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必修一 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Unit 1 Friendship 你把所有的数加起来就会知道结果了。(add up) You will know the result when you add up all numbers. 我们努力想让他平静下来,但他还是激动地大叫。(calm down) We tried to calm him down but he kept shouting excitedly. 玛丽在医院里住了很长一段时间后,恢复了健康。(recover) After a long stay in hospital, Mary recovered. 李鸣在这里定居后,和邻居们相处的很好。(settle; get along with) Since li Ming settled here, he has got along well with his neighbors. 如果你不想和我在一起,你就收拾东西走人。(pack up) If you don’t want to stay with me,you can pack up and go. 战争期间,我受了很多苦。我用日记记下了自己的经历,以便老了以后能够 记住。(suffer; set down) During the war, I suffered a lot. I wrote my diary to set down my experiences so I would remember them when I was old. Unit 2 English around the world 博物馆要求参观的游客不得在馆内拍照。(request) Visitors are requested not to take photos in the museum. 邓小平在中国经济发展的过程中起着非常重要的作用。(play a part; economy) Deng Xiaoping played an important part in developing the economy in China. 记者问作家他作品中的人物是以谁为原型的。(base) The reporter asked the writer who he based his characters on. 她说:“我会穿一件红色的长大衣,这样你肯定能认出我来。”(recognize) “I’ll be wearing a long red coat so you’ll be sure to recognize me,” she said. 沿着这条路走三个街区,然后右转,医院就在你的左边。(block) Go along the road for three blocks and the turn right. You’ll see the hospital on your left. 我们有很多工作要做,所以要利用好时间。(make use of) We have a lot of work to do, so we have to make good use of time. 他直接去了纽约,没有在香港停留。(straight) He went straight to New York, without stopping in Hong Kong. 这座城市在初夏季节常下雨。(frequent) Rains are frequent in this city in early summer. Unit 3 Travel journal 当我们发现山洞时已是深夜。(midnight; cave) It was midnight when we found the cave. 在那座山上有一座海拔高达 3000 多米的一座庙宇。(temple; altitude) On that mountain lies a temple at an altitude of more than 3000 meters above sea level. 明亮的火焰熊熊的燃烧,水壶里的水开始沸腾。(flame; boil) The flame of the fire burnt brightly and the kettle began to boil. 这家店买质量很好的羊毛枕头和被子。(wool; pillow; quilt) The shop sells good wool pillows and quilts.

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5. 每年成千上万只蝴蝶会从各个地方来到泉边。(butterfly) Every year thousands of butterflies fly to the spring from all places around it/ everywhere. 6. 他看起来像是个善良又可靠的人,可实际上他只在乎自己的钱。(reliable) He looks like a nice and reliable man, but in fact the only thing he cares about is money. 7. 孩子们在蓝蓝的天空下建起了沙滩城堡。(castle; beneath) The children are building sand castles beneath blue sky. Unit 4 Earthquakes 1. 裁判把奖金颁给赢得比赛的自行车选手,并向他祝贺。(judge; congratulation; cyclist) The judge gave a prize and his congratulations to the cyclist who won the competition. 2. 那本书的标题是:“葬身海底的船只”。(title; bury; bottom) The title of that book is The Ship Buried at the Bottom of the sea. 3. 被困在煤矿里两天的矿工们最后得到了营救。(mine; miner; rescue) The miners who had been trapped in the mine for two days were finally rescued. 4. 记者意识到女孩很害怕,而且尽力的回避问题。(reporter; frightened) The reporter realized that the girl who was so frightened was trying to avoid question. 5. 大火摧毁了离这四个街区的两个商店。(destroy; block) The fire destroyed two shops which are about four blocks from here. 6. 