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高中英语必修二单词及语言点总结 Unit 1 Cultural relics 一. 请根据中文意思完成下列句子。 1. Galileo _________ that the earth moves around the sun like the other planets. 伽利略证明地球像其它行星一样绕太阳转。 2. Please ____________ my suggest

ion.请考虑一下我的建议。 3. Only a few soldiers ____________ the battle.仅几名士兵没有战死。 4.I came across the _____ book in the shop.我偶然在那书店里见到这本珍贵的书。 5.Some experts of the world _______ _______ ___ his paintings.他的绘画受到世界上一些专家的好 评。 6.He has given us so much help that I really wanted to do something for him ____ _________. 他给我们如此多的帮助我想为他做些事作为报答。 7. There are many people present at the meeting, two thirds of whom _________ _______ the same school. 8.We ___________ what he said unimportant.我们认为他说的不重要。 9.The boy went ___ ________ ___ something to eat.那些男孩去找吃的东西去了。 10. He is a student who has a ____ for music.他是个对音乐有天赋的学生。 11.The ________ of the building is special.那建筑的设计很特别。 12. The two countries are still ____ _____now.那两个国家现在还处于战争中。 13. The Great Wall is one of the _______ in the world.长城是世界一大奇迹。 二. 请根据首字母完成下列句子。 1. He bought me a dictionary in r______ for my 9. It is r____ for him to arrive late. help. 10. I am c__________ changing my job. 2. Don’t f_______ that you can succeed without 11. Tom gave me a surprising g_____ at my hard work. birthday party. 3. He r______ the table to the corner of the room. 12.Do you have any e__________ to support you 4. It was Mr. Li who d_________ the building. are not guilty? 5. Few birds managed to s________ the winter 13. Beijing is the c________ and political center of last year. our country. 6. Can you p_______ your honesty? 14. I can’t bear the h_____ in summer. 7. The boy took the watch a____ to see how it ran. 15. Our school gave a r__________ to the visitors. 8. The house b________ to the old lady. 16. He l_____ a match. Unit 2 The Olympic Games 一. 请根据中文意思完成下列句子。 1. He has ________ me to buy me a car.他已经答应给我买辆汽车。 2. Nothing can _________ a mother’s love.没有什么东西能取代母爱的。 3. Our English teacher is friendly ____ _______ _____ kind to us.我们英语老师对我们既亲切又友好。 4. He _________ ____ the game yesterday.昨天他参加比赛了。 5. It would be __________ for us to quarrel.我们吵架是很愚蠢的。 6.— ——— —————, you didn’t do your best.老实说,你并没有尽力。 7. There was ___ ______ _______ of Lu Xun’s novels on the shelf.在那书架上有一套鲁迅的小说。 8. He_______ having done wrong. 他承认做错了事。 9.He ______ ______ ____ the strike.他参加了罢工。 10. He ____ _____ _____ his parent was going out for a holiday.他和他的父母将要去度假。 11. The students went out of the classroom _____ _______ _____________.学生一个接着一个走出教 室。 二. 请根据首字母完成下列句子 1. How is your i___________ for the job today? 3. I will keep my p_________. 2. My sister was luck to be a________ to Beijing 4. There is an a________ building and we will go University. to visit it next week.

