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M3 U1词汇练习

Module 3 Unit 1 The world of our senses 重点词组 1. people with hearing/sight problems 听力/视力有问题的人 2. even if/though 即使 3.make great achievements 取得巨大的成就 4. lose the ability to do sth. lose the ability of 失去做某事的能力 5. leave/go to work 下班/上班 6. reply to sth. 回复 7.in sight/out of sight 在视野之内/看不见,在视野之外 8.catch sight of 看到 9.at first sight/glance 乍一看,第一眼 10.lose one’s sight 失明 11.set off/out 出发,动身 12.beat with fear 由于害怕而心跳 13.wish for/hope for 希望,盼望 wish for sb. to do 希望某人做… 14.reach out (for) 伸出手(去取) 15.within one’s reach/the reach of sb.在能够到的范围内 16.beyond one’s reach/out of one’s reach 够不着 17.reach a goal 达到一个目标 18.reach a decision/an agreement/a conclusion 做出决定/达成一致/做出结论 19.watch out for 小心 20.get/go across the road/ cross the road 过马路 21.require doing 要求做 require sb to do sth 要求某人做 22.be related to/ be linked to 与…相关 23.make the most of =make the best of=make good/full use of 充分利用 24.move on 继续前进 25.nothing in sight=nothing to be seen 什么也看不见 26.sweat with fear 害怕而流汗 27.all of a sudden=suddenly 突然 28.in the distance 在远处 keep sb at a distance; keep one’s distance from 29.make progress 取得进步 30.work out 锻炼,解决,计算出,算出,制定出 31.be known/famous to 为…所熟知 be known/famous as 作为…而出名 be known/famous for 因为…而出名 32.be contrary to 与…相反 on/quite the contrary 恰恰相反 33.mistake….for 把…误当成… make a mistake 犯了一个错误 by mistake 34.give up 放弃 35.find out 查清楚,弄明白,找出 36.follow the suggestions/advice 遵循建议

37.be attracted to/by sb/sth 被某人/某物吸引 38.avoid sth/ doing 避免某事/做某事 39.be likely to do sth It is likely/possible/probable that…. 做某事有可能 40.roll up 卷起来 41.attach sth to 把…系在…上 attach importance/significance to 认为…重要,重 视 42.sense of direction/humor 方向感/幽默感 43.get lost= lose one’s way 迷路 44.win some important victories 赢得重要胜利 重点句型 1. The fog is too thick for the bus to run that far. 2. She sensed that she was being watched by a tall man in a dark coat. 3. The tall man was nowhere to be seen. 4. Polly found herself staring up at a man standing with his hand resting on her arm. 6. It gives me the chance to pay back the help that people give me when it is sunny. 7. While having dinner, listen to some enjoyable music rather than watch TV. While relaxing at home, have some flowers next to you. 8. I heard it was going to rain this afternoon, followed by a thunderstorm. 9. Scientists are interested in whether the sense of smell is related to pain. 10. However, why pleasant smells do not reduce pain in men remains a puzzle for scientists. 11. Only about 30 types are known to have attacked human beings. 12. Contrary to what many people might assume, evidence shows that .sharks seldom attack humans. 13. Hit the shark on the nose. 14. Don’t be frightened by sharks as there is 30 times greater chance of being hit by lightning than being attacked by a shark. 15 You are 30 times more likely to be hit by lighting than be attacked by a shark. M3 U1 词汇练习 I.单词拼写(根据汉语提示,写出空白处各单词的正确形式[来源:学,科,网] 1. The gate is too (狭窄的) for a car. 2. Let me go shares with you in the taxi (车费). 3. Much to my (宽慰), the car was not damaged. 4. She (抓紧) the rope and pulled herself up. 5. I won’t agree to drive there; there’s (无处) to park. 6. If you walked lightly, your (脚步声) will not be heard.[来源:学科

7. The weather (预报) said it would be a dry sunny day tomorrow. 8. I would be (感激的) if you could keep this a secret. 9. The electricity went out and the building was in (黑暗). 10. We were (忧虑的) about Mary’s safety, when she was doing the rescue work in Japan. 11. Look, Mary! The policeman is (挥手) to you. 12. Every year in this season, groups of birds fly (在头上方). 13. They’ve just (雇佣) five new waiters. 14. He ended his speech by urging them to be confident and (充满希望的). 15. Then he opened the safe (保险箱) and stole ( 珠 宝 ) worth a million dollars. 16. (不像) his brother, he has a good sense of humor. 17. China and France will be (可能的) to increase communication next year. II.用所给词或短语的适当形式填空 likely, reduce, ignore, volunteer, analyse, recognize,[来源:学& 科&网 Z&X&X&K] rather than, go hungry, ring out, be linked to 1. I made a suggestion but they chose to it. 2. Let’s the problem and see what went wrong. 3. Han Han is as a brilliant young writer. 4. If a sound , it can be heard loudly and clearly. 5. If you to do something, you offer to do it without being forced to do it. 6. You are to pass the exam if you revise the points attentiv ely. 7. The number of the students of our school has by 10% this year. 8. If you , you can have an apple for the moment. 9. These two events each other. 10. I would have a cup of juice a glass of beer. III.单项填空 1. —Where’s Sherry? —In study, working on difficult physics problem. A. a; the B. a; a C. the; a D. the; / 2. Only after they had discussed the matter for several hours a decision. A. they reached B. did they reach C. they reach D. do they reach 3. Seeing their son back home safe and sound, the couple smiled . A. in peace B. in relief C. in return D. in turn

4.—Can you your mother’s voice on the phone? —Of course I can. A. listen B. realize C. recognize D. make 5. His parents are t o ring up the police if they don’t know where he is. A. possible B. probable C. likely D. probably 6. The house rent is expensive. I’ve got about half the space I had at ho me and I’m paying here. A. three times much as B. as much three times C. much as three times D. three times as much 7. I wanted to have a word with her, but she me and went away. A. saw B. calmed C. told D. ignored 8. It was in the supermarket I met Jenny yesterday. A. what B. which C. that D. there 9. parents say and do has a life-long effect on their children. A. That B. Which C. What D. As 10. Tom’s problem is he can get food on such a cold day. A. why B. that C. what D. how 11. It is important to keep in the face of danger. A. calm B. silent C. confident D. equal 12. The Great Wall is tourist attraction that millions of people pour in every year.[来源:学科网 ZXXK] A. so a well-known B. a so well-known C. such well-known D. such a well-known 13. Is true that the famous scientist will give us a lecture on how to predict earthquakes next week? A. that B. it C. this D. he 14. The thief ran away as fast as he could the policeman. A. in sight B. within the sight of C. within sight D. at the sight of 15. In the reading room, she found herself at by a stranger, which made her a little nervous. A. stared B. stare C. staring D. to stare


I. 1. narrow 4. grasped 7. forecast 10. anxious
15. hopeful 17. Unlike

M3 U1 2. fare 3. relief 5. nowhere 6. footsteps 8. grateful 9. darkness
11. waving 16. jewellery 18. likely 12. overhead 13. employed

II. 1. ignore 2. analyse 3. recognized 4. rings out 5. volunteer 6. likely 7. reduced 8. go hungry 9. are linked to 10. rather than III. CBBCC DDCCD ADBDA



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