气球突然爆炸,我们大吃一惊。(burst; shock) The balloon burst suddenly and we were shocked by it. 7. 我无法表达我现在的感受。(express) I can’t express how I feel/ I am feeling at the moment. 8. 他拒绝谈起那场灾难带给他的痛苦。(suffering; disaster) He refused to talk about the sufferings he had during the disaster. 9. 每天早上起床,他都会快速浏览一下报纸上的新闻标题。(wake up; headline) When he wakes up every morning, he will read the headline in the newspaper very quickly. Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero 1. 事实上,父母都不希望子女有麻烦。(as a matter of fact; in trouble) As a matter of fact, parents don’t want their children to be in trouble. 2. 曼德拉掌权成为总统后,他的政府尽力为黑人改变不平等的状况。(come to power; president; unfair) After Mandela came to power and became president, his government did their best to change the unfair situation for black people. 3. 罗伯特因偷窃被判处三年监禁,于一个月前被释放。(be sentenced to; release) Robert was sentenced to three years in prison for stealing and released a month ago. 4. 他恳求我让他加入我们刚成立的俱乐部。(beg; set up) He begged me to let him join the club we have just set up. 5. 布莱克夫妇由于失业,不得不向亲戚求助。(out of work; turn to; relative)

As they were out of work, Mr. and Mrs. Black had to turn to their relatives for help. 6. 约翰要给捡到他钱包的出租车司机一百元作为酬谢。(reward; wallet) John wanted to give 100 Yuan as a reward to the taxi driver who had found his wallet. 7. 如果你失败了,你也不该灰心。(lose heart) If you fail, you shouldn’t lose heart but just keep on going. 8. 自从遭袭击后,她每次看见狗,眼睛里都满是恐惧。(attack; terror) After the attack, her eyes filled with terror every time she saw a dog. 必修二 Unit 1 Culture Relics 1. 我拿不准这本书是谁的。(belong to) I’m not quite sure who this book belongs to. 2. 布朗先生来到中国寻找更美好的未来。(in search of) Mr. Brown came to China in search of a better future. 3. 他为了做沙发而拆掉了两把椅子。(take apart) He took apart two old chairs in order to make a sofa. 4. 约翰提到了几个法官的名字,他对他们评价不高。(think highly of) John mentioned the names of a few judges whom he did not think highly of. 5. 毫无疑问,搜寻那些丢失文物的工作还会继续下去。(no doubt; search of) There is no doubt that the search for those culture relics will continue. 6. 当时两个国家正在打仗,大批军队被派往前线(战斗)。(at war; troops of) When two countries were at war troops of soldiers were sent to the front line to fight. 7. 她给了我食物和衣服,没求任何回报。(in return) She gave me food and clothes and she did not ask anything in return. Unit 2 the Olympic Games 1. 只有在希腊出生的人才能成为古代奥运会的参赛者。(ancient; Greece; admit; competitor) Only those who were born in Greece could be admitted as competitors in the ancient Olympic Games. 2. 运动员们一个接一个地离开了奥运村。(one after another) One after another the athletes left the Olympic village. 3. 他和儿子抬价还价后答应他:如果孩子努力学习,他就带他去看 2008 年北京 奥运会。(bargain; promise) He made a bargain with his son and promised him that he would take him to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games if he worked hard. 4. 有许多运动员虽然没有为自己赢得奥运奖牌的荣誉,却以运动家的精神帮助 别人实现梦想。(athlete; glory; medal; sportsmanship) There many athletes who did not win the glory of an Olympic medal for themselves, but helped others to realize their dream by their sportsmanship. 5. 志愿者将帮助人们找到前往体操馆和体育场的正确的路。(volunteer; gymnasium; stadium)