5. Playing basketball is one form of p_______ 10. The a__________ won two gold medals in the exercise. Olympics. 6. The two friends were c________ for the 11. Give me your h_______ opinion. position. 12. We are now going to i__________ the 7. If you want to sell your product well you should Minister of Education. a_________ it. 13. Last night Tom dreamed that he went on a 8. The old furniture should be r_________. m________ trip. 9. His composition won the first p______ in the 14. What he said doesn’t r______ to his action. contest. Unit 3 Computers 一.请根据中文意思完成下列句子。 1._____ ______ ________, the food is not enough.在我看来,这食物不够。 2. Yesterday, he took an i________________ test.昨天他参加了智力考试。 3. He don’t know how to ______ ________ his naughty son.他不知道该怎么对付他那顽皮的儿子。 4. It’s not surprising you’ve got stomachache. _____ ______ you have eaten too much. 你的胃痛并不令人惊奇,毕竟你吃得太多了。 5. They have nothing in ________ with one another.他们彼此毫无共同点。 6. ______ _____ ______ my computer, I could finish my job in time.在我电脑的帮助下我可以及时完成的 我工作。 7.___ ___ ____, what you said is reasonable.在某种程度上,你所说的有道理。 二.请根据首字母完成下列句子 1 . He is studying engineering at a school of 7. My grandpa suffered a lot during the Cultural t____________. R____________. 2. It is an a___________ if you know how to type. 8. We d________ on which plan to carry out. 3. You should c_________ the exact money you 9. That’s a t________ problem. need. 10. Walt Disney c_____ many cartoons that many 4. What’s the m_________ of your clothing? children like. 5. I p_________ didn’t believe what he said at the 11. The computer can c__________ complex meeting. engineering problems. 6. Please tell me the d___________ of living in a 12. He decided to go on a u____________ travel. city. 13. The coat is d__________ for you.


Unit 4 Wildlife Protection 一. 请根据中文意思完成下列句子 1. Do you know how did the world _______ ______ __________ ?你知道宇宙如何形成的吗? 2.In winter, you should cover something to _________ the plants ______ the cold. 在冬天你应该盖上东西保护那些植物不要冻坏。 3. He is _____ great ______.他处于极度危险中。 4. He didn’t work hard. ____ ___ ______, he failed in the exam.他没有努力学习,因此他就在考试中失 败了。 5.You should ____ _______ ________ the signs when you are driving.当你驾驶的时候你应该注意标志。 6.My family lives _______ ________.我一家人相处融洽。 7. Dinosaurs ______ ______ millions of years ago.恐龙在几万年前就灭绝了。 8.He wrote a letter to _____ _______ the job.他写信申请那份工作。 9. The storm _____ a bad _______ _____ the crops.那暴风雨对庄稼有很坏的影响。 二.请根据首字母完成下列句子 1.I s_________ that she do the job herself. 8. Tom is a l_____ person. 2. I was b_____ by the dog yesterday. 9. Geography a_______ people’s ways of living. 3. R_______, he has made great progress. 10. Amirica is a p______ nation. 4. He went through the forest under the p_______ of 11. The board is t_______. his dog. 12. Do you live in this a_______. 5. Ancient people h______ for food. 13. Orange juice c_________ vitamin c. 6. I don’t have the s_______ for supper. 14. The earthquake costs great l_______. 7. Tiger is a f_______ animal. Unit 5 Music 一.请根据中文意思完成下列句子 1.I met an old friend in the street _____ __________.我偶然在街上遇见一位老朋友。 2.Once you make up your mind, you should _______ ____ it.你一旦下了决心,你应该坚持下去。 3. I ______ _____ being a great scientist when I was a child.当我是个小孩的时候我梦想成为一名伟大的 科学家。 4. I spent a whole morning to _____ _____ my books.我花了整整一个上午把我的书归类好。 5. It is impolite to _______ ______ _____ others.开别人的玩笑是不礼貌的。 6.He will arrive at six o’clock _____ ____.他大约六点到。 7.______ ____, you should make a plan for your study.首先你应该为你学习制订好计划。 8. We should _____ ______ _____ our parents.我们应该对我们的父母诚实。 9. The club ____ ____ last year.那个俱乐部去年解散了。 二.请根据首字母完成下列句子 1. Many people don’t like a________. 8. Liu Dehua is a well__ known a______. 2. His book was quite a h___ in London. 9. He has the a______ to speak four languages. 3. Do you know how did it f_______? 10. The little town is u_________ to us. 4. Guilin is an a_________ city. 11. Two p____________ vitnessed the accident. 5. We enjoyed the p_____________ last night. 12. His father a famous m________. 6. How much did you e____ last month. 13. They are the f____ of Zhou Bichang. 7. We need an e_____ day to do the job.


