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2015届高考英语一轮复习课件必修一 Unit 3 Travel journal (人教新课标)

一﹑单词拼写 请根据给出的读音、词性和词义 写出下列单词。 transport vt.& n. 运送 1. __________ prefer 2.___________ vt. 更喜欢 persuade vt.说服,劝说 3. __________ graduate v. 毕业 4. __________ 5. __________ organize vt.组织

determine vt.决定, 确定 6. __________ attitude 7.___________ n.态度 forecast 8.___________ vt.&. n.预报 reliable 9. ___________ adj.可靠的 beneath 10. ___________ prep. 在...下面

fare 11. ___________ n.费用 12.____________ n.日记,杂志 journal finally 13. ___________ adv. 最终,终于 bend 14.____________ vi. & vt.弯身,使弯曲 altitude 15.____________ n.海拔高度 flow 16.____________ vi. & n.流动,流量 disadvantage n.不利条件,劣势 17.____________ stubborn 18. ____________ adj. 顽固的,固执的 insurance 19. ____________ n.保险 20. ____________ vi. &vt.沸腾,煮沸 boil

二﹑单词运用 根据句子的结构和意义,在空格 处填入一个恰当的单词。 1. The businessman usually ___________ transports his goods from Hong Kong to Guangzhou by ship. 2. Tim _________ basketball. prefers football ______ to persuade him to leave there as 3. I tried to __________ soon as possible, but failed. graduated 4. She ___________from university ten years ago. 5. They __________ organized an activity for those who had nowhere to go on New Year’s Eve.

6. Xiao Huang has ____________to carry out his determined plan for the project. 7. What’s your ___________ attitude to his betrayal of his country? 8. The authority failed to _________the storm, forecast which caused so much damage. reliable 9. He is a ____________person and you can share this secret with him. 10. The office which charges the fare for the beneath this entrance to this national park lies _________ small hill.

三﹑词语派生 用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。 1. He employed a truck to transport the fruits and transportation the _______________cost 1000 Yuan. (transport) advantages and 2. We need to balance the____________ disadvantages before we take action. (disadvantage) 3. Mr. Green tried to persuade his wife to follow organization worked! his idea. To his great joy, his ____________ (persuade) 4. We feel grateful to that international organization _______________which organized this project. (organize)

5. My father is a ____________ determined person. Once he determines to do something, he will sticks to his plan. (determine) 6. Uncle Li worked in a factory after his graduation from university. (graduate) ___________ insurance 7. All car owners are supposed to buy _________ in case of accidents. (insure) 8. My sister is not an independent person. She relies on others too much. (reliable) _________ 9. We were told that that was _______decision final and we had to give in finally. (finally) rapidly in this 10. The population is increasing _________ area. (rapid)

四﹑词组互译 将下列词组或短语翻译成中文或英语。 1. _____________ 从那以后 ever since 2. _____________ be fond of 喜欢 3. _____________ care about 关心,忧虑 4. ____________________ change one’s mind 改变注意 5. ____________________ make up one’s mind 下决心,决定 6. _____________ 投降,让步 give in 7.______________ 照常 as usual 8.______________ at midnight 在午夜 9. ________________ dream about/of 梦见,向往 10. ______________ 树立,搭起 put up

对 熟悉 11. be familiar with _____________

12. in our daily life ______________________ 在我们的日常生活中
13. persuade sb to do sth _________________ 劝说某人去做某事 14. a determined look _____________________ 一个坚定的眼神 从大学毕业 15. graduate from the university _______________ 从源头到终点 16. from where it begins to where it ends ____________ 17. lie beneath the stars ______________ 躺在星空下 18. put up the tent ________________ 支起帐篷 19. take a bike trip __________________ 骑自行车旅行

20. the attitude towards sth _______________ 对某事的态度

五﹑词组运用 根据句子所提供的语境,从第四大题中选出一 个适当的词组并用其适当形式填空。 1. I had a dinner together with Aunt Lin two years ago and we haven’t met __________then. ever since 2. Most of my classmates ___________ are fond of sports, and so am I. care about himself only. 3. He is so selfish as to ___________ 4. Once he__________________ makes up his mind to do something, he will not ___________________again. change his mind

dreamed of her parents living 5. The poor girl____________ far away at midnight and could not help crying. give in 6. Li Hui had to _____________ to his teammates in terms of the expense for activity. as usual and 7. The policeman went to work_________ put up a notice board reading: No parking here. _________

六、介词填空 请用恰当的介词填空。 1. What is the difference ____ In pronunciation ___________ between the two words? 2. Frank came _____ on the morning of my birthday. 3. Please write ____ in ink and don’t forget to write ______ on every other line. 4. The ship has been floating _____ on the water for a week. for her age. 5. She looks quite young _____ of great value to us. 6. Your advice is ______ 7. We all look _____ on him as a good teacher. from wrong. 8. We must learn to tell right ______ 9. You did right _____ in advising him not to take the risk. 10.Japan lies ______ to the east of China.