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Volunteers will help people find their way to the gymnasia/ gymnasiums and stadia/ stadiums) Unit 3 Computers 本热爱足球,他最大的快乐就是自己进球的那一刻。(happiness; goal) Ben loves football and his greatest happiness is whenever he scores a goal. 有了电脑的帮助,你会发现处理和分享信息是不难的。(with the help of; deal with) With the help of a computer, you will not find it hard to deal with and share information) 节课上学期考试不及格,从那时起他的父母就不再让他玩电脑游戏了。(from then on) Jack failed his exams last term and from then on his parents stopped him playing computer games. 我不愿每周末都照看我那淘气的侄女,但是我母亲坚持我得这么做。(watch over; insist) I don’t like to watch over my naughty niece every weekend, but my mother insists that I do. 当我年轻的时候,我并不乐意帮我妈妈做饭,但这却是在某种程度上帮助了 我,现在我能做可口的饭菜啦。(in a way) 一个能培养世界级运动员的教练将大受欢迎。(coach; universally popular) A coach who can train world class athletes will be universally popular. 发射火箭进入太空的信号出了差错, 结果火箭爆炸掉进了大海。 (signal; rocket; as a result) The signal to the rocket going into space went wrong, and as a result it exploded and fell into the sea. Unit 4 Wildlife protection 当苏珊看到猴子们在猎物保护区相互追逐(搞得)尘土飞扬时,忍不住大笑 起来。它们的样子太滑稽了。(burst into laughter; in the dust of; game reserve) Susan burst into laughter when she saw the monkeys running after each other in the dust of game reserve. They looked so funny. 我爷爷如此盼望着麋鹿归来,以至于在南海子麋鹿苑看到它们时,他抑制不 住内心的激动哭了起来。(long for; contain one’s excitement; burst into tears) My grandpa longed for the return of the Milu deer to China so much that he could hardly contain his excitement and burst into tears when he saw them in the Nahaizi Milu Park. 野生动植物保护基金会定期视察大熊猫保护区,因此,那里的大熊猫的到了 很好的保护。他们确保任何大熊猫捕猎者都会受到惩罚,毫不留情。(inspect; so that; mercy) The WWF inspects the panda reserves regularly so that the pandas there are well protected. They make sure that anyone who hunts a panda will be pushed with no mercy. 失去那么多藏羚羊之后,猎物保护区的工作人员开始采用新的方法去抓捕偷 猎者。(loss; game keepers; employ)


After the loss of so many antelopes, the game keepers began to employ new methods for catching the hunters. 5. 当熊猫宝宝开始自己啃咬竹子时,这些科学家知道他们的实验会成功的。 (succeed; bite) The scientists knew that their experiment would succeed when the panda babies began to bite and eat bamboo all by themselves. 6. 漏油事件危害到了许多海鸟的生存,这促使来了许多以保护鸟类为目标的社 会团体的形成。(incidents with oil spills; societies come into being) Incidents with oil spills harm many sea birds, this has encouraged societies to come into being, whose aim is to save the birds. 7. 许多人到像深圳那样的新经济开发区去找工作,希望能提高他们的收入。 (economic zone; income) Many people come to a new economic zone like Shenzhen to look for a new job, hoping to increase their income there. Unit 5 Music 1. 这就是我梦想中的家!我们什么时候可以搬进来?(dream of) This is the home I has always dreamed of! When can we move in? 2. 你可以跟我说实话,因为我很了解这个情况。(be honest with; be familiar with) You can be honest with me since I am familiar with this situation. 3. 他很喜欢拿别人来开玩笑, 但是对别人开他的玩笑却非常敏感。 (play jokes on; sensitive) He likes playing jokes on others but is very sensitive if others play jokes on him. 4. 在我被那个演员的幽默玩笑逗乐的短暂一刻,我忘记了脚上的疼痛。