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2014届高考英语一轮单元总复习【江苏专用】精品课件牛津译林版必修二Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained

必修2Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained

【诵读·积累】 1. Up to now nobody knows for sure how it came into being. 直到现在,没有人确切地知道它是怎么形成的。 2. It is believed by some people that crop circles are created by aliens.

3. Some phenomena are a bit mysterious as well as being

interesting and attractive.

4. Though these mysteries have puzzled people for a long time, they still show great interest in it. 虽然这些神秘现象长期以来让人困惑,但是人们还是对其表 现出极大的兴趣。 5. According to some witnesses, UFOs are bright and move at a slow, steady speed with little noise. 根据目击者的描述,不明


6. Though a lot of effort has been made to find out the answer, it remains a puzzle due to lack of solid evidence. 尽管人们努力寻找答案,但是由于缺乏有力的证据,它仍然 是个谜。

句式演练 ①有些人相信其他星球上存在生命。(It is believed that. . . ) It is believed by some people that life exists on other planets. ____________________________________________________ ②人们除了好奇之外还试图找到满意的答案。(as well as) People are trying to find a satisfactory answer to it as well as ____________________________________________________ being curious about it. ____________________

一词多译 因为,由于 due to; because of; on account of; owing to; thanks to ______________________________________________

Ⅰ. 单词盘点 核心速记

disappear 1. _________ (vi. ) witness 2. _______ (n. ) (vt. )
assume 3. _______ (vt. )

消失;失踪 目击者,证人


construction 4. ___________ (n. )
occur 5. _____ (vi. )


dismiss 6. _______ (vt. ) base 7. ____ (n. ) (vt. ) appropriate 8. ___________ (adj. ) discount 9. ________ (n. ) award 10. ______ (n. )

不予考虑;解雇;解散 基地,大本营;底部;基础 以??为基础 适当的 折扣 奖,奖品,奖金

(vt. )
attack 11. ______ (vt. & vi. & n. )


puzzled puzzling 12. _______ (adj. )困惑的,茫然的→________ (adj. )令人困惑不 puzzle 解的→______ (vt. &n. )使困惑,使难解;谜,令人费解的事 possible possibility 13. _________ (n. ) 可能性→_______ (adj. ) 可能的 amazing amazed 14. ________ (adj. ) 令人惊奇(惊叹)的→_______ (adj. ) 吃惊的, amazement amaze 感到惊奇的→______ (vt. ) 使惊异或惊奇→__________ (n. )惊奇, 惊异 evidence evident 15. ________ (n. ) 证据→_______ (adj. ) 明显的,明白的 injury injure injured 16. ______ (n. ) 伤害→______ (vt. ) 伤害→_______ (adj. ) 受伤 的

enthusiastic 17. ___________ (adj. ) 热情的;热烈的;满腔热忱的

enthusiasm →__________ (n. ) 热情
exist existence 18. ____ (vi. ) 存在→________ (n. ) 存在 mystery mysterious 19. _______ (n. ) 神秘的事或人→__________ (adj. ) 神秘的, 难以理解的 humorous humour 20.________ (n. ) 幽默→_________ (adj. ) 幽默的 organized organize 21. ________ (vt. ) 组织,筹备;安排,处理→_________ (adj. ) organizer 安排有序的,有组织的→_________ (n. ) 组织者 organization →___________ (n. ) 组织

examine examination 22. ________ (vt. ) 检查→___________ (n. ) 考试,检查 reserve 23. _______ (n. ) (动植物) 保护区;储备 (vt. ) 预订;保留;储 reservation 备→__________ (n. ) 预订;保留 strength strengthen 24. ________ (n. ) 力量,力气→__________ (vt. ) 加强,巩固 strong →______ (adj. ) 强壮的,有力的 convince convincing 25. ________ (vt. ) 使确信,使相信→__________ (adj. ) 令人 convinced 信服的→_________ (adj. ) 确信的,感到信服的

link linked 26. ____ (vt. & n. )联系,关联→______ (adj. ) 连接的 survive survival 27. _______ (vi. &vt. ) 生存;挺过(难关)→_______ (n. ) 幸存,
survivor 生存→________ (n. ) 幸存者

