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必修4 Unit 12 Culture Shock

Unit 12

Culture Shock

1. The former president studied hard when he was young, which________his success in his career. A.contributed to C.got used to B.applied to D.turned to

答案 A [考查短语辨析。句意:这位前总统小时候学习很努力,这促成了他事业的成 功。contribute to “起作用,有助于,促成”,符合题意。apply to 将……应用于;get used to 习惯于;turn to 转向,变成,求助于。] 2.That is the only way we can imagine________the overuse of water in students' bathrooms. A.reducing C.reduced 答案 B B.to reduce D.reduce

[本题考查非谓语动词。动词不定式短语 to reduce the overuse of water in

students' bathrooms 在此作定语,修饰 the only way;we can imagine 为定语从句,前面省 略了 that。句意:那是我们能够想象到的在学生浴室中减少过度使用水的唯一方法。] 3.There is ________common belief that the older you get,________more religious you become. A.the;a C.a;the B.the;/ D./;the

答案 C [考查冠词的用法。句意为:人们普遍认为,一个人年龄越大,他会变得越虔 诚。a common belief 通常的观念,普遍想法;the+形容词比较级,the+形容词比较级, 表示“越……越……”。] 4.Catherine________at school wearing a Tshirt with some slogans. A.broke up C.came up B.turned up D.ended up

答案 B [考查动词词组辨析。 break up 意为 “解散, 结束”; turn up 意为 “来到, 露面”; come up 意为 “(植物)长出地面,发生”;end up 意为 “最终成为,最终处于”。B 项符合 语意。] 5.The technical cooperation and cultural________between the two countries are daily on the increase. A.expenses C.revenges B.exchanges D.extension

答案 B [考查名词辨析。 句意: 两国之间的技术合作和文化交流正在与日俱增。 cultural exchange“文化交流”。expense“花费”;revenge“报仇”;extension“延伸”。]

6.If someone hurts you,forgive them,for they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of being______about to whom you open your heart. A.modest C.cautious B.sensitive D.reasonable

答案 C [在选择向谁敞开心扉这方面要谨慎(cautious)。to whom you open your heart 跟在介词 about 后作宾语。 modest 谦虚的, 适度的; sensitive 敏感的, 能理解的; reasonable 合理的,正当的。] 7.—What do you think of this dress,darling? —Er...sorry,dear.I________.What did you say? A.didn't listen C.haven't listened B.hadn't listened D.wasn't listening

答案 D [考查动词的时态。根据答语中的 What did you say 可知,答话者没有听清楚 对方的问话,该用过去进行时,表示对方刚才说话的那一刻自己没有听。] 8. ________ suddenly occurred to him that his parents should have arrived in Beijing by this

A. What C. That 答案 B [考查固定句型。句意:他突然想起来,他的父母现在应该到北京了。此句中的

it 作形式主语,后面的从句为真正的主语。It occurred to sb. that .... “某人(突然)想起/想 到……”。] 9.________around the Water Cube and the Bird's Nest,the tourists from Taiwan and I wished there________a joint team for the London Olympics. A.Having shown;to be C.To show;were 答案 D B.To be shown;is D.Having been shown;to be

[ 考查非谓语动词。从句意可以看出,句子的逻辑主语是 the tourists from

Taiwan and I,与 show 之间构成被动关系,同时动作发生在谓语动词 wish 之前,所以第 一空用 having been shown,而第二空是 there be 结构的变体形式。] 10.The old woman who________in the deserted house alone for ten years has been settled in a nursing home now. A.lived C.had lived 答案 A B.has lived D.has been living


了。根据句意,老妇人现已不再住在那房子里了,故 “住” 是过去的状态,用一般过去

时。] 11. — —

D. All things are d 答案 D [考查谚语。A 项的意思是“暴风雨使树根扎得更深。”B 项的意思是“金窝银 窝不如家里的草窝。”C 项的意思是“伟大始于渺小。”D 项的意思是“万事开头难。”。 显然只有 D 项符合语境。] 12.We could have asked someone to carry out the plan privately without it________. A.was known C.being known B.knows D.be known

