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life in the future

A Quiz
? 单词检测: ? 1.enormous 2 imitate 3 efficient 4 dispose 5 ecology 6 greedy 7 material 8 manufacture 9 representative 10 motivation ? 美句检测: ? Translate the following sentences (连词+分词)

? 1.当被问及为什么再次迟到时,Jack不知道说什么. ? 2.除非被邀请,我将不会参加他的生日派对. ? 3.意识到自己浪费了太多的时间,这个男孩下定决 心停止玩游戏.

Using Language

Warming up

Are you me ?

Just imagine, several thousand years later,the scientific technology is becoming more modern than it is now. What inventions will have ?Have a guess


? Task one ? Fast Reading: scanning (Read the text
quickly and finish the following exercises)

1. How many stops did they visit?
Three. 2. How many inventions did the guide introduce to us? What are they? Three inventions. Thoughtpad, a machine and robots.

Task two: careful reading 1. Read the first part
1). What is the space station like?
It is an enormous round plate. 2). Why did the space station spin slowly in space? To imitate the pull of the earth’s gravity.

2. Read the second and third part
True or false 1). Messages can be sent using

a thoughtpad. T
2). The space citizens could send message

clearly at any time. F 3).We can blame the tools for the faults of the user. F

4). The rubbish used to be sent to be buried or burned. grades of material. T T 5). The rubbish is turned into the same F 6). Nothing is wasted and everything is recycled.

4. Read the fourth part 1).What can be produced in space? Who manufactures them? drugs, clothes, furniture, hovering carriages, etc. Robots manufacture them.

Task three

Work in pairs or groups and use the information from the reading passage to fill in the chart.

Read the text and find out the information below. Modern Inventions of the 31st Century only to be seen on the Space Station
Communica -tion thoughtpad Waste Disposal Manufacturing Manufacturing robots



Come and see how they work today!



1. efficient 2. environmentally friendly


thoughts must be clear or messages may be mixed up

Waste Disposal
a waste machine 1. disposes of all waste 2. turns them into three grades of useful material none



manufacturing robots 1. no waste 2. no pollution


3. no environmental damage

people must live on a space station to monitor the robots

It was my first visit to a space station. Described as an e 1 round plate, it spins slowly in space to 2 (模仿) the

pull of the earth’s gravity. The g I saw the thoughtpad used for s 4


showed us three stops. In the first stop,

Next stop, we are in the environment area. There is a 5 machine which can 7 s 6 all the waste available. The t by r 9.

stop showed us how the goods are m8

Answers: 1.enormous 4. sending 7. third 9. robots 2. imitate 5. waste 3. guide 6. swallow

8. manufactured

Task5 Discussion
? In pairs discuss the advantages(优点)

and disadvantages(缺点) of living on
a space station. For example: would

you like to live and work in one?
What would you do with your spare time? Prepare to report to the class.

Language points
1. My first visit was to a space station considered the most modern in space.

considered the most modern in space是过去分词短语,在句中作定 语,修饰前面的名词。

Language points
n. (pron.) 1. consider 考虑 疑问词+to do doing sth. wh-clause

Let me consider. 让我仔细想想。 I am considering the purchase of car. 我在考虑买一辆车。 We must consider giving it a try. 我们应当考虑试一试。 We should consider what to do next.


all things considered 从各方面考虑起来,就各方面而言 All things considered, we are doing quite well.



doing sth. 复合宾语(… to be / as)

I consider that you are wrong. I considered him as a politician. I consider it a great honor to be invited
to dinner.

2. You place the metal band over your head, clear your mind, press the sending button, think your message and the next instant it’s sent. instant在这里是名词,意思是“顷刻,刹

I’ll be back in an instant. 我马上就回来。 I took an instant dislike to him. 我一见他就不喜欢。 I don’t like to drink instant coffee. 我不喜欢喝速溶咖啡。

moment, minute, instant 这些名词均含“瞬间、片刻”之意。 moment: 较minute所表示的时间短,指一 刹那或一段很短时间,有时也含 持续的意味。 minute: 指极短的时间,但可觉察到时间 的持续。 instant: 常与moment换用,指一瞬间,但 更侧重时间短促,多用于表示紧 迫、瞬变等情况。

3. A giant machine, always greedy for more, swallows all the waste available. greedy adj. 贪婪的 He looked at the shop window with greedy eyes. 他用贪婪的眼光看着商店的橱窗。 The greedy little boy ate all the candy at the party. 那个贪吃的小男孩把宴会上所有的糖 果都吃光了。

He is a greedy capitalist.
他是一个贪婪的资本家。 A greedy, rapacious person.

He’s a real greedy guts. 他真是贪吃的大肚汉。

1. words 2. Top English P55-58 3. review the text


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