Ⅱ. 短语互译

1. 偶然遇到,撞上
2. 信仰;相信;信任,信赖 3. 加紧,加强,促进 4. 施行,实现 5. 与??分开 6. 作为回报,作为报答 7. 与??相似

run into _______
believe in _________ step up _______ carry out ________

be separated from ________________
in return ________ be similar to ___________ belong to ________ make one?s way to ________________

8. 属于
9. 前往,到??去

10. due to

由于,因为 ___________ 播放;穿上;上演;增加 _______________________ 出现,露面 ___________ 负责,掌管 ___________ 编造,杜撰;构成;化妆;弥补 _____________________________ 调查,向??里面看 ___________________ 拿起;取,接;学会;好转;继续 _______________________________ 脱下;起飞;成功 _________________ 回应,对??作出反应 _____________________ 许多,很多 ___________ 与??有关联 _____________

11. put on
12. show up 13. take charge of 14. make up 15. look into

16. pick up
17. take off 18. respond to 19. dozens of 20. be linked to

Ⅲ. 句型透视 1. 感官动词+宾语+宾语补足语 saw Justin walking towards his house Witnesses also say they ________________________________(看 到贾斯廷朝家走去)at 10. 45 p. m. . 2. 完全倒装 Standing inside were __________________((飞船)里面站着)lots of strange creatures with white skin and large black eyes.

3. 状语从句的省略 When asked about the possibility that Justin was taken by __________________________________________________ aliens _____(当被问及贾斯廷被外星人绑架的可能性时), Detective Sam Peterson, who has taken charge of the case, told journalists, ?Sometimes people make up such amazing

stories. . . ?

4. that引导同位语从句 that aliens took him There?s really no hard evidence _________________(外星人劫 持了他). 5. be said to do. . . 据说…… is said to be The Yeti __________(据说是) a large, hairy animal that walks on two feet like a human being.

Ⅳ. 语篇完形 stepped American police have 1. _______ up their search for Justin missing Foster, who went 2. _______ last Friday night. He didn?t show 3. _____ up at the family lunch the next day.

That evening, Justin returned home after the game.
Witnesses 4. _________ also say they saw Justin walking towards his put home. Justin?s sister, Kelly heard him 5. ___ on his favourite CD and she also saw a large spaceship 6. flying outside. She _____ heard Justin shout.

Police found that Justin did in fact return home. But police dismissed have not 7. _________ the possibility that Justin was taken charge away by aliens. Detective Sam Peterson, who took 8. ______ of looking the case said that they had been 9. _______ into other possibilities too and they would not give up until they found evidence hard 10. ________.

1. 选用框中词汇完成句子 construction, dismiss, be linked to, belong to, make one?s way to is linked to (1)Researchers assume that smoking __________ heart disease. (2)After the snowstorm, the mountain climbing team slowly made their way to ________________ the base. dismiss (3)He tried without success to _______ her from his thoughts.

belonged to (4)All the acts were good, but the evening __________ a dance group from Moscow. construction (5)The new railway is still under ___________. They plan to complete it in 2015.

2. 选用句型透视中的句式仿写句子 (1)当我到达门口时,我听到电话铃在响。 When I got to the door I heard the telephone ringing. ______________________________________________

Sitting/Seated at the back of the classroom was a shy girl with _____________________________________________________ two big eyes. ___________ (3)一旦见过,它就永远不会被忘记。