答案 C [考查独立主格结构。句意:我们本可以悄悄地让人实施这项计划,使它不为 人所知。介词 without 与后面部分构成独立主格结构,it 和 know 之间为逻辑上的动宾关 系,因此用 being known。] 13.________published fifty years ago,his work still attracts much attention at present. A.In spite C.Apart from B.Though D.Despite

答案 B [考查状语从句。句意:尽管他的作品是在 50 年前出版的,但现在依然受到 广泛关注。 此处为省略的状语从句, 其主语是 his work, 还原完整为: Though his work was published fifty years ago,his work still attracts much attention at present.C、D 两项为介词, 后面应跟名词或者名词短语,A 项常用于 in spite of 短语。] 14.I'm afraid we'll have to work extra hours for there are still some problems________. A.remaining to settle B.remaining to be settled C.remained to be settled D.to remain to settle 答案 B [句意:恐怕我们得加班,因为还有一些问题有待解决。首先,remain 为系动 词,所以只能用现在分词形式作定语;remain to be done 表将来、被动含义,意为“有待 于被……”,故 B 项正确。] 15.________himself by a table,the gentleman asked the waiter for a cup of coffee politely. A.Seated B.Seating

C.To seat


答案 B [考查非谓语动词。句意:这位绅士在桌旁坐好后,礼貌地向服务生要了一杯 咖啡。seat 为及物动词,表示“使(自己)就座”,其逻辑主语为 the gentleman,所以用现在 分词形式。] Ⅱ .完形填空 I believe in miracles(奇迹) because I've seen so many of them. One day, a patient was referred to me who was one hundred and two years old. “There's a__16__ in my upper jaw,” she said.“I told my own dentist it's nothing, but he__17__I come to see you.” Her eightyyearold son accompanied her. He would__18__to add something, but she stopped him. She wanted to tell everything herself. I found a large cancer that spread over most of the__19__ of her mouth. A careful examination later__20__that it was a particularly bad sort of cancer. During her next appointment, I explained to her the__21__of the problem. She clasped my hand in hers and said, “I know you're worried about me, but I'm just__22__.” I thought otherwise. After considerable__23__on my part, and kindness on her part because she wanted to __24__me, she agreed to have me refer her to a cancer surgeon. She saw him, but as I expected, __25__treatment. About six months later she returned to my office, still energetic and__26__. “How are you?” I asked. “I'm just fine, honey, ”she responded__27__high spirits. “When can I get started on fixing my dentures(假牙)?” Surprised to see her at all, I answered__28__,“Let me take a look in your mouth and we'll see about it.” I couldn't believe my eyes. The cancer that had __29__nearly the entire roof of her mouth was gone—only one small area of redness __30__. I had read of such things happening, but had __31__ seen them with my own eyes. That was my first miracle. Since then I've seen many others, because they keep getting__32__ to see. In fact, miracles are daily events for me now. And people are all miracles, __33__ through them we have a chance to know ourselves and to__34__the miracles of one another. Since my first miracle, I've come to understand that the time and place for a miracle is__35__we choose to find it. 【语篇解读】 作者通过自己经历的一件事情告诉我们,在生活中,奇迹无处不在,奇 迹就在我们选择发现奇迹的地方。 16.A.cut C.wound B.pain D.cancer

答案 B [下文告诉我们,老太太患的是癌症,而不是受了伤,由此可见,这位老太太

是因为上颚痛才来看病的,所以选 pain。] 17.A.declared C.promised B.suspected D.insisted

答案 D [句意:“我告诉我的牙医这没什么,但是他却坚持让我来看看。”由第二段中 的 I found a large cancer that spread over most of the__19__ of her mouth.可以看出,她的病 情很严重,所以应该是她的私人医生坚持要她来,因此要选择 insist“坚决主张”,后面从 句要用虚拟语气。declare“宣布”;suspect“怀疑”;promise“承诺”。] 18.A.refuse C.attempt B.continue D.manage

