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选修八 module1-2 重点短语检测 1. adapt to 2.leave behind 3.stand out 4.aim to do 5.discourage sb. from doing sth 6.set off 7.in particular 8.in case of 9.set foot on 10.break down 11.be trapped in 12.

keep one ’s balance 13.be promoted to… 14.run out 15.on average 16.result in/from 17.set back 18.break off 19.give away 20.turn sb. down 21.come about 22.stand for 23.free from 24.promise sb. sth 25.in charge of 26.in detail 27. in the absence of 28.reflect on 反思 29.get changed 30.in no case 31.rely on 32.on behalf of 33.up to 34.leave for 35.turn up 36.take up 37.lead to 38.get tired of 39.look forward 40.wake up 41.more than 42.as well as 43.contrast with 44.refer to 45.take place 46.of little value 47.have an effect on 48.take effect 49.motivate sb. to do 50.contribute to … 51.attend to 52.remind sb. of sth 53.in the shade 54.reckon…as… 55.appeal to 56.suspect sb. of doing 57.be to blame 58.take the blame for 59.leave out 60.be thirsty for


选修八 module1-2 重点短语检测答案 1. adapt to 适应 2.leave behind 忘带 3.stand out 突出 4.aim to do 目的是 5.discourage sb. from doing sth 劝阻 6.set off 出发,激起,燃放 7.in particular 尤其,特别 8.in case of 以防 9.set foot on 踏上 10.break down 垮掉,抛锚,分解 11.be trapped in 被困在 12.keep one’s balance 保持平衡 13.be promoted to… 被升为 14.run out 耗尽 15.on average 平均 16.result in/from 导致、由…引起 17.set back 使倒退,受挫,拨回(表针) 18.break off 折断 19.give away 赠送,泄漏 20.turn sb. down 拒绝 21.come about 发生 22.stand for 代表 23.free from 免遭 24.promise sb. sth 答应 25.in charge of 掌管 26.in detail 详细地 27. in the absence of 在…不在时 28.reflect on 反思 29.get changed 换衣服 30.in no case 绝不 31.rely on 依靠 32.on behalf of 代表 33.up to 达到 34.leave for 去某地 35.turn up 出现,调高,放晴 36.take up 从事,占据,继续 37.lead to 导致,通向 38.get tired of 厌烦 39.look forward 展望 40.wake up 唤醒 41.more than 不仅仅 42.as well as 和,也 43.contrast with 对照 44.refer to 涉及,参阅 45.take place 发生 46.of little value 毫无价值 47.have an effect on 影响 48.take effect 生效 49.motivate sb. to do 激励 50.contribute to…贡献,有助于 51.attend to 照料,处理 52.remind sb. of sth 提醒 53.in the shade 在阴凉处 54.reckon…as…当作 55.appeal to 呼吁,恳求,上诉 56.suspect sb. of doing 怀疑 57.be to blame 该受责罚 58.take the blame for 承担责任 59.leave out 漏掉,省略 60.be thirsty for 渴望


1.be obsessed with 3.make out 5.go against 7.refer to 9.dress up 11.be based on 13.approve of 15.fall in love 17.owe…to… 19.end up 21.be short of 23.in nature 25.as long as 27.get down to 29.make up 31.in case 33.go through 35.let sb. down 37.or rather 39.in detail 41.count on 43.make sense of 45.in addition 47.be relevant to 49.object to 51.resist doing 53.be superior to 55.look forward to 57.be meant for 59.in space

选修八 module3-4 短语测试 2.no wonder 4.in short 6.have …in common 8.lock up 10.set fire to 12.run away 14.what ’s more 16.to one ’s taste 18.leave for 20.in consequence 22.by nature 24.be named after 26.in conclusion 28.lie in 30.adapt to 32.be similar to 34.tell …apart 36.hold up 38.in particular 40.in return 42.be convinced of 44.even if 46.be known for 48.complain about 50.be opposed to 52.get over 54.a large number of 56.let alone 58.set out 60.slow down


