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第一节 冠词 一、冠词知识点: 冠词是一种虚词,放在名词的前面,帮助说明名词的含义。冠词分不定冠词(The Indefinite Article)和定冠词(The definite Article)两种。a (an) 是不定冠词,a 用 在辅音之前:如 a pen, a man; an 用在元音之前,如:an old bike, an hour, an interesting s

tory 等。the 是定冠词。

元音音素前用 an(记住:是元音音素,不是元音字母). 如/ei/是元音音素,a 是元音字母. 有 时元音字母发的是元音,前面就用 an,有时不发元音,就要用 a. 如 an apple 一个苹果 an orange 一个橘子 an egg 一个鸡蛋 an important news 一 条重要的新闻 an ugly girl 一个丑陋的女孩 但: an hour 一小时 因为 h 不发音,所以该词以/au/元音开头,故用 an a university 一所 大学 因为 u 发的音是/ju/,不是元音,故用 a (一)、不定冠词的用法 1、指人或事物的某一种类(泛指)。这是不定冠词 a (an)的基本用法。如:She is a girl. I am a teacher. Please pass me an apple. 2、指某人或某物,但不具体说明何人或何物。如:He borrowed a story-book from the library. A Wang is looking for you. 一位姓王的同志正在找你。 3、表示数量,有“一”的意思,但数的概念没有 one 强烈。如: I have a mouth, a nose and two eyes. 4、 用于某些固定词组中。 如: a bit, a few, a little, a lot of, a piece of, a cup of, a glass of, a pile of, mass of, have a good time, for a while, for a long time 等。 5、用在抽象名词前,表具体的介绍——a + 抽象名词,起具体化的作用。如: This little girl is a joy to her parents. 这女孩对她父母来说是一个乐趣。 It is a pleasure to talk with you. 跟您交谈真是一件愉快的事情。 It is an honour to me to attend the meeting. 参加这个会,对我来说是一种荣誉。 (二)、定冠词的用法: 1、特指某(些)人或某(些)事物。这是定冠词 the 的基本用法。如: Beijing is the capital of China. The pen on the desk is mine. 2、指谈话双方都知道的人或事物。如: Where is the teacher? Open the window, please. 3、指上文提过的人或事物(第二次出现)。如: There was a chair by the window. On the chair sat a young woman with a baby in her arms. The baby was thin. 4、用在世界上独一无二的事物前。如:the earth, the moon, the sun. 5、用在序数词和形容词最高级前。(副词最高级前的定冠词可省略)如: He is always the first to come to school. Bob is the tallest in his class.

6、 用在某些专有名词前 (由普通名词构成的专用名词) 。 如: the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Science Museum, the Children’s Palace, the Party 等。 7、用在一些习惯用语中。如:on the day, in the morning (afternoon, evening), the day after tomorrow, the day before yesterday, the next year, by the way 等。 8、用在江河湖海、山脉前。如:the Yellow River, the Pacific Ocean, the Alps, the Himalayas 9、用在报刊、杂志前。如:the People’s Daily, the Evening Paper, the Times 泰晤 士报。 10、表示某一家人要加定冠词。如: The Browns are at home to receive visitors today. 布朗一家今天要接待客人。 11、用在形容词前,表某一类人。如:the poor, the wounded, the living, the dead, the rich, the sick 等。 12、定冠词可以表示一事物内部的某处。如: The driver always sits in the front of the bus(car). (三)、零冠词(即不用冠词): 1、专用名词和不可数名词前。如:China, America, Grade One, Class Two, milk, oil, water, paper, science 等。 2、名词前已有作定语用的 this, that, my, your, some, any 等代词。如: Go down this street. 3、复数名词表示一类人或事物时。如: We are students. I like reading stories. 4、节日、日期、月份、季节前。如:Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day, National Day, in summer, in July 等。 Today is New Year’s Day. It is Sunday. March 8 is Women’s Day. 5、在称呼语或表示头衔的名词前,尤其作表语、宾补时。如: What’s the matter, Granny? We elected him monitor. 6、 在某些习惯用语中的名词前。 如: at noon, at night, at first, at last, at most, at least, by bus(train, air, sea), in bed, in time, in front of, go to school, go to bed, go to college, on foot, at table, in ink, in pencil 等。 7、在三餐饭和球类运动前。如: She goes to school after breakfast every morning. We are going to play football. We usually have lunch at school. 8、科目前不加。如: We learn Chinese, maths, English and some other subjects. 【专项训练】: 1、 We can’t live without A.an B.× 2、——Have you seen

air. C.the D.some pen? I left it here this morning.

