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16. lived 19.that 22. a 25. but 17.to bring 20. to 23.with 18.unsuccessful 21.They 24. it

有 提 示 词

谓语动词,非谓语动词, 名词,形容词,副词, 形容词或副词的比较级或最 高级 介词,连词,代词,冠词, 从句引导词,情态动词, 强调助动词等


谓语动词 ?与主语构成主谓结构
1. I was certain she would like it because I was told(tell) by my classmates that [39] _______ she loved hot food. (07广州一模) kept 6. His fear of failure [36]__________ (keep) him from classroom games that other children played with joyous abandon.
考查语法点: 谓语动词的时态及语态, 及主 谓一致

2. We must also consider the reaction of the receiving (receive) the gift. person [32]__________

3. …I then noticed that I had just 10 to complete minutes left _____________(complete) the rest! (07广二模) included 6. My pupils, Donnie [40]__________ (include), adored her. (08深圳二模)
考查语法点: 非谓语动词及变形的使用


rudely 1. “Thirty-five cents,” she said [36]__________ (rude). (07深圳一模) 2. One of the [33]__________ worst (bad) gift choices I ever made was for my high school English teacher… (07广州一模) 5. As far as I am concerned, my [37] suggestion (suggest) is that we should ____________ always have a notebook and a ChineseEnglish within easy reach. (08惠二模) 考查语法点 : 各类词性的正确使用及转化 ,形 容词或副词的比较级或最高级

?介词,冠词,所有格后接名词,形容词修饰名 词,副词修饰形容词动词或整个句子

例1. I can send a message to Kenya whenever I want to, and ______ it gets there almost in a second.

技巧1① :主句 缺主语或宾 语,一定是填代词或名词 (多考代词)。

例2. Whenever he was discouraged or faced difficult problems, he would open the box, take out an imaginary kiss, and remember the love of this beautiful child who had put it there. _________

技巧1②:定语从句 缺主语或宾语, 一定是填适当的关系代词,如: who, that, which, whom。

例3. While she was getting me settled (settle) into a tiny but clean room, the head of the village was tying up his horse to my car to pull it to a small town some 20 kilometers away _________there was a garage. where

where 技巧2①:定语从句 缺地点状语用_______, when , 缺时间状语用________ 缺原因状语用____________ , why

例4. …It is said that the father kept that little gold box by his bed for all the years of his life. _____________ Whenever he was discouraged or faced with difficult problems, he would open the box, take out an imaginary kiss, ……. 例5. ….____________ However old you are, it’s not too late to make your life more interesting.

技巧2②:状语从句 缺地点状语用 ________________, where/wherever 缺时间状语用 _________________ when/ whenever ,缺原因状语用 ______ why ,方式状语用________________ how / however

例6. It is said that a short-tempered man in the Song Dynasty(920-1279)was very anxious to help _____ his rice crop grow up quickly.

技巧3:名词前面 若没有限定词(冠词, 形容词性物主代词,不定代词),很可 能是填限定词。

例7. His teacher took a deep drink, smiled warmly, and thanked his student very much for the sweet water. The young with a happy heart. man went home ______

up at 例8. … The little girl looked ______ him with tears rolling from her eyes and said: “Daddy, it’s not empty.

技巧4 :介词 的使用要注意搭配和 上下文语境提示。

例9. The robbers came in at about 22:00 on and left at 7:00 on Sunday Saturday _____

技巧4 ① :两个或几个单词或短语之间 没有连接词,可能是填并列连词。
例10. … all I saw was this beautiful girl, whose smile just melted me _______ and almost instantly gave me a completely new sense of what life is all about.

技巧4 ② :同一个主语发出两个或几个动 作,且时态一致,中间没有连词,一定 是填并列连词。

例12. He was very tired after doing this for a but he felt very happy. whole day, ______ 例11. I wanted to see as much of the city as possible in the two days _____ and I was to return to Guangzhou. 例13. One day, he came up with an idea _______he that would pluck up all of his crop a few inches. He did so the next day.

技巧4 ③ :若两句(一个主谓关系算一 句)之间没有连词,也没有分号或句 号,一定是填并列连词或从属连词。

技巧6:由特殊句式结构来判断空格应 填的词 it was only after I heard she 例15. … _____ became sick that I learned she couldn’t eat MSG(味精).
Only with hard work can you 例16. ______ expect to get pay rise. it 例17. … as ______ took them just three minutes to steal paintings by two world-famous artists.

it easy to 例18. Dating sites also make _____ avoid someone whom you are not interested in.
? 例19. This made the goat so jealous that _____ it began plotting against the donkey. ? 例20. Cynthia’s story shows vividly that people remember more how much a than how much he pays. manager cares _____

there used to be a 例21. It is said that ______ theatre here.

