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You are discussing the following picture with your English friend Jim. Now you are telling him how you understand the

picture and what makes you think so.
? 提示词:saw v.锯,n.锯子


You are discussing the following picture with your English friend Jim. Now you are telling him how you understand the picture and what makes you think so. ? ? ? ? 读题 文中要体现与听者Jim的交际性 Jim, as you can see ….. What do you think about it, Jim?


? 动作 ? A man is sawing a branch ? However, 矛盾点 ? ..sit on the branch. ? 结局 ? fall down

? 动作 ? A man is sawing a branch ? However, 矛盾点 ? sit on the branch. ? 结局 ? fall down

★ In the picture a man is sawing a branch.(动作) However, he’s sitting on it.(矛盾点) Clearly/ Obviously, he will fall off the tree as soon as he finishes sawing.(结局)

★ ★ As can be seen in the picture, a man is sawing a branch, while he is sitting on it. (动作&矛盾 点) It’s obvious that he will fall down with the branch.(结局) There’s no doubt that he ……..

立意 (做事方法类)
? 1. 考虑问题片面&全面
? 2.三思而后行 ? ---考虑后果

? --- 观察情形
? (参考“小孩过桥&鳄鱼”)

立意1 ----考虑问题片面&全面
? 片面的 adj. ? 全面的 adj. ? one-sided ? all-sided ? 片面的看待问 ? see the problem in a one-sided way/ take a one-sided approach to problems 题 ? 看问题的方法 ? his approach to problems is onesided. 是片面的 ? 全面考虑问题
? consider sth all-sidedly/ comprehensively

? take everything into consideration
? make all-sided analysis

? 做全方位分析

? drive ahead without considering ? 做事不计后果 the consequence

? 三思而后行 ? think twice ? look before you leap ? think over before action

? 考虑后果 ? 意识到潜在 的危险 ? 只盯着眼前 利益

? consider the results/ consequences ? be aware of potential dangers ? fix one’s eyes on the immediate benefit

? 1 因此,一旦问题出现,重要的是做到全方位分析,而不 是顾头不顾尾。 ? 2 有些人只是关注在自己做的事情上,忽略了潜在危险。 ? 3 记住不要只看眼前利益, 不顾可能造成的严重后果,从 而陷自己于麻烦之中。 ? 4 当我们遇到问题时,缺乏仔细全面的考虑会导致失败。 ? 5 在我看来,无论我们想要得到什么,都应该三思而后行。 ? 6 由于生活充满了危险和机遇,因此在实现目标的路上, 人们应该看清情形,足够小心地采取每一步,否则会品尝 到自己种下的苦果。 ? 7 无论我们做什么事,都应该有远见(预见),尽力避免可能 的麻烦或者危险。(foresight n. ) ? 8 如果他坐在树干另一边,他最后就不会伤害到自己。因 此,做事前尽量找到正确方法。

? 1 因此,一旦问题出现,重要的是做到全方位分析,而 不是顾头不顾尾。


Therefore, once a problem arises, it’s important for us to make all-sided analysis rather than drive ahead without considering the consequence. Some people just focus on what they’re doing, ignoring the potential dangers.

? 2 有些人只是关注在自己做的事情上,忽略了潜在危险。



? 3 记住不要只看眼前利益, 不顾可能造成的严重后果, 从而陷自己于麻烦之中。


Please keep in mind: never just fix your eyes on the immediate benefit without thinking about the possible consequences. Thus, you’ll get into trouble. When we face problems, lack of careful and comprehensive consideration will result in failure.

? 4 当我们遇到问题时,缺乏仔细全面的考虑会导致失败。


So, in my opinion, whatever we want to achieve, we should think twice before taking actions/ we should look before we leap.
6 由于生活充满了危险和机遇,因此在实现目标的路上, 人们应该看清情形,足够小心地采取每一步,否则会品尝 到自己种下的苦果。

5 在我看来,无论我们想要得到什么,都应该三思而后行。

Since our life is full of dangers and chances, people should see the situation clearly and take steps carefully on our ways to achieving goals. Otherwise, they will taste the bitter fruits they planted.

7 无论我们做什么事,都应该有远见(预见),尽力避免 可能的麻烦或者危险。(foresight n. )

Whatever we do, we should have foresight and try to avoid possible trouble or danger.
If he chose to sit on the other side of the branch, he wouldn’t end up hurting himself. Therefore, try to find a proper way before action .

8 如果他坐在树干另一边,他最后就不会伤害到自己。 因此,做事前尽量找到正确方法。

标准范文: ? As is shown in the picture, the man is trying to cut off a branch. However, he ignores the fact that he himself is sitting on the branch. Once he makes it, he is sure to fall off together with the branch and get hurt. If the man took this into consideration, he would easily find a solution, for example, using a ladder as an aid. Thus he wouldn’t risk the danger at all. The devil is in the detail.(细节最重要) ? Similarly, we often need to take a closer and more comprehensive look at what we are doing in our life. if we keep in mind, we are more likely to stay away from dangers and achieve our goals. ? I think the picture is reminding us that it is important to consider possible results before making a decision.

优秀范文: Jim, how ridiculous the picture is! As can be seen in it, a man sitting on a branch of a tree is sawing the branch, totally forgetting it is the branch that ensures his safety. ? Funny as the picture is, the message it conveys to us is profound. In doing tasks, not only should we think of our purpose but also focus on what matters most. There is no doubt that the man in the picture will end up falling down if he keeps sawing. It is his lack of consideration that leads to his tragedy. ? ?

优秀范文: ? In our daily life, there are lots of those who act like the man on the tree. However, things would become much better if they used their brains and sat on the other side of the branch. The fact is that they just focus on the immediate benefit, failing to make a proper plan to accomplish their tasks. ? To make it short, we need to take everything into consideration when trying to achieve our goals. Only by doing this can we both get our “branch” and keep ourselves safe at the same time. ? That’s my point of view. What about yours, Jim?



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