参考答案: Unit 1 一. 1.proved 2. consider 3. survied 4. rare 5. thought highly of 6. in trturn 7. belong to 8. consider 9. in search of 10. gift 11.design 12. at war 13. wonders 二. 1. return 2. fancy 3. removed 4. designed 5. survive 6. prove 7. apart 8.belongs 9.rare 10. considering 11. gift 12. evidence 13. cultural 14. heat 15.reception 16. lit/lighted Unit 2 一.1. promised 2. replace 3. as well as 4. competed in 6. foolish 7. a set of 8. admitted 9. took part in 10.as well as 11. one after another 三. 1. interview 2. admitted 3. promise 4. ancient 5. physical 6. competiors 7.advertise 8.replaced 9.prize 10. athlete 11. honest 12. interview 13. magical 14. relate Unit 3 一.1. In my opinion 2. intelligence 3. deal with 4. After all 5.common 6. with the help of 7. In a way 二.1. technology 2. advantage 3. calculate 4. material 5. personally 6. disadvantage/s 7. Revolution 8. disagreed 9. technological 10. created 11. calculate 12. universial 13. designed Unit 4 一.1. come into being 2. protect from 3. in danger 4. As a result 5. pay attention to 6. in peace 7. died out 8. apply for 9. had effect on 二.1. suggested 2. bitten 3. Recently 4. protection 5. hunted 6. stomach 7. fierce 8. lazy 9. affects 10. powerful 11. thick 12. area 13. contains 14. loss Unit 5 一.1. by chance 2. stick to 3. dreamt of 4. sort out 5. play jokes on 6. or so 7. Above all 8. be honest with 9. broke up 二.1. advertisements 2. hit 3. form 4. attractive 5. performance 6. earn 7. extra 8. actor 9. ability 10. unknown 11. passers-by 12. musician 13. fans


重点词组 Unit 1 CulturalRelics 文化遗产 1. look into 调查 16. add…to…添加…到… 2. insist on/upon sth/doing 坚持做,坚决做 17. great wonders of the world 世界上的伟大奇迹 3. belong to 属于 18. be at war 处于交战状态 4. get /be lost ; be missing 迷路,丢失 19. less than 少于 5. do with 处理;对付 20. no doubt 毫无疑问 6. in search of ;in the/one’s search for 寻找 21. remain a mystery 仍然是个迷 7. be used to do sth. 被用来做某事 22. take apart 拆开 8. be used to doing sth.习惯于做某事 23. rather than 胜于, 而不是 9. be made into . .被制成; 25. tell the truth 说实话 be made of /from 用…制成(看得见原材料/看不见 26. pretend to do sth 假装做某事 原材料) 27. give an example from your own life be made for 为…制作, be made up of 由…组成 举一个你生活中的例子 10. be of +抽象名词=be+该词的形容词 28. think highly of 看重,重视 “be of +名词(词组)”表示主语的某种形状或特征 29. search for =look for be of a(n) / the / the same“属于, 归于” 30. agree with sb 同意某人的意见 be of the size / weight / height / age / colour / 31. 情 态 动 词 (could /might /must /should)+have kind… done 11. work of amber art 琥珀艺术品. 表示对过去发生的事情的推测,批评,反悔等意 12. as a gift of 作为…的礼物 思 13. in return 作为报答 32. have sth. done 14. become part of 成为…的一部分 表示 “请人做某事” “使遭遇某种(不幸的)事情” 15. serve as 充当,用作 Unit 2 1 take part in/join in 参加 17 reach the standard 达到……水平、标准 2 the spirit of 精神、宗旨、灵魂 18 play an important role/part in 3 used to 过去常常 在…方面扮演重要角色(起重要作用) 4 find out 查明,找出 19 as well as 和……一样 5 every four years 每四年,每隔三年 20 thank you for your time 感谢您(能抽空……) 6 two sets of 两套,两组 21 come from the same root 同根 7 allow sb. in(out)允许进入(出去) 22 have (no) chance of doing sth 有/没做…的机会 8 allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事 23 go with 伴随,与……搭配 9 allow doing sth. 允许干某事。 24 relate…to… 把……与关联起来 10 be/get married+ to(不能用 with) sb 和……结 25 relate with 和……有关 婚 26 run against…和……赛跑 11 a set of 一套,一组 27 hear of 听说 12 compete in… 在某方面竞争 28 make sure 确定 13 compete for…为……而竞争 29 take turn 轮流 14 compete with/against 与……竞争 30 one after another 一个接一个 15 be admitted to 获准做某事 31 make sure +that clause 确定 16 be admitted as 作为…被接受 Unit 3 1. sound simple 听起来简单 7. mathematical problem 数学问题 2. a technological revolution 技术革命 8. be totally changed 被完全改变了 3. artificial intelligence 人工智能 9. share information with 与…信息共享 4. begin as 作为…开始 10. serve the human race 为人类服务 5. solve/settle a problem 解决问题 11. common knowledge 常识 6. a simple-minded man 一个头脑简单的人 12. deal with 处理