It is the first time that sb.+ 现在完成时 It was the first time that+ 过去完成时

②将来进行时 ③强调 ④虚拟语气


that 2 ①It was at 9 o’clock_____he came back. when ②It was 9 o’clock________he came back.
(Fill the blanks with “when/that”and give reasons)

思考:如何区别强调句型和状语从句? 分析:
句子不成立 ①It was at 9 o’clock that he came是状语从句 back. ②It was 9 o’clock when he came back. 句子成立 是强调句型

热点3、定语从句与同位语从句中关联词的区别: a. The truth ___________ he told which/that me is very important. 定语从句 b. The truth ______he passed the that exam is very important. 同位语从句

热点4、在时间或条件状语从句中用一般现 在时代替一般将来时的用法。
1.Please tell him to call back when comes he _____________(come) back. 2.I don’t know when he will come ________(come) back.

inviting (invite) a. He sent me a letter,______ me to dinner. “inviting”现在分词表内容; “to invite” 作 目的状语不能用逗号隔开 b. The weather turned out to be very which good,_______ was more than we could expected. c. The weather turned out to be very that good;_______ was more than we could expect. b. which引导非限制性定语从句;c. that用“分号” 说明是并列分句,与定语从句无关


a.When all the guests had arrived ,the meeting was declared open. All the guests having arrived the meeting was ________________________, declared open.
b. After her tea was finished, she went on with her work. Her tea finished she went on with her work. _____________,

热点7、垂悬分词:有些已成为习惯用法的分词或 短语并不受逻辑主语的制约,具有介词或连词的 性质,表明说话者的态度或角度。 eg: including, supposing(假设), owing to, considering(考虑到), concerning(关于),judging from/by, generally/strictly speaking, .…

Eg: Everybody in my family likes the cross-talk, including me. Judging from what you say, he ought to succeed. They have done well considering (that) they have no experience.


两者中的另一个(特指) the other表示_______________; 其余几个(特指) the others表示______________; 别人,别的东西(泛指) others表示_________________; 另外的,其他的(泛指) other表示__________________ 。
e.g. 1) She has two sons. One is a teacher,
the other is an engineer. 2) Some went to the Great Wall, others

visited the Miyun Reservior.
3) You have seen one of the photos of my sister. Now I’ll show you the others.

4) Have you any other novels?


2、巧用已知,联想前后、降低难度、铺平道路。 3、理解句意、分析结构、大胆猜测、各个击破 。 4、重读全篇、仔细核查、语法正确、语意贯通。 5、拼写正确、书写规范、大小写准确。

Passage Practice
Jane was walking round the department it store. She remembered how difficult _31_ was to choose a suitable Christmas present for her father. She wished that he was as To please easy _32_ (please)as her mother, who was always delighted with perfume. Besides,shopping at this time of the year was not _33_ a pleasant experience: people stepped on your feet or _34_ (push)you pushed with their elbows(肘部),hurrying ahead to get to a bargain.

where Jane paused in front of a counter _35_ some attractive ties were on display. “They are real silk,”the assistant tried to attract her. “Worth double the price.” But Jane knew from past experience that her _36_ choice (choose)of ties hardly ever pleased her father. Jane stopped where a small crowd of men had gathered. She found some good quality pipes _37_ on sale. She did not hesitate for long: although her father smoked a pipe only once in a while, she knew that this was a present which was bound to please _38_. him

When Jane got home,with her small but well-chosen present in her bag,her parents were already at table having supper. Her _39_ mother was excited. “Your father has at last decided to stop was informed smoking,” Jane _40________ (inform).


? 1、掌握单词、词组 ? 2、懂得分析句子结构 ? 3、多听、多说、多读、多写,增强语感

Practice makes perfect!


Passage Practice 1

Chinese proverbs are rich and they are still widely used in Chinese people’s daily life. 31 these proverbs there are often interesting stories. For example, the proverb, “plucking up a crop 32 (help) it grow”, is based on the following story. It is said that a short—tempered man in the Song Dynasty (960—1279) was very anxious to help 33 rice crop grow up quickly. He was thinking about 34 day and night. But the crop was growing much slower than he expected.

One day, he came up with an idea 35 he would pluck up all of his crop a few inches. He did so the next day. He was very tired 36 doing this for a whole day, 37 he felt very happy since the crop did “grow” 38 (high). His son heard about this and went to see the crop. Unfortunately the leaves of the crop began to wither. This proverb is saying we have to let things go in their 39 (nature) course. Being too anxious to help an event develop often 40 (result) in the contrary to our intention.

Passage Practice 2
When very small dinosaur bones were found in a Germany mine people thought they were from baby dinosaurs. __31__ scientist Martin Sander's work shows that they were probably fully __32__ (grow) and belong to the smallest giant dinosaur species ever found.

Growth marks on dinosaur bones are similar __33__ growth rings on trees. The rings are far apart while the animal is young and growing quickly. __34__ get closer as growth slows. "It is __35__ (exact) these tight ring marks that we found in the fossil (化石) bones," says Sander. So the fossils must have been from adult animals. __36__ was this German dinosaur so much smaller than other giant dinosaurs, which grew up to 45 meters long and weighed as much as a thousand humans?

150 million years ago, most of Germany was underwater. Scientists think that __37__ water levels rose, there was less and less land and food available. The dinosaur __38__ (force) to adapt and evolved into a smaller animal __39__ (need) less space and food. Since 1998, scientists have dug up more than 1,000 dinosaur fossils in the mine. It is one of the few places in the world __40__ the bones and footprints of dinosaurs have been found together.



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