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要求: 一、1-3 单元短语写两遍(英语加汉语),并且全部背过。 二、1-3 单元课后重点句子写两遍(英语加汉语),并且全部背过。 三、收假当天晚自习年级组考试测试。 单元标题:Module 1
1. h

ave…in common with 有相同的特点 in common with sb.\sth. 与某人\某物一样(可单独使用) in common 共有,公有 common sense 常识 2. have difficulty in doing sth. 做某事有困难 difficulty 可换成 trouble、problems、a hard time、a good time、great fun 等 3. make a difference 有影响,使不相同 make much difference 对……有很大影响 make no difference 对……没有影响 make some difference 对……有一些影响 4. be similar to 与…相似 be similar in sth. 在……方面相似 5. after all 毕竟,终究 at all 根本 above all 首先,最重要的是 in all 总共 6. get around 四处走动旅行\(消息的)传开 get across 为人理解 get down to (doing)sth. 去开始认真做某事 get away from 离开,摆脱,回避,否认 get through 做完,通过,接通 7. lead to 导致 8. as well as 除……之外还……\不仅……而且…… 9. in favour of 同意;支持 10. refer to…as… 称…为… refer to…… 参考,查询;提到,谈到 refer……to…… 提交,上呈 11. thanks to 幸亏,多亏\由于 now that 既然\由于 12. a variety of 各种各样的 13. divide …into 分成 14. write to sb. 写信给 15. fill up with gas 加满油 16. prefer to do rather than do 宁愿做而不愿 would rather do than do 宁愿做而不愿 would do rather than do 宁愿做而不愿 17. queue up\stand in line 排队 18. compare A with B 把 A 和 B 比较一下 compare A to B 把 A 比作 B compare with…… 与……相匹配(通常用于否定句) compare with\to+…… 与……相比较(句中作状语) compare notes(with) 与……交换意见,对笔记,交换看法 19. so that 以至于 20. speak with different accents 说话口音不同 21. have an effect on 对…有影响 22. make an announcement 宣布 23. get\be used to(doing)sth. 习惯于做某事


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24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32.

used to do sth. 过去常干某事 so far 迄今为止 make a fuss of 爱护 a couple of 一对,几个,一些 pick up 偶然学会 (accent) wear off 逐渐消失 wear out 穿破 get on fine 进展顺利 fight with /against / for 斗争 suggest doing 建议做某事 It suggested that+主语+(should)+V 原 (主语从句) The suggestion is that+主语+(should)+V 原 (表语从句)

单元标题:Module 2
1. in particular 尤其;特别 be particular about 对……过于讲究\挑剔 2. on average 平均 the average of ……的平均数 above(below)average 在一般水平以上(以下) 3. in theory 在理论上 4. in practice 在实践中 5. pass by 经过 6. every two weeks 每两周 every+基数词+复数名词\every+序数词+单数名词 每…… 7. take…for granted 认为…理所当然 take it for granted that 想当然 8. have an effect on 对…产生影响 9. take up 站好以备;从事;偶然间学会 10. be satisfied with sb.\sth. 对……感到满意 be satisfied to do sth. 对做……感到满意 to one’s satisfaction 使某人感到满意的是 11. in response to 作为…的回报 12. take notice of 注意到 13. respect sb.for sth. 因某事而尊敬某人 14. be worth sth / doing 值得 15. a job worth doing 一份值得做的工作 16. get your hair cut 理发 17. offer to do 主动提出做 offer sth.to sb.\sb.sth. 向某人提供某物 18. in bad condition 状况、身体不好 be out of condition 情况很糟,有意外 on this(that)condition 在这(那)个条件\情况下 on condition that=if 在……条件下,条件是 on no condition 无论如何都不,决不 19. be considered as / to be 被认为是 20. death toll 死亡人数 21. pay sb. for sth. 付钱 22. pass by 经过 23. work as 担任 24. have a close encounter with 与…邂逅 25. come off 冲出(路面) 26. direct the traffic 指挥交通 27. pull … out of 把…拉出来