(brief; pain; actor) For a brief moment I forgot the pain in my legs as I laughed at the humorous jokes of the actor. 5. 他成功的原因很多。后来,我们一致同意,首先是歌迷的喜爱和执着使得他 的事业成功。(afterwards; devotion; fan; above all) There many reasons for his success. Afterwards we agreed that above all the love of and devotion of his fans had made his career successful. 6. 大约从明年六月开始,我就不得不依靠儿子来养家糊口了。(or so; rely on) For the next year or so I will have to rely on my son to support the family. 必修三 Unit 1 Festivals around the world 1. 那张照片让她想起淹死在海里的爱人,她哭了。当她走出房间时,尽管已拭 去泪水, 但仍掩盖不住脸上的悲伤。 (remind… of ; drown; weep; wipe; sadness) The photo reminded her of her lover who had drowned at sea, and she wept. Although she had wept all her tears away when she came out of the room, she could not hide the sadness on her face. 2. 多年来,这位身居墨西哥的老人日夜梦想回到自己的祖国。(Mexico; day and night) For many years this old man who lives in Mexico has been dreaming day and night about going back to his homeland. 3. 这位精力旺盛的诗人也没有能够找出这些词的起源。(energetic; poet; origin)

The energetic poet could not find the origins of the words. 4. 我们又见面了, 他为自己没有信守诺言而向我道歉, 并希望我能原谅他。 (keep one’s word; apologize; forgive) When we meet again, he apologized to me for not having kept his word and asked me to forgive him. 5. 根据专家们的预测, 他会荣获今年金鸡奖的最佳男演员奖。 (prediction; award; rooster) According to experts’ prediction, he will win the best actor at the Golden Rooster Award this year. 6. 很明显,他在尽力屏住呼吸。(obvious; hold one’s breath) It was obvious that he was trying to hold his breath. 7. 如果你没有获得夜间泊车的许可,就不能在此停车。(parking; permission) If you haven’t got a night parking permission, you can’t park your car here. 8. 下周举行的大会是为了纪念他们的祖先 100 多年前来到这个村庄。 (take place; in memory of; ancestor; arrival) The meeting that will take place next week is in memory of their ancestors’ arrival in the village one hundred years ago. Unit 2 Healthy eating 1. 这一饮食的缺点是包含了太多的脂肪和糖分, 优点是有很多提供能量的食品。 (diet; strength; weakness) The weakness of this diet is that it has too much fat and sugar, its strength is that it has plenty of energy-giving food. 2. 那个商店老板试图通过打折来赢回顾客。(win back; discount) This shopkeeper is trying to win his customers back with a discount. 3. 如果你不为自己的错误道歉的话,它们是不会放过你的。(get away with) If you don’t say sorry for your mistake, they won’t let you get away with it. 4. 他已经负债很久了。 对于他来说, 如何谋生成了个大问题。 (in debt; earn one’s living) He has been in debt for a long time. How to earn his living is a big problem. 5. 就在我等朋友时,突然发现有个男人在离我不远处正瞪眼看着我。(spy; glare at) When I was waiting for my friend, I suddenly spied a man not far away glaring at me. 6. 我不想对你说谎,但我不得不告诉你他的智力有限。(lie; limited) I don’t want to lie to you, but I have to say that his intelligence is limited. 7. 专家说吃胡萝卜对眼睛有好处。(benefit; carrot) Experts say eating carrots benefits your eyes. 8. 我吃饺子时通常都会加点醋,因为醋有助于消化食物。(vinegar; digest) I usually eating dumplings with a little vinegar, which I believe helps me digest the food. Unit 3 the Million Pound Bank Note 1. 事实上,当他进入办公室时是偶然被保安发现的。(spot; by accident) As a matter of fact, he was spotted by accident by the guard as he entered the office.

