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Use the right form to fill in the blanks. Group 1 1.He made a special ___________(arrange) of arrangement his travel. 2.The smaller lake ranges from five to fourteen feet in __________(deep). depth 3.There was a celebration __________(celebrate) in our house that night.

Group 2 4.They are both very________ cheerful (cheer). 5.He arrived_________ breathless (breath) at the top of the stairs. 6.The weather in Britain is changeable ___________(change). 7.The roads are_______(dust) in the country. dusty 8.The natural scenery in Guilin isattractive __________ (attract).

Group 3 9.He runs more _________(quick) than anyone quickly else in his class. happily 10.The children were outside playing_________ (happy) in the dirt. 11.________(luck), we both love football. Luckily

派生词及其在语 法填空中的运用

派生词,是英语主要的构词法。这方法是借 前缀或后缀之助,制造出派生词,主要有名 词、形容词、副词和动词四种。前缀以否定 前缀-等为主,使延伸出来的派生词变成反义 词。

Why should we learn it?
? to do the grammatical cloze better ? to memorize more words easily ? to check your composition

动词 -ion/tion/-sion -er/-or + -ment -th -ance


形容词 + -th/-y/-ness + -ing/-ship

Some special examples
1.lie 2.beg 3.argue 4.choose 1.liar 2.beggar 3.argument 4.choice

Passage A
expression From the 1_________(express) on Mary’s face, he knew he left a impression bad 2__________(impress) on her and if she won the 3_______(elect) to become a chairman of the election Environment 4____________(organize), he could not get Organization her 5 permission __________(permit) to join it although he was willing to do his bit to rid the world of 6 ________ pollution (pollute) and to help people enjoy a better earth. When he was wondering how to change this embarrassing situation, he inspiration got 7___________(inspire) from his wife’s words. Yes, he should try his best to win the election and become chairman himself with his 8____________(determine) to detemination work for the organization. “My dear,you are really a helper winner wonderful 9______(help)! I’m I will be the10______(win) of the election.” He said to his wife

When do we use noun? the, her, his bad,wonderful got of 限定词之后 形容词后 动词 介词

1.使用名词时,一定要考虑其数的变化。 eg.He is one of the scientists ________ (science) who support this theory.

动词 -ive + -able -al/-ful/+ less/-ly/-y /-ous 形容词


Passage B
Lucy likes talking and everybody says she is 1.______________(communicate).She is 2._______(act)in communicative active answering the teachers’ questions and from time to time her classmates find her answers quite3 impressive ____________(impress) and 4.___________(accept). Of acceptable course, not every student likes her, but she has many friends who think Lucy is a 5.__________(create) and creative helpful 6._________(help) girl. For example, she once led a homeless 7.__________(home) child to her home and made the child uncountable her younger sisters. Besides, she spent 8._______________(count) hours caring for friendly a sick neighbor until she was well again. She is 9._______(friend) to those famous who have difficulty with their subjects. All in all, Lucy is the most 10._________(fame) girl in her school.

When do we use adjective? 1.一般在系动词之后作表语或者名词前作 定语,起到修饰作用。 2.在使用形容词时应注意什么? 注意是否需要使用其反义词。 Help may also come from some ____________ unexpected (expect)places.

truly He__________ (true)loved his children. simply You ______________(simple) can't get a ticket through official channels.

形容词 + -ly 副词 Attention: 以辅音+y结尾的要改y为i,再加上-ly 特例:以le结尾的adj simple possible 去e加上-y probable terrible/horrible gentle 但true truly

reasonable 1.“That would be a very 19_________(reason)thing to do in a big city,but it could destroy a small village like outs,”Nick said.(2013年广东高考) 2.“But such a small thing couldn’t possibly 23_______ (possible) destroy a village.”(2013年广东高考)

mentally (mental) disabled. 3. He must be 20________ (2011年广东高考)

4.Yu said on his Sina Weibo that he has no investment (invest) in the movie and he was 22___________ against the idea in the first place.(2015届第一次月考)

5. Frankly, these teachers' good suggestions __________(suggest) are only helpful to arouse students' interest in reading... (2015届第一次月考) choice 6.But Jane knew from past experience that her ______ (choose) of ties hardly ever pleased her father. (2009年 广东高考)

Sum up
What have we learnt in this period ?

Derivative and its usage in grammatical cloze.

Exercises from page 286 to 289 about derivative in your workbook. Continue to remember the 3500 words using the method we learned today.



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