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M1 U3 Grammar--- be doing for future tense

Unit 3

Period 4 grammar

Aims At the end of this class, I will be able to
1. tell the differences between the newly learnt meanings and the old one. 2. make sentences using the newly learnt knowledge.


be (am , is ,are ) + v. ing I am He/She/It is We/You/They are


说话时正在进行 1. 表示_______________的动作或存在的状态。

We are waiting for you now. Dad is writing an e-mail now.

Look! What are they watching?

现阶段在进行 2.表示________________的情况。 --- What are you doing recently(最近)? --- I am preparing for the exam recently I am working on a new book recently. Tom and Jack are studying in the same school.

3. 表示_________________的动作,常与always, 反复性或习惯性


Lily is always changing her mind.

Lucy is always thinking about others first.
Li Hua is forever making the same mistake.

Task 2: Let’s speak.
What are they doing?

Task 3: Observation

现在进行时be doing表示将来 1. come, go, stay, arrive, leave, return, start, see off等趋向动词的现在进行时经常用于表示 将来确切的计划。 1). I am staying in China next week. 2).Jack is leaving for London next week. 3). “Where are we going?” I asked my sister. 4). “When are we coming back?” I kept asking Lucy. 5). Jack is arriving at Beijing Airport in two hours.

2. 表示交通方式、行程安排的动词,例如 fly, walk, ride/ cycle, drive, take (a bus, a taxi)等 的现在进行时也经常用于表示将来。

1) We are driving to Shanghai tomorrow . 2) Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. The plane is taking off. 3) I am flying to America tomorrow.

建议:插图,drilling 集体活动+个人活动------- 外显

现在进行时除了表示正在进行 等目前的或暂时的情况外,还 可以表示将来时态。

Task4: Finish the situations.

Exercise 1

Finish the sentences.

1.我星期五动身去北京。 I’m leaving _____________for Beijing this Friday. 2. 我的朋友今晚过来。 My friends are coming ____________________over this evening. 3. 下周五我们乘飞机去上海。 We are flying ______________to Shanghai next Friday. 4. 足球比赛后,汤姆打算返回伦敦。 Tom is After the football match, ____________ returning ___________ to London.

Translate the sentences. 1.我下个月将去美国。 I am going to America next month. ————————————————— 2.我姑姑明天将到我们家。 My aunt is coming to our home tomorrow. —————————————————— 3.我们明天骑车去颐和园(the Summer Palace) We are riding/ cycling to the Summer Palace —————————————————— tomorrow. 4.我爸爸下个星期天坐飞机去广州。 My father is flying to Guangzhou next Sunday. ——————————————————

Exercise 2

Exercise 3 Finish the three short passages.
are going 1. The Browns ________ (go) to the North China by train next week. They are staying __________ (stay) in Beijing for a week. are flying Then they___________ (fly) to Xi’an.

2. Betty ________ (leave) for is leaving
Guangzhou by plane at 3:00 this is seeing afternoon. Her brother Bob ________ (see) her off. It’s half past one now. They __________ (wait) for a taxi are waiting outside the school gate.

3. Some friends are coming (come) to _________
Anne’s birthday party this evening. is preparing Anne’s mother __________ (prepare) for the birthday dinner. Anne is helping _________ (help) her mother now.

? Tom is doing his homework now. ? I’m helping my dad on the farm recently. ? Lily is always changing her mind. ? Lucy is returning tomorrow. ? Jack is cycling home to see his grandma next Sunday.

Task5: writing--A Travel plan

Destination(目的地) : the Great Wall Time: start -- Saturday return -- Sunday Transportation(交通方式): cycle (by bike) Accommodation(住宿): stay in our tent Things to do there …


My Travel Plan Li Hua and I have dreamed about a cycling trip. This weekend,
________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________



I. Fill in the blanks
are travelling R: Miss Wang, I hear that you_________ (travel) along the Mekong River. Have you got everything ready? W: Almost. R: When are W: Next Monday. R: How far each day? are you _________ (cycle) cycling leaving you ________ (leave)?

W: It’s hard to say. If the weather is fine, I think we’ll be able to ride 75 km a day. R: what about the weather in Qinghai Province?
W: The weather forecast is not good so we _________ are taking (take) a large parcel of warm clothes with us. are staying R: Where you _________ (stay) at night? W: Usually in our tent, but sometimes in the village along the river bank.

R: What happens if you have an accident? W: Don’t worry. I had some medical training at my college. Besides, we _______ are taking (take) out insurance to cover any problems. R: Well, it sounds fun. I hope you’ll have a pleasant journey. Thank you for your time.

II. Finish the following situations.
1. ---Why have you slept so early? ----_____________________. 2.--Why have you brought so much food? --______________________. 3.---Hurry! ___________________. 4.---How long ________in Shanghai ? ----For two weeks. I’m going to visit some schools in Shanghai. 5.---Watch out! _______________.


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