13. in my opinion 在我看来 14. public opinion 公众舆论 15 an analytical method 分析法 16. share a room with 与…共居一室 17. connect with 与…有关 18. go by(从…旁)走过 19. bring into effect 使生效 20. the common people 老百姓 21. get together 聚集 22. after all 毕竟 23. with the help of 在…的帮助下

24. make up 编造,化妆 25. a personal letter 私人信件 26. watch over 看守,监视 27. have a good time 玩得愉快 28. once a year 一年一度 29. make a decision 做出决定 30. allow sb. to do sth.允许某人干某事 31. building materials 建筑材料 32. in fact 事实上 33. create a new building 创建一栋新楼 34. in a wa 在某种程度上


1. as a result 结果 As a result of= because of 由于 result in = cause 导致 result form 由于 2. die out (动,植物物种)灭绝 die o 死于…(多内因) die from 死于…(多外因) die dow 变弱;逐渐消失 be dying for 渴望得到… 3. be at a loss = be puzzled at =be confused 迷惑的,不解的 suffer a loss (of) 蒙受损失 make up for a loss 弥补损失 be lost in one’s thought(陷入沉思) lose heartlose one’s heart to sb 4.in peace 平静的(地) ;安静的(地) in silence/ in quiet/in surprise/in a hurry 5. hunting for 搜索; 搜寻 6.be in danger of 有… 危险 be out of danger 脱离危险 endangered adj. 濒危的 dangerous 危险的 1.roll over 翻身, 打滚 roll up 卷起 roll down 滚下来 2.dream of / about (doing) sth 梦见, 梦想… 3.at a concert 在音乐会上 4.be honest with sb. 对…诚实 be honest about sth. be honest in doing sth. 4.form the habit of 养成…的习惯 in the form of 以…的形式 in form 在形式上 5.passers-by 路人(复数) 6.earn extra money 赚外快 6.give sb. a chance to do 给某人做某事的机会 7.play jokes/a joke on sb 捉弄 play tricks/a trick on sb. ; laugh at/ make fun of 嘲笑;取笑 8.base on 以….为基础, 基于… .be based on 9.make music 做音乐