2. 地面在摇晃着,人们尖叫起来,“地震了!”(scream) As the earth was shaking, people screamed, “It’s an earthquake!” 3. 威廉向那女士举了一躬,送给她一个盒子,里面是一枚漂亮的真钻石戒指。 (bow; genuine) William bowed to the lady and offered her a little box inside which was a genuine diamond ring. 4. 这些年,我有很多朋友都来到这座大城市追求幸福和成功。至于我,则想碰 运气,在家乡开个公司。(seek one’s future; as for; take a chance) In recent years many of my friends have gone to the big cities to seek their future. As for me, I want to take a chance and set up my own company in my hometown. 5. 他把大量的时间和金钱花在世界各地的旅游上,因为他酷爱冒险。(amount; adventure) He has spent a large amount of time and money travelling around the world, as he enjoys adventures. 6. 小女孩盯着桌上的菠萝甜点,她很想吃。(stare; pineapple; dessert) The little girl stared at the pineapple dessert on the table and wanted to eat it very much. Unit 4 Astronomy: the science of stars 1. 既然我们已经完成了设计, 就该由公司来精心建设了。 (now that; in one’s turn) Now that we have finished the design, the company, in its turn, will do the construction. 2. 火灾没有造成太大的损失,因为消防人员及时赶到了。(in time) The fire did not cause too much damage, because the firefighters arrived in time. 3. 由于强大的引力,飞船被拖得离卫星很近。(gravity; pull; satellite; spaceship) The spaceship was pulled close to the satellite by its strong gravity. 4. 沙尘暴导致了连锁反应,最后造成火车撞毁。(chain; reaction; crash) The sandstorm led to a chain reaction which ended in a serious train crash. 5. 默的谈话让我们很振奋,班里的气氛也放松下来了。(atmosphere; cheer up) The atmosphere in the classroom relaxed after the teacher’s humorous talk cheered us up. 6. 她昨晚刚生了一个男孩,现在还在睡觉。(give birth to) Don’t disturb her. She gave birth to a boy last night and now she is asleep. 7. 大部分证据都被毁了。因此,不可能证明这种药物是有害的。(harmful; thus) Most of the evidence is destroyed. Thus, it’s impossible to prove that the drug is harmful. 8. 云就是漂浮在空中的大片的非常细小的水滴。(float; mass) Clouds are masses of very small drops of water that float in the sky. Unit 5 Canada---“the True North 1. 小时候,在黑暗中睡觉让我们感到很害怕。(terrify) When I was young, going to sleep in the dark terrified me. 2. 按照传统,鹰常被人们当作勇气的标志。(tradition: eagle) According to the tradition, the eagle is usually regarded as a symbol of courage. 3. 市区的交通总是很糟糕,我每天大概要花一个小时才能回家。(approximately; downtown)

The traffic is always terrible downtown; it takes me approximately one hour to get home every day. 4. 这座城市里宽敞的马路上都种满了灌木和枫树。(broad; bush; maple) The city’s broad streets are lined with bushes and maple trees. 5. 她的衣着和行为证实了我的猜想---她的确很富有。(confirm; wealthy) Her clothes and behaviors confirmed my guess that she was really quite wealthy. 6. 站在塔顶上,我发现自己被云雾包围着。然而我仍能看到远处的山。那迷人 的景色给我留下了深刻的印象。(surround; in the distance; scenery; impress) Standing at the top of the tower, I found myself surrounded by some clouds. However, I could still see the mountain in the distance. The beautiful scenery impressed me a lot. 7. 他善于交流, 所以在工作中他和各种人打交道都应付自如。 (have a gift for; mix; manage) He has a gift for communication, so he managed to mix with all kinds of people in his job. 8. 据我所知,距离汽车站不到一百米就有一个银行。(as far as; within) As far as I know, there is a bank within a hundred meters of the bus stop. 必修四 Unit 1 Great woman and their achievement 1. 努力提高工厂工人的工作条件是值得做的事情。(It is worthwhile to…; condition) It is worthwhile to improve working condition for factory workers. 2. 她的行为鼓舞了其他人继续为野生动物保护而斗争。(behavior; inspire) Her behavior inspired others to carry on the fight for wildlife protection. 3. 作为一名学生你应该谦虚, 不应该瞧不起那些知道得比你少的同学。(modest; look down upon) As a student, you should be modest and look down upon the classmates who don’t know as much as you. 4. 如果人类继续这样干, 我们很快就会陷入能源危机。 (human beings; be short of) If human beings go on behaving like this, we will be short of energy soon. 5. 