Once seen, it can never be forgotten. ________________________________

(4)我已经得到消息他们很快就要到了。 I have got the news that they will arrive soon. _______________________________________ (5)据说他父亲是一位科学家。 His father is said to be a scientist. _____________________________

reserve 核 心 考 点


感官动词+宾语+宾语补足语 状语从句的省略 倒装

3年1考 3年3考 3年11考

1. puzzled adj. 困惑的,茫然的 (1)be puzzled about sth. /to do sth. be puzzled+疑问词+to do/从句 (2)puzzle vt. 使迷惑,使难解 n. 难题,难解之事,谜 对(做)某事迷惑不解 不知道??

be a puzzle to sb.

adj. 令人困惑不解的

①Her reply puzzled me. 她的回答把我弄糊涂了。 ②Their reason for doing it is still a puzzle to me. 他们为什么要做此事我仍迷惑不解。 ③语境填词 puzzled puzzled The _______ expression on her face shows that she is _______ puzzling about the ________ question.

④They are puzzled what they would do next. (句型转换) what to do next =They are puzzled _____ __ ___ ____.

【点津】过去分词形式的形容词,如puzzled等,除了用来修 饰人以外,还可以修饰look,expression,voice,face等名词。 当表示事物的特征或属性时,常用现在分词形式的形容词, 如puzzling等。

2. witness n. 目击者,证人

vt. 目击,见证
be (a) witness to sth. witness (sb. doing) sth. bear witness to 是??的目击者 目击(某人做)某事 证明,为??作证

①I was (a) witness to the accident. 我是事故的目击者。 ②(2012· 山东高考)Many times, Peters and others who worked

in and near Park Plaza witnessed squirrels being run over.
在公园广场内及其附近工作的彼得斯和其他人多次目睹了松 鼠被碾压的场景。 ③The past few years has witnessed great changes throughout the whole country. 过去的几年,整个国家发生了巨大变化。 译:_____________________________________


(2)用作不及物动词,意为“为??的证据”,常和to搭配, to为介词,如witness to the fact为事实的证据; (3)witness后接动词要用-ing形式。


3. assume vt. 假定;认为 ①I am assuming that the present situation is going to continue. 我认为目前的情况将会继续下去。 ②It is assumed that she will be back at seven. 据推测她将七点钟回来。 ③I assume him to be the cleverest boy in this class.


【归纳】 assume that. . . It is assumed that. . . assume + sb. / sth. + to be. . . 认为某人/某物是?? ___________________ 设想/认为?? _____________ 人们推测/认为?? _________________

4. occur vi. 发生;出现,存在,被发现;被想起 occur in/among occur to sb. 在??发生、存在 (主意、想法等突然)被想起,浮现 于脑海 It occurs to sb. to do sth. It occurs to sb. +that从句 某人想起做某事 某人想起??

①Why didn?t it occur to you to phone the police? 你为什么没有想起给警察打电话? ②It never occurred to me that he might be in trouble.


Earthquakes occur frequently in this country. 译:________________________________________
④A great idea occurred to me. 我想到一个极好的主意。 译:_______________________


(2012· 江西高考) It suddenly occurred to him ______ he had
left his keys in the office. A. whether C. which B. where D. that

【解析】选D。考查it的用法和固定句型。句意: 他突然想到 他把钥匙忘在办公室里了。It occurs to sb. that. . . 意为“某人 突然想到某事”, 其中it是形式主语, 后面的that从句是真正的


5. attack vt. & vi. & n. 攻击;进攻
①The newspapers attacked the Prime Minister for issuing the new law. 由于这项新法令的颁布, 各报纸纷纷对首相进行抨击。 ②He?s recovering from an attack of flu. 他正从一次流行性感冒中康复过来。 ③Our forces launched an all-out attack against the enemy.

④The city came under attack during the night. 那座城市在夜间遭到了袭击。


attack sb. for sth.

