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My ambition 我有雄心

My ambition I have always wanted to be a teacher. When I was a child, I always put off myself as a teacher who stands in a classroom, confidently and satisfactorily. In fact, I think I was born to be a teacher imparting know and educating people. Maybe it is my father who led me to set up this thought unconsciously. My father is a teacher, what is funny is that he is also my teacher, so I know more things about teachers than any others. It is a truth, but I worship him more when he stays with his students. As a teacher, he is sincere, trustworthy, enthusiastic, profound, and devoted all to his work. I know it clearly that he love his students just like loving his own children, he can do anything for his students even if he would pay more cost. I admire him, not just because he is my beloved father, more because he is a conscientious teacher. For all that, I desire to become another he and do all what he did, even more. This is my dream, although it is not a big ambition, to achieve it, I will do whatever I can. 科技一班 王博 201109020025

My ambition Ambition is a characteristic of all successful men, having an ambition is the first step to lead to success. My ambition is to be a teacher. My ambition was influenced by my middle school teacher, I studied not very hard and I did not listen carefully in class ,I was one of the most naughty students in my class, but my teacher did not give me up, she was patient and strict to me, with the help of my teacher ,my grades were excellent, from that time I was very interested in teaching ,I dreamed that I can be a teacher in the future, standing in the stage would be proud for me, so I determined to be a teacher. Now I am a collage student, I am trying my best to learn all that is necessary for a teacher to learn ,I am very confident

that I can make contribute to our education in the near future . 科技一班 朱梦思 201109020024

My ambition When it comes to the word "ambition", I can't help thinking of the time when I was in senior high school. I studied English crazily at that time. Because I firmly believed that i would be an excellent interpreter one day if I tried my hardest. I made the most of second to practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing. And I studied around the clock. In addition, I seized every opportunity to practice my oral English in classes. Morever, if only I had time, I would read "Crazy English'' I felt i was better that semester, but I failed in my final exam an English contest. Hardly did I cry when I saw my terrible grades. I felt blue during the New Year. Naturally, I became depressed when I came back to school. From then, I didn't hold the faith that hard work will eventually pay off and it's just a matter of time any longer. What's worse, no sooner had i met the difficulty when I said "give up" to myself. As time went by, I almost forgot my ambition. I was just forced to study .There was no happiness in my English world any longer in the rest of my senior high school time.

Later, I was admitted to School of Foreign Languages of Anyang Institute of Technology. There existed less pressure in a short term. So I indulged myself and ran with the crowd. Luckily, today I meet you who is great and make me think of my ambition and let me think over what I should in my life. And then I must do the right thing by working hard. It's really demanding and there are no shortcuts. 科技一班 张丽 201109020036

My dream I have a dream. As a girl, I believe everyone want to become wonderful and noble. Me, too. but I had to admit that I am not a beautiful girl, so ,I determined to do my utmost to make girl up ,It would be a splendid job. You know, my dream is to become a dresser. Certainly, every job is rough process, if I do nothing, of couse, becoming a dresser is only dream. thus, when I am at college , I must learn something that is about fashion and style, and I have ordered <<Bazaar Fashion>> magazine every month, I learn about too much hairdressing .though It is expensive , I am lucky. When I am free, I am glad to surf the Internet and scan that Fashelloon Cents. However , my parents don’t agree with me ,they think It is vulgar and get out of line, they don’t accept this job .I understand their thinking ,All in all, their body flows traditional blood, they at least don’t completely approve this aesthetics standard .therefore ,I have a fight with my parents. I don’t compromise for my dream. I have held and am to hold this dream. 科技一班 张文雅


My Ambition When I was a little child, I want to be an artist. But now, I want to be a foreign tour guide. Why do I want to be a foreign tour guide? First, I am an active girl who likes traveling and playing .I like doing some exciting things. When I am traveling, I am exciting. If I am a tour guide, I will guide people who like traveling to many beautiful scenery spots. We will enjoy the fine view together, relax ourselves. Second, I am major in English; I want to make more foreign friends, and to know more about foreign countries. If I work as a tour guide, I will meet more foreign friends. I will tell them our colorful history; show them the great and profound of Chinese culture. Until I make enough money, I will go to foreign country, to call on my foreign friends, and I will experience their culture. However, I know, as a foreign tour guide, I must have a

good English tongue; I must study hard to improve my English spoken and my social skill. One day, I hope my ambition will come true. 科技一班 郭丽捧 201109020005


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