选修八 module3-4 短语测试答案 1.be obsessed with 有幸拥有 2.no wonder 难怪 3.make out 理解 4.in short 简言之 5.go against 违背 6.have …in common 相同 7.refer to 指代,涉及 8.lock up 锁上 9.dress up 装扮 10.set fire to 纵火 11.be based on 以…为基础 12.run away 逃跑 13.approve of 赞同 14.what’s more 而且 15.fall in love 爱上 16.to one’s taste 合某人口味 17.owe…to… 归功于 18.leave for 动身去 19.end up 结束 20.in consequence 因此 21.be short of 缺少 22.by nature 天生 23.in nature 实际上 24.be named after 以…命名 25.as long as 只要 26.in conclusion 总之 27.get down to 从事 28.lie in 存在 29.make up 组成 30.adapt to 适应 31.in case 万一 32.be similar to 熟悉 33.go through 经历 34.tell …apart 辨别 35.let sb. down 使某人失望 36.hold up 阻止,耽搁 37.or rather 更确切的说 38.in particular 尤其 39.in detail 详细地 40.in return 做为回报 41.count on 依靠 42.be convinced of 确信 43.make sense of 理解 44.even if 即使 45.in addition 另外 46.be known for 因…出名 47.be relevant to 相关 48.complain about 抱怨 49.object to 反对 50.be opposed to 反对 51.resist doing 抵制 52.get over 克服 53.be superior to 优于 54.a large number of 大量 55.look forward to 盼望 56.let alone 更不必说 57.be meant for 打算 58.set out 着手 59.in space 在太空 60.slow down 减速


选修八 module5-6 重点短语检测

1.a series of 3.at the beginning of 5.in space 7.in spite of 9.head for 11.be accustomed to 13.be informed of 15.in favor of 17.to one’s sorrow 19.put aside 21.catch hold of 23.lead to 25.slow down 27.assume…to be 29.out of tune 31.in advance 33.in shock 35.put up 37.acknowledge doing 39.put off 41.make a list of 43.come to an end 45.set in motion 47.take hold of 49.correspond with 51.part from 53.as far as 55.by heart 57.be addicted to 59.other than

2.accuse sb. of doing sth 4.on board 6.be similar to 8.set foot on 10.so far 12.be aware of 14.be enthusiastic about 16. result in 18.to one’s relief 20.rather than 22.in panic 24.join in 26.pray for 28.burst out doing 30.have patience doing 32.depend on it that 34.in case of 36.be consistent with 38.have an impact on 40.put up with 42.make ends meet 44.as a result 46.be set in 48.a chorus of 50.reflect on 52.remind sb. of sth 54.in return 56.attitude to 58.cater for 60.take on


选修八 module5-6 重点短语检测答案

1.a series of 一系列 3.at the beginning of 在…开始 5.in space 在太空 7.in spite of 尽管 9.head for 前进 11.be accustomed to 习惯 13.be informed of 被通知 15.in favor of 支持 17.to one’s sorrow 令人伤心 19.put aside 留出 21.catch hold of 抓住 23.lead to 导致 25.slow down 减速 27.assume…to be 假定 29.out of tune 跑调 31.in advance 提前 33.in shock 震惊 35.put up 搭建 37.acknowledge doing 承认做 39.put off 推迟 41.make a list of 列清单 43.come to an end 结束 45.set in motion 使开始 47.take hold of 抓住 49.correspond with 通信 51.part from 分手 53.as far as 就…而言 55.by heart 用心 57.be addicted to 沉迷于 59.other than 除了

2.accuse sb. of doing sth 控告 4.on board 在甲板上 6.be similar to 熟悉 8.set foot on 踏上 10.so far 到目前 12.be aware of 意识到 14.be enthusiastic about 热心 16. result in 导致 18.to one’s relief 令人安心 20.rather than 而不是 22.in panic 恐慌 24.join in 参加 26.pray for 祈祷 28.burst out doing 突然做 30.have patience doing 耐心做 32.depend on it that 相信 34.in case of 以防 36.be consistent with 一致 38.have an impact on 影响 40.put up with 忍受 42.make ends meet 收支相抵 44.as a result 结果 46.be set in 以…为背景 48.a chorus of 齐声 50.reflect on 仔细思考 52.remind sb. of sth 提醒 54.in return 做为回报 56.attitude to…的态度 58.cater for 满足 60.take on 承担,雇佣,呈现




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