因为某事抨击某人 _________________ 攻击??,抨击?? ___________________

launch/make an attack on/against. . . 受到攻击,遭到抨击 ___________________

under attack an attack of

(尤指常发疾病的)侵袭 ____________________

6. reserve n. (动植物)保护区;储备 vt. 预订;保留;储备 (1)in reserve have/keep. . . in reserve a nature reserve (2)reserve sth. for sb. /sth. 储存;留以备用 保留?? 自然保护区 为??保留或储备某物

be reserved for
reserve (one?s) judgement



n. 预订;保留

with/without reservation
make a reservation (4)reserved

预订,预约 adj. 保留的,预定的

①This coastal area was named a national wildlife reserve last year. 去年,该海岸区被命名为国家野生动物保护区。 ②He reserved his opinion on some points.


is reserved for ③A separate room __ ________ ___ smokers. 一个单独的房间专供吸烟者使用。 keep in reserve ④We always _____ some money __ _______, just in case. 我们经常储备一些钱,仅仅以防万一。

⑤I?d like to make a reservation for four people for Friday
night, please.

without reservation ⑥I agree with you _______ __________. 我毫无保留地同意你的意见。

【高考链接】 (2011· 福建高考)I?d prefer to _______ my judgement until I find all the evidence.

A. show

B. express

C. pass

D. reserve

【解析】选D。考查动词词义辨析。句意:在找到所有的证据 之前,我宁愿保留我的意见。reserve保留;show显示,展示, 放映;express表达;pass穿过,通过,经过。由句意知选D。

7. strength n. 力量,力气; 长处

①He hasn?t got enough strength to lift the box.
他没有足够的力气搬起那个箱子。 ②He has been doing weight-training to build up his strength. 他一直在进行举重训练以增强体力。


strength 抗力 人的精力,自然界的能、能量、能源 常指促使物体运动的力,也可指势力、武力、 force 暴力、军队等 指力量、功能,人或机器等事物潜在的或能发 power 挥出来的力量、职权、权力或政权


energy ③David devoted all his ______ to his work. One night he came power home very late from his office. He found there was a ______ failure that day. Unfortunately he couldn?t find his key

strength force anywhere. So he gathered all his ________ to _____ the door
open. The next day he had to pay to have his door repaired.

【高考链接】 (2012· 福 建 高 考 )—Why do you choose to work in an international travel agency? —Well, you know, English is my _______ . So it is my best choice. A. strength B. talent C. ability D. skill

在国际旅行社工作?——噢, 你知道,英语是我的强项。因此


8. convince vt. 使确信,使相信

(1)convince sb. of sth.
convince sb. that-clause convince sb. to do sth. (2)convinced convincing

使某人相信某事 说服某人做某事 adj. 确信的,感到信服的 adj. 令人信服的

①I have been convinced that newspapers won?t disappear in spite of the popularity of the Internet. 我一直相信尽管因特网很普及,但报纸不会消失。 convince to go ②How can you ________ him __ ___ by train rather than by plane?

你怎样才能说服他坐火车去而不是乘飞机呢? convince of ③We should ________ the students __ the need for reading.

9. step up 加紧,加强,促进 ①The factory stepped up the production to meet the increased demand. 工厂加紧生产来满足日益增长的需求。 ②The health department is stepping up efforts to reduce

teenage smoking.

【拓展】补全下列短语 aside step _____ back step _____ forward step ________ by step ___ step

后退一步 走上前来,跨前一步 逐渐地,一步步地 与??保持一致

with keep in step ____

10. due to由于,因为

be due to sb. be due for be due to do sth.

adj. 应得的;正当的;应付的;预定的
应付给某人 应得到 预定做某事

due to ①Several traffic accidents happened on the highway ____ __
the heavy fog in the morning. 由于早晨的大雾,公路上发生了几起交通事故。 due to drunk driving ②The death toll ____ __ ______ _______ has been greatly reduced. 由于醉酒驾车造成的死亡人数已经极大地下降了。

③Have they received the money due to them?

④His new book is due to come out in November.