七﹑基础写作 用括号中所给的词翻译下列句子,然后将这些句子联成 一篇5句话的连贯短文。 [写作内容] 1 我们本来想在下周末组织一次户外活动,但是他改变 注意并且坚持要求我们应在这个周末组织,我们只能做出 让步。(change one’s mind/give in / insist that sb should do) 2 根据可靠的天气预报,本周末天气晴朗。 (reliable/forecast) 3 他已经说服他哥哥帮我们运送器材到那座山脚下,然 后我们就可以搭建帐篷了。(persuade/transport/put up) 4 我很喜欢户外活动,我向往这个活动已经很久了。 (dream of/ be fond of) 5 我们决定在午夜时分搞一个篝火晚会,到时一定会很 开心。(determine/make up one’s mind) [写作要求]只能用5个句子,表达上述全部内容。

One possible version We planed to organize an outing next weekend but he has changed his mind and insisted that we should do that this weekend, to which we have to give in. Luckily, according to the reliable weather forecast, it will be fine this weekend. And what’s more pleasing, he has persuaded his brother to help us to transport the equipment to a park beneath the mountain and we can put up tents after that. I am fond of outdoor activities and I have been dreaming of this one for a long time. We have made up our mind to hold a bonfire party, in which we will surely enjoy ourselves.

Language points for Reading I
1.persuade: cause sb by reasoning 说服,劝说 (暗 示是成功的,如果未成功则用try to persuade) (1)persuade sb to do sth 或persuade sb into doing sth:说服某人干 某事 How can you persuade him to change his mind/into changing his mind?

(2) persuade sb out of doing sth 说服某人不要干某事 Finally, we persuaded her out of traveling by plane. 2.insist: declare firmly, esp.in the face of doubt of opposition 坚持认为;坚决主张 (1)“坚决主张,坚决要求”,后接的宾语从句用陈述 语气(表示一个主张或一种看法),即“should+ 动词原形”,should可省略。

I insisted that he (should) come with us.我坚持主张他跟 我们同行。 (2)“坚持说”(表示一个事实),后接的从句用陈述 语气,即按需要选择时态 He insisted that he hadn’t stolen the girl’s handbag.他 坚持说他注册码偷那女孩的包。 (3) Insist on/upon doing sth 坚持干某事 I insisted on/upon his coming with us.

3.plain: adj“平坦的;清楚的”;n. “平原” the wide plains of Canada 加拿大的广大平原 in plain language 用简单的语言

4.trip, journey, travel, tour (1)trip 一般指有目的的短距离的旅行。在现代英语中, trip和journey常可通用,搭配动词有:make, take和 go on. 如: make/ take/ go on a trip/ journey to …到…旅游 on a/ one’s trip/ journey

(2)travel 常用作抽象名词,泛指“旅行,旅游”, 指具体旅行时常用复数,但前面不用many或数词。 He came back home after years of foreign travel. 国外多年旅游后,他回了家乡。 (3)tour 指“周游,巡回旅行”,常是访问一系列地 方后又回到出发地。 Our American friends are making a tour of Shanghai. 我们的朋友正在对上海进行巡回旅行。

5. It is my sister who first had the idea to cycle along the Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends.(P.18)首先想到要沿湄公河从源 头到终点骑车旅游的是我的姐姐。 “It is …that/who...”是强调句型,可强调句子的各个 成分(谓语除外),其基本结构为: It is +被强调部 分+that(被强调部分是人时也可用who)+其余部分 如:My parents are determined to visit China next year.

It is my parents who/that are determined to visit China next year.(强调主语) It is China that my parents are determined to visit next year.(强调宾语) 注意它的疑问形式 Is it China that your parents are determined to visit next year? Where is it that your parents are determined to visit next year?

6.They are Dai and grew up in western Yunnan Province near the Lancang River, the Chinese part of the river that is called the Mekong River before flowing in other countries.(P.18)
他们是傣族人,在云南省西部靠近澜沧江的地方长大的, 湄公河在中国境内的这一段叫澜沧江,流到其他国家的 就叫湄公河。

the Chinese part of the river that is called the Mekong River before flowing in other countries 是一个名词短语,用 来修饰前面的the Langcang River,其中又含有一 个定语从句that is called the Mekong River before flowing in other countries.

7.My sister doesn’t care about details.(p.18)我姐姐是不会考虑 细节的。 (1)care about: be worried, concerned or interested 忧虑, 关心,惦念 (2)care for: look after; like or love 照顾;喜欢 Who will care for the children if their mother dies? Would you care for a drink?

(3)care to do : be willing to or wish or like to do 愿意 干;想;喜欢干(用于疑问句和否定句) I don’t care to be seen in his company.

8.Once she has made up her mind, nothing can change it.(P.18) 她一旦下了决心,什么也不能使 她改变。 (1)once 可做连词引导状语从句,意为“一旦”,如: Once you listen to the song, you will never forget it.

(2)once 做副词,意为“一次” for one time;“曾 经”in the past. He goes to the cinema once a week. This book was once very popular but no one reads it today. (3)once 的常见短语;at once 立即 all at once 突然 once more 再一次 once a while 偶尔

9. To climb the mountain road was hard work but to go down the hills was great fun.(P.22) (1)不定式to do 可在句中做主语,注意谓语常用单数。 如: To get up early is good for our health. 在英语表达式中,常用形式主语it 来代替不定式to do 做主语,如上句可改为: It is good for our health to get up early. It is necessary for us to learn more about science and technology. It is nice of you to let me know the result.

(2)fun是不可数名词,意为“快乐”“有趣的人或 事”。如: What fun the children had at the seaside. Your new friend is great fun.


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