答案 C [陪同老太太来的是她 80 岁的儿子,他试图补充点什么,但被老太太给阻止 了。 这里 attempt to do sth 相当于 try to do sth 意思是试图做某事(但没有成功)。 而 manage to do sth 意思是成功做成某事;refuse to do sth 意思是拒绝做某事;continue to do sth 意 思是继续做某事,显然都不符合语境。] 19.A.roof C.bottom B.corner D.surface

答案 A [上文提到,老太太感觉上颚(upper jaw)有点痛,所以应该选择 roof,29 空所在 的句子也有暗示。roof 在此处的意思是“牙床,上颚”。corner“角落,区域”;bottom“底 部”;surface“表面”。] 20.A.confirmed C.considered 答案 A B.convinced D.concluded

[confirm“ 确认 ” 。句意:后来的细致检查确认这是一种特别严重的癌症。

convince“(使)信服,说服”;consider“考虑”;conclude“推断,得出结论”。] 21.A.possibility C.seriousness B.importance D.resolution

答案 C [由 20 空后的 a particularly bad sort of cancer 可以看出,在下次来看病时,我 向她解释了病情的严重性 (seriousness) 。 possibility“ 可能性 ” ; importance“ 重要性 ” ; resolution“决心,解决”。] 22.A.old C.fine B.sick D.glad

答案 C [由语境可知,老太太一直以为自己身体很健康,所以要选 fine,意思是:(身 体)好的。下文的“I'm just fine, honey”也是暗示。] 23.A.permission C.approval B.support D.effort

答案 D [作为医生,“我”一直在劝说老太太去找一位治疗癌症的外科医生。老太太最

终答应是因为两方面的原因,一方面是我的努力(effort),另一方面是老太太的善良,因 为她想让我高兴,她才答应去的。permission“允许”;support“支持”;approval“同意,赞 同”。] 24.A.persuade C.encourage 答案 B B.please D.astonish

[please 意思是 “ 使 …… 高兴;取悦某人 ” 。解析见上题。 persuade“ 说服 ” ;

encourage“鼓励”;astonish“(使)震惊”。] 25.A.declined C.received B.provided D.required

答案 A [因为老太太去看外科医生也是出于照顾“我”的面子,所以拒绝治疗也在我的 预料之中。根据前面对老太太的描述 (kindness) 可知, “ 婉言拒绝 ” 符合语境,因此选 declined。provide“提供”;receive“收到”;require“需要”。] 26.A.healthy C.optimistic B.elegant D.humorous

答案 C [解答此题的关键是空前的 still,前文告诉我们,老太太一直很乐观,认为自 己的病没有什么大碍, 并拒绝了大夫的治疗, 所以应该选择 optimistic, 意思是: 乐观的。 由上文可知她的病很严重,如果忽略了这一点,很容易误选 A。] 27.A.to C.between B.in D.by

答案 B [in high spirits 为固定用法,意思是“兴高采烈”。] 28.A.worriedly C.patiently B.confusedly D.confidently

答案 B [一个患癌症的病人在六个月后竟然精力充沛、神采依然,“我”很吃惊,也很 困惑,所以选择 confusedly,意思是“困惑地”。worriedly“担心地”;patiently“有耐心地”; confidently“有信心地”。] 29.A.covered C.spread B.reached D.grown

答案 A [cover“覆盖”。语意为:几乎覆盖整个上颚的癌症已经消失了,只留下一小片 红。] 30.A.cured C.expanded B.faded D.remained

答案 D [这里指的是癌症症状消失后留下的东西,所以选择 remained,语意见上题。 cure“治愈”;fade“褪色”;expand“膨胀”。] 31.A.ever B.also