Unit4 7.have / give an effect on / upon … take effect(生效)come / go into effect 生效; 实施 8. be concerned about 担心.关心,挂念 9. get dressed 穿上衣服 get done 强调动作,不能和表一段时间的状语连 用; be done 表状态 10.turn round : 转过去,围绕…旋转 11.apply to 应用 be applied to 被应用于 apply for 请求,申请….. apply to sb. for sth. 12.protect ……from 保护…..免受….危害 prevent from 阻止(stop/ keep from) 13 .have aeffect on 对...有影响 14. with a sad face looking at her. with + 宾语(O) + 宾语补足语 15.come into being: 形成;产生;开始存在 come into use:开始被使用 come into one’s mind / head: 突然想到 come into fashion: 开始流行 come into consideration: 开始考虑 Unit 5 10.break up 破裂;拆散;停止; (战争等)爆发 break in/into 闯进 break off 中断;停止 break down 坏掉,发生故障; (身体)垮掉 11.hit sb. on/in the+身体部位 击中某人的… 12.by chance/accident 偶然,意外地 13.come across 偶然遇见 14.sort out 分类 15.be confident of/about/in 对……有信心 16.give/put on a performace=perform 演出,表演 17.go wrong 出了毛病 18.since then 从那时起 19.come up with 提出 20.stick to do=insist on doing 坚持做某事 21.above of all 首先,最重要的是 first of all 第一 22.play musical instrument 演奏乐器 23.attract one’s attention/interest 吸引某人的注意 力/兴趣


人教新课标英语必修二期末综合练习试卷 1. 单词拼写 1. It is a great h____________ to host the Olympic Games. 2. Only important people can attend the opening c_______________. 3. Many scientists have made great c______________ to our society. 4. He was d___________ to hear from his parents. 5. Have you realized the _____________ (重要性) of the meeting? 6. Time is limited, I will _____________ (简要地) talk about our proposal. 7. Athletes from all over the world are c_____________ for the gold medals. 8. In the past, those women who were _____________ (未婚的) couldn’t take part in the games. 9. You’d better not be i____________ in our quarrels. 10. He_____________ (试图) to pass the examination but failed again. 11. Can you ______________ (平衡) yourself on the skates? 12. Would you take my place during my a___________? 13. Those who fail to meet these r____________ will not be admitted to the university. 14. They are old enough to have their s___________ beds. 15. Led by the general, they won a _____________ (光辉的) victory. 16. People throughout the world want to live a ______________ () life. 17. She played a ___________ (主导的) role in the play. 18. It is a good habit to review the ______________ (先前的) day’s lessons every day. 19. It is a kind of sport which belongs to ____________ (国际的) sports. 20. Helping those who are in trouble is an h____________ thing. 2. 单项选择 21. As we joined the big crowd, I got _____from my friends. A. separated B. spared C. lost D. missing 2. ______the children in to four groups. Each group will have a ______room to discuss the problem. A. Divide; divided B. Separate; divided C. Divide; separated D. Divide; separate 3. Washington, a state in the United States, was named _______one of the greatest American presidents. A. in honor of B. by means of C. instead of D. in remembering of 4. She _______Mr White for two years. A. married B. has been married to C. married with D. has bee marrying 5. The prisoner _____ to escape from the prison. But he couldn’t find anybody to help him. A. attempted B. managed C. advised D. offered 6. China, the world’s most populous nation, _______the WTO on November 10,2001,______China a new place at the table of nations. A. attended; given B. Joined; offering C. Joined; offered D. took part in; giving 7. Cell phones are now widely used, _______possible for us to talk to anyone from almost anywhere. A. make it B. to make it C. making D. making it 8. The Chinese people have made great contributions ___the world peace. A. of B. to C. on D. for 9. ______was known to all, he had broken his promise ____he would give us a rise. A. As; which B. As; that C. It; that D. It ; which 10. John ___have kept his promise. I wonder why he changed. A. must B. should C. need D. would 11. It’s nearly seven o’clock. Tom ______ be here at any moment. A. must B. need C. should D. can 12. ---I can’t understand why our boss is late. --- He _____the early bus. A. could miss B. may have missed C. can have missed D. might miss