——Is it black one? I think I saw it somewhere. A.a; the B.the; the C.the; a D.a; a 3、I’ve been waiting for him for hour and half. A.×; × B.the; a C.a; the D.an; a

4、What fine weather we have today! A.a B.× C.some D.an 5、Have you ever seen as tall as this one? A.a tree B.such tree C.an tree D.tree 6、Children usually go to school at age of six. A.×; the B.a; an C.the; × D.the; the 7、 Himalayas is highest mountain in world. A.×; the;× B.The; the; the C.A; a; a D.×;×;× 8、They each have __book. Li Hua’s is about writer. Wang Lin’s is on science. A.a; a; ×

B.the; ×; the C.×; the; × D.a; the; a 9、 Physics is science of matter and energy. A.The; × B.×; × C.×; the D.A; a 10、 sun rises in east and sets in west. A.A; an; a B.The;×;× C.The; the; the D.A; the; a 11、Many people agree that__knowledge of English is a must in international trade today. A.a;× B.the; an C.the; the D.×; the

a knowledge of sth 是固定用法指对于某事的掌握


__Mr. Jones called while you were out (neither of us knows this man). bad temper. B.A;× C.The; the D.A; a

He was in A.×;a

一个叫琼斯的先生打电话给你了,当时你出去了,他有一个坏脾气,不定冠词放在姓名前表示某一的意思, a Mr. Jones 表示有一个叫琼斯先生的人,in a bad temper 表示坏脾气的意思

13、They were at dinner then. It was delicious one. A.a; the B.×;× C.×;a D.a; a 14、what kind of car do you want to buy? A.× B.the C.a D.an 15、Alice is fond of playing piano while Henry is interested in listening to music 固定短语,听音乐. A.×; the B.×;× C.the; × D.the; the 16、Beyond stars, the astronaut saw nothing but A.the; ×

space. B.×; the C.×;× D.the; the

指得是宇航员所能看到的那些星星(我们知道整个宇宙中有太多的星星) ,所以应该是限定(或特指)的,要加定冠词 the。后一空可以看作是习惯的,也可以看作是一个抽象的太空或空间,

17. (09 安徽)We can never expect

bluer sky unless we create

less polluted

world. 2 A. a; a B. a; the 21 世纪教育网 C. the; a D. the; the 21 世纪教育网 18.(09 北京) The biggest whale is ___ blue whale, which grows to be about 29 meters long—the height of ____ 9-story building. A. the; the B. a; a C. a; the D. the; a

19.(09 江西) Some people fear that ________ air pollution may bring about changes in _______ weather around the world. A. /; the B. the; / C. an; the D. the; a 21 世纪教育网 20.(09 海南) Let’s go to cinema-that’ll take your mind off the problem for while A. the; the C. a; the 21.(09 陕西) What B. the; a D. a ; a pity that you couldn’t be there to receive


A. a; a B. the; a C. a; the D. the; the 22.(09 四川) In order to find _______ better job, he decided to study _________ second foreign language. 21 世纪教育网 A. the; a B. a; a C. the; the D. a; the 21 世纪教育网

23.(09 浙江)I don’t understand what the engineer means, but I’ve got ______ rough idea of _____ project plan. A. the; a B. 不填; the C. the; 不填 空 D. a; worldwide

the 24.(09 重庆) Washing machines made by China have won attention and Haier has become popular name. A. a; the B. /; a 21 世纪教育网 C. /; the D. the; a 21 世纪教育网
pay attention to","draw sb.'s attention

25.(09 全国 2 ) What I need is

book that contains

ABC of oil

painting. A. a; 不填 B. the; 不填 C. the; an D. a; the 【总结提高】: 请从课本或报刊中抄写五个含有冠词典型用法的句子,并标明用法。



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