start all over 重来 15. a short-term study 一个短期学习 16. For most people, working and commuting

(通勤)take up most of the day. 17. Then we have to gain control over life and have time for the pleasure. 控制 18. on the spot 当场 19. take advantage of 利用 20. This can contribute to feeling more anxiety than normal. 导致 十三套 1. What’s up?(口语)怎么了? 2. So what? 那又怎样? 3. tend to 倾向于做… 4. It is not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them that the value of life lies.生命的价 值不在于能活多少天,而在于我们如何使用这些日子。 强调句型 lie in 在于 5. on exhibition 展览 6. What is known to all is that effective measures should be taken to deal with the problem of the over-exploitation of our resources. 7. It is known to all that effective measures should be taken to deal with the problem of

the over-exploitation of our resources. 8. As is known to all ,effective measures should be taken to deal with the problem of the over-exploitation of our resources. 9. No matter how much money you possess, it can’t match a healthy body. 10. Studies show that students who work are more confident and possess better time management skills than students who are not employed. 11. set about doing 着手做… 12. set out to do 着手做… 13. set down to doing 着手做… 14. donation 捐赠 15. go pale 变得苍白 16. One day they will hang the boy. 吊死 17. for free 免费 18. If it really is what’s on the inside that counts, then a lot of thin people might be in trouble.如果真的是要看一个人的身体内部是不是 肥胖,那么很多看上去瘦的人就有麻烦了。 19. Keep your eyes focused on the people speaking to you.

20. He set aside the remaining money for future education. 21. There are no hopeless situations--only people who are hopeless about them.世上没有 绝望的处境,只有对处境绝望的人。 22. Everything that is done in the world is done by the hopeful.在这世界上所有能完成的事情,都 是依靠希望而成的。 23. Don’t take my word for it.别把我们的话当真。 24. Doing so takes the listener’s attention away from your words to you movements. 25. all in all 总的来说 26. The major point that students should keep in mind is the importance of balance. 九套 1. --It’s years since you broke up them. --Yes.I have regretted the drcision.It was long before I realized I had mistaked him. 【知识点】 It’s +时间段+since 从句 (过去时) 表示“自 从。 。 。以来多长时间了” It was long before 从 句 表 示 “ 很 久 以 后

才。 。 。” 2. give away 分发 3. call on sb. to do 号召某人去做 4. with …in mind 想到,考虑到 5. point out 指出 6. one more word 再多一句 7. another two people 另外两人 8. in my spare time 在我业余时间 9. as good as 几乎,实际上 10. seek one’s advice 征求某人的建议 11. follow one’s advice 听从某人的建议 12. mostly 主要地,大体上 13. on behalf of 代表 14. as to 至于,关于 15. judging from 从。 。 。判断 16. note that 注意 17. in that 因为 18. not a little 非常 19. on occasion 有时 20. If you cannot do great things,do small things in a great way. 如果你不能做大事,那么 就以一种伟大的方式做小事。

1. I’ m glad you like it so much.很高兴你如 此喜欢。 2. What worries me is that he is always changing his mind.让我担心的是他总是改变 主意。 3. This is the first time that I have been here.这是我第一次来这儿。 4. in red ink 用红墨水 5. out of place 不适当 6. out of shape 身体不佳,变形 7. out of question 没问题 8. out of control 失去控制 9. out of breath 上气不接下气 10. keep up the speed 加快速度 11. ahead of time 提前 12. answer for 对。 。 。负责 13. vary from place to place 地与地不同 14. address a friend 称呼一个朋友 15. soul 灵魂 16. hard times 艰难时期 17. The park bench was unoccupied.公园长

椅空着。 18. for instance=for example 例如 19. pursue your dreams 追寻自己的梦想 20. The old car was worn out. 车用旧了。 21. take notes 做笔记 22. surf the Internet 上网 23. Friendship is both a source of pleasure and a component of good health.友谊是快 乐的源泉也是良好健康的组成部分。 24. She was held up for an hour in the traffic jam.她被交通堵塞一个小时。 25. sb. be involved in sth.某人涉及某事 Involved in the bank robbery, Tod was arrested by the local police early in the morning.Tod 因为与银行抢劫有关,今早他被当 地警察逮捕了。 26. meanwhile 与此同时 27. Honesty is a virtue while greed is an evil,as the saying goes.正如谚语所说:诚实 是美德,然而贪婪是邪恶。 28. hang around 闲逛 29. sb.be delighted to 某人高兴去做某事 30. recall 回想,召回

31. the people seated and waiting for their turns 坐等顺序的人们 32. love and care 爱与关怀 33. feel guilty 感到内疚 34. get/be fed up 厌倦 35. become/be keen to 热衷于 36. in person 亲自 37. in theory 在理论上 38. in practice 在实践中 39. note that 注意到 40. argue that 主张 41. Mother Nature 大自然 42. care centre 护理中心 43. They insist schools try to teach kids what they have failed to learn at home. 他们建议学校尽量去教孩子们未能在家里学到 的东西。 44. a couple of years ago 几年前 What a lovely friend.多么可爱的朋友啊。 十五套

1. with relief 如释重负地 2. get tired of 厌倦

3. be willing to do 乐意去做 4. without question 毫无疑问 5. on the contrary 相反 6. So what? 那又怎样? 7. driving license 驾驶证 8. at least 至少 9. raise a child 抚养孩子 10. What a huge responsibility is to raise a

11. belong to 属于 12. since ancient times 自从古代 13. Air pollution is getting more and more
serious, so we must take action before it is too late.空气污染正变得越来越严重,所以趁太晚 之前我们必须采取措施。

14. traffic conditions 交通状况 15. There
are many difficulties ahead. Nevertheless,I still keep on dreaming and

long for a better future.前方有许多困难,然而, 我将继续忙祥和期望一个更好的未来。 16.couln’t take another step 不能再走一步 17.It makes me realize that we focused so much on ourselves that we ignored the pain of others.它使我意识到我们太多与专注于自己,以至于 我们忽视了别人的痛苦。 18.be bound to do 一定 19.pass away 去世 20.be diagnosed with 被诊断为 21.strong-willed 意志坚强的 22.league table 排行榜 23.the key to improving education 提高教育的关 键 24.point out 指出 十六套 1. sb.be satisfied with sth.某人对…满意 2. I’ve got too much work to do to come.我有 太多的工作以至于不能来。 3. Nowadays some hospitals refer to patients by name , not case number. 凭名字 4. keep in mind 记住 5. how it comes about that…某事是怎样发生的

6. outstanding achievements 卓越的成就 7. come in second 第二 8. all of the above 以上全部 9. bring in money 赚钱 10. by and large 大体上,基本上 11. be content with their jobs 对他们工作满意 12. hold a difficult view 持有不同的观点

1.I’ m glad you like it so much.很高兴你如此喜 欢。 2.What worries me is that he is always changing his mind.让我担心的是他总是改变主意。 3.This is the first time that I have been here.这是 我第一次来这儿。 4.in red ink 用红墨水 5.out of place 不适当 6.out of shape 身体不佳,变形 7.out of question 没问题 8.out of control 失去控制 9.out of breath 上气不接下气 10. keep up the speed 加快速度 11. ahead of time 提前 12. answer for 对。 。 。负责 13. vary from place to place 地与地不同 14. address a friend 称呼一个朋友 15. soul 灵魂 16. hard times 艰难时期 17. The park bench was unoccupied.公园长椅空 着。



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