答案 C [由上文 Surprised to see her at all,I couldn't believe my eyes.以及下文的 That was my first miracle.可以看出,这里的意思是:我读过类似的故事,但这之前从没有亲 眼看到这样的事情发生。所以选 never。] 32.A.easier C.happier B.rarer D.closer

答案 A [从那以后我看到了很多其他类似的奇迹。 这说明奇迹在变得越来越容易让人 看到,由此可以看出,easier 符合语境。rare“稀少的”;happy“幸福的”;close“接近的”。] 33.A.or C.yet B.so D.for

答案 D [第二个分句是前一个分句的原因。句意:并且人们都是奇迹,因为通过他们 我们有机会了解我们自己,看见一个又一个的奇迹。for 用来引出原因。] 34.A.read C.keep B.make D.see

答案 D [这一部分重点讲的是看见身边的奇迹,所以要选 see。该段的前两句都有暗 示。] 35.A.whatever C.whoever B.wherever D.whichever

答案 B [对应前面的 place,选择 wherever。从第一次奇迹之后,我逐渐明白:奇迹发 生的时间和地点就在我们选择发现它的地方。] Ⅲ .阅读理解 Occasional sleepwalking does not tend to present a problem and must children grow out of it.If it happens every night and causes problems,then sleep disorder specialists suggest that parents spend a week noting the time when the sleepwalking tends to happen,and then gently wake the child about fifteen minutes before this time.This will often break the cycle. So what should you do if you find your relative sleepwalking?For a start,they are in such a deep sleep that they will probably not notice you,even if you try to wake them.If you do succeed in waking them,they will become distressed.Everyone has experienced that feeling of confusion when the alarm awakens you from deep sleep,instead of the lighter sleep we are usually experiencing by the time our alarms sound.I once had the shock of being woken by a crash and found myself in the kitchen,standing barefoot and surrounded by broken glass.I’d tried to get a glass of water while sleepwalking, but like most sleepwalkers I failed to turn on the light, and had smashed the glass against the tap. Waking a sleepwalker will not cause them to have a heart attack, but the kindest thing to do is not to try to wake them at all.Lead them gently back to bed so that they do not hurt

themselves.They will remain deeply asleep,and it is likely that they will not remember a thing in the morning. 【语篇解读】 你或者周围的人有梦游症吗?如果有的话, 该怎么办呢?本文给出了几 点建议。 36.What do the specialists advise the parents to do to avoid their children’s sleepwalking? A.Go to bed with their children at the same time. B.Keep a record of the time when children wake up. C.Take 15 minutes to wake children from sleepwalking. D.Try some time to break the cycle of the sleepwalking. 答案 D [ 细 节 理 解 题 。 根 据 第 一 段 中 的 “then sleep disorder specialists suggest

that...before this time.This will often break the cycle.”可知,当孩子经常梦游时,专家建议 家长花一周的时间记录梦游发生的时间,然后在梦游前 15 分钟轻轻地叫醒孩子,这样 孩子就不会发生梦游了。] 37.When a sleepwalker is suddenly woken,he is most likely to________. A.die from heart attack C.feel lost 答案 C B.do some cooking D.become relaxed

[细节理解题。根据第二段中的 “...they will become distressed.Everyong has

experienced that feeling of confusion”可知,答案选 C。lost 意为“困惑的、不知所措的”。] 38.What should we do to deal with a sleepwalking relative? A.Do nothing but take him back to bed. B.Try every means to wake him at once. C.Leave your relative where he stays. D.Send him to a specialist immediately. 答案 A [细节理解题。根据最后一段中的“but the kindest thing to do is not to try to wake them at all.Lead them gently back to bed so that they do not hurt themselves.”可知,答 案选 A。] 39.What is the best title for the text? A.Sleep Disorder C.Sleep Advice B.Sleepwalking D.Sleepwalkers

答案 B [主旨大意题。本文主要建议人们该如何正确处理梦游症,sleepwalking 做标 题最恰当。]


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