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28. take up take after take in take off take on take over 29. from draw to dusk 30. in progress 31. career prospects 32. apply for the job apply……to apply to 33. take home salary 34. be certain about 35. look forward to doing 36. be related to relate to…… in\with relation to 37. sign for sth. sign in\out sign up(for) 38. be in demand 39. combine A with B 40. suffer from 41. have problems doing 42. plenty of 43. be likely to 44. make no response to 45. be grateful to sb.for sth. be grateful to do sth.

占据 与某人长辈相像 收容,收养;领会;理解;欺骗 起飞;脱下 开始雇佣;呈现 掌管;控制;接管 从早到晚 在进行中 事业前景 申请工作 把……应用于 适用于 税后工资 确信 盼望着做某事 和…相关 与……相关;涉及,谈到 关于;就……而言 签收某物 签到\签退 报名参加。签约受雇 有需要 联合 AB 受折磨 做某事有困难 大量的 可能 对……不作回答 因某事而感激某人 因……而感激

单元标题:Module 3
1. have some\no connection with be related to be connect with in connect with be involved in 2. run away from home 3. suggest doing sth. 4. on account of give a full account of take…into account take account of… 5. take away 6. as quiet as mice\mouse 7. at first to start with 8. play a trick on sb. 9. be curious about sth. be curious to do It is curious that… out of curiosity(n.名词) 10. be/ feel in the mood for sth./ to 与…有(无)联系 与…有联系 与…有联系 关于,与…有联系 与…有牵连 逃离家 建议做某事 由于…的原因 对…给出一个完美的说明 对…加以考虑 对…加以注意 拿走,取走 非常安静地,静悄悄地 起初 首先 捉弄某人 对…感到好奇 因好奇而极做… 奇怪(不寻常)的是… 出于好奇 do sth. 有做某事的心情


时间:2012 年 10 月 1 日


11. make one's fortune 12. tie up 13. solve the problem 14. ahead of 15. pour down 16. as if / though 17. to our astonishment 18. die of die from die away die off die out die down 19. persuade sb to do 20. rain heavily 21. protect … from 22. lose control 23. be made of / from / out of 24. out of breath 25. play a trick on laugh at sb. make a fool of sb. make fun of sb. 26. make up 27. draw up 28. set(a play,novel,etc) in set off set about doing sth. set aside set out set up set …on fire\set fire to 29. make one's way down the river 30. resemble …in … 31. hang on a minute 32. get a move on 33. grab a bite to eat 34. to begin with / to start with 35. warn sb not to do warn sb of\about sth warn sb against doing sth warn sb that 36. lead an adventurous life 37. determine to do be determined to do 38. force sb to do sth=force sb into by force come into force 39. up and down

发财 拴住,捆牢 解决问题 在…前面 倾盆大雨 好像 令我们吃惊的是 死于(内因) 死于(外因) (指声音、风、光线)渐息,渐弱,逐渐消失 (生物)一个个死去,顺次死去 (种族、习俗、观念)死去,死绝,绝迹 (火苗)变小;风暴)减弱; 疼痛)消失; 四 ( ( ( 周)静下来 说服某人做某事 下大雨 保护…不受伤害 失去控制 由…做的 呼吸困难,喘不过气来 捉弄,取笑 捉弄,取笑 捉弄,取笑 捉弄,取笑 编造,编造(说法,解释等) 停止 设置(戏剧、小说等)背景 出发;启程 开始做某事 储存;留出 出发,开始 建立,创立,树立 纵火烧 顺流而下 在…方面像… 稍等 开始 少吃一点 开始 警告不要做 警告,提醒,告诫某人注意某事 警告\提醒某人不要做某事 警告 过着冒险的生活 决心做(动作) 决心做(状态) doing sth 强迫某人做 靠武力 生效 来来往往



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