13. Your position is good but your handwriting requires _______. A. to improve B. improved C. being improved D. improving 14. If you practice _____English aloud every day, you can learn English well. A. saying B. to speak C. speaking D. reading 15. We tried to ____ his doubts and let him tell the truth. A. review B. remove C. review D. rebuild 16. The matter ________your fate cannot be taken for granted. A. relating to B. related to C. relate to D. to related to 17. Tom kept quiet about the accident_______ lose his job. A. so not as to B. so as not to C. so as to not D. not so as to 18. _________, we’ll support you. A. No matter what happens B. No matter what will happen C. No matter what will be happened D. No matter what is happened 19. ---How do you think of your new secretary? ---I am delighted ______her. A. to B. with C. of D. at 20. We must leave now,________ we’ll miss the train. A. so B. otherwise C. then D. and 21. As a teacher, she always tries to _______that every student can understand her. A. ensure B. enclose C. enrich D. enlarge 22. It is ______honour for us to fight for _____honour of our motherland. A an; / B. an; the C. /; the D. an; an 23. This ______girl is Lind’s cousin. A. pretty little Spanish B. Spanish little girl C. Spanish pretty little D. little pretty Spanish 24. On the wall __________two big pictures. A. hanged B. hangs C. hang D. hanging 25. He always goes to see his grandmother ___________. A. every other days B. every few day C. each few days D. every few days 26. It is high time you ____ your homework. A. do B. have done C. will do D. did 27. The law will punish ______breaks it. A. who B. whom C. whoever D. whomever 28. With the development of our society, _________rubbish is produced. A. a good many B. quite a few C. a large number of D. large amounts of 29. China is separated _____Japan ___the East China Sea. A. of; in B. of; to C. from; to D. from; by 30. Although his leg was hurt, he ______swim to the bank. A. could B. should C. must D. was able to 三.对话填空 A: What is your (1)o_________ on the Olympic Games? B: I think the Olympics bring people from (2)a________ the world closer together. Do you agree? A: Yes, I agree. They help us learn about other countries. B: Yes, you are right. They also help countries live (3)p_________ side by side.. (4)A________ come from all around the world to compete in the Olympics. They each represent their own country and try to win (5)m________ for that country. However, it is not all about winning. Competing in the Olympics is a great honor and it is also a great (6)o__________ to build relationships with other countries. A: There’s something in what you say. By the way, who is your (7)f________ sports star? B: Liu Xiang and Muhammad Ali. I think they set a great (8)e________ for young people around the world. They work hard. They are determined, strong-willed and have great confidence and perseverance. They show us that if you put you (9)m_______ to something and work hard at it, you will (10)s________.

答案 1-5honour,ceremony,contributions,delighted,significance,6-10briefly,competing,unmarried,involved,attempte d 11-15 balance, absence,requirements.separate,glorious16-20 peaceful,leading,previous,international,honourable 1-5 ADABA 6-10 BDBBB 11-15 CBDDB 16-20 BBABB 21-25 ABACD 26-30 DCDDD 1.opinion 2. around 3. peacefully 4. Athletes 5. medals 6. opportunity 7. favorite 8. example 9. mind 10. succeed.




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人教版高一英语必修2全册知识点总结_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。II---1 Cultural relics 一、知识点 1. cultural relics 文化遗产 Many unearthed cultural...


人教版高中英语必修二重点词组归纳_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。人教版高中...人教版高中必修一英语重... 6页 免费 高一英语各单元知识点总... 53页 1下...


人教版高中英语必修二Unit2知识点详解_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。人教版高中英语必修二 unit2 知识点详解 Part 1. Warming up 1. How many countries ...


高中英语人教版必修二知识点总结_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高中英语人教版必修二知识点总结 Unit 1 Cultural Relics 1. 重点短语 belong to 属于 in return (for...


高中英语必修二所有知识点总结_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。英语必修 2 第一单元 1)state 指“国家”时,常表示“政权,国体”等政治性概念,首字母常常大写...


人教版新课标高中英语必修一至必修二复习归纳_高一...语法 语法(见 Unit1 的语法知识) 语法 Unit3 ...is/am/are 体现标准对照时间 点为现在,并随人称的...
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