【点津】due to表示“由于,因??造成,应给予”时,其中 的to为介词;当due to 表示“即将/预期将??”时,to为动 词不定式符号。

【想一想】表示“由于,因为”的其他表达法有哪些? 【参考答案】 “由于,因为”多种表达: because of/owing to/on account of/thanks to/as a result of

11. put on穿上;打开;增加;播放;表演 观察句子,写出黑体部分的含义 ①Put on the light, and you can see everything in the room. (打开 ) ②It?s cold outside; you?d better put on your coat. ( 穿上 )

③The children will put on wonderful performances to

celebrate Children?s Day.


④If you stop taking regular exercise, you will put on weight

⑤They put on some music while they ate.

( 增加 )
(播放 )

12. show up出现,现身

①To the fans? disappointment, the film star didn?t show up at
the open ceremony. 令影迷们失望的是,那位影星并没有出现在开幕式上。 ②Why didn?t you show up at the meeting? 你为什么没有出席会议?

【拓展】写出下列show短语 show sb. around ______________ show off ________ show sb. in/out _____________ 领某人参观 炫耀,卖弄 领某人进来/出去 领某人去(某地)

show sb. to/into (a place) ______________________ be on show __________


13. make up编造,杜撰;构成;弥补;化妆;和解
观察句子,写出黑体部分的含义 ①She made up her face to look prettier. ( 化妆 )

②Everyone in the village likes him because he is good at telling and making up stories. ( 编造 )

③Girls make up two thirds of members of the school literary club. ( 组成 )

④Hard work can make up for a lack of intelligence.

(弥补 )

⑤In the end the two boys made up with each other after a

fierce fight.

( 和解 )

14. look into调查,检查;向??里面看

①The local government has been looking into the cause of the
accident and will give the public a satisfactory answer. 当地政府已经在调查事故的原因,会给公众一个满意的答复。 ②He looked into the room but found nobody in. 他朝房间里看但没发现任何人在里面。

look after _________ look for _______ 照料,照顾,关心 寻找 透过??看;看穿;仔细查看;浏览 回顾 看不起,轻视 尊敬某人

look through ____________ look back on/upon ________________
look down on/upon _________________ look up to sb. ____________ look on. . . as. . . ______________


look up _______

(2011· 四川高考)I often __________ the words I don?t know in the dictionary or on the Internet. A. look up C. look for B. look at D. look into

【解析】选A。考查动词短语。句意: 我经常在词典里或者网 上查我不认识的单词。look up查询,查找;look at看;look

for寻找;look into调查。

15. Witnesses also say they saw Justin walking towards his house

at 10. 45 p. m. .
目击者也说晚上10点45分他们看到贾斯廷朝家走去。 (1)句中see是感官动词,常用于“感官动词+宾语+宾语补足语” 结构。常见的感官动词有see,hear,watch,feel,notice, observe,listen to,look at等。

(a)接不带to的不定式,表示习惯性、经常性或动作的全过程, 变成被动语态时,后接带to的不定式。 (b)接现在分词作宾语补足语,表示当时正在发生的动作。 (c)后接过去分词作宾语补足语,与宾语构成被动关系。

heard him singing ①When I passed by his room, I ______ ____ _______ the song.
当我经过他的房间时,我听到他在唱歌。 heard to speak ②Though he lives in America, he is often ______ __ _____ Chinese.

③I?ve never seen him come to visit his uncle. 我从未见过他来看望他的叔叔。 ④The manager wanted to see the plan carried out. 经理想看到计划得到执行。

16. Standing inside were lots of strange creatures with white skin and large black eyes.

(1)该句为倒装句,standing inside是现在分词短语作表语提前。 正常语序是:Lots of strange creatures with white skin and large black eyes were standing inside. 。此倒装句结构为:现 在分词+地点状语+be+主语。

(2)完全倒装: (a)当表语是分词、形容词、副词、介词短语,主语比较长且 主语是名词时,为了保持句子平衡,常把表语放在句首,引 起句子全部倒装。句型为:形容词/分词/副词/介词短语+地点

(b)There be句型中的be用表示“存在”的动词live, exist, lie, stand, seem, rise, remain, happen, come, go等替代。 (c)当副词there, here, out, in, on, up, down, away, back, now, then等放于句首,谓语动词是go, come, run, lie, stand等,且 主语是名词时,多用倒装句。

①Also present at the meeting was a professor from Peking University. 出席会议的还有来自北京大学的一位教授。 ②There remains a certain doubt among the people as to the practical value of the project.

