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(一) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. 为了保持健康,他每天早起,且每天至少做 20 分钟的运动。(in order to) 2. 为了期中考试考好,我必须认真仔细复习我所学过的知识。(so that) 3. 即使工作做为教师很辛苦,但我仍然喜欢它。(even though) 4. 尽管 Anna 升职了,但她仍然感到很不开心。(despite) 5. 一旦你做出承

诺,你就必须信守诺言。(keep one’s word) 6. 尽管遇到一些困难,最终她还是提前完成了任务。(in spite of;manage) 7. 他在这篇论文中提及到这个问题,但没有做深入分析。(refer) 8. 无论我们做什么,我们都应将理论与实践相结合。(combine) 9.Mingming 昨天被他的老 师批评 了 (criticize), 因为他 被抓到 在考试中 作弊。 (be caught cheating) 10. 如果你方便的话,请帮我在书店买一本有关儿童教育的书。(convenient)

答案: (一)

1. In order to keep healthy(fit),he gets up early and does at least 20 minutes of exercise every day. 2. I must go over (review) what I have learned carefully so that I can do well in the middle exam. 3. Even though working as a teacher is very difficult/hard, I still enjoy it. 4. Despite Anna’s promotion, she still felt unhappy. 5. Once you have made a promise, you must keep your word. 6. In spite of some difficulties, she still managed to finish the task in advance. 7. He referred to the problem in this essay(paper),but (he)didn ’t make a deeper analysis of it. 8. No matter what /whatever we do, we should combine theory with practice. 9. Mingming was criticized by his teacher yesterday, because he was caught cheating in the exam.

10. If it is convenient for you, please buy me a book about(on) children’s education in the bookstore.

1. 她出色的英语水平使她得到了那个职位。 (command) Her good command of English enabled her to get the post. 2. 不管你的生活多么艰难,永远不要对自己失去信心。(confidence) However difficult your life is, never lose confidence in yourself. 3. 与其坐以待毙不如采取措施。(It's better....than) It’s better to take actions than to sit and do nothing. 4. 无论你何时有困难,我都愿意帮助你。 (be willing to) Whenever you meet with difficulty, I ’m willing to help you. 5. Tom 被描述为我们班最勤奋的学生之一。(describe) Tom is described as one of the most hardworking/diligent students in our class. 6. 她以一个合理的价格买下了这双鞋。(reasonable) She bought this pair of shoes at a reasonable price. 7. 她毫不犹豫地接受了这份工作,这出乎了我的预料。without hesitation She accepted the job without hesitation, which was out of my expectation. 8. 乘客可以在飞机起飞前一个半小时在机场办理登机手续。check Passengers can check in at the airport one hour and a half before the plane takes off. 9. 他对我们的提议没有做出评论。 He made no comments on our proposal. 10. 找到这个问题的解决之道可能要花很长时间。 It may take a long time to find a solution to the problem.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

(三) 1. 那个正在操场上踢足球的男孩是来自高二 4 班的。 The boy who(that) is playing football on the playground is from Class 4, senior 2. 2. 你能借给我昨天你谈到的漫画书吗? Can you lend me the comic book (which/that/ 不填)you talked about yesterday? 3. 那些想要继续他们的教育的人可以报名参加一些关于自主学习的课程。 Those(people) who want to continue their education can enrol on some courses about independent learning. 4. 一个五岁男孩竟会说两门外语,这让所有在场的人很惊讶。 A five-year-old boy can speak two foreign languages, which surprises all the people present. 或:which makes all the people present surprised. A five-year-old boy could speak two foreign languages, which surprised all the people present.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

或:which made all the people present surprised. 5. 这对年老的夫妇有两个儿子,他们都正在美国工作。 The old couple has two sons , both of whom are working in America. 6. 她已经找到了她两天前丢失的项链。 She has found the necklace (which/that/ 不填)she lost two days ago. 7. 房价很低的日子不再有了。( when) Days are gone when the house prices were very low. 8. 他拒绝参加这次会议的原因至今还不清楚。 (why) The reason why he refuses to attend the meeting hasn't been clear so far. 9. 这就是 Mary 和她丈夫第一次见面的那家咖啡馆。(where) This is the coffee shop where Mary met her husband for the first time. 10. 那间门是坏了的教室将很快被修好。(whose) The classroom whose door is broken will be repaired soon. (四) 1. 互联网把我们和其他国家的人们连接了起来。(link) 2. 为了清楚地阐明自己的观点 ,他给观众讲了一个小故事。(illustrate) 3. 据报道,这座城市里无家可归的人的数量减少了百分之五。(decrease) 4. 有些动物濒临灭绝 ,因此人们正在努力地保护它们。 (extinct) 5. 一旦拿定主意,他就不太可能会改变了。 (unlikely) 6. 我一直读这本小说已经两个月了,但还没有结束它。 7. 我在寒风中一直等了你三个小时。

1. The Internet links us with people from other countries. 2. To illustrate his point clearly, he told his audience a short story. 3. It is reported that the number of homeless people in this city has decreased by 5%. 4. Some animals are becoming extinct, so people are trying hard to protect them. 5. Once he has made up his mind, he is unlikely to change it.
6.I have been reading this novel for two months, but still haven't finished it. 7. I have been waiting for you for three hours in the cold(freezing) wind.



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