年轻的一代中,许多人都喜欢外国音乐和电影。(generation) Many of the young generation enjoy foreign music and films. 6. 如果你想知道如何翻译这个句子,你最好查字典。(refer to) If you want to know how to translate this sentence, you’d better refer to a dictionary. 7. 当游行队伍离开广场后,人群涌了进来。(move off; crowd in) When the parade moved off from the square, the people crowded in. Unit 2 Working the land 1. 今天的课主要讲如何写新闻总结。(focus on; summary) Today’s lesson focuses on how to write a summary of a news article. 2. 我们必须快速浏览这个报告,找到它的主要内容。(skim) We must skim the report to find the main idea. 3. 老师让我们将难懂的单词划线并查字典找出其意思。(underline)


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The teacher told us to underline the difficult words and look them up in the dictionary. 他说像统计数据这样的细节就不必包括在内了。(statistics; details) He said that details like statistics should not be included. 我想我将用到一篇关于你们农民让自己土地远离化肥的报告。(keep…free of; chemical fertilizer) I think I’m going to use a report about how farmers are keeping their fields free of chemical fertilizers. 民花了 20 时间来创建自己的企业。(build up) It took the famer twenty years to build up his business. 多的化肥导致了严重的问题。(lead to) Using too much chemical fertilizer will lead to serious problems. Unit 3 Different types of English humour 直到现在,医生还对这种致命的疾病束手无策。(treat; deadly; disease; up to now) Up to now, doctors have been able to do very little to treat this deadly disease. 父亲死后的一段时间里,查理非常穷困。(badly off) Charlie was badly off for a while after his father died. 地震过后,政府为无家可归者提供了食物和毯子。(the homeless) After the earthquake, the government provided food and blankets for the homeless. 爱玛(可)不是一个一般的作家。(ordinary) Emma is no ordinary writer. 戴茜羞怯地走过来,穿着一件破旧的大衣。(worn) Daisy came in shyly wearing a worn-out coat. 比赛过后,戴维挥舞着双臂,十分兴奋。(gesture) After the race, David waved his arms in a great gesture of excitement. 弗雷迪专门为这个场合买了一套西装。(occasion) Freddy bought a new suit just for the occasion. 爱德华脚下一滑,在冰上失去了平衡。(slide) Edward slid on the ice and lost his balance. Unit 4 Cultural differences and intercultural communication 为了捍卫国家的尊严,他牺牲了自己的生命。(defend) He died defending the honor of his nation. 伊丽莎白不信任他,所以给他留了假姓名和假地址。(false) Elizabeth did not trust him, so she gave him a false name and address. 如果早上不喝上一杯咖啡,詹妮就无法正常工作。(function) Jenny can’t function without a cup of coffee in the morning. 在第二次世界大战期间,他由一名上尉逐渐晋升为将军。(rank) During the World War II, he rose gradually from the rank of major to general. 别忘了明天把你的卡式录音机带来。(cassette) Don’t forget to bring your cassette recorder tomorrow. 这里一定有什么误会,我不知道你在说什么。(misunderstanding) There must be some misunderstanding. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Unit 5 Different types of theme park 1. 许多运动衣,运动鞋的品牌都采用先进技术寻找最好的设计。(brand; athletic; sneakers; advanced) Many brands of athletic clothing and sneakers use advanced technology to find the best design. 2. 到游乐园的方法很多:可以坐高速大巴,宾馆的往返汽车,或者乘地铁。 (various; amusement; freeway; shuttle) There are various ways to reach the amusement park: by freeway, by hotel shuttle, or by subway) 3. 美国早期的移民不得不自己动手制作从布匹到奶油之类的一切东西。 (settlers; cloth; cream) Early settlers in the US usually had to make everything from cloth to cream by themselves. 4. 如果你想从事旅游行业,当一个至少懂一门外语的翻译是很有帮助的。 (tourism; translator) If you want to be part of the tourism business, it would be very helpful to be a translator for at least one language. 5. 我发现我能从接近真实生活的情景中学到很多。(get close to) I find that I can learn a lot from getting close to real life situation. 6. 这个主题公园有一部分模拟的是古代中国生活(场景)。(theme; be modelled after) A part of the theme park was modelled after life in ancient China.




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