人们对于这个项目的实用价值仍然有某种怀疑。 Here comes the postman ③_____ ______ ___ ________! 邮递员来了! Grown around the lake are ④_______ _______ ___ ____ ___ trees of different kinds.


There comes the bus. 公交车来了。 Then followed a heavy rain. 后来下了一场大雨。 (2)当主语是代词时,不用倒装句。 There he comes. 他来了。

【高考链接】 (2010·江苏高考)—Is everyone here? —Not yet. . . Look, there ________ the rest of our guests! A. come C. is coming B. comes D. are coming

【 解 析】 选A。 句 意 :——每 个 人都 在这 儿吗? ——还 没



【想一想】倒装是高考热点,请你想一想哪些情况下句子需要 部分倒装。 【参考答案】 (1)当否定词或表否定意义的短语位于句首时, 其后的句子应采

的有never, seldom, hardly, rarely, scarcely, barely, little, by no means, in no way, at no time, neither, nor等。 (2)only修饰状语置于句首时,使用部分倒装。 (3)not only. . . but also. . . , hardly. . . when. . . , no sooner. . .

than. . . , so. . . that. . . 等结构的前面部分置于句首时, 使用部分

(4)省略if的虚拟条件句以had/were/should开头时,使用部分 倒装。 (5)so, neither, nor表示“也”、“也不”的句子要部分倒装。 (6)as表示“虽然”,引导让步状语从句,要用部分倒装,其 结构为:表语/状语/动词原形+as(虽然)+主语+谓语部分。例

①Never have I found him in such a good mood.

②Not until yesterday did I get the news. 直到昨天我才知道这个消息。

③So late did he get home that his mother felt very worried. 他到家很晚,他的妈妈非常担心。 ④Much as I like it, I won?t buy it. 虽然我很喜欢它,但是我不会买。

17. When asked about the possibility that Justin was taken by

aliens,Detective Sam Peterson, who has taken charge of the
case, told journalists, ?Sometimes people make up such amazing stories. . . ? 当被问及贾斯廷被外星人绑架的可能性时,负责调查此案的 萨姆· 彼得森侦探告诉记者:“人们有时候编造出这类奇异的 故事??”

(1)句中When asked. . . 是时间状语从句的省略句。 (2)当when, while,until, if,though,even if等引导时间、条



①While (he was) waiting there, he saw two pretty girls come
out of the building. 当他在那里等待的时候,他看到了两个漂亮女孩从大楼里走 出来。 ②I won?t go to the party even if (I am) invited. 即使被邀请,我也不去参加晚会。 If heated ③__ ______ for some time, ice can be turned into water.

如果加热一段时间,冰就会变成水。 When crossing ④______ _______ the street, you can never be more careful. 过 马路的时候,你越小心越好。

18. The Yeti is said to be a large, hairy animal that walks on two feet like a human being. 据说,雪人是一种高大多毛,像人类一样用两脚行走的动物。 “主语+be said to do” 意为“据说??”,其中不定式有时态 和语态的变化。该结构相当于“It is said that. . . ”。

①His father is said to be an engineer. =It is said that his father is an engineer. 据说他的父亲是位工程师。

②They are said to be looking into the case.
=It is said that they are looking into the case. 据说他们正在调查这一案子。 改写句子 ③It is said that Tom has gone abroad. Tom is said to have gone abroad. =_____________________________ ④One policeman is said to have been injured in the accident. It is said that one policeman was injured in the accident. =________________________________________________

【想一想】还有哪些动词可以用于以上结构? 【参考答案】

expect,suggest,prove,find等。例如: It is reported that 38 people died during the collision between two ships in Hong Kong. →38 people are reported to have died during the collision between two ships in Hong Kong. 据报道,香港两艘轮船相撞致使38人死亡。

1. evidence n. 证据

evidence to do sth. /that. . .
in evidence

显而易见的;看得见的,明 显的

give/show/bear (no) evidence of 证明/表明(没)有??的迹象

①All the scientific evidence shows that increasing use of chemicals in farming is damaging our health. 所有的科学证据表明在农业生产中越来越多使用化学物品对

②Do you have any evidence to support this statement? 你有支持这种说法的证据吗? in evidence ③It was early, and few pedestrians were __ ________ in the streets.

天还很早,街道上的稀少行人清晰可见。 gives evidence of ④A smile _____ ________ __ her agreement.

2. organize vt. 组织,筹备;安排,处理

organize. . . into
organized organizer organization

adj. 安排有序的,有组织的;效率高的 n. 组织者 n. 组织

①We need to organize the work according to the skills of each volunteer.

②To write a good essay you must first organize your ideas

要写出好文章,你必须先从逻辑上理顺思绪。 organized into ③She _________ the class ____ four groups. 她把全班分成四组。 organized ④I don?t like going on _________ tours. 我不喜欢参加组团旅游。

Ⅰ. 根据首字母或汉语提示写出下列单词 ccurred 1. Do you know when the accident o________?

njuries 2. She was taken to hospital with serious head i______ in the
car accident. 3. Some people declared that they discovered Yeti, a wild reature c_______ in the mountain area. ssumed 4. It is generally a________ that stress is caused by too much work.

onstruction 5. The whole city looks like a big c__________ site. Many new factories are being built. evidence 6. There was no hard ________(证据) that proved aliens had taken Justin away.
laughter 7. All the students burst into ________(笑) after hearing the funny story told by their teacher. possibility 8. There is no _________(可能) that a tsunami will happen in the same place again.

dismissed 9. John told me he was unfairly _________(解雇) from his post, and now he has to find a new job. 10. We saw Lisa off at the railway station and watched until disappeared the train ___________(消失) from view.

Ⅱ. 根据括号中的提示完成下列句子 1. 让我们设想一下明天他将如何出现在你的生日晚会上。

(assume,show up)
Let?s assume how he will show up _____________________________ at your birthday party

2. 很遗憾他们排除了我的建议。(dismiss) I am sorry that they dismissed __________________________ my suggestion/advice. 3. 尽管见到我们很惊讶,他还是热情地接待我们。(though+ 分词) Though surprised to see us _______________________, he gave us a warm welcome.

4. 调查之后,警方得出结论,事故发生在夜里。(look into, occur) After looking into the case _______________________, the police drew a conclusion that the accident occurred at night __________________________. 5. 据说他今年冬天要搬到南方去。(be said to do) He is said to move ________________to the South this winter. 6. 在庙的左边矗立着一座500年前建造的古塔。(倒装句)

On the left of the temple stands an old tower ______________________________________ built 500 years

Ⅲ. 话题写作

1. 人们对有些无法解释的现象感到困惑,其中的一个例子就 是雪人存在的可能性。 2. 据说雪人比一般的人要高,但是却以惊人的速度和力量行 走。 3. 虽然有人报告说见过属于雪人的脚印,但是没有发现更有 力的证明它存在的证据。

4. 随着科学和技术的发展,我们今天未知的东西在未来会得

5. 我们希望科学家会解开这个谜,给我们满意的回答。 _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________


People feel puzzled by some unexplained phenomena, one
example of which is the possible existence of Yetis. It is said that the Yeti is taller than an average human but walks with amazing speed and strength. Though some people even reported seeing the footprints belonging to a Yeti, no stronger evidence for its existence has been found.

With the development of science and technology, what is

unknown to us today will be explained in the future. We hope
that scientists will solve the mystery one day